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Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD Monitor - S3221QS $543.44 Delivered @ Dell AU


Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD Monitor - S3221QS

Expansive views in stunning 4K: The three-sided ultrathin bezel design in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution lets you enjoy immersive viewing in incredible clarity and fine detail with 4 times the resolution of Full HD. Supports HDR content playback to elevate your entertainment.

Be in the action: The curved 1800R screen expands your field of vision and provides a wrap-around view for an immersive movie experience.

More detailed, stunning color: Vertical Alignment (VA) display technology together with 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3 wider color coverage lets you see rich color, greater depth and a wider range of shades.

Leisure gaming: Smooth, tear-free experience with AMD FreeSync™ technology.

Premium sound: Feel life-like sound, pulsating beats and a bigger cinematic experience with built-in dual 5W speakers professionally-tuned by award-winning Waves MaxxAudio®.

Easy on the eyes: This TÜV-certified monitor has a flicker-free screen with ComfortView, a feature that reduces harmful blue light emissions. It’s designed to optimize eye comfort even over extended viewing – like your next movie marathon.

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  • Not bad not bad

    • Seems like a good ps 5 monitor…

      • You want a monitor that can do 120hz if you want a good gaming monitor.

        Refresh rate > pixel count imo. Most gaming monitors are still at 2K to hit 120hz atm.

        • I really don't think many ps5 games are going to be 120fps

          • @Kyuubi55: dattebayo, you never know? have they released the specs yet?

            • @Gravehaunted: Some PS5 games have begun to detail their frame rate / resolution support, which is a good way of aligning expectations.

              According to Capcom, DMC5 is:
              4k30 with Ray tracing
              1080p60 with Ray tracing
              4k60 with Ray tracing off
              An unspecified resolution “Up to 120” with ray tracing off

              They’re also not going to put a huge amount of effort into 120Hz support when there are so many TVs that only do 60Hz, and entire generations of console gamers used to (predominantly) 30 fps.

            • @Gravehaunted: Does the ps5 even support 1440p native?

            • @Gravehaunted: Games are going to have "performance" modes again just like the PS4 Pro. Some games will still be capped at 30fps in Graphics modes! So yes I'm confident pretty much no game will focus on doing 120fps.

    • uncle roger is that you

  • 60Hz and dp1.2 seems like it's an older generation?

  • so - weird one - how far away are we from usb-c being the norm and GPUs having usb-c on the back?

    its almost a fight between the gaming monitor and the office (docking station) monitor….

    • From my research, it’s the norm if you pay the extra $3-400.

      Which is annoying, but there we are.

    • It's unlikely to become the norm for GPUs. The reason is that with USB-C 3.2 gen 2x2 not gaining momentum and Thunderbolt 3 only appearing at high end, it means monitor makers, especially PC monitor makers won't commit to TB3 bandwidth.

      Furthermore, bear in mind that even with TB3, it needs to operate in alt-mode in order to achieve 4K HDR. But, as soon as you do that, there is very little bandwidth left for data. Pushing the resolution further (i.e. to 5K) means all high speed data bandwidth is taken up, leaving the legacy USB 2.0 data path for data hub on that USB-C port.

      Now, with GPU makers pushing for 8K support, it doesn't make sense to use TB3. That's why nVidia has not included USB-C/TB3 in their RTX 30x0 series. New versions of HDMI and DisplayPort are already using higher bandwidth. USB-C/TB3 simply won't be enough in the long run.

      Dell, so far, has not even implemented full TB3 bandwidth in most, if not all of their USB-C monitors yet (because if they were to do that, they cannot sell the USB-C monitors to PC users without TB3, not to mention not all their laptops have TB3). Be careful when checking the specs of Dell monitors with USB-C port support, the USB-C port could support a lower resolution (or without HDR) than the DisplayPort or HDMI ports on the same monitor.

      If you are not after 4K HDR or better via USB-C, then you might feel USB-C monitors are great. However, as soon as you need 4K HDR or higher, once you really look into it, you start to see the limitation of Thunderbolt 3 (and for Dell monitors USB 3.1 gen 2).

