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[Prime] Invicta Men's Pro Diver Watches from $61.56 Delivered (Regular Price $101) @ Amazon US via AU


I was trying to get a deal on this Casio F91W-1 but seems like Meh… to me

Then instead I saw the Invicta Pro Diver Range being on Sale; all i know the link above was a "QUARTZ" movement
Part of Prime sale.. Sold by Amazon US and we have about 23 more hours to go.

while the other two models here are Automatics:
1. Invicta Men's 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch $89.28 Normal price $127.30
2. Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Link $84.93
I think this is the best value being normal price of $192.25

I'm not a watch connessour.. so please do tell / share what the differences are between all 3…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • +1
    1. Invicta is despised.
    2. Invicta is despised.
    3. Invicta is despised.

    I'm not sure exactly why, except that Invicta lovers will always insist anything more expensive is a waste of time and the Pro Divers are as good as a Rolex.

    Disclaimer; I don't hate Invictas and I like the ones a family member has. I also do not own a Rolex. I actually thinks Invictas are pretty good value for money.

    • Hmm I get the sentiment but that’s a pretty general statement. I got both and each holds pride of place in my watch collection. Know it’s the same for a number of watch mad friends who have some very high end watches along with brands like Invicta, Orient etc

      PS have seen these Invicta’s on sale in Costco too from time to time.

    • +3

      I would never touch an invicta .

      I would rather get a seiko or orient diver than something that tries to look like a submariner

    • they are great watches for modding and share a lot of common parts for seiko mods.

      • +1

        So you buy this to mod it like a Seiko … why not just buy a Seiko in the first place lol

        • because a seiko diver would generally cost 3x more? and it's not to mod it like a seiko. its the aftermarket mods and parts for seiko watches also work on these invicta watches.

  • +1
    1. Quartz
    2. Japanese Auto Movement
    3. Swiss Auto Movement
    • would the Swiss be the best option/ value then..?

      • Depends if you want automatic vs quartz. I'm a bit of a watch philistine, but as far as I'm concerned i prioritise accuracy so i actually prefer quartz movements. If you're attracted to the romance of automatics then obviously they're going to be higher.

      • The quartz will keep the best time. The Japanese and Swiss (if it is Swiss which I highly doubt) will be in the same range. Swiss movements come in a variety of gradings. Somewhere between 1 second and 30 seconds a day. Luck of the draw really. They can be somewhat regulated if you want to take the back off and finesse the innards.

        I just looked. The description says Japanese, the watch information says Swiss.

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure that the automatic invicta's don't have swiss auto movements, they all use Seiko's NH35. Amazon's listings are frequently incorrect

      • The 9937 has a Swiss movement. A Sellita SW200 these days from what I can find.

        Looks basically the same as the 8296OB but has some upgraded components. Not worth the extra money in my opinion.

        I like the 8926OB. I've had mine for 6 years and wear it off and on, mostly when travelling or doing things I wouldn't want to do while wearing a more expensive watch.

        It's comfy, cheap, works well with a range of straps, keeps good time, has good water resistance, and I kinda like that it's not a great watch. Paradoxically, the fact it's not a great watch is what makes it a great watch. A bit like a crappy car that you like because you can park it anywhere and you don't care if it gets scratched, dented, or dies.

        Not a lot of cons for the price. The lume is crap, the bezel can be hard to turn, there's some gaudy branding on it, and it's a blatant rip off of a Rolex submariner.

        But for the money? I can't complain.

    • Difference between the 2 automatics are the bezel grip design. One is scalloped and the other is beveled.
      Everything else is the same including the Seiko NH35 movement.

  • The hate is based on the horrifically gaudy more expensive end of their range which are generally massively overpriced (no-one who knows watches would ever pay full dollar for them).

    That said, the lower end of the range are fine with decent movements, and can be had for very good prices. The 8926 is a prime example - nice, neat black faced diver. I don't quite know where the "Swiss movement" thing comes from, the movement is an unbranded Seiko 4R35 which does duty in a lot of Seiko 5's. Quality is fine.

  • The invicta quartz divers don't all have screw down crown, most of the wr200 auto invicta do,
    I own a couple of auto invicta wr200 divers, very accurate and don't leak if used for water sports.
    My other dive watch is omega seamaster auto.
    The invicta keeps better time than my orient auto divers, might be the lucky one in a batch.

  • -1

    Watch is a status symbol. To see time you can use phone too.

    • +2

      Phone? Luxury. I used a portable sundial. I am usually accurate to ± 1 hour.

      • +4

        Sundial? Pffft! I just look to see if it's bright or dark. I am usually accurate to ± 12 hours.

        • +3

          Bright or dark? Pffft! I just go outside and see if it hot or cold. I am usually accurate to ± 6 months.

      • I meant invicta is not a luxury brand, I rather won't wear watch.

        • +1

          No one is even going to notice, unless you go stick it in their face, and then they will just assume you're a jerk. You buy a watch for yourself.

    • not about to take phone out of my pocket to check the time when a watch is on my wrist, also phone gets tricky at the beach or pool, or playing sport in general.

  • Had 2 nh35 invicta divers. One knocked off my wrist when I was loading roof racks and fell onto concrete and lost it timekeeping ability. I put that down to myself. Second randomly started locking up and the hour hand went out of sync with the minute hand. Funny this second one had never had a decent knock. Might be my bad luck though. The face of the invictas was more resistant to scratching than my current orient mako ii.

  • -1

    Invicta have a bad rep because of inflated rrp prices.
    Realistically you get an awesome automatic Seiko movement in a decent case and band.

    I collect watches and have 3 invictas as well as some technomarine which are the same company.

    All are several years old and are great watches.

    If you want a good reliable automatic movement that has about 40 hours power reserve go for it.

  • I think my son has the OB version. Was given it as a gift by his sister but must have worn it less times than I have fingers. The build quality is a lot better than I thought it would be and goes very nicely with a leather strap too.

    I have some nice, much more expensive watches but this is hard to fault for the price.

    • but must have worn it less times than I have fingers

      How many still there?

  • +1

    Just purchased 8296OB after a few hours of deliberation and YouTube reviews.

    It will replace my Orient Ray purchased 2014 and becoming somewhat eratic in its timekeeping …

    Suspect it will be cheaper than getting the Orient serviced …

  • -1

    What am I missing, looks exactly like a Rolex?

  • +2

    Missing WatchNerd

  • Do you need to be signed in to see the deal?
    Was showing the posted price earlier but has now jumped back up.

    • Expired now mate.. must have been taken off early

      • Thought so, was just about to pull the trigger too. Wasn't meant to be.

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