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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor [Au Stock] $479.20 Delivered @ Xiaomi Mi Official Store


Original Coupon Deal

Similar to the MobileCiti deal, it looks like Xiaomi Official Store is also part of the ebay plus sale tonight. Not sure whether it is worth the extra 2cents to get from the official Xiaomi store?


Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync 4ms Ultrawide Gaming Monitor - A gaming monitor with a big 34" ultrawide WQHD screen, high 144Hz refresh rate & Freesync to allow you to take gaming to the next level.


  • 21:9 wide panoramic view - With a 21:9 ratio that is 30% wider than the average 16:9 ratio, get extremely wide field of view to provide you with the extra peripheral vision
  • High Resolution Images and Detail - Get a spectacular gaming experience with its large 34" 3440 x 1440 display
  • High brightness, contrast & vivid picture quality - Up to 300nits display brightness and contrast ratio of 3000:1 ensures that the viewing is accurate and vivid
  • 144Hz refresh rate, 4ms Response Time - Get fast response times and smoother actions and transitions to get the edge over your opponents.
  • 1500R Curve - The 1500R curved design gives you an immersive experience, enhancing your sense of depth
  • AMD FreeSync - Reduces tearing to ensure fluent frames output, optimised for fast and lag free performance
  • Multiple port options - Has HDMI x2, DP x2, Audio x1
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Definition 3440 x 1440
  • Panel 34" VA
  • Highest Refresh Rate 144Hz
  • Curvature (lower of this value provide larger perceived images ) 1500R
  • Color Spectrum 121% RGB
  • Response Time 4ms
  • Ports "HDMI x2 DP x2 Audio x1"
  • AMD Free Sync

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      • What doesn't work?

        • -2

          the shopback bonus

          • +1

            @9hundred: Are you sure? I haven't read anywhere that says it doesn't work

  • Grabbed one :)

  • held myself back and said no lol. need something better then my gtx 1080 to drive it, will buy a new gpu first….. when they are available anyway lol

    • you don't need something better. 1070 is still strong enough

      • i do if i want hi fps, currently playing games at 100 plus, would struggle doing that with this resolution

    • +1

      I'm currently driving one with a Strix 1060 6gb

      • that's plenty strong enough. No need to constantly upgrade everything, for minimal improvement. Unless money is no object.

  • Wow over 200 or so sold, hopefully they have the stock for everyone's will be posted soon, delivery this week! lets hope

  • got1

    • -1

      so rich

  • +1

    Does Mi store give a proper tax invoice?

    • keen to know as well

  • Still hasn't sold out? Stop tempting me!!

    • -2

      just buy one for the fun, you have plenty of spare cash

      • +1

        I've spent way too much lately already. PS5, XSX, RTX 3080 and Oculus Quest 2 lol. So much stuff coming out at the same time

  • Guys save me one pls I've used the same monitors for 11 years.

  • Estimated delivery says 16 oct… this is going to make my weekend.

    • +5

      until no one is home and they take it to the post office and they wont let you pick it up until monday

      • More like aus post driver doesnt even bother to knock or press door bell and just leaves a slip and they take it to the post office and they wont let you pick it up until monday

      • More like aus post driver doesnt even bother to knock or press door bell and just leaves a slip and they take it to the post office and they wont let you pick it up until monday

    • I wonder what the chances of an of us receiving it by Friday considering the amount of orders that were placed. Fingers Crossed for Friday though

  • got one, thanks

  • +2

    thanks just got a 2nd one to stack on top

  • Damn it, I caved and got one. It's stayed in stock way too long!

  • Got one too!

  • You guys are costing me money left right and center. Anyone got a recommendation for how to have a 34 inch curved, 30 inch curved and then 3 27inch monitors into an ulitmate gaming work station haha. I have a really bad ozbargain click

    • +2

      Dude you got a problem

  • +1

    Got one… only a month after getting the gigabyte for $680

  • Got my hands on two. Costs charged to credit card and confirmation email received. Expected delivery this Friday :)

  • everyone has one now, happy day for all, i have this monitor and i really love it

  • holding out….

  • Damn I've already used the ebay plus trial.

  • Do they really have 500+ units ready to ship?

    • +1

      700+ now 😂

      • +2

        crazy unlimited stock just sitting there WOW! …and everyone is promised delivery by Friday🤣😂

  • Got one!

  • What's the deal with the flicking while using G-Sync? I probably should have read about it before getting sucked into the hype.

    I guess I can still cancel. I already cancelled and reordered because I accidentally used my parcel locker address.

    • what g-sync issue?…shit!

      • Not sure, just read a couple of things about it. I also read that you can't use G-Sync at 144Hz.

      • Yeah apparently it flickers using g-sync. Works best with radeon cards.
        g-sync is also limited to 100(or 120)hz - definitely not 144.