      • My plan is to get a USB-C dock/hub and keep it on the desk with the monitor and keyboard etc plugged in, so I can still just connect the one usb-c cable to the laptop and get effectively the same solution as a USB-C monitor as a hub. I think this should work fine, but can anyone comment with potential issues, or suggestions on how to do it best?

        I currently run three monitors on the desktop which are 1x4k (this one) with DP/HDMI, 1x34 inch WQHD (3440x1440 @60hz) also DP/HDMI I believe, and an old 1920x1080 with HDMI (plus usb for touch screen). I'd probably like to keep those monitors as well as option for using the laptop screen concurrently as I find having the variety of different size monitors genuinely useful for my work.

        • What is your USB-C port type? USB 3.1 gen 2? USB 3.1 gen 1? Thunderbolt 3?

          USB 3.1 gen 1, forget it. USB 3.1 gen 2 with alt mode support: even if you get a hub with 4K support, there is not much bandwidth left (keyboard and mouse should be okay to run on USB 2.0 data path on the USB-C port).

          USB 3.1 gen 2 - 10Gbps full duplex (bi-directional). HDMI 2.0/4K - up to 18Gbps. So, how does USB 3.1 gen 2 achieves HDMI 2.0/4K support - through alt mode by making data goes one way so 10 x 2 = 20Gbps. But once you start doing that, the USB 3 data path cannot carry normal data. That's why you want Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.2 gen 2x2.

          Then, there is the issue of how much you are willing to spend on the dock. Some will only support one 4K without HDR. Some might support one 4K with HDR. El cheapo ones try to trick with 4K/30fps support only. You will feel the data starvation if the dock is USB 3.1 gen 2 only (unless you just want the display + mouse + keyboard and nothing else). TB3 one is better (if implemented correctly), but bandwidth is finite so as soon as some data paths are operating in Alt-mode, you have reduced USB data bandwidth through the dock.

          In short, it is complicated. USB-C isn't as magical as you think. If you have a deep pocket or work is paying for it, you can get a business grade, pro level Thunderbolt 3 dock (some could even take in 2 TB3 ports inbound). Problem is, for most people, with the budget limitation and not understanding this USB-C mess, you could end up with the wrong dock or not realising it is simply a bad idea (if 4K HDR is a must through the dock) if your PC doesn't have the right type of ports.

          • @netsurfer: Thank you

            I haven't purchased the notebook yet, and it's likely to be a new Ryzen .. there's a chance I will wait for next generation and get USB 4 but more than likely will be a 4700u/4800u/4800h. The new tiger lakes aren't suitable for me sadly as I use the grunty CPU that Ryzen offers for programming work, so I can't avail of the intel Thunderbolt options.

            Current gen Ryzens usually support a USB 3.2 gen2 - BUT .. I was not familiar with the x2 part of the spec and I haven't seen that advertised on the specs sheets of notebooks I'm looking at. e.g. this shows USBC gen 2 but doesn't mention x2 - https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/yoga/yoga-s-series/Yoga...

            Are you familiar with any AMD notebooks that have this type of USB-C gen 2 x 2?

            My current thoughts as to a laptop preference are Lenovo slim 7 Pro, maybe Surface Laptop 4 15 depending on it's specs and assuming it should release soon.

            But really my ideal laptop hasn't been released yet but is something like
            - 14-15.6" 2560x1600 screen, thin bezels
            - excellent high quality screen, soft on eyes, touch
            - excellent keyboard ideally like lenovo s740, and at least good mouse
            - 4700u/4800u/4800h/hs
            - TB (or usb-c gen 2x2).
            - 2 pcie hdd slots
            - 2 ram slots (soldered is fine but want dual channel 16G)
            - physical slide for webcam
            - lightweight 1kg ideal and what I've used for my last few laptops, but up to 1.2-1.3 kg would be okay as long as the chassis is firm and non-bendy, and I may have to compromise on more weight to hit the other specs, I've even considered the Asus G14 though I want a webcam.
            - 6-20 hours battery life not 2-3
            - high build quality

            • @bono: USB 4 will add more confusion as there are:
              - USB4 Gen 2×1
              - USB4 Gen 3×1
              - USB4 Gen 2×2
              - USB4 Gen 3×2

              And continue the current USB3 trend, Alt-mode implementation is once again optional. If you throw in Thunderbolt 4 into the mix, then it is even messier.

