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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB $0 / 5G $149 Upfront on Telstra $99 150GB P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted that JB have placed the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128gb on promotion on their $99 Per Month 150gb Plan.

Considering that this plan has a $594 Early Termination Charge, you could essentially get the phone for $594 (+pro-rated first month charge) if you cancelled the plan early :)

Seems like an awesome deal for a brand new phone which is $799 on the Samsung Education store.

The 5G variant is also available for $149 Upfront.

I believe this may also be eligible for free Samsung Galaxy Buds Live too. May need to confirm with the store staff when ordering, the advertisement doesn't include this, however the bonus has been eligible on JB deals in the past.

As always, enjoy!

Note: In Store Only, may exclude some Victorian residents.

Edit: You can signup today 8/10 and pick up the phone when it starts tomorrow. See comments.

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      • i literally was there at 9am when they opened - the JBHIFI Rep showed me on the telstra system/jbhifi system that the deal has expired (2/10) was valid from 30/9 - 2/10

        he agreed that it was one of the wierdest deals or expiry of a deal he had ever seen considering the phone is officially released tomorrow

        • Definitely for the S20 FE? Show them the catalogue, it shows on there right next to the 4G deal.. Seems like false advertising then or a print error if it's not in the system then..

      • Here for reference - from the current catalogue supposedly valid from 8-12/10/2020.

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          is there a date on the catalogue? i also showed him the original snippet from the OP post and asked for a date on the picture but couldn't see one


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            @Gmanred: Right on the front - Starts Thursday 8/10 ends Monday 12/10

            • @slimdealin: yeh thats what i thought too and argued - if you go to the actual page of the phone deal it has starts or released 9/10 so cant actually get the phone until tomorrow even though they have it

              he put one aside for me anyway so ill get it tomorrow

          • @Gmanred: Thank mate saved a trip.

        • Anyone going in tomorrow please also confirm whether the buds are included in the deal too. Thanks.

  • so confusing with the dates. thanks for member who visiting jb already.
    can you also ask if we can get new number in store?

  • Also went in store. Deal starts tomorrow so they can't put you in the system today.

    This is a port in only deal so you CANNOT sign up with new number. At least the JB rep didn't let me.

    Anyone know a cheap sim card? Haha

    • Thank you for the update and apologies for the mis-information, seems like JB dropped the ball a bit on this one in terms of advertisement in the catalogue.

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    I went in store, I was able to get the 5G 256gb model for $249 upfront with a new number as well.

    Seems to be luck of the draw depending on your team member.

    • Awesome work, were you eligible for the free buds also?

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        Yes, she said it was eligible as well.

        • did you get the phone yet?

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            @cheapo123: No, I'll have to go in tomorrow to pick up the phone.

            • @johnkee: I just went into the Queen St JB in Brisbane and he was happy to give me the buds with the phone, but he couldn't find anything relating to a Telstra plan for the 5G 256gb model for $249 upfront. Only 5G 128gb model for $149 upfront. He called the Garden City store but they said they didn't know anything either. I might try a different JB store I guess.

    • care to share which JB Hi-Fi?

      • Garden City, Brisbane

        • Cheers mate im in Sydney unfortunately, gonna try my luck with the local

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      Is that a non advertised variation of this deal? Interesting that you got buds too, great deal

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        Yeah, she said I'd only have to pay the difference between the two models which was $100.

  • so just to clarify,
    only 5G 256gb has snapdragon?
    or the 5G 128GB with upfront $149 on the ad also with snapdragon?

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      Both have snapdragon.

      128GB has 6GB's of ram whereas the 256GB has 8GB's.

      • cool i will get the 5g then

      • 5G/ 128GB storage/ 6GB Ram with upfront $149
        5G/ 256GB storage/ 8GB Ram with upfront $249 ? could anyone let me know if it is correct?

  • My local store wouldn't honour this deal. They said it ended already. Not sure why.