        • +1

          Damn, information I probably should have had before I ordered lol

          I currently have a 1080ti and have a preorder on a 3080

          • +1

            @chromium: This doesn't look good


            I might have to cancel. Had I read this before, I wouldn't have ordered at all

            • @chromium: It's seems like a lottery with the flickering issues. Maybe just try it out and if it has the issues, then just return it. It shouldn't be a problem to return it because you bought it from the official shop so it will be under warranty.

            • @chromium: I have a 3080 and enabled G-Sync on this monitor a few days ago, when I first switched it over I had flickering issues so I removed it. But I just turned it on again and loaded up Destiny 2, getting no flickering issues whatsoever now at 144Hz so I'm not sure what has changed but it's working fine now.

              Tested out Warzone too, no flickering issues at ~140 FPS average with G-Sync On.

              • @doweyy: Did you update drivers? I read that the latest drivers helped with the issue.

                • @chromium: Ahh yep I updated to the new GeForce driver a few days ago, so that could have potentially rectified the issue.

                  I read some forums and have set my display to max 141Hz, max 141FPS in game and no V-Sync and am getting a very smooth experience, it feels great.

        • +1

          I missed this too, wasn't mentioned in any reviews. Damn, I've got a 3080 on preorder… Likely to be an issue?

          • @B-Moose: Just don't use FreeSync.

            • @smack01: but freesync is the whole point, so games are silky smooth.

            • @smack01: I've got a 1440p 16:9 gsync monitor, I'm not sure I can go back

              • @chromium: If you have a good enough GPU then your games will stay silky smooth.

                • @smack01: I have a 1070

                  • @9hundred: I currently have the same but bought with the knowledge that my 3080 will hopefully arrive before Christmas.

                    1070 will definitely struggle to push the pixels.

                    • -1

                      @smack01: it will struggle? I paid so much money for it, because i thought it was the best one….now i need to upgrade again?? I had a R7950 before which worked better than this 1070.

  • Thanks OP. Great deal!

  • Anyone know about its vesa compatibility?

    • +1

      From what I have read it’s 100x100 compatible.

      • cool thanks

  • +1

    I hope they ship it via Aus Post Express Post this time. Last time I ordered from them - and it was some useless courier company, the package was delievered in a Sedan after 6 PM, and there was no update on the tracking ID.

  • Anyone know whether a Nvidia Quadro 600 will be able to power it?

    Or any advice on a low profile/low cost GPU - no gaming just wanted a ultra wide for basic use.

  • Hey has anyones shipped yet? Last email I got was an "Order confirmed" one..

    • Yeah same here, with the amount of orders cant see it making the expected Friday delivery.

      • Nah wishful thinking I reckon - it'd be nice but I'm not counting on it.

        high fives fellow 34" monitor owner :).

        • they sold 700 monitors in under an hour for delivery on Friday— Craaaazy!!

          • @9hundred: They use courierplease - not auspost.
            Last month I ordered air purifier, shipping number was provided on 14th and delivered on 16th.

            Given the situation, if it’s not picked up by tomorrow, I doubt on Friday.

    • Just received an email said my order has been ship :)

      • Just got it as well!

        • me too, but no tracking :(

  • Can someone please help me figure out how much it weighs? Dying to find a monitor mount for it but too risky buying one without knowing the weight.

    • -1

      anything will be fine

    • 10.5kg

      • That might be with the stand, should be around 7kg without stand

      • Thanks mate, Good thing I went for the F100A as it supports up to 12kg.

  • +1

    I got an email from Shopback that says I will get $23.97 cash back! This thing got even cheaper

    • Same , also got 23.97, what a bargain

    • -1

      thought it didn't work for ebayplus

      • +1

        Maybe it will get rejected, who knows.

      • It says it doesn't work for buying ebay plus membership if that's what you are thinking of. I got my confirmation of it being tracked on shopback

        • -1

          ahh shit, i didn't use the shopback, so i could have saved an extra 23.97….i guess a lot of people missed that.
          If they bought it from BestGear with the shopback they would have got the monitor for only $445.03!! WOW! …that's a proper bargain!

  • +1

    Hey friends, FYI got the email it has been shipped just now. Confirmed for Friday!

    • Same

    • I'm not confident mines coming on Friday.

      I've got a express post envelop that was scanned in at Penrith Post Office since 12-OCT @ 3PM; still hasn't moved.

      • The don’t use Aus post
        But courier please

  • Shipping confirmation through EBay received. Estimated arrival tomorrow. No tracking information.

    • ditto

  • Anyone have Xiaomi contact details? I ordered but accidentally shipped to the wrong address, no tracking info so I've emailed and messaged them on ebay but no response yet. The call center is just a robot directing you to email too.

    • -1

      wait at the other address

      • I'm in Melbourne so my other address is outside my 5km radius

        • -1

          well then whoever lives there now will have a shiny new monitor, unless they are willing to forward it to you.

  • hey all, does anyone know if we get a proper Tax Invoice for Xiaomi Mi Official Store?

    love to claim it against working from home at tax time next year?

    • I guess you can use invoice from eBay.

  • Anyone received their monitor yet?!

    • tomorrow

      • tomorrow

        • How do you know if I may ask? I haven't been given a tracking number

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