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Free Delivery When You Spend $50 or More @ Coles


Coles is offering free delivery for your next online order when you spend $50 or more. This offer is valid until 11:59pm October 25th. Simply enter the promo code FREEDELIVERY at the checkout to receive the discount. Not sure if this offer is just for VIC. Thanks 8urt0 and nawalo for confirming :)

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  • Is this Victoria only or Australia wide?
    The bottom of the ad has a code VIC so could be just Victoria

  • Thanks op used the most expensive delivery at $18 and it was still free. Stacked the final week of my $80 spend for 10000 points as well and 7000 points for buying $20 of health and beauty. I love how coles online let you buy alcohol (limited range) so perfect for stacking flybuys offers.

    • But can't use gift cards online ..and won't apply the points for weeks / or never at all unless you call up.

      • I paid using my card. I more mean for gaining points not spending them. I didn't have alot to buy this week so this is perfect as it let me buy alcohol to reach my spend.

        • Cool to know, cheers. Be interesting to see if they pay out your 'stacked points'. I got spend $60 get 2000 (activated) and also 3000pts with $100 delivery spend. Not activate option, just an offer. Take a screenshot, as they will deny these existed.

          Has been a week, got nothing. Rang up for similar before after 4 weeks of nothing and they then applied them …but said they can only do these amendments once per year… Wtf?? "We can only deliver whats advertised once.."

          • @tunzafun001: Ugh had the same problem with them, purchased flight tickets through flybuys with advertised bonus points - however points were never applied

    • 7k for $20 a week for 4 weeks?

      (Think mine was 5k for $10 x4)

  • Confirming works in the ACT, thanks OP

  • Tried Coles a few times during COVID and they don't deliver half the stuff including some basics like milk and eggs as they never to seem to have stock. This just defeats the whole purpose of ordering online if I have to go to the supermarket anyway to pick up milk. Now I just stick with Woolies. Very rarerly Woolies won't deliver something and on most cases they deliver a substitute if the one ordered wasn't in stock.

    • I'd say it's area dependent. I prefer woollies as well but i've had equally poor luck with them in terms of out of stock items. Quite annoying.

    • Agreed. In a very rare case will Coles deliver all the items I order. Things are better now but dating few months back, it was a disaster. Most OOS essential items I was looking for they didn’t even try to substitute. For real??? All I need was some milk to drink regardless the brand. Sometimes they ended up delivering many garbage things i bought just to qualify the free shipping. But regardless, $50 free shipping is great, as I don’t buy that many things weekly

      • Same. Tried both Coles and Woolworths delivery. Both were pretty hopeless. Missing items. Cancelled items, Incorrect quantity. Ordered 1 x box of apples and got 1 apple instead. Monster size vegetables as well eg huge carrots and broccoli stems, not substituting for other brands where possible and unable to talk to someone about incorrect order. Just not worth it. Especially right now when people need to use them the most .

        I think they also try to get rid of the shorter dated items to home delivery.

        • It really is a question of luck. I’ve had milk that was passing the best before date in less than a week, but sometimes it had as many as two weeks before I need to throw it out. Same happened with meat and fruits etc. But fun fact, they hired many new employees lately, and sometimes I get extra items that I didn’t order such as 2x3L milk and a bag of peanuts and cashews. :D

        • +3 votes

          But you need to remember a few months back was when we had panic buying to the extreme. Shelfs were stripped to the bare minimum, which would explain why most of your items in your order are OOS

          • @Roystar4life: Hey, Roystar…. can you pass feedback to your team that the biggest improvement Coles can do to their online shopping is to allow people to redeem flybuy points and gift card similar to Woolworths. thanks

      • Sometimes OS can work to your benefit. I do a lot of the spend xx for xx points deals that give between 10% - 25% off. When items are OS and you do not meet the required spend you need to call them and have the points manually credited. I have done this many times and it is done without question and pretty quickly in my experience. The bonus is that the percentage off is than higher than had the full amount been spent. Of course this can be a problem if you need the item urgently.

      • They did this to me too, but i have dietary requirements and they substituted lactose free milk with normal milk. So from then on i just completely turned off the substitution option and a few other things that didnt make any sense - like normal toothpaste with charcoal one, like they were just going with anything else they had. Did they really completely run out of normal non-charcoal toothpaste?

    • Coles: Always delivers everything i order
      Woolies: Am yet to get an order with everything… always something OOS

      • Luckily, so far I did not have your experience. I only started using Woolworths delivery a few months ago - my expectations weren't very high, to begin with, and was expecting some items to be OOS, or substituted.

        So far, thank goodness, I have been pleasantly surprised. One time, they were out-of-stock 2L UHT milk but substituted with 1L of another brand. They sent me a survey to see if this was an appropriate substitute, which for me it was. Another time, the whole veggie was substituted with 2 half-ones (still OK).

