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iPhone 12/12 Pro from $1319.99/ $1649.99 (Delivered or In Store) @ Costco (Membership Required)


I don't know if this deal will be well received but I thought I would share it anyway. Prices are $50 less than at Apple for most models (iPhone 12 64GB is $30 less, 12 Pro 512GB is $69 less than Apple). Cheapest way still via 10% off gift cards for union members or AGL for AGL members.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 64GB $1,319.99 (RRP $1,349)
iPhone 12 128GB $1,379.99 (RRP $1,429)
iPhone 12 256GB $1,549.99 (RRP $1,599)

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $1,649.99 (RRP $1,699)
iPhone 12 Pro 256GB $1,819.99 (RRP $1,869)
iPhone 12 Pro 512GB $2,149.99 (RRP $2,219)

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  • Good pricing, but a lot of these models/colours are already out of stock!

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    Can get it cheaper with 5% gift cards to Jbhifi

    • How to get 5% gift cards with Jbhifi

      • Suncorp rewards

        • Oh ok cool

        • Yep, or AGL @10% off gift cards for JB and TGG.
          5% normally with HCF

          • @jasonbw: How are you getting 10% off JB at AGL?

            It's listed as 5%.

          • @jasonbw: Can I use The good guy gift or JB hi 5 gift card (purchase from AGL reward) to purchase iphone on TTG or JB online website? Im planning to buy it online and select delivery. Because cant see any store near Liverpool 2170 NSW has the Iphone 12 pro Blue $1699 in stock. Thanks

        • There is a purchase limit of $1000 per month though.

      • Via TCN Online gift cards https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574599. No membership needed.

    • I was thinking that as well.

  • price match with officworks?

    • +2

      i couldn't get them to price match, they said due to it being a membership deal

  • +3

    I really don’t get the price of memory on smartphones …

    • +5

      It's not memory, it's storage space that changes between the different versions.

      Increased memory would actually improve performance. These huge jumps in price are only to add additional hard drive space which is pretty crazy.

      • +3

        I didn't know there were phones that came with hard drives.
        Would suck to drop one

      • +2

        My bad, I meant storage. I considered ios after being disappointed with android limited support as ios has around 5-6 years updates… but for the price of an iPhone I could probably buy 2 androids that will last me 3 years each.

        • +3

          Not an iPhone user, but with less and less reasons to upgrade phones it would be much better for the environment to have one iPhone for 5-6 years than multiple android phone upgrades.

          Unless self powered phones come out in the next few years..

          • @MrSaveDave: I don't see many people using iPhone 6s nowadays. I do see some 7 and 8. Maybe 3-5 years for iPhone.

      • They expect to sell many, many more of the lower capacity ones, so they’re slightly cheaper to manufacture. It’s not a matter of simply clipping in a new disk for the higher capacity ones.

        Also, people with higher storage requirements tend to really need it, so will pay a slight premium.

  • -3

    but you can buy 7 Android phones for this much…..

    • +3

      A decent one is still in the $1000's though

      • +2

        That is so not true.

      • There are some very competent phones around the $500+ mark. I'm not saying they rival the apple chipset, but fine for normal usage (including moderate gaming). My last 2 phones were less than 500 and both respectable with large high res displays and everything I need and a lot I don't.

    • There will always be more competitive alternative for every product if you are willing to make compromise.

  • +1

    Anyone know if theres stock in store today?

  • Anyone knows if purhcasing using giftcards, can you claim income tax if the phone is used for work?

    • +1

      My guess is just give the final (e.g. from an Apple Store) receipt to your tax accountant and that’s it?

    • +1

      You'll get a tax invoice for the full amount paid with the purchase and that's what you'll be claiming with come tax time.

  • Any discount on Black Friday for iPhone 12?

    • +1

      It's already available for 10% off via discounted gift cards (if you have access).
      It is highly unlikely that iPhone 12 will be discounted this year as it has been recently launched and demand will be greater than supply.

      • Maybe wait next year to see if mobilcity offer 10% off on their anniversary and hopefully flights begin for TRS.

      • Which gift cards are giving you 10%?

        I've only seen 5% so far.

    • You need to buy a crystal ball first.

  • +1

    I asked in another post whether anybody has seen the "full" version of the iPhone 12 cheap, rather than the Australian version that is missing the mm-wave 5G hardware?
    (I am assuming the one in this post will also be the Australian "cut-down" version, unless anyone who has investigated this at Coscto can confirm otherwise)

    • It's only in sale in the US since it's tuned for the mmWave frequencies they use.

      • Correct. mmWave is still far away in Australia. By the time major telco has done it, it is like another 2-3 years away. If you wanna upgrade this year, do it. Battery, screen and all other bits get better in 2-3 years time. When mmWave is finally ready in Aus, then upgrade again.

      • +1

        The USA, the EU (Italy & Finland), Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the UK and Taiwan are using or will be using those frequencies in the near future. Australia also looks likely to do so in the not too distant future (it is already in limited use in private scenarios).
        One of the reasons people suggest buying an iPhone is the many years of updates available, and the fact it won't become outdated too quickly.
        It seems crazy to buy a phone that will lack the ability to connect to existing technologies overseas and near future technology that will be available in Australia (possibly as early as late 2021 or early 2022).
        The cynic in me thinks Apple is hoping people in Australia will adopt your suggestion of spending more money and buying a new phone to gain features that should have been there in the first place.

