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MSI GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8 GB GAMING X Video Card $539 Shipped @ AZ eShop via Amazon AU


First time posting!

This is the RTX 2060 Super MSI Gaming X, its the cheapest I've seen so I just thought it would be worth posting. I know that prices for gpu are questionable right now but, for anyone like myself really looking to buy a cheap 2060 super 8gb this is a great deal for this model.
Other than that I would recommend others to wait out the 3000 series to restock or wait for AMD new rx 6000 series


Cheapest prices was previously $619.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    You can get a 2070 super for this price in the last 2 weeks,


    waiting for another sales and hopefully we can see the 2070 super go below 500 (maybe Black Friday)

    • But RGB…


      • +2

        RGB = Real Good Bargain?

        • Agreed. For most people, RGB is kind of a gimmick as I think most will only care when they first turn it on, but never again.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574078

    Thats really worth the extra $51 in my opinion.

    Still reasonable at 1440p and able to handle raytracing on low on almost all titles and remain above 60fps.

    2060 super has a hard time above 1080p at all.

  • Probably not the time to be buying a 2060 when 2070 prices have been falling

  • +9

    There have been several occasions where 2070 Super were sold at 599 or lower.

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572620 13/10/2020
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/571886 11/10/2020
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/571737 10/10/2020

    Also consider ASUS RTX 2070 Super Turbo which is $599 with Free Shipping, from PC Byte

    For people who want to play on the Red Team there's a $540 Radeon 5700XT being sold at CCPU computers (NSW, Carlingford) or $549 from Mwave (NSW, Lidcombe)

    The RX 5700XT is 9% faster on average than the 2060 Super and it also comes with 2 free games you can redeem from AMD.

    • Will add the 2070 Super is ~12% faster. Yeah sorry this 2060 Super is not a deal.

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      Cobra Kai!

  • +1

    A+ for effort. Welcome to ozbargain.

  • +2

    This should be the 2070 Super price for this card.

    3070 performance was leaked, and it's about on par, or even slighly faster in gaming than 2080 Ti.

  • There's better prices with the incoming 3070. It's basically a ~$900 2080ti, so the 2060 super should be ~$450

  • Bold post, and brave man (gender assumed). It's a good entry level GPU cooling and noise wise for sure, but know the timing is tough and there's more power for dollar in past deals . I haven't seen this for less, so far, so still appreciate posting thanks op

  • +3

    You just opened a can of whoop ass

  • Sorry OP but this is hardly a bargain

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      If we haven't seen this cheaper if say it is a good price if someone was after one, and MSI is quality where you usually see galax cards on sale. The 2070 super be worth a time extra if it's minimal.

      PS 2060s goes fine on 1440p, kills it on 1080p for any game

  • Any sales on 8 track tapes?

  • +3

    6 weeks ago the pitchforks would’ve been out and you would’ve had 10 negs by now.

    Not a great deal tbh, this is entry level 2070 super price, with more premium cards previously sold for $60-$100 more.

    1 week until RDNA2 and the 3070. No chance I’d recommend buying this.

  • +1

    got a this 2060 during eBay flash sale for $367 with free shipping.

    • That’s a bargain :)

    • Super?

      • Ah, didn't notice that.
        No. It was a super.

        • I got confused with your reply haha. Super or not? lol

          • @Dienk: Still don't know if it is or not either.
            Would be a non-super for that price

  • yeah not a good deal

  • Well, yeah but this is a really bad time at the moment for GPU's the stockists are all hanging on to their pre 30XX prices for dear life, so there are very few true bargains out there. Add to that the supply and re-stocking issues, and that only makes things worse. I suspect most people are holding off at the moment until the market improves.

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