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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Full credit to WanderingEgg.

You do get a bonus $500 gift card rather than a $400 gift card, however it is today only (22/10) and ends tomorrow. Available at all stores nationwide.

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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          • @ChiMot: 10 credit checks?

          • @ChiMot: It's not profit though really unless you cash them. They are worth $450 on the forums, so net profit is more like $450 - $414 so $36 per go.

            So 10 x $36 is more like $360 profit. For quite a few hours and credit checks and waiting….

        • +1

          So it's up to $86 net profit for the effort of signing up and cancelling on the same day.

          It's a JB Hifi gift card, so you have to confident that JB will have something that you want to buy for $500+ and that they'll be willing to sell it to you for the same price as the cheapest online offer that you could find.

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    I signed up for one of the previous deals on October 1 and they only ported me over yesterday. Not impressed.
    Also still have to chase up on my gift card….

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      That sounds about right for Telstra.

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      I had a similar experience. All the support people would tell me was "there's been an error", but not what or how long it would take to fix. After a week and countless messages, I finally talked to someone on the phone and it turns out the guy at JB put the order date as my date of birth, so the port didn't work. Gift card came exactly a week after activation

      • Haha sounds very familiar. I like their new chat system but had to circumvent this stupid chat bot first - basically all it can say is 'too complicated, go away'.

    • I ported through fine but my gift card has been delayed as they keep sending it to the wrong email. During sign up. I clarified I’d like to change my email and the rep put a note on it. 3 times they’ve sent it to the wrong email. Still waiting…

    • Had the same issues online. Quicker instore

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    Not available at Victoria

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    FYI I joined this deal when it was posted on the 2nd of October ¬ From Victoria which has lock down,

    I received a call back on 9th October

    The plan activated on 12th October

    The Telstra Bill was payable on 15th October

    JB Gift card 16th October

    So two weeks all up

    • +1

      Better than mine. I signed up on the 29 September.

      Sim was only posted yesterday and still on the way.

      • +1

        Wow that's ridiculous, hopefully the 5G speed makes up for it!

        • +2

          Yeah, multiple calls between Telstra and JB where they pretty much kept trying to pass the responsibility to each other.

          Just keeping my fingers crossed now that the gift card won't be a hassle too!

          • @RyanMK: Did you get notified when your sim got sent ? I signed up on the 29th as well and still haven't received it.
            Is it worth calling JB ?

            • @tmpst: I got an SMS with the tracking details. Did you receive an email with a PDF detailing your order estimate when you sign up? There's a delivery ETA at the bottom of that PDF.

          • @RyanMK: If it’s SIM card then it’s Telstra responsibility. If GC then definitely JBHIFI’s.

      • +1

        Pretty much my experience.

        If anyone reads this and has similar issues, be careful if Telstra offer to fix it over the chat. They might try to put you on a different (Non-JB Hifi) plan, thereby complicating your gift card process.

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    Following the link, it shows $300 for the 69/month. How do you get $500 for 59/month plan?

    • +2

      It's not advertised, you have to ask for it

    • Call 13 number and ask.

    • Do they have $800 for the $99/m plan?

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    I'm not seeing anything for $59 p/m with $500 or $400 gift card on that link. There's a $49 p/m with a $100 card or $69 p/m with a $300 card. What am I missing here?

    • +2

      Yeah must be instore only perhaps?

      Seems to $69 less $10 credit

    • +2

      Call the 13 number and ask them about $500 gc. They’ll verify it. $69 plan with $10 credit. I did it an hour ago.

      Just be patient on the phone. Eventually they’ll pick up. I was waiting for less than 20 minutes.

    • +1

      It's not advertised anywhere even in store. I walked in store an hour ago asking if I can get the $69 plan. The store staff told me that it's $500 GC and $10 off on the plan just for today. I ported in my number from Optus and took about 20 mins in store and left with $500 GC. Hope it will help.

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    Does this plan include 5G access?

    • +2


  • +1

    how do you do it online? no luck for VIC hey

    • I did it over the phone.

      • For today's deal or the previous ones?

        • Previous, but exactly the same deal.

  • Can I do this deal over the phone?

    • +1

      Comment above says phone is fine.

  • +3

    also can't see this online for some reason

  • I want it with international calls!!

    • Yeah 100%. I signed up for two without realising it not only didn't have it, but I actually can't even add it manually!

      • I'm pretty sure Telstra chat will help you out activate international minutes.

      • I saw one comment in this post who tried talking with telstra and was able to do it. Without the international minutes it can be an issue for me

    • use whatsapp to call India.

  • +1

    The deal is back! Got my gift card but if its like last time it's a bit of hassle

  • +3

    They keep saying this thing is going away and keep bringing it back!

    • It's like Jimmy Barnes

  • I've been thinking about moving to a plan for a while as a telstra pre paid customer, looks like I'd be excluded from this deal tho yeah?

    • Just buy a cheapo sim and port it in.

  • What's the cheapest option to port out to while I wait for another of these deals? And hopefully VIC will be out of lockdown by then.

  • Can anyone please let me know if it is possible to include a International Call Pack to this plan?