              So with all that mess, you can see why GPU makers don't want to commit to USB-C/USB4. It is not just the USB port, the GPU or the integrated GPU in the CPU plays a part too.

              Cannot see USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 helping much. Are you even able to find a dock that supports that easily? How about monitors? If the monitor doesn't support Gen 2x2, then it's still USB 3.1/3.2 Gen 2 only.

              If using USB-C to connect to a display is a must for you, for now, just ensure your laptop / PC supports 4K (and preferably HDR). When getting a monitor, ensure it support USB-C/Alt-mode 4K (again, preferably with HDR). Dell do have some monitors where the USB-C/DP through Alt-mode being inferior than the HDMI or DisplayPort on the same monitor. LG tends to do a slightly better job.

              Also, realise power delivery via USB-C from monitor does require more components in the monitor (as it needs to draw more power) and Alt-mode support (USB-C) does require an extra chipset (that not only adds to cost, but can introduce compatibility issues).

              • @netsurfer: Was hoping to plug USB-C from the laptop to a dock, to achieve one cable when sitting down at the office table .. but the dock itself could connect via DP/HDMI etc to the existing monitors that don't have USB-C ..

                I think the point of a USB-C monitor is it acts like a dock integrated into one of the monitors, but you can just as easily use a seperated dock .. or am I missing something?

  • The in depth rtings review is good for a monitor in this spec/price range: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s3221qs

  • Do any of these monitors support virtual split screen without software? (ie. just plug in two inputs and have then side by side)

  • FFS… just when i thought i had pushed this to the back of my mind and resisted the temptation…

    OP, thanks for reigniting the flame…

    This post has just burnt a $543.44 hole in my wallet! haha

    All jokes aside, ordered, thanks OP :)

  • Same price as last deal

  • How much lower do you guys expect this to go on Black Friday?

    • “If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.” Sylvia Plath

    • Not much lower than this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Friday_(shopping)#Violence_and_chaos
      only in 'merica :(

  • is the s3220dgf better?

    • It depends on your need. S3220DGF is a gaming monitor with 2k 144hz, if you play a lot of games DGF is better for you but this one will be better for like watching 4K movie or general use as it will provide sharper image.

      But I think this will make a good combination for a dual screen setup if you already have a S3220DGF, but of course your wallet will hurt lol

    • https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/dell-s3220dgf-v...
      According to rtings it is slightly better overall but its obviously a very use specific decision.

  • for reference, this cpde works a variety of products.

  • How does this play with a 27" flat monitor? Won't the 32 curved just dominate the desk and make it weird??

    • I was worried about this too. I had the S3220DGF and the s2721dgf on back order. I was planning on selling the 32 when I could get a second 27 but they work just fine together for my needs. But if you wanted a seamless sim experience then yeah 2 x curved 32s would be much better.

      • Thanks. It looks like I'll be after another 27" then.

        • The S2721Q is also on sale, with the code it comes down to $371, the 27inch version i think is an ips panel but dont know much else about it… Review wise etc

  • How's the viewing angle on this (VA) compared to other 4K IPS panel?

  • I've been holding out for 90hz 4K usb monitors but time to bite the bullet!

    Thanks .. finally caved and bought this one.

    I've been running a 30" 2560x1600 4ms IPS (igzo panel I think) korean import gaming monitor for maybe 7+ years, for programming work, and it's started occasionally flickering and turning off.

    That korean gaming monitor has been a superb beast of a monitor so far ahead of it's time I couldn't really justify moving up till it's dying .. the panel itself is so incredibly high quality, but wow the bezels are chunky and it has absolutely zero positioning adjustments and requires DVI connection and everything except the panel was basic, but wow what a panel!

    RIP my good friend for 7 years, you will go to the monitor heaven in the sky!

    Sadly I will have to put up with 60hz and get a usb-c dock to drive this for when I get my next laptop to live the one cable dream! Viva la OzBargain ..

    • Is anyone here knowledgeable about how to repair monitors! I have this monitor, and also a cheap Chinese 75" 4K Jaeger Tv and both have failed in a similar way, with intermittent fault starting to happen more often, that kind of seems like some initialisation thing isn't maintaining enough power to keep it going at full scan rate, and the screen weirds out, but works for awhile on restart. On a motherboard I'd think maybe VRMs..

