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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 / MSI RTX 2070 / ASUS B550 WIFI Board / 16GB DDR4 Gaming PC $1260 + Delivery @ Virco Computer


Morning OzBarganiners,

I am proud to offer you guys our second desktop from the newly developed website. I know this setup on the OzBargain is considered as a last gen computer… but seriously, it's still a good gaming computer. Pricing decent & reasonable. I deliberately use B550 chipset for this system for those who want to have a bit of upgrade capability in the near future.

spec as below:
* CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core Socket AM4 3.6GHz CPU Processor
* CPU COOLING: Wraith Stealth Cooler
* MEMORY: Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Z-ONE RGB 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory
* STORAGE: Crucial P1 500GB NVMe M.2 PCIe 3D NAND SSD
* INTERNET CONNECTION: Integrated Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth v5.1
* PSU: Deepcool DQ650-M-V2L 650W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply
* CASE: Deepcool MACUBE 110 Mini Tower Micro ATX Case TG White

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  • +1

    any option to upgrade?

    • +2

      yes, working on it.

      • +3

        Would love a system with a 2070 super! Maybe even a 2080 ti or super if you're feeling a bit spicy :P

      • CPU, case and GPU upgrades would be great

        • +1

          for this deal, only have RAM/GPU/Storage upgrade.

          • +1

            @virco: How do I upgrade from the website Sir?

      • Any cases that are a bit more lounge room friendly?

      • would love upgrade option to 3700x and 850W gold PSU

    • +1

      Options is up

  • +6

    Pretty decent value I think

    • +1

      I'd put it at around $200 for labour and shipping, which I wouldn't put as comparable to Techfast deals.

      If it were purely based on performance, 2070 cards wouldn't be priced over $400 right now, and that's probably what's tripping people up.

      • +3

        Market value of 2070 is probably more towards $450 and ryzen 3600 is so expensive atm, so if you want a pc in the next week, this is very good

        Excluding the prime day sale of course cause that was killer

        • -8

          The 3600 was $250 last week from multiple sources, and will be again next month, easily. Soon enough the 3600XT will be approaching $300, if not dropping below it.

          For anyone who can't assemble IKEA furniture and wait 2 weeks, this a good deal. For 95% of people this is crummy, they just often aren't aware how low the technical barrier is.

          • +1

            @jasswolf: Care to share the link, unlikely cause there's short supply for it atm

            • -5


              last week

              Worst case scenario is still around $40-$60 more, which still highlights the poor value of this deal because the GPU is about to be vastly superseded.

              • +10

                @jasswolf: Bro I'm telling you, they're all above $300 except for eBay flash sale

                You're just saying the price that you think its worth not the actual market price

                And im guessing you're one of those saying that 3080 is $1000

                • -6

                  @ln28909: Have you read anything I've written other than $250?

                  Ryzen 5000 launches in 2-3 weeks, and so does the RTX 3060 Ti. The 3700X, 3800XT and 3900X/XT prices will crash through the floor along with 2080 Super prices, taking everything else with it.

                  The value proposition sucks.

                  • +5

                    @jasswolf: yup alright you do you, enjoy the wait

                    • -3

                      @ln28909: And you enjoy your new website, OzBUYNOW

                  • +8

                    @jasswolf: Dude it doesn’t suck if you need a new pc in the next week. You also can’t use the 1 hour ebay flash and amazon 2-day prime sale as current market price. There is no doubt in 2-3 weeks time once the Ryzen 5000 series launch, we may see a price drop in the previous gen cpus. However, there won’t be a “crash through the floor” as you describe.

                    • -9

                      @Ebaygiftcards: No one will be able to price a 2080 Super above $530. No one will be able to price a Ryzen 3700X above $430, nor a 3600XT above $350.

                      What this is, is a seller who didn't clear their inventory, and is now desperately trying to eke out its last few margins through borderline predatory behaviour. You're never going to get a positive comment from me after you make a comment like that.

                      • +2

                        @jasswolf: Honestly not sure what you are getting at. Are you talking now or in a few weeks time?

                        For full disclosure, I’m not affiliated with them. I must have accidentally clicked the button when typing my previous comment.

                • @ln28909: I’m also sure he’s the one that will say the 3080 can’t be sold above $500 by the end of 2021, and $250 by 2022. Yes we know tech price drops.

          • +2

            @jasswolf: Where did you see 3600 for $250 last week?

            • +2

              @Crono: Unless I’ve missed something, it was around $260 after 20% ebay 1 hr flash sale on 13th October. Amazon US had limited stock for $270 plus delivery end of September. I don’t see any $260 prices last week

          • @jasswolf: I'm not in a rush for a new PC but I am on look out to upgrade from my i7 4770 and want to play cyberpunk 2077 when it comes out. Should I want a few more weeks for a better deal?

            • @Homr: He is the last person you should be taking advice from, waiting for a game that has not been released would be smart as tech $ can fluctuate on a weekly basis, not always but it can.
              Xmas pre sales will benefit you more imo as that's when suppliers want to offload stock too.

