AppleCare+ for iPhone 12 Pro $249 (Save $20) @ JB HI-FI


Just noticed JB HiFi sells AppleCare+ for iPhone 12 Pro $20 cheaper than Apple!
Might be a glitch but worked for me.
Had a $500 JB GC and was waiting for JB to stock.

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  • Wow, I guest this is a saving but that's like ~13% of the price of the phone. Never had Applecare, didn't realise it was that expensive.

    • The device is so expensive that you feel compelled to spend 1/2-1/3 of a car insurance just to protect the investment.

      • What if we put an expensive case and screen protector? Wondering which would better option financially, i kept on losing my phone by leaving it somewhere…. Both option doesn't work well for me

        • You don't need an expensive case or screen protector. Just be smart about the inexpensive ones - ensure they have an adequate lip so its not useless in terms of protection when the phone is dropped. But if you tend to lose things then, short of telling you to not be so careless, you might need to spring for a less expensive phone. If you're like me where iOS is key deciding factor, then look to older models like the XR or cheaper ones like the SE.

      • Yeah, spend even more money smh

  • Wasnt applecare usually $99 a year

  • What does apple care cover that the 2 year australian warranty doesnt?

    • Accidental damage but you have to pay incidental fees. Varies if you need screen replacement or whole device replacement.

    • Some people don't want to use protection, and some people like to handle them rough.

      Whatever it is, they deem the $249 worth it.

      Then there are ozbargainers who only go for stuff like this:

      Whichever end of the spectrum people are on, they have their reasons.

  • Nearly freaked for a second thinking it was the iPhone 12 Pro for $249…

  • More like AppleCringe+

  • Apple claims its front glass of iPhone 12 is toughest(Ceramic Shield) in the industry. so is it worth spending for care?

    • I know some people who are the greatest geniuses in accidentally breaking their devices, very worth it for some people.

    • Guess it depends if the user has butter fingers. Personally I take care of my products; I bought my Iphone X without applecare cause I knew i would take care of it.

  • Buy a UAG phone case and a screen protector they are strong enough to protect, save you a lot of money

    • Oh you know nothing of butter fingers
      Like me
      When i took my phone out of the case, it felt like a world of difference and that is the very moment i dropped my phone and cracked my screen…………

      Worse yet i left it on a fast food place…

      • Honestly maybe you should consider buying cheaper phones. I’ve never left mine XS anywhere and it ways has a case on it. I’ve dropped it 6 times.

  • Meh rip off. Just claim any costs on your home and contents insurance which will cover you for damage to your phone in and our of the home. Excess is $100.

    For any other issue, you are covered by ACL.

    • Who is your home and contents insurance with?

      • Most home insurance providers also have "specified personal effects" or "unspecified personal effects" insurance as an optional extra.

        I've noticed that they are tightening up on screen replacements in their PDS's though and are become less generous in that area.

    • You know how insurance premiums and risk factors work…. right?

      You're giving bad advice.

      • "take out additional insurance for an item that is already covered under your portable contents insurance"

        The idea is not to break your phone. But if you do, that's what your insurance is there for.

        Generally speaking, insurers won't raise a a specific customer's risk factor to increase their premiums, it will be across the whole portfolio. So, sure, it will affect others minutely. But, again, that's what your insurance is there for.

    • Plus it will cover a lot of things not just a phone.

    • I thought accidental damage insurance is extra on top of home and contents?

  • We expect phones to be slimmer.. brands innovate abd do that and later we add thick cases and make them a brick 😅😝🤣

    • well, because we as consumers accept that companies call portable devices "premium", even if they can shatter if it falls off your pocket.
      I heard that from a SonyEricsson engineer back in 2002 when I was working in a hotel. His claim has only built up as premium devices went from 200-300 bucks to 2-3k.

  • I don't think you can buy this standalone from third parties.

    • You can from authorised Apple resellers. JB has always sold it at a slight discount from the RRP.

  • Please buy this whoever thinking to buy iPhone 12. The screen repair cost will kill you if you don't have this.

    • disagree, i never bought applecare since iphone 3gs ,(paid $180 to replace 6 plus screen though), it is a money pit for me.
      Get an AMEX explorer CC (more benefits) if you REALLY want screen insurance/protection.

    • +3 votes

      The screen repair cost will kill you if you don't have this.