        • I don't have an iPhone anyway. Samsung did the same thing with mmWave in their current flagships although that was designed a year ago.

        • +4

          The USA iPhone 12 only supports the n260 (39 GHz) and n261 (28 GHz) mmWave frequency bands.

          When 5G mmWave launches in Australia, it'll be using the n258 (26 GHz) band which the current iPhone 12 US model won't support.

          If you're planning to spend any time in the US then it might be worth getting the USA model, otherwise there's not much advantage over the global model that will be shipping here in terms of future-proofing or otherwise. It looks like the US mmWave bands are not going to be used in any other countries.

          See https://www.finder.com.au/import-iphone-12-from-usa for a list of bands the US model supports in addition to the global/AU model

          See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_5G_NR_networks for current and planned mmWave deployments in different countries.

  • +2

    Wanting to get the Pro Max.

    Preorder direct from Apple or wait for Costco (due to their warranty)?

    • Same for me but the mini, At 1100, I know will be able to get it for 1k or 700-800 on a plan.

  • +21

    Knowing me, I will go into the store, get this to save $50, but then spend $300 on Salmon, Some American Soda and Portuguese Tarts.

    • +4

      Plus another 300 on a personal trainer

    • well lucky for you, salmon and portugese tarts are both on special now.
      2 out of 3 ain't bad.

  • Would it be better to buy with a price protection card from Costco or another retailer? Does anyone know if Costco iPhone prices drop a lot after release

    • Too bad 28degree stopped doing price protection :(

      • +1

        I still got the grandfathered coles one so counting myself lucky
        What a shame about 28degree

      • Since when?

        • I meant for new customers, people can’t subscribe to it anymore unfortunately

          • @Bubbleshark: Ok thanks for the update. I have 28 degrees and that offers price protection.

    • Costco has it’s own price protection. Unlimited refund policy. Simply refund the phone, and then go buy it again 6 months later lol

      • +1

        Think they've amended it to 90 days

      • +1

        Not any more joshtammi, they have a return policy that applies for all purchases of specific product categories on or after 31 Aug 2020.

        Certain Electronic goods (purchased on or after [August 31st 2020])
        For electronic goods, Costco Wholesale’s return policy for change of mind only applies for 90 days from the date the member receives the following goods: televisions, projectors, major household appliances (including refrigerators, freezers, rangehoods, cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, washers and dryers), computers, touchscreen tablets, smart watches, cameras, aerial cameras (including drones) security cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, cellular phones and portable air conditioners.

      • Costco told me a while back that the refund policy has changed from that now.

        • Wow thanks guys!

          That’s big news, I didn’t know that at all :(

          Big change for sure.

    • Nope! price protection excludes costco. I tried 2 weeks ago via Coles Platium Mastercard grandfathered in.

      • Thanks for the heads up mate

        • I had success matching Officeworks to Costco with the grandfathered 28 Degrees Mastercard Price Protection, for the iPhone 12 Pro 128GB.

  • So cheap

  • -2

    Isn’t this much better deal


    • +1

      but who want's a plan these days

  • I heard about paying with iTunes gift cards in USA, Mayne it will come here? Then it would be interesting to get those sweet 15% discounted xards

    • did you mean apple store gift cards? they are both very different items…

      • Apple discontinued the iTunes gift cards and merged them to an 'Everything Apple' card in the US. All existing US iTunes gift cards can be used to purchase Apple products and devices. This was in late July

  • I saw Kogan is doing cheap as well.

  • Will the Apple store price match Kogan and/or Costco?

    • +1

      Nope, never

    • +2

      You can buy 10 and it still won't be anywhere near good as iPhone 12 😂

    • +2

      My $400 Mi9T agrees. You can get a lot of phone for <$500, I'm not sure what the iPhone could do 3x as well other than fortnite /cod mobile.
      5G is still a gimmick in Aus, I don't see the point of being an early adopt or for spotty coverage the ISP's can tank with a poor backend network.

  • Have Costco started stocking the new iPad?

  • How do you charge it?

    • By plug in to a charger…Which iPhone doesn't come with.lol

      • +3

        It comes with lighting to usb c instead. People dont have USB c bricks if they're upgrading from IPhone. So much for reducing environmental waste

        • +3

          You plug it in to your 3k Mac book buddy… Come on..save the environment!!!

          • @scud70: This definitely applies to my friend who bought MacBook just for final semester of uni, to run matlab

  • +1

    got an email saying Optus will price match

    • What’s the process to price match at Optus?

  • Does anyone know if when buying off the JB website, it lets you use multiple gift vouchers/cards on the 1 transaction?

  • Apple fan boys now need to buy charger as well;)

  • All iPhone 12 Pros are OOS now

  • Went to jbhifi Mt Ommaney this afternoon, looking for a iPhone 12 64gb or 128gb, checked with 2 staff there.
    The first guy said usually the do not price match Costco, and the best price he could do is the RRP. So I went to look at the new MacBook Air, another guy came to me. I asked could he price match Costco, he said the same thing but he can give me a bit discount. And he offered 64gb for $1320, which is the same as Costco, 128gb for $1490, $10 bucks more.
    I took the 128gb one, used 29 Him/Her cards to pay for it, very happy with the result.

    • +1

      That’s great. I gave up the chase for him and her cards and just bought from Costco today. 128g for $1380. Wish I could say I got my hands on those cards but happy with the phone at least.

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