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Sony X9000H 4K TV 55" $1595, 65" $1995, 75" $2995 (+ Bonus 6-12 Month Kayo Subscription) @ Harvey Norman


Saw this mentioned in the comments of the Sony eBay deal so thought I'd do the honours of posting. Same price at TGG and JB (but they don't have the Kayo offer).

55" X9000H - $1595 + Bonus $150 6-Month Kayo Subscription

65" X9000H - $1995 + Bonus $150 6-Month Kayo Subscription

75" X9000H - $2995 + Bonus $300 12-Month Kayo Subscription

Kayo Bonus (offer ends 19 October 2020)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    HDMI 2.1

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    • Will become available on 2 of the 4 HDMI ports via a future update.

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        Update has already begun to roll out. I also can't find any information regarding which ports support HDMI 2.1.

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          So far in the UK but not here yet.

          HDMI 3 and 4 ports will support HDMI 2.1, but be aware that port 3 is also the eARC port so only one remaining usable port if using that.

          Another note is that by enabling v2.1 you will lose Dolby vision on the port, so will need to switch the settings depending on usage. Something for people getting the Xbox Series X to be aware of.

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      Only ports 3 and 4 will support 120fps.

      This is a very limited budget based LCD tv.

      Your money will go further next year for TVs.


      These TVs didn't get a good review either.

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        Yet Vincent awarded the X9000H 75" the HDTVTest "Recommended Best Value Award"

        • Yes, it's made to a budget. It might be seen as Value for money given the 2 HDMI
          2.1 ports.

          But other TVs are almost double the price of this for a reason.

  • Good for PS5?

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    VideoPro has the same deal, but with a $100 gift card instead of the Kayo subscription.


  • would you guys say this is comparable to the LG CX 65"OLE model?

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      I would say its more comparable to the Nano86 or Nano91 line from LG .. OLED is a higher level (just my opinion) .. and i think if HDMI 2.1 is important the Nano series (86 and up) has all 4 ports on HDMI 2.1 same as the BX and CX OLED line.

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        Edit actually I'm incorrect here… the OLED CX WX GX have 4 x 2.1 @ 40gbs (10bit 120hz) so not the full 48gbs, the Nano has 2x 40gig 10bit @ 120hz 2 x 8bit @60hz.

        Gotta say this hdmi 2.1 stuff is an utter mess with pretty much all the brands! …

    • Nothing compares to the CX Oled and if you compare them, they will be worse.

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      rtings.com rate the CX as the best tv: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/tvs-on-the-market

      then again - the CX is more than double the price

    • not at all, but it's one of the better LCD models out there… for gaming it's a good choice.. for media enjoyment the 9500 is better

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      I have looked at comparison with OLED and honestly aside from the darkest scenes , this tv is better value. It looks fantastic


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    Just note, the TV is this price till the 28th, but the Kayo deal ends on the 19th.

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    Be aware that this TV doesn't have VRR (variable refresh rate) - that is a noticeable drawback for gaming.

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      It will get VRR via a future firmware update.

  • Also, I think you could sell or give away the subscription if you didn't want it.

    According to the Terms, subscription is via a unique voucher code.

    Could be wrong, but doubt that Kayo checks the name on the subscription matches some guy that bought a TV that came with the offer..

  • It's worth noting that Sony lock streaming apps at 60hz, so the bonus 6-12 months of Kayo(50hz) is going to be a juddery mess on the inbuild app. If you stream from an external device that can handle 50hz it'll be fine.

    • It’s not. Have this TV. Kayo looks great, upscalung chip works really well.

  • Should I wait till Black friday or Xmas?

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      I am waiting :-)

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      I'm holding out until Black Friday

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        Me too. Cash in hand ready for Black Friday.
        Will be happy if it gets under $1,800.

      • Cyber monday is often better lol a bit more waiting though

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    This or Hisense Q8. Need to finalize between one. Too much confusion :(

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      Android tv wins it for me.

    • Rtings have

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      I compared this in store, the x9500h would have a bit more colour depth as it has a better processor. But that's comparing directly side by side in store. It was an easy choice for me, I bought the x9000h as they were very comparable. Nonetheless a quality panel either way.

  • Urgh wanting a new 65inch TV ready for new consoles

    Finding it hard to keep waiting til 2021 and miniLED

    Good brightness for hdr esp if in bright rooms.

    • Same boat.. thank goodness i play games on PC :) and am only going for the xobx series x as a HDR 4k bluray Movie player

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    Dang, bought mine (65") for $2,299 early September. I do recommend this TV, it's been great, super snappy android TV, black level and colours are fantastic for this price range.

  • How does this compare with Hisense Q8..

  • Just bought a Hisense Q8 75inch. Which one do you think is better? Should I try to get a exchange for this one?

  • I think I will wait until black friday.

  • I bought the 65
    Reselling the kayo thing though, don't watch sport

    • Same here, have my Kayo sub listed on marketplace. So far no interest though so not sure how popular the service actually is.

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