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Telstra Sim Only Mobile Starter Plan $45 P/M, 80GB/Mo (Month-to-Month)


For those of us in Vic, Telstra have a monthly mobile plan @ $45 p/m with 80gb data.
Link to Critical Info sheet: https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/help/critical-in...

Enjoy unlimited standard national calls and texts plus 5G network access (compatible 5G device required). All with no lock-in contract and no excess data charges.

All for use in Aus. Available for existing customers taking up a new mobile service.

Exclusive to Telstra stores in Victoria. Hurry offer ends 26 Oct 2020.

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  • Just in time, with Telstra kicking me off my old school plan via email today. Thanks OP

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      Email breakups are the toughest..!

    • Yes, got an email with all our 4 services at $34.10 30gig unlimited plan (they call it $49 plan) will be $55 for 40gig.
      All use under 10gig so paying an extra $20 per month each ain’t gunna happen.
      Looks like Telstra Telstra misses out on a customer. Time to look around after being a mobile customer since mobile services first started.

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    Includes 5G. Interesting.

    The $45 price point is also odd, last time I read an annual report, they were shooting for an ARPU of $50 or $60.

    Also, not really associated, haven't worked there since last time they got rid of everybody.

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      It's effectively a $20 discount off the current (Siebel) Medium plan - 80GB for $65.

      But as the "Telstra Mobile Starter Plan" is still effectively a trial as part of the move to Console/Salesforce, it's not at feature parity with Siebel yet (hence the discount)

      No Telstra Air, no One Number, no international calls/SMS, no incoming international calls, no eSIM, as an example…

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        They’re moving from Siebel? Thank god, I don’t know if it’s still as bad as it was but I worked for Telstra when they first migrated to it years ago, that system was a nightmare.

        • The move to Salesforce has been planned and touted for a few years haha I remember being in ops and having to work with management to train staff for the multiple point of sales systems.

          Think ordinary customer, legacy business, NBN specific etc

          Honestly such a mess… Big props to the store staff, that said, the commission's made up for it.

          • @Unorthodox: Hopefully Salesforce is a smoother roll-out than Siebel was haha. I got the hang of it quick enough, but I was glad to see the back-end of that.

            Had a few funny phone calls with customer service reps later on when I'd call about an account issue or changing my plan, there'd always end up being something go wrong and I'd ask if it was Siebel being Siebel, they appreciated being able to rant about it to a customer who understood what they were talking about lol.

            Not sure how Telstra-owned stores worked at the time but I worked at a Licensed store at the time and the procedure was that the store bought the phones themselves, then was reimbursed the cost of that phone by Telstra when the order was put through. Some orders could still be done in the old systems, so when they caught wind of that, they wouldn't reimburse you for that phone if the order was done in there instead of Siebel.

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          I worked there up until 2017 and it was horrible.

          I still have nightmares about waiting 30 seconds after clicking on a radio button for the system to respond.

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            @Thundaja: Haha, my biggest gripe was following the instructions for putting an order through exactly, submitting it and seeing it sit on Provisioning status for a few minutes, only for it to change to Error - Provisioning for no reason. Those orders then had to be escalated to Support and processed manually, which took 72 hours, even though the Support staff assured me I did everything correctly; "it's just a bug with Siebel". In the mean time, I cop flack from the customers because I have to break the news to them that it will be a few days before they're changed to their new plan.

            That and the fact I had to keep rolling back updates on the PCs because Siebel only worked in IE 6 and Microsoft keeps pushing out IE 8 automatically haha.

            I understand their original motivation for switching as there used to be a different system for nearly every type of order to process (mobiles, landlines, broadband etc), but everything worked and orders were always processed instantly without any errors.

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              @MitchyD1989: Please, stop talking! You're bringing up nightmares from 2014 for me!

            • @MitchyD1989: In theory this should all be gone with Salesforce (or 'Console' as they're calling it for consumers, enterprise have another Salesforce instance called 'Phoenix').

              Also helps they're scrapping their hundreds (if not thousands) of old plans, and making direct debit mandatory so there's far less ways that things could go wrong…. In theory.. :-)

        • Siebel Systems
          Software company
          Siebel CRM Systems, Inc. was a software company principally engaged in the design, development, marketing, and support of customer relationship management applications—notably Siebel CRM…..
          Founded: 1993, California, United States
          Defunct: 2006
          Headquarters: San Mateo, California, United States
          Successor: Oracle Corporation

          Yep look no further. Oracle

      • No incoming international calls?
        That is interesting.

        • What the….

          How does that even happen. ?