              Be patient if you are in no hurry, you will see something possibly more suited for your game but a 2070 is pretty good for 1080P. You need a 3070 if you want 4K culled settings but that means a higher specced PSU and obv a 4K panel.
              AMD is soon releasing their GPUs which is rumored to have less TDP while similar perf as the 3080 while being a little cheaper.

              It all comes down to how well you want to play Cyberpunk, I personally already got a new PC last year 3700x but kept my old trust 980 Ti, for gaming I am using a XB SX as I use my PC mainly for music creation and editing.
              The XB SX will partner perfect for CP 2077 for me

              • @DisabledUser353340: I'll be gaming on 1440p so I think getting a geforce 3070 will be a overkill for me

                • @Homr: 1440P in Ultra on a 3070 is probably what you should be aiming for imo.


                  because you can get 46 FPS at Ultra 4K. But perhaps you feel better served at 1440p, where you would get 78 frames per second on Ultra 1440p. Lower the resolution further and you get a blistering 102 FPS at 1080p Ultra.

                  ^^ Taken from that site.

                  • @DisabledUser353340:

                    Taken from that site

                    Which says:


                    So literally a page filler so they can trigger a search result without getting into trouble. Good job!

                    • @jasswolf: Yet you seem to think all your anecdotal posting of AMD gear you have not seen/touched is reality LOL

                • @Homr: The 60 series is usually best for 1080p, 70 series for 1440p and 80 series for 4k. A 3070 really won't be overkill for Cyberpunk 2077

                  • -1

                    @HaveANiceDay: Except the 3070 is a 4k60-120 card depending on game and settings, and the 3060 Ti will be nipping at its heels.

                    This is a series built around various levels of 4k performance, though some of them will tend to target that via DLSS, and that needs more developer support.

                    • +1

                      @jasswolf: No the 3070 is NOT a 4K 60-120 card, the specific question was for Cyberpunk 2077 and it shows that it wont do 4K 60, stop talking nonsense

                      • @DisabledUser353340: I'm sorry, is the 2080 Ti not a 4k60 - 4k120 card?

                        Are you just arguing for argument's sake at this point? Or do you think you have benchmarking results on an unreleased game that only went gold 2 weeks ago, on a brand new GPU, with likely both being unoptimised?

                        Do you think you have DLSS performance results for this as well?

                • @Homr: You're 100% right to think that, 3060 Ti will be worth looking into for 30-35% less money.

                  • @jasswolf: the 3060ti will be cheaper than 2070?

                    • @Homr: Rumoured to work out around $550 AUD with GST, but nothing confirmed yet. Rumoured AMD pricing should see it be that or a little lower.

              • -2


                AMD is soon releasing their GPUs which is rumored to have less TDP while similar perf as the 3080 while being a little cheaper.

                You'll find out pretty soon why they'll try to be cheaper: they don't have good RT performance, and they have no genuine competition to DLSS.

                Rasterisation is the only place they might push close, and there's every chance their full Navi 21 SKU might only push up to the 3080, which is dismal for 80 CUs vs 68 SMs.

                • @jasswolf: do you ever stop?
                  It's not even released yet and you're complaining..

                  • -1

                    @DisabledUser353340: The architecture is already in the consoles and we have a good idea on how they'll perform. The only thing AMD will have this gen is power efficiency in a pure rasterisation workload, and with both GPUs using their ML and RT hardware that will likely evaporate as AMD falls behind, but adoption rates need to improve for DLSS.

                    AMD need to work harder to compete than just bump clocks and core counts compared to RDNA, and they've opted for Turing-esque RT performance and limited ML acceleration.

                    • @jasswolf: we have a good idea huh?

                      We as in the collective you and yourself?, have you opened one yet?, no?, figures.
                      DLSS that a handful of nVidia sponsored titles?

                      Sounds like you reek pure bias.

                      • -1

                        @DisabledUser353340: They've been showing performance data for the consoles for months, go check out Digital Foundry on YouTube and get yourself upskilled. Literally just mentioned DLSS adoption rates as being of concern, not that you're actually reading and responding to discussion points.

                        Sounds like you just want to howl at the moon and claw faces… happy Halloween?

                        • @jasswolf: Upskilled? you're the one promoting hearsay with the bs you keep posting.
                          What's the actual performance data, some videos? woah such data on yew tewbs

            • -1

              @Homr: No rush to upgrade your Intel, wait for Zen 3 benchmarks and compare and contrast if it's worth the board, RAM and CPU costs for what might prove to be incremental for your usage. The 3600 and 3700X successor look to be a little over 3 months away at this stage.

              I'd focus more on your GPU being up to purpose, then probably sit back and wait for Zen 4 (Ryzen 6000) with DDR5 and perhaps PCIe 5.0.

              Single thread performance hasn't exactly bustled along a great deal, and multithreaded performance is still usually capping out around 6 cores, but that will start to shift more heavily over the next 2 years.

              Have a look at info on Dennard scaling to understand more about the limited single thread development.

          • +3

            @jasswolf: Can you provide the sources where the 3600 was $250 last week? Can't seem to find it on Ozbargain.

