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Kogan Mobile Prepaid 365 Days FLEX 180GB $200 @ Kogan (New and Existing Customers)


Not as good as the previous deal as the data allowance is lowered but still a good deal.

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    port between Kogan <-> Belong every 3 months, ~$60-70 a year and ~20GB per month

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    I'd port to kogan But only if they bring on Telstra network. Vodafone is shit Compared to Telstra

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      I'm in Inner West Melbourne and have a dual sim phone with Telstra Business and Kogan pre-paid.
      The Vodafone reception is often better than Telstra.

    • I'm semi in the same boat, on Boost at the moment having previously come from Kogan. Boosts coverage was good but the speeds are pretty average. Kogan's coverage is improving with vastly greater speeds - although would never get above 2 bars.

      I'm personally on boost because of free AFL live and imusic streaming.

      Both aren't bad though. Although the pricing of this offer isn't anything special (i think i got 240gb for $210 last time)

    • Vodafone is great where i live now. Often getting over 200mbps indoors which came in handy the other day when NBN was down for 24hrs.

      Where i lived before however was about 25mbps indoors as 850mhz was just too congested with all the apartments.

      Like all networks, location location location!

  • At this price without international minutes, for me it is a deal breaker.

  • I have 5 months left on my current plan with Kogan. If I recharge with this, will that give me 5 months + 12 months after that?

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      I THINK your plan will start from the day you recharge for 12 months. So you basically loose your 5 months.

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      no, it replaces it

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      don't do that, it will start new package from today. learned that the hard way.

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        cheers - appreciate the insight!

  • If they had basic international inclusions, I'd be all over this.

  • I recharged yesterday with this plan, they gave me 200gb even though it was advertised as 180gb

    • I also received 200gb even though I recharged about 2 weeks ago.

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    Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2020 for anyone interested

  • Also 250GB $250 12 months.