        • +1

          Almost a bonus feature….

        • Thankfully this seems to have been fixed since launch in August - the Mobile Starter Plan has now adopted the same as the other Salesforce 'Upfront Mobile Plans' - I checked yesterday, but should've checked before posting. Oops. :)

          We’ve added more to your plan.
          With your new plan, you can share your data allowance across up to 10 eligible mobile services on your account. We’ve also included 30 minutes of calls each month from Australia to standard international numbers as well as unlimited SMS from Australia to standard international numbers.

  • Hmm, what's the difference between this Mobile Starter Plan and Business Data Plan - Medium (80Gb) for $50/mth ?

    My 24 month $129/mth plan expired today and just 5 minutes ago I signed up for that plan. It's also month to month.

    Only thing I can think of is access to Telstra Air not available with Mobile Starter Plan.

    • They have $50 off their XL plan for 12 months. $65.


    • No One Number (for Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear), no international calls/SMS, even incoming international calls, no eSIM support….

      • Can SMS be received while overseas?

        • There’s no roaming at all currently (new billing system, roaming literally doesn’t exist)

          Should be available ~March 2021

          • @BeauGiles: Fortunately for most no International roaming is currently available for most Australian's.

            Should be available ~March 2021 (to NZ) ((maybe))

      • I have been on this plan 2 months and use a esim. I was already on a esim on my old plan so don't know if that has helped.
        I have had zero issues and haven't had to contact support, i guess if it does play up I may have to stick a sim card into he phone.

      • I was told on the phone that One Number was supported on this plan. Is there anything in writing to confirm this either way?

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    How do you sign up for this plan? In store only?

    • Yes - they can only migrate you to Salesforce/Console in store at the moment, can’t be done online or over the phone.

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        How can this be an offer for Victorian customers then? Aren't stores closed?

        • From my understanding you essentially make a booking/appointment if you’re in Victoria.

          Elsewhere (in every other state), any Telstra owned store (not franchises) can pop you on the Telstra Mobile Starter Plan if eligible

        • Regional Vic stores are all still open.

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          I called up my local store late last week regarding this plan.
          Went to the store, and they said it takes about 10 minutes, so left and did some shopping.

          10 minutes later they called me asking me to comeback with my CC and ID.
          Paid for the groceries, went back to the store, gave them the details, and was all done in about 15 mins tops.

          I came from a $45 month-to-month plan that had lapsed, and wasn't without network or connection at all.
          It was a smooth transition.

          The only thing was the My Telstra App didn't update to the new plan until later that night, so about 6-8 hours later.

          Also, you 'have to' / must setup direct debit with plan; for which I used my Amex, so no dramas there.

          And lastly, when they're processing you on to this plan, you should get pinged an SMS, email and CC notification (at least I did for my Amex), so things were pretty quick, even for a Saturday.

          For those thinking of doing this to get 5G access for their phone, for the future, or for soon to arrive iPhone 12 Pro (like me), i'd suggest you jump on it before the 26th, and before retail hits 'Christmas mode' when Melb re-opens…

          Last thing, sorry for all the typing, this is a month-to-month plan, so no dramas if you wanna port out or change plan up or down after your 1st month is up.

      • Not limited to migrations, port-ins/add news can be done as well

    • Might be able to do this over the phone. Saw this on the plan page - "This plan is only for eligible customers who are offered it, at selected Telstra Stores or through our Contact Centre."

      • Contact centre coming soon

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    Ugh, aren't stores closed because of covid?

  • Is not being able to receive international calls confirmed?

    That could be a problem for some who work with an international company/team.

    • It was the case back in September, I just tried calling myself then from the US and it went through, so it may have changed since.

      In regards to international calls, the functionality is blocked in both directions.

      • I have rang my daughter in Seoul and she has rang me and it has worked, must of changed to allow this function recently.

        • Yep, I think in the last few weeks when the Upfront Mobile Plans were launched- the Starter Mobile Plan seems to have the asme feature :)

          We’ve added more to your plan.
          With your new plan, you can share your data allowance across up to 10 eligible mobile services on your account. We’ve also included 30 minutes of calls each month from Australia to standard international numbers as well as unlimited SMS from Australia to standard international numbers.

  • No Telstra Air. Interesting.