    • It is on the front page of their catalogue today. Show them that lol

  • It's at the bottom of the catalogue's cover page 'Starts Thursday 8/10/2020, Ends Monday 12/10/2020.'

    • When I open the 5 day madness catalogue in my browser it doesn't have the plan. When I open incognito mode I can see the deal there. I'm in Vic

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    This deal - S20 FE 5G 128Gb $743 with ETC - vs S10 5G 256Gb $899?

    • Discussed in there as well, I agree with this comment to get the S20 FE 5G

  • Anyone have suggestions on cheapest way to port in of they don't accept new customers?

      • Thanks, do you know if you can you get a new number using this method or only port in existing number?

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          every sim starter pack sold in australia will give you two options, new number or port in. your choice

  • I'm pretty slow. So if I have an existing Telstra plan already I have to buy a sim, activate that then "port" that over to this Telstra deal. Then I can just cancel the contract here and pay out the ETC and I have a S20 FE to call my own. I was looking at getting the FE 5G 256GB through the .edu portal for $999 but this seems better value.

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    Can confirm port in is not required, I just asked for a new no. The whole process took 20 mins and I paid $149 and JB staff swiped an $1000 GC. Advised I should get a msg tomorrow to pick up pre-ordered phone and bonus buds live!

    • Which jb please….

      • Weatherill Park, Sydney

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    Just got this deal in Adelaide.

    Staff asked if I was existing Telstra customer. I said yes. She said "Great, less work for me. This will just get you a second Telstra number, then".

    Paid $149 for 5G version.

    Staff said the phone comes in a package wapped up with the headphones, so yes, I will be getting the headphones.

    Contract says $594 ETC.

    Fingers crossed I get to pick up the phone and headphones tomorrow, then promptly cancel the plan!

    • Which store did you go to please?

      • Mile End

        • 7hanks Goddy :-)

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      What's the best way to cancel the plan? port out the number or chat with Telstra first?

    • how did you cancel?

    • Still waiting for my actual phone but… :/

  • I'm not technology gifted so any opinions gratefully received. At the moment, I have a 19month old S9 which I like but just last week had the battery replaced under warranty, and my 13yo son has my old S7 which he likes also. I'm on an Optus $59 which does not require ETC, would the S20 fe 5g be a decent upgrade for me and my S9 would go to my son or would I be better off giving him the S20 fe 5g and me keeping the S9?

    • There is not a huge difference between S20 FE and S9 for light users. Only when you are playing games or using performance demanding apps, then you can tell the difference. Also Samsung phone's price is dropping rapidly so better wait for longer if not urgently needing a phone.

      I am using a Huawei Mate 9 bought in 2017. Still going strong except the cracked screen since dropping.

      • Thank you BennyHe2018.

    • Recommend purchasing S20FE 5G 128GB through Samsung Australia:
      S20FE 5G 128GB: $1149
      S7 Trade up: - $225 ($200 trade in promo, $25 S7)
      $50 signup bonus : - $50
      Total Price: $874 with bonus Buds Live (RRP $319)

      If you sell the Buds Live for $200-$250, you can potentially upgrade to the S20FE 5G for $624-$674.

      • Thanks luvasaving.

      • Buds Live offer doesn't appear to be available anymore on the Samsung website

        • Yesterday was the last day to pre-order to qualify for the Buds Live

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    Just got this from Hurstville JB. Guy reduced plan to $89 a month so i think i might use it. Invoice shows galaxy se bundle so i expect the live buds to come tomorrow.

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    Just completed at Broadway. Whole process took 20mins. Comes with buds but cannot upgrade to the 256GB.

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      Same with me. Just competed at Castlehill. New connection. No need to port. 5G with 128GB. Comes with buds live. They said no option to select 256GB. First I went to Rouse hill JB and they told they can’t do the plan today and asked me to come tomorrow. Decided to try my luck with castle hill and worked out. I think it depends on the store person 😎.

