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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 / MSI RTX 2070 / ASUS B550 WIFI Board / 16GB DDR4 Gaming PC $1260 + Delivery @ Virco Computer


Morning OzBarganiners,

I am proud to offer you guys our second desktop from the newly developed website. I know this setup on the OzBargain is considered as a last gen computer… but seriously, it's still a good gaming computer. Pricing decent & reasonable. I deliberately use B550 chipset for this system for those who want to have a bit of upgrade capability in the near future.

spec as below:
* CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core Socket AM4 3.6GHz CPU Processor
* CPU COOLING: Wraith Stealth Cooler
* MEMORY: Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Z-ONE RGB 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory
* STORAGE: Crucial P1 500GB NVMe M.2 PCIe 3D NAND SSD
* INTERNET CONNECTION: Integrated Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth v5.1
* PSU: Deepcool DQ650-M-V2L 650W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply
* CASE: Deepcool MACUBE 110 Mini Tower Micro ATX Case TG White

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  • Is the Bluetooth inbuilt on the motherboard?

    • yes, build in wifi and bluetooth

  • Are all the parts brand new?

    • all brand new parts.

  • How much is to upgrade to 2070 super

    • options is up

  • +1

    God dang, this is a big bang for your buck deal.

  • +4

    I priced up this build on PCPP with historically low OzBaragin prices and it comes to $1307.00.

    So this represents some solid value, https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/8rM6Xb

      • +3

        In that case this deal becomes much more mediocre.

      • That didnt last long at that price.

      • +1

        Key word is was. If you want a PC right now this is a good deal.

    • Except you're using cheaper case and 80+ Bronze non-modular power supply instead of 80+ Gold fully modular one.

  • Very tempting.
    I built 10400f + 2060s a month ago and it cost me ~$1100, so this price is very good.

    • how did you manage to get a 2060s for $1.1k? I only managed to fit a 1660S with that budget

  • Any chance of an Intel chip with 1tb storage?

    • will post up for the next deal

  • Not a bad price

  • what are the measurements for the case please - it needs to fit into a limited space

  • +3

    Tempted to order…almost pulled the trigger on the techfast deal for the 1660 but will get this instead

  • +1

    This is a bloody good deal - nice one!

  • +2

    How long does it take to put each computer together? This guy might be in for some late nights once he gets ozbargained.

    • This is a pretty easy build i think, if you know what you're doing maybe 30-45 minutes for one

    • take us roughly 1 hour to build per machine.

  • What about the cooling for the whole system?

  • Is it possible to sell it without the Graphics card? Would love to use this as a lab PC and have a spare card.

    • sorry, not for this deal

  • Nice config. Decent price

  • Im abit new to PCs. Will i have to install my fans on to this
    Also whats the warranty like?

    • Yes same question. I’m not well versed with tech but with all the other builds around I can see plenty of fans for the system cooling while this doesn’t have any

    • From the Deepcool website: Cooling Fans Compatibility: Pre-installed: Rear: 1×120mm DC fan; Optional: Front: 120mm×3/140mm×2, Top: 120mm×2/140mm×2

      I'm guessing that means you'll want to at least put another 1-3 fans in, maybe even replace the pre-installed one depending on the quality.

      • What? that is pretty troublesome for non tech savy users like me. (My last PC I built was almost 12years ago) I would expect it to work straight out of the box without much tinkering, do we also need to purchase an aftermarket CPU heatsink like Noctua?

        • +1

          Wraith Stealth might be good enough but possibly loud?

          As for fans, I just built most of my PC yesterday, but haven't touched the pre-installed fans yet. They were easy enough to connect though, so wouldn't worry about that part too much, plenty of good videos on Youtube to help you out :)

          • @qvntmflx: Wraith Stealth is fine. I figure if anyone is overclocking they'll be savvy enough and have a preference as to what replacement cooler they want

        • I am waiting to maybe jump the gun.. not sure how to do the fan thingy though. Have never built a computer ever before in my life…

    • +2

      One year Return to Base warranty. One fan at back of the computer.

  • +2

    As much as I find the website lacking, and it kind of gives off dodgy vibes, their Facebook has lots of photos from their store with customer purchases, so based on that I'm guessing this wouldn't be another case of CGB Solutions. Would be interesting to find out what the warranty's like.

    • What happen to CGB?

      • +2

        Have a look here

        Basically most people waited at least 2 months for their builds, crappy communication, could only really reach them on Facebook, they were rude, refused/unwilling to do refunds. I think there are at least a few people that are still waiting for their 1500-2000 bucks depending on upgrades and whatnot. It was pretty easy to find the dude who runs the place on Facebook, and most of the 5 star reviews on Google were made by his mates.