    • Based on multiple comments, its not possible

    • I believe you may, just need to pay 10 dollar per month.

    • You can (I did), it's $10/month

      • Thanks.

    • -1

      yes you can at $10 per month. but you will need to get on telstra chat which is not very straight forward

    • ive tried 3 different reps last week and its not possible.

  • So I'm in the process of transferring my account that was being shared into a new one of my name, meaning I'm technically not currently a Telstra customer, but my current phone number IS with Telstra. Can I still do this?

    • You can but you'll have to sign up with a new number or port from another provider

  • Can you cancel the plan and keep the gift voucher? Similar to the S20 FE deal

    • +2

      You'll have to pay the $414 ETC I would think. But yes, you can keep the $500 gift card.

  • Can I do this if I'm with Aldi (using Telstra network)?

  • +2

    🙌 Knew it would pop up again, patience breeds bargains

  • Tried applying for a new number at indooroopilly QLD. They said its only for port-in…

    • Coomera store said new number only get $400 gift card.

  • Hey guys,

    Does anyone know if you need to port in from a competitor’s sim card if you’re an existing customer, or can you simply sign up for a “new” service with a new number and have Telstra sort out moving my current number on to the new plan

    • +1

      Sign up for a new number, then speak to Telstra chat and move your existing number. They did this for me :)

  • +2

    So $500 divided by 12 months is $41.66 a month "discount"

    Then the $59 a month plan minus the $41.66 makes the plan $17.34 a month.

    Pretty nice as long as the JB vouchers are useful to you.

    • That's pretty good

    • if you sell your GC at 10% off in Classifieds it'd make the plan 59-37.5= $21.50/month with acutal credit towards your plan.

      • Unless you actually need 80gb it doesn't make it that great a deal.

        $25 a month on aldi gets your 18gb anyway.

        • Agree. After the 12 months, you are back paying $59 per month for the plan if you intent to stay on it. This is only good for people who use this much data per month, not so much for light users.

        • If 20gb/month is required then a Boost Mobile pre-paid $300 sim for ~$245 also gets you 20gb on Telstra network at $20/month. Lots of options for $1/gb.

          This JB x Telstra deal is $0.26/gb, with no charge (but shaping) for over-usage of data + 5G + 10k Telstra Points (worth a Google Home mini after 12 months) + Telstra live chat support + arguably the best coverage in Australia.

    • Even better if your work reimburses you for your phone bills. Free GC!

  • +2

    To everyone asking, no you can’t do this online. Either call JB national sales 13 number or go instore

  • When taking out this offer with JB HiFi, will this plan be eligible for the Telstra upgrade offer to the XL plan?

    Normally $115/month for 180GB. Upgrade offer is $50 monthly credit for 12 months making it $65/180GB.

    Is JB HiFi plan different to Telstra's SIM only/Mobiles on a plan?

    Lastly, is Aldi mobile eligible for the JB offer? Aldi being on the Telstra network.

    • Yes you can do it from aldi, Woolworths, telechoice & Lyca ECT
      You can't from Boost, belong, Telstra ECT
      It's not the network per se it's the companies that Telstra own

  • Called JB via 13 number. Told they have too many callers and will call me back in the "next couple of days". Was promised that they will honour the deal even if they call me back after tomorrow.

    • +2

      I was told the same thing last time, but never received their call.

    • Be patient. Just wait until they answer your phone. I just did it an hour ago.

  • Anyone know if you can use gift cards on PS5?

    • +1

      Can confirm yes

    • People haven't been able to use them on previous pre-orders but pre-orders are not available anyway. Should be fine once they are released in store and in stock.

    • Yes, a few articles have come out about JB hi-fi intially not honouring gift cards for pre orders and being in breach of ACCC for it. They're accepting gift cards now as a result

  • how difficult would it be to sign up first, then port my existing Telstra number onto it.

    I did this few years back,but vaguely remember it was a nightmare to accomplish.

  • can you add a phone plan to this

    • I tried but have to pay ETC.

  • Can we get esim on this? and is it 5G?

  • +1

    The old one day only sale, till it happens again in a few weeks

  • im on 10 dollars belong plan :(

    • Get a $2 sim from somewhere and activate it, port it over, then later move your current number to the plan as described by a few people upthread.

  • Anyone know if they are still offering the $200 gift card for Telstra NBN connections?

  • They only plan I see linked which comes with a $500 gift card is the $99/month plan?

    • Call the 13 number and ask them about $500 gc. They’ll verify it. $69 plan with $1 credit. I did it an hour ago.

      • You mean $10 credit per month?

  • Price for me works out to be $21.5/m (assuming 10% off GCs)

  • Anyone know if there's a deal on the $99 plan i.e. $10 credit ($89) and an increased gift card?

    • +1

      I asked instore and they said only a $600 gift card

  • -2

    It’s good but there has been better deals. I signed up earlier this year and now pay $55/m (after $10 monthly credit) and got a iPhone XS Max 256gb for $579. It was the best!

    • I bought the Xs for $199 at GG and walked out of the plan without penalty 6 months later with a $100 Telstra cashback.
      They emailed me by mistake the retention promotion and honoured it 🥰

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