Crucial P1 500GB SSD $70.25 Delivered @ Amazon AU or $70 Shipped @ Harris Technology Amazon


$70 from Harris Technology through Amazon AU:
Not many left though, so I think if you don't mind the $0.25 please buy from Amazon AU to prolong the deal duration.

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  • 3 left?

    • There is no limit from Amazon. I think people should buy from Amazon AU because once the harris's stock is sold out, the price will go up.

  • 500 is too small for a drive that depends on psedo SLC cache.

    • +1 vote

      500gb is fine for OS and programs. i have a 1tb m.2 just for games and a nas for all my other bs. depends on your setup of course.

      • You didn't get annarchon, Crucial P1 is a QLC drive, it stores 4 bit per storage cell, which make it not very robust at all. Crucial used SLC emulation to prolong its lifespan. Basically the drive will only store on 1 bit per cell, to make the storage cell's state clearer, until it's filled with one bit per cell, and it would get slow down hugely once it start to utilize the rest of the bit cells.

        if you don't get how more bit per cell will worsen the performance and robustness, think it this way:

        a SLC(1bit/cell) will have 2 state: 0/1
        MLC(2bit/cell) states: 00/01/10/11
        TLC(3bit/cell) states: 000/001/010/011/100/101/110/111
        QLC:total of 16 states.

        the controller need to make sure which 1 out of the 16 state the QLC cell was in…

        • TLDR, you shouldn't buy this drive unless you know what you doing/what this SSD really is.

  • How are these for a kids gaming pc for Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft? Or worth the extra for the P2?

  • Better to spend the extra $11 on this one

    Not a bad price though to chuck in a kids pc/spare pc/elderly person pc.

  • Harris Technology? Arent they the HNs of the IT world?

  • $80.34???

  • This is crap, pay more for a faster drive. I can’t believe how bad the P1 is in a desktop.