      Amex say "We’ll reimburse you for the cost of the screen repair up to $500 for two events a year, when you purchase your phone outright or pay your monthly phone bill with an eligible American Express Card1. A 10% excess applies to the claimed amount. Waiting periods may apply."

      Just use your Amex card to either purchase the phone, or pay your monthly bill. Eligible cards are American Express Platinum® Card, Essential® or Explorer® Credit Card.

      From here:

  • <Derogatory comment about Apple Incorporated>

    • +3 votes

      <Smug passive-aggressive retort justifying my decision to purchase an Apple device!>

  • Why would anyone from Ozbargains buy an iPhone 12 in the first place?!?!

    • Why not? You can get a bargain on iPhones.

      • IPhone 12?!

        • Yes, some people find value in things that aren't necessarily cheap on the face of it.

          I mean, you bought a $1,000 OnePlus last month and $600 monitor before that. Why didn't you cheap out and get basic cheaper products instead? Because you saw value in those items, some do on iPhones too.

          Getting those items even cheaper on here is exactly what the site is about.

          • @Hybroid: Damnnn Sherlock you didn't need to go and investigate on my purchase histories. But Oneplus 8 is way better than an iPhone 12 in value.
            I'm sharing my opinion on whats bang for buck and I want people on this site to get better deals if possible.
            I certainly don't understand why people is willing to pay that sort of price for not the most updated tech!

            • @Kliche:

              Oneplus 8 is way better than an iPhone 12 in value.

              To you. Others disagree. To each their own.

            • @Kliche: Cause everyone has different priorities when it comes to purchases, not everyone is going to go off a spec sheet when they make purchases. To me, it's crazy people are paying 500+ for a phone but I respect that.

    • Why would anyone care if someone from Ozbargain buys an iPhone in the first place?!?!

    • +9 votes

      Ozbargain is not about buying the cheapest brand of every product. It is about getting the exact same product for less.

  • Hmmm.. seems to be a lot of divided opinions about whether AppleCare is worth it or not. I didn't realise it was so expensive. Might have to look into it. Although I have never cracked a phone screen and do plan to put it in a decent case.

    • When I bought my Macbook from JB earlier this year I elected to purchase the JB Hi-Fi extended warranty instead. I felt their repair option was much better than what Apple Care offered, and went for a longer term as well. Apple Care's main attraction, IMO, is the access to support.

      • main apple care+ attraction is that you walk into apple store with a smashed/cracked phone/macbook/… and you come out with a replacement.

        • I agree when you have an Apple Store close by that's very useful, but when the nearest one is across Bass Strait it's less attractive. If you're going to send it away anyhow then my preference is to opt for an extended warranty that gives you more coverage for longer. Besides, as has already been pointed out, a quality case and screen protector paired with being careful is far cheaper insurance.

    • In my experience, having applecare across my devices has been instrumental in the effort the genius bar workers make when they help me. For example, when my airpods died (out of warranty) they replaced them even though they didn't have to, or when Ive spilled liquid on my macbooks (its happened 3 times) they have pretended to not find any liquid damage and repair it for free, simply because all my devices were covered. Ive never had a bad experience with apple care, i think its worth every penny!

  • $249 + $45 for screen damage/ + $149 for any other damage.

    Screen protector + decent case is a lot cheaper.

  • Applecare on my sons iphone 11 purchased mid this year was $199. Now it's $269 at apple! - how does their spin team explain that increase and [email protected] on about carbon footprint reductions ha ha (pity I like their stuff though)

  • Better not have your iphone stolen or else you can't get refund on the $249 apple care.

  • Thanks for sharing. Do I really need to purchase Apple Care? NO! I am going to get an iPhone!!

  • Do you have to get this while purchasing a phone? I can’t seem to find an option to get it.

    • No you don't you can buy from your phone in settings later. And if you click cancel it disappears but you can Google (irony) the link to buy it from Apple. There is a time limit (60 days??) to eligibility.

      • Nah I mean the part where I buy it through JB. I figured I might as well use my JB gift card from the Telstra deal.

  • Problem with buying from JB is you can’t refund the AC if you sell it, Apple give you a pro rata refund, also if you pay monthly it will come off iTunes Store credit, 20% off if buy discounted.

  • Beware that you can't get a refund within 30 days like you can if you directly buy from Apple.