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[Prime] Yamaha ATS1090B $179 (Was $288) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Yamaha Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound, Bluetooth Streaming & Built-in Alexa Voice Control - ATS1090 (Black)

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    Good price.

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    Honestly would rather it without Alexa which I am pretty sure is just the model down.

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      I agree, the good news is you can turn Alexa off.
      Touch to disable the microphones Touch again to enable the microphones.

      • +1

        At least that is something I guess. An isolation switch would be better but hey I am obviously not the targetted market haha.

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          Simply don’t link your Amazon account and don’t activate Alexa and done.

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      Funny how their marketing team touts Alexa as a "feature" when most of us want it disabled.

      • whyy

      • Why wouldn't you want Alexa?

        • Creepy Bezos listening on your conversations.

        • I've already got enough creepy trackers profiling me online. Don't want one that tracks/profiles me offline.

      • +1

        Heh, Alexa was one of the reasons I bought this- been meaning to get another Alexa device for the living room and also needed a soundbar, this conveniently hits 2 birds with 1 stone and cheaply

        • What do you actually do with Alexa that you can't do directly with an app or a remote controller?

    • If you don't want Alexa consider the Yamaha SRB20A

      It's a new model that was released a few months ago. It has upgraded sound drivers so should sound better than the YAS-109

  • how does the sound quality compare to the 1080b? are the speakers the same etc this just have more features or?

  • Would anyone recommend putting this behind a wall mounted TV? My Samsung TV has crappy speakers so I've been waiting for something with HDMI-ARC. Not sure why this soundbar is wall mount only

    • I have the older model (108B) and I love it. The sound is really nice compared to my LG TV default speakers.

    • I've got the 1080 and the hdmi arc is not working well. There's more information and comments on this in an older deal thread

      • Oh, sorry to hear that. My HDMI ARC works great. Maybe just lucky. Touch wood :)

      • Did you do the firmware update?

        • Can't remember as it's been like a year but I'll look into it!

      • Can you link the information? I have the 108B and have issues of the soundbar consistently connecting and disconnecting when playing things off the TV. Not sure what I should do about it. Does it also allow AUX connectivity from TV to soundbar?

        • Power Saving is on by default. Makes the soundbar turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
          Very annoying if you pause in the middle of a movie to get food.

          here is a screenshot of the user manual

          • @damontyler: Thanks for your reply :)
            Does it count as inactivity when I'm playing something on the TV and it automatically just makes no noise, and then reconnects. It just randomly stops making noise for ~3-5 secs. I've tried buying a new HDMI cable.

    • that should be fine. I've got mine facing up and inside my tv stand cabinet and it doesn't sound muffled or anything.

    • This is not just wall mount only.

  • this or the samsung one for $168 on ebay?

    • +2

      Link please?

      • +1

        congratz on 2nd comment fam

      • Pretty sure that's an expired deal.

  • This or one of those Edifier bookshelf speakers for TV (Living Room)?

  • Anyone comment on the difference with this Yamaha model? Same price.


    • I think its just that one is grey and one is black YAS109G(rey) vs YAS109B(lack)

      • Different model numbers


        Google indicates the YAS model might be an older model? Nothing really indicates a difference in features.

        • +1

          True mb, I just went on the Yamaha page for the ATS1090 (https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/sound_bar/ats...) and you can't really find out the differences because if you switch to the specs page it switches to the YAS109 specs.

          • @bradywadywoo:

            if you switch to the specs page it switches to the YAS109 specs.

            Haha, yeah i just noticed that as well. I'm guessing it's just a regional difference to the model number. Doesn't appear to be any difference between them.

  • Any chance this can be used with a projector in the back with wirelessly? Would there be a lip sync issue

  • Anyone recommend this for a pc instead of a duel 2.1 speakers or a 5.1 system?

    • In a small room maybe. I'm very underwhelmed by my older version of this soundbar. Interface is garbage and sound isn't any better than a couple of cheap bookshelf speakers.

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