      Does anyone have suggestions for how to repair them cost-effectively? Seems such a waste as the screens still work perfectly when operating, and both are still high quality high resolution and it seems a crying shame to send them to landfill!

      • For the TV, you could try to find a new mainboard and just replace it? It's a very easy to replace these and I'd be surprised if it was more than $100 even for a new one (less if you buy refurbished). Saves you from guessing what the fault could be

        You will also find that multiple brands have the same board, so it should not be too hard to find. I have previously done this for both mainboards and power supply boards that failed

    • You're going to love this monitor! I got one about a month ago. Make sure to download the rting calibration settings here: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s3221qs Once applied, open Dell Display Monitor and select "custom."

      • Thank you I will.

        Hopefully there will be a deal on a cheap calibrator sometime as I have quite a few monitors sitting side by side and it would be great to normalise them to similar calibration!

      • I got the ICC profile, i wonder it only works when your laptop is not duplicating the screen and extending to the screen or does it apply to both screens once its configured

      • I have just received my monitor, but disappointed in this monitor, thinking of returning it.

        Does anyone know of any suggestions for settings that might make it display fuzzy and not sharp?

        Unfortunately the screen seems fuzzy and loses a lot of detail in images which I would expect to see. Text is much fuzzier than the 7 year old monitor its replacing.

        I have been comparing youtube 4k content (in 4k mode) side by side between this monitor and my widescreen which is a samsung se790c (also VA) and this new Dell loses so much detail it's not funny. The samsung is 3440x1440 in 34 inches while this dell is 3840x2080 in 32 inches so the dell should have much higher dpi but in reality the dell just looks fuzzy and loses detail compared to the se790c and also my old korean s-ips monitor it's replacing. Also the colours don't look very good.

        Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot the clarity and sharpness of this monitor? It's a work monitor so I can accept the colour being lacklustre but need crispness!

  • I wonder how many more of these they will sell than they have in stock.

  • xiaomi or this?!!! ahhhhhhhhh
    I only play dota2 everyday, seems xiaomi is too much for that game.

    • How can you play just one game everyday. Doesnt it get boring?

      • its not the question…. but not boring though, just get used to it, there are many mini custom games in dota2 as well.
        sometimes I do PS,PR,AE for fun vlogs too.

      • Competitive life. Just like arcade games, the fun comes from beating other people.

    • I think you'd be better off with 16:9 for moba. It's not like your field of view is going to increase with ultrawide.

      I know SC2 refuses native compatibility with ultrawides just to have a fair play field.

  • Does anyone know the estimated delivery? I recently purchased the S2721Q on here for $331, but was told today it will not arrive until December 23rd due to the monitor being oversold. If this comes significantly earlier I might just upgrade and cancel my previous order.

    • Did you buy that on the sale that happened on October 13th? I bought the S2721Q on that day and initially the estimated arrival date was Nov 23rd. But it was delivered in less that a week. People in Sydney got it delivered even sooner that that. I hope yours get shipped soon.

      • I bought on October 18th, this listing - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572353?page=2#comment-9499...

        Initially was meant to be October 23rd arrival. I called the other day to confirm and was told it won't be the 23rd, but that a batch arrives on the 28th and they will ensure I get one from that batch and will receive it first week of November.

        Today I was told 23rd december, and even after calling they said the same and that there's nothing they can do…..

      • I ordered 2 to be delivered in Vic and 3 to be delivered in SA. Both were delivered Monday this week. Was originally told late November. I'm impressed with the screen so far. Have it at 125%, the default had it at 150%. Worth the wait.

  • Is this VESA compatible?

  • How’s this monitor compared with lg 32uk550? Similar pricing.

  • you guys reckon 2 of these side by side is too much? im kinda concerned with have 2x curved screens next to each other. any experience would be greatly appreciated

  • If anyone has any Dell discount codes PM me.

  • Specs wise this or the Xiaomi 34 wide screen?

    • More important questions is what will it be used for.

      Xiaomi is better on refresh rate but UW means it's wasted when you're using for a console.

  • If this was IPS with 75Hz, it would have been damn good!