            • +2

              @Ebaygiftcards: Not a bad deal. Prices will hold steady imo. These graphics card prices are insane already, people hoping for some random price drop because of x and y are dreaming. They know people will pay for performance, no reason at all to drop it now.

              There's really nothing wrong with this PC at all for the average gamer.

            • +1

              @Ebaygiftcards: It doesn't exist as nothing he has posted has any verifiable links.
              If you cannot get it from an Australian supplier with an Australian warranty then it doesn't matter how much cheaper you can get it for OS, you need to factor in cost of shipping back if item fails, shipping costs here and why on earth would anyone support grey imports especially when businesses are struggling atm with C19?
              I admit I have purchased a few Blu Rays recently from eBay from OS sellers, that's because they are not for sale locally.

          • @jasswolf: Nope, been looking for 3 weeks, and the cheapest was 308 on Amazon, but that is now gone.

  • +1

    Nice case! 2070 super upgrade how much on top?

    • +1

      Just in case you haven't seen, just notifying you it's $1500 for one with a 2070 Super+850W

  • Wow nice

  • +2

    Where are you guys?
    Do you have a shopfront?

    • +4

      No "about Us", no contact details, nothing on the website.

      You'd think information is a vital part of a business

    • +10

      We are located at Capitol Sqaure, Shop T15 730-742 George Street, Sydney.
      Tel: 02 9212 3419
      System can be pick up.

      • Super close! Nice! Is that the shop next to 7-11 and starbucks?

        • +9

          upstairs, level one, shop name: Virco.

          • @virco: Thanks. Going for a walk today so definitely will come by

            Is this set-up in-store? 😎

            • +1

              @agalea101: building the machine now, so by the time you come by, should be ready to go.

          • @virco: Didn't you guys used to be Titan Tech? Shop name sounds familiar

            • +2

              @WinstonWithAY: yes, we help Titan Tech to build the machines. We also have our own machine to sell.

    • Apparently located in Technocity in Haymarket NSW

      • Is this this address? 730-742 George St

        I live pretty close by there

  • wow that is super tempting

    • +6

      Not as super tempting as 2070 super

      • +7

        personally was looking to build a i5-10400F and a 1660S for like $100 less than this, regardless of Super or not this build is much more tempting

        • +3

          ok, We can work on that for the next deal

      • +1

        @mrdavedave 2070 super option is up

  • Nice deal and parts are great for value as well

  • +1

    No Location / About Us / Contact sections on your website or am I blind?

    • +1

      I'm assuming it should be this one: https://www.facebook.com/vircocomputer/

      • yes, that's right. Thank you
        Business name: Virco Computer, Contact # 02 9212 3419, Address: Shop T15, Capitol Square, 730-742 George Street, Sydney

    • +3

      sorry, very new website, I will add those info tonight.
      Business name: Virco Computer, Contact # 02 9212 3419, Address: Shop T15, Capitol Square, 730-742 George Street, Sydney

  • +3

    For the ozbargain crew much better than your last deal with the gaming chair :)

    • +1

      We always try our best to offer the best deal. Thank you for the comment.

  • +7

    This is hardly what I would call a "last gen" pc due to $ vs perf yield.
    This would make a great gaming machine and also edit video extremely well.
    It is by far easily 1/2 the $ of any Mac product people would use for editing/ sound production then add to that can game quite easily @ 1080P 144HZ possibly 1440P 144HZ with some settings culled for latest games.

    Well done Virco, you have a great all round machine that would be perfect for most people on a budget that want bang per buck without the need for the latest and greatest.
    500GB SSD would be too small for any gamer/editor so having some sort of additional option would be great.

    • +3

      Thank you for the comment, working on the options now. should be up for customer to choose within an hour

      • +2

        Are we able to do pickup to save on the shipping costs?

  • +5

    This is has got to be by far the best build ever on Ozbargain at this price point.
    Well done, mate!!!

  • +2

    Great value! Curious to see what an upgrade to the 2070S pricing would be.

    • +1

      2070 Super option is up

  • +13

    Techfast, now your turn.

    • +2

      Be cheeky and tag Luke 😉

  • +2

    This is quite a good gaming computer at quite a decent price. It’s literally 1 or 2 steps above everything I built 18 months ago for 10% less.

    • Yeah same, I built same specs for around $1000, and the extract same Asus motherboard. My build didn't even have a gold PSU, and the case wasn't as nice, and it was a 1660 super… Would have preferred paying the extra $200 for this set up :'(

  • You guys related to Mwave?

    This promotion is provided by the vendor. Mwave is not directly associated with this promotion. Please find the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the following link: https://au.msi.com/Promotion/back-to-school-2020

    • We knows mwave, but not related with them in any way.

  • +2

    Seems like a good price, the whole system is cheaper than the 3080 card itself

  • +2

    Hey, looking good. Is there option to have different case? I love to see this build on NZXT 510 Elite case.

    • sorry, for this build, case can not change.

  • Shipping calculator doesn’t work? How much to postcode 2600.

    • And 3199 (actually, probably better to fix the calculator so you don't get so many questions).

    • Shipping is flat $30. no matter what postcode

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