      They reduced plan to 89

    • really I was at Broadway this afternoon around 4pm and the lady told me the deal starts tomorrow. she did confirm it would come with the free bud and also 256gb version is not included in this deal…

  • Sorry if it's an obvious question, but does Galaxy S20 FE 5G support eSim?

    • No, single SIM only

      • I think one physical nano sim and an esim. According to specs.

        • I wasn't able to find eSim in the specs. Could you please share the link?

          • @wisdom: Sorry mate, I dont think there is esim in S20FE. Atleast mine 5G version doesnot which I purchased today.

            • @4kbargain: Thanks for letting me know. It's very disappointing though, isn't it?

  • Does anybody know if this is an unlocked or a telstra locked phone?

    • Unlock

  • From Samsung website

    Buds Offer available for pre-orders of Galaxy S20 FE between 24.09.2020 – 08.10.2020.

    So if you signed today at jbhifi with this plan deal you will get the bud because you are preordering the phone.

    Tomorrow is not pre-order anymore as the phone is already at the stores….

  • Got the 5G version. Really helpful JB guy set me up with $10 off monthly payments (so $89 a month) and confirmed that as it all went through today I'll get the free buds too. Pretty happy. Thanks for the post Op.

    • Ditto. Got the 5G today at Brisbane Albert St store. Will see if can cancel plan tomorrow after receiving phone. Thanks everyone at OB.

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    Jb catalogue says you can get the free buds if you buy the S20 FE before 14 oct. I wonder if this qualifies as a purchase.

    • Brisbane store said the free buds only available if preorder qualifying Samsung phones today.

      • My local guy also said the same. Tomorrow no buds, buddy.

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          Tried Oxley, Mt Ommaney and eventually did the deal at Indooroopilly and they all said buds finish at close of business today.

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      FYI the buds offer has been extended

  • This Vic lockdown can't end soon enough!

  • Question please.

    So a friend took this deal with new number.
    Turn out this is mistake he want to port his current number from Voda instead.

    Is that still possible to do?
    Can he get a blank Telstra Sim, port the Voda number to that Sim then someone at Telstra swap that with the new number from this deal?
    Or any other easier way?

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      He can port it over to a telstra $2 Sim and then once the number is with telstra it can replace the postpaid number

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    The Buds offer has been extended until 14/10/2020

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      That is great! How did you find out about this?

      • It's in the email JB sent out today and also on each listing on the website (see below comment) :)

  • Do you guys think this a really good deal if I can't get the buds (it's past pre-order period now)

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      $200 less good of a deal now.

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      From JB website, you are still eligible for buds live.


      • Is this offer valid with this telstra deal??

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        As it says:

        *Offer available for purchases between 09.10.2020-14.10.2020 of Galaxy S20 FE or while stocks last. Buds Live colour is fixed and may not be substituted for an alternate type of colour.

        But this might just be for outright purchase of the phone - as per the link provided.

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        Just got the buds with this deal, I can confirm offer is still valid.

        • Can you please confirm that it supports esim?

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        I was able to purchase the 5G model on the $99 plan (reduced to $89) as per the posted deal and buds were included. Although the buds deal has been extended, the key phrase is "while stocks last". The store I visited had 3 in stock (now 2) - so if you want them better not delay :-)

        • I got the same deal. S20 fe 4g with free white buds. Also plan reduced to 89$ per months although my was a new number. The store was pretty good. He even mentioned I can cancel for any reason with max $594 etc like I didn’t know.

  • Just got back from JB - no buds - I did ask and was told nope. Still happy saving over $400 with etc.

    • +4

      Go back to JB, the Buds deal has been extended. Sometime it takes store managers upto 3 days to read their memos and emails , this is JB Hi-Fi Now lol

      • Going through the process in store now for wifey, being told in store that buds seems to be for outright purchase only.

        Seems JB don't really know what's going on.

        I mean, I don't have any shortage of buds at home (free with everything these days) but free stuff is free stuff.

        If we get a more concrete position from jb at some point we can always go back and whinge later.