  • Pretty good price
    Still happy with my 3220DGF for $600, and 165Gz, G-sync

  • its a great monitor, I only had a 23 inch before so its a huge upgrade with curve and 4k. HDR.

    I waited 5 years for this

  • Great monitor. Got mine for same price as the last deal. Shipping was faster than expected (ordered 13th Oct, got to me 21st).

    Got it for working from home, some photo editing and eventually some flight simming once I upgrade my desktop. Coming from using a laptop screen and a Dell 25" 1440p IPS monitor, now it's just the S3221QS.

    Dell Display Manager is great, I work on a 2x2 grid with 125% scaling, 60cm viewing distance. So I get four windows, each one being bigger than a single 14" laptop screen. 140PPI means text and fine lines are sharp.

    Curve takes some getting used to but it definitely helps with eye fatigue.

    I tried using the rtings colour profile but found it too blue, so I just use the Warm setting for work. Plan to get a calibrator when I see one discounted.

    IPS vs VA: I was hesitant about going to VA, but the IPS glow on my old Dell was just too much, especially watching dark scenes at night. On the VA, blacks are excellent in comparison. As for viewing angles, at 60cm away on centre, I don't detect any gamma or colour shift at the edges. Moving off centre, there is minor brightness/gamma loss at the opposing edge but I think you could run two of these monitors side by side, especially if you increased viewing distance.

    The included stand is sturdy but is far too low. I'm using a quality monitor arm rated for 7kg (Humanscale M2.1), the monitor is 7.4kg but it holds it up no problems.

    Obviously, not the first choice for professional photographers or hard core gamers, but it hits a sweet intersection of price, size, features and quality.

  • Is curved monitor good for coding, day to day office works?

    • Takes 2 weeks to adapt. First week was weird, felt like you are in a theatre with curved proscenium arch.

      It looks good on a 32 inch screen now.

  • “It has HDR support; however, the overall experience is unremarkable due to its low HDR peak brightness.” - Rtings.

    Dang it, got excited for a sec but my wait for a 4K with decent HDR for around 500 continues. :-(

    • Its EXTREMELY bright. Far brighter than my 4yo monitor that sits beside it.

      • But are you referring to the SDR peak brightness or HDR peak brightness?

        Huge difference in ratings in the review at 7.6/10 for SDR PB and a quite lousy 6.4/10 for HDR PB…

  • I have this monitor. Its bright & have no problems.

    One of the reasons I bought it was to get rid of all the speakers I had sitting around. The sound is good and not tinny, comparable to a good tv.

    The stand is stable and there are 2 usb out connections (though you need an inbound connection). USB seems a bit of a letdown as only one of the 2 ports is high powered.

    Cost me over $700 dollars but I needed a monitor. Took 2 weeks to arrive.

    I use it with 2 monitor setup with my old 32 inch monitor. I wanted 4K (to fit in with an existing monitor and tv) and not these weird aspect ratios you see on 34 inch monitors.

    The curve is quite good and takes a few weeks to get used to it.

  • Any feedback on this with console gaming?

  • I'm one of the folks who purchased a S3221QS but am having to wait until mid December to receive it.

    Being used to a 14" laptop screen for so long, either will be a massive upgrade. Is it worth an extra $135 for the slightly bigger curved screen? Primarily will be used for coding with perhaps the odd movie and game thrown in.

    Thanks in advance!

    • 28 December for me, pretty unacceptable considering the ship time said 8 days when I bought it

  • Just report my delievery is very fast than I expected.
    I ordered S3221QS at 22th of Oct and I have received today.

  • Had this monitor for a couple of days.

    First VA monitor in a long time - can tell it is not IPS (viewing angles) but seems like good value for the price - you would have to pay more than double to go IPS at this size/res …

    What concerns me is random hiss and sometimes a coil whine coming through the speakers. Low volume but if you are in a quiet home office will likely drive you crazy. It appears whenever a sound comes through, but if no computer audio after 20-30 seconds goes away again. Currently using DP, but will try HDMI at some point

    Not sure what to do … anyone else with the same issue? Trying to decide whether to swap or return :\


    • I'm returning mine but they're trying to charge me 15% restocking fee. Goodluck to them - I don't mind getting ACCC involved.