        I knew I was taking a bit of a gamble to gauge how often they run out. I only wanted certain varieties for things like Tim Tams. So if substitution were to happen, the outcome may not be that desirable. Fortunately, where it comes to the pantry items and dry stuff, they don't seem to run out that often. Maybe meat/veggies are more likely to do so.

        I wonder if the experience is not mainly due to the specific store/distribution centre that is involved.

    • Yes agreed. I ordered 3 x Luv A Duck this week and they have none in stock when deliver.

    • I'm a life long Coles shopper, had a lot of issues with delivery but I figured it was just the nature of low paid packers. But a few months back my delivery was dropped at the door, they didn't knock, it was missing over 50% of the order and I was billed for it anyway. Tried calling them, automated message to SMS my query in. SMS response said to call in. Website has a limit on how many items you can list as missing (I had like 30).

      Eventually went through their twitter account (where it took 3 attempts for them to turn their DMs on) to get someone to action it. They credited (not refunded) the missing items, no apologies, no refund of delivery costs. They said to get the items I wanted just order again, which I pointed out I had to pay for delivery again and wait a few days. No response.

      Switched to Woolworths, zero problems ever since. Never had an item I paid for but wasn't delivered (which was a regular with Coles) and better substitution. Seem to have their shit together.

      • I agree that generally Woolworths are more organised and have better systems than Coles but I had exactly the same experience with them at a drive thru pick up. This was one of first online orders and silly me I trusted that everything was being put in the car. Well all the refrigerated things were not there, most likely just left behind in the fridge. Spoke to them on their chat and could only get the same answer as yours. Had to place another order and drive 10 min each way to get milk, butter, eggs etc.

        • I have the same experience with Woolworths during click&collect, even before COVID. They keep the fridge items separate from the rest. So, a couple of times, the store person forgot to fetch the fridge stuff.

  • damn that could've beeen useful 2 days ago.

  • If you put in the extra comments section "no plastic bags, just put them in as box" Woolies will do it.

    Coles will still just put every 3 items into a bag and charge you for them (well ours does anyway).

    Boxes are so much easier, plonk em on the counter check your order, fold and place em in the recycle bin.

    • My coles online delivery always comes in boxes when i leave a similar comment.

      I think you are right it comes down to which store is doing the picking of your order.

      • Thanks for this, i will add this comment next time, thought it wasnt an option if you nominate drop off at door unattended.

    • Cardboard box hould be a tick box that is on by default.

    • Will Woolies do it during these covid times?

      They also charge $1 for reusable bags each time. And the delivery uses way too many bags.
      I was hoping for things in bulk, like UHT milk, pasta, biscuits, they would just give them in their original box packaging. But instead, several items are put into a plastic bag each.

      Also, can you avoid this plastic bag charge by requesting boxes? Thanks.

      • I have via click and collect. No idea about delivery. If we all write it in the extra notes box, they will get the hint

      • At least when you do driveway pickup Woolworths gives you the option to use your own bags unlike Coles.

        • So they load everything into your own bags which you leave in the boot? Is that how it works?

          • @bluesky: No they pack it into new bags for which they charge you. I do understand this as its because of Covid. At Woolies they leave the trolley and you can pack your own bags. Coles also allowed this in between the 1st and 2nd wave.

  • good deal but too bad can't use coles gift cards

    • or even their own points off shopping.

      • ya mate

      • Correct me if I am wrong. They won't take Flybuy points (2000 for $10) and they also won't take Flybuy $ either. Is that right? Thanks.

        • Yes, when you shop online you cannot use either method of using your own points to pay or the Coles GC. Woolworths enables you do do both. With Target you can use the points and Coles Myer Group GC and Target GC. I would think they could use the Target technology for Coles as they are the same company or just fix it. Many people, especially in VIC are exclusively shopping online but it seems like Coles is not interested in enabling us to save money.

          • @Yola: Thanks for the confirmation and info. Good to know as no doubt, I will start to try Coles online if/when there is a good offer.

            • @bluesky: For some reason I get a lot more offers for Coles than Woolies. I really would prefer it the other way for the above reasons.

              • @Yola: Same for me, the offers are in FB points. But if FB points can't be used to redeem $, it is a bit of a disincentive to use coles online.

  • None or our two Coles on town offer a delivery.

  • Not worth it. They give you the almost expired bread. Delivery driver complains cannot find address. Bad service!

  • isnt it similar with ebay plus with 10% off

  • Thanks OP, stocked up on half-price Ristorante Pizza

  • thanks gunna try coles delivery as free delivery makes it worth a try…do hate that you have to have bags tho on a leave it grrr

  • Where's your 4c fuel discount with online delivery?

  • Just got my order…sheesh paid for 5 plastic bags when 3 of them had 1 small item in it. rip off