  • I can’t find the link, can anyone send me the link to me, thanks

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    Booo i got an email today that that my $39 plan ($49-10) is now going to be $55 (so $45) but i get an extra 20 gig that i'll never use… sigh time to move on

    • I got the same email , looking elsewhere to port my number. I use like 18gb per month don’t wanna pay extra

      • I barely even use 10… Good while it lasted Hehe

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      Same here, sucks as been on that plan for years and avoided all the port out and port back in to get gift cards just hoping they’d keep the $39 deal going (been on the plan for years)

      • yeh 2 years for me… might chat to them tomorrow and say i'll probably leave if they increase the price… don't care the slightest about data

    • I got the same email, Im currently on thr $49 plan with $10monthly discount with 35gb of data. They are forcing me to go on the $55 plan with $10monthly discount, but with only n extra 5gb (40gb total). I only use about 20gb if I'm lucky. So ill be paying an extra $6 for a n extra 5gb that I'll never use…. time to change teleco

    • Got the same, these plans are way too expensive why don't they have a extra small plan for like 20gb for like $30.

    • That makes 7 of us :) well done Telstra you will certainly be able to meet your target of cutting customer service calls by 2/3 as you will have less customers!

      • Actually there will be a whole bunch more from people like me who will try to keep their plan via chat Hahaha

    • I was forced to do this in Sept.
      Went from $39 60gb to $45 80gb.
      First bill the $20 discount wasn't applied and took ages to sort out. Second bill had send issue.

      The number of messages the number of days taken and the number of different CSR and the number of excuses I had to deal with to get the $20 discount applied, in this new $65 plan, was frustrating and annoying.

      If it wasn't for not having any service as soon as I get out of town I would have switched to any other Telco, unfortunately Telstra it is (or boost)

    • Has anyone successfully stayed on the $39 plan? If not what alternatives were you offered?

      • Haven't had the chance to try today… But if its as messy as what albanyson mentions ill just port out… I honestly dont have the patience to dick around with telstra

        • Honestly, if it wasn't for the phone coverage I need regularly, I would have just cancelled and gone elsewhere.
          Telstra data is so painfully slow probably due to the number of people and limited download available here, I regularly switch to Vodafone for data at home, particularly in evenings and when it's congested. Vodafone data download is super fast, probably because no one else uses it, as there's no coverage outside of town centre, unfortunately.

          As follow up to my previous message, I was charged $65 as no original discount was applied on the forced upgrade, despite being confirmed it would be

          • @albanyson: i was on optus and voda (actually my work mobile is on voda) and optus was just trash for me so i said stuff it i'll pay a bit more and get decent coverage and overall it's been good .. if the pitched the plan to me thats one thing but to change it UP for me.. stuff that lol so far chat as been less than useless.. they keep saying nothing has changed on your account .. i said NO it hasn't BUT IT WILL! hahaha oof

    • Got the same today.
      Was on $39 30GB so an extra 10GB for $6 is not bad but can get similar plans for $40 anyway.
      Also rocking an iphone 11 for the next year + so 5G is not needed yet.

      Who are we all porting to?

  • 80gb 24 month Telstra contract is finishing soon, great timing. Thanks OP!

  • No data sharing… that's a bummer :(

    • It’ll share data with up to 10 other services on the account as soon as they are migrated to the new billing system.

  • +1

    Also available in Canberra - only at Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan and Majura Parks stores.

    • I attempted at Canberra Centre. No luck. The guy said it was invite only and that he'd get it if he could.

      • +1

        Yeah as I said Queanbeyan, Tuggeranong and Majura Parks

        • Yeah I believed you, but thought I'd try my luck. Should have believed you even more :P

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    This is available at all Telstra owned stores AFAIK

    • yep, transferred over to this plan in store, Burwood NSW.
      was on an expired $39 35gb plan, took less than 10 mins to transfer over, too easy

  • Can someone confirm you definitely CAN'T RECEIVE international calls, please?

    • yeah that makes no sense

    • It now does, added in the last few weeks since I last checked. You also get some outgoing calls too.

      We’ve added more to your plan.
      With your new plan, you can share your data allowance across up to 10 eligible mobile services on your account. We’ve also included 30 minutes of calls each month from Australia to standard international numbers as well as unlimited SMS from Australia to standard international numbers.

  • Wonder if these plans still offer the free access to AFL, NRL, My Football live, etc

  • +2

    For VIC where no metro stores are open and unlikely to open before 26/10

    • Some store are opening operating on a appointment based call and collect model only. Call your local to confirm

  • My local store in NSW just confirmed what the CIS states — that it's "invite only".

    Per the CIS:
    "Important information about this plan
    .. This plan is only for eligible customers who are offered it, at selected Telstra Stores or through our Contact Centre."

    That being said, the guy I spoke to said that this plan may be made available to the public next week.