    • We are physical retail shop located at Captiol Sqaure, Sydney. Welcome for anyone interested to come for a chat.
      Shop name: Virco Computer. Address: Shop T15, Capitol Square, 730-742 George Street, Sydney. NSW 2000

  • I just built mine this week using ebay plus 20% off @ $1,110:
    I5 10400F
    MSI B460M Mortar
    GALAX 2060 Super 8G
    Kingston HyperX 8GX2 2666mHZ
    WD 500G 3D NAND SSD
    CoolerMaster 550W 80PLUS White

    this is a pretty good deal comparing to mine.

    • I'm not an expert but I think it's better to have a Gold or higher PSU based on saving money while running over the course of 2/3 years

    • CoolerMaster 550W 80PLUS White


    • Thank you.

  • +1

    Wow this is a really good deal for someone who doesn't wanna build they're own. Great looking budget PC that can probs easily do ultra 1080p on any game

    • +1

      Can it play on 1440p?

      • +1

        What games?

        What settings? Highest?

        But yeah for quite a lot games it can do 1440p well. This is comparable to a 2060 Super or a 1080

  • very tempted to get this. Whats the 2070 card like?

  • This is real good value. My mate just bought a similar build from Techfast with worse specs for like $50 more. I'm wondering if he can cancel lol…

  • oos :(

  • The rtx 2070 gaming gp deal is oos

  • If anyone wants further reference points, here's my build so far minus GPU.

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $280
    CPU Cooler: Deepcool Gammaxx 400 $39
    Motherboard: MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk $339
    RAM: 32GB Ripjaws 3200mhz $155
    Storage: 1 TB Silicon Power M.2 SSD $107, 500 GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 SSD $109
    PSU: Corsair RM750 750W 80+ Gold $198
    Case: NZXT H510 White $134
    Case Fans: Arctic P12 PWM 120 mm White/Transparent x2 $32
    Total: $1393

    Been shopping since mid-September until Prime day recently.

  • OOS


  • Website is showing base cost is $1300. Not $1260?

    • it's out of stock thats why

    • sorry, MSI 2070 has been sold out. Other options still available

  • MSI RTX 2070 OOS. What is the best next GPU for the best value listed?

  • What upgrades should i select for gaming teenager with a xiaomi wqhd monitor?


    • I'd suggest buying an HDD elsewhere as it's cheaper to. A 2070 Super would probably be the best option for QHD/1440p gaming. A 2060 Super could do on lower setting however.

  • +1

    The 2060 option is now more expensive than the 2070 option :(

  • Read as 3080 :(

    • How? Lol

      • +1

        reading too fast, must've read the RTX and 3600 together

  • +1

    Did it just up the price by $40??🤔

  • Last time I bought a pre-built on ozbargain from a lesser known company… That went poorly for everyone involved (CGB)

    Hopefully you guys know what you're doing, for the sake of people who bought it.

    • +1

      I just read CGB's deal and holy shit what a cluster that is. The PSU is Gold 80+ Rated because it has "Gold" in the name and nothing more, the motherboard with onboard wifi is actually a separate USB dongle, the cases and heaps of other parts have been swapped out for something different.

      Straight up bait and switch. CGB got greedy, kept accepting orders and now are rushing to get stock to fulfill orders. It always happens.

      • -2

        Was it really their fault though? They are based in Melbourne so the COVID-19 restrictions would've heavily impacted them

        • I feel the issue was not disclosing the actual brands of parts used, which would be their fault for not doing so

          • @Ebaygiftcards: From their deal: B450 AM4 Motherboard w/ AC Dual Band WiFi

            I can see where the confusion is, they must've ment B450 AM4 Motherboard with AC Dual Band WIFI DONGLE

        • It was very much their fault.

          Lying to customers, not communicating for over 3 months, false advertising, accusing us of everything from lying to theft.

    • we have been in the business for the last 20 years. Same location - Capitol Sqaure. We know what we are doing, and please feel safe to purchase with us.

  • How long it does to deliver ?

    • -1

      Same day delivery

    • we build the machine on the same day when we received the order. We use TNT courier to deliver.

  • What brand is the 750W 80+ Gold psu?

    • Deepcool DQ750-M-V2L 750W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

  • Great deal! Would love to see some builds with the CoolerMaster NR200/P cases if possible!

  • Do you offer a cheaper graphics card? as I only edit videos, dont need too much for gaming

    • sorry, not for this deal

  • Will you be getting more stock OP?

    • We won't get any more RTX2070 in the near future. Please choose other options if you would like to grab this amazing deal.

      • Doh!!

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