    • +1

      The Starter Mobile Plan will no longer be offered when this 'deal' expires (ie Oct 26), but will instead have 'Upfront Mobile Plans' from Oct 27 - same billing system (Salesforce), but the same 'normal' plans that are on offer today.

    • Its only available at Corporate stores, not franchise.

      Sounds like you walked into a franchise store.

      Click on the link….


      Enter your postcode and if you see "Licensee operated", its franchised. If you don't see this, its corporate and you need to go here.

  • I must be getting old, what do people do with so much data? 80GB/month?
    At home and work I'm on wifi so the only time I need data is on the move. Since I drive I don't use my phone while driving, and if I'm out, I'm talking to people face to face not playing with my phone, which then leaves very little time to consume this data?

    I'm currently on the Telstra Prepaid Max which I got a bargain so am paying the equivalent of $16/month ($200/year) for unlimited calls/SMS and 12.5GB/month. I'd would think that this would suit 80%+ of the population? The only thing missing is roaming, which thanks to Covid I have no use for this year.

    • I never use more than 10gig per month except this month when using the phone as a hotspot so we can watch streamed Tv while camping/travelling.

      Driving, the phone is great for gps, maps, music, podcasts etc. all data.

      • Driving, the phone is great for gps, maps, music, podcasts etc. all data

        Agree, but even with this I'm currently using about 3-5GB/month, so I'd like to think that these large data plans are not necessary for most people? Telstra must know this which is why their smallest plan is 40GB month @$55. If they had a 10GB plan which would suit most users they'd have to sell it for $15/month and it would gut their revenue.

        • Yes, true.

          Like my dad using maybe 50meg a month at the absolute most (just what data the BOM app and weather widget would use, so almost zero data)
          Telstra says he needs to be on the $55 plan!

          Oh, well, maybe they won’t notice me gone but they soon won’t be getting my $400 per month.

  • +1

    Available in NSW/Syd stores?

    • Telstra owned, yes.

      Not franchises from memory.

      • Thanks, might drop in sometime this week.

        • Can confirm its ONLY available at Corporate stores.

  • This plan is only for eligible customers who are offered it, at selected Telstra Stores or through our Contact Centre.
    Despite being advertised on their website.

    • Selected store being Corporate owned, not franchised. There is a store located that has "licensee" to indicate its franchised.

      I wasn't offer but, upgraded my old Telstra plan today.

      I had 2 services but was only allowed to change 1. I walked across to Vodafone, ported across to a $10 plan and walked back to Telstra, created a new account and got the deal.

  • It says you Need to pay via direct debit with credit card, do they charge extra to use a credit card?

    • Not sure. I moved across today.

      There are two options being bank deposit and credit card. I opted for Credit Card and was charged $45 BUT, thats not to say they will ad the surcharge next month.

      I checked, there is no Paypal option.

  • Can confirm this is also available in NSW. Went to the Miranda Telstra store today after being told on the Telstra app chat it was an in store offer today and to head to my nearest store for this offer. Telstra rep checked the availability to my phone number, put it through which worked and now my Telstra app reflects this too. Great offer from my outdated expensive plan.

  • Just added this plan, one of the store reps mentioned there might be changes from 2nd month like we can international calling as well.

  • Can confirm this is offered in the Hurstville store NSW. Took around 10mins to switch over. Upgraded to this plan as they were discontinuing the old BYO plan.

  • Tried to move from my old $50-10 plan today, was told they can only do new numbers. Port ins count as a new number.

    The temptation is to jump to droptus for a month so I can pull some of those sweet, sweet port in bonuses at my leisure.

    • I had 2 Telstra numbers on the same account.

      I was only allowed to change one of the numbers, as I was told only one of these plans per account.

      I ported my other number across to VF for about 20 minutes, before porting back to Telstra under a new account number.

      The downside, I get 2 bills.

      The Telstra rep also told me the offer finished tomorrow.

      • Bah, didn't think of that.

        No porting Sundays either, off memory.

        Oh well, may as well leave it as is.

        • I did read somewhere either here or on Whirlpool that there may be some new offers once this one is finished.

          You never know, it might be a better offer……..

  • +1

    Got this deal through online live chat through the My Telstra App. Said I was in Sydney, they tried to upsell a bundle with NBN. They stated it was a invite only deal but seemed to have made an exception for me.

  • 30min of international calls are included. Im on the plan.

    • Is it to "Selected Counties" or, any country?

      How is it charged? per 30 or 60 second increments?

      • Unknown sorry, the telstra app just states I have 30min international calls.

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