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Google Pixel 5 $899.10 Delivered @ Google Store


Google local Guides has a save 10% code to apply to the google pixel 5 on the Google store. Check your emails. The email shows 0% but in checkout it's actually 10% off.

[Code Request/Giveaway Megathread] Google Pixel 5 for $899.10 Delivered @ Google Store (10% off Code)

If you want/have a spare code, please do so there.

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  • +9

    0 off Pixel 5?

  • +2

    yeah LOL the email is bugged, but it is 10% off

  • +3

    got the email, but I think they forgot to proof read it first…
    "As a thank you for being a Local Guide, we’re giving you a special reward: 0 off Pixel 5."
    $99.10 comes off when you add to the cart though

    • +7

      They forgot to send me one - im a local guide, have bought pixel phones before and buy google nest stuff - I feel dissapoint

  • +1

    Is pixel 4a 5g good buy?

    • If you don't care about specs and just want a phone that is very good at taking photos.

      • +4

        I think the camera and processor is same on both. Pixel 4a has headphone jack pixel 5 has higher refresh rate? Am i right?

        • The screen is smaller and battery is larger on 5 if you care about battery life.

          • @John Doh: Pretty minimal differences in the slightly smaller battery and slightly larger screen size of the 4a 5g

            I'd say it's more if u want a metal phone and water proofing.

        • +11

          Pixel 5 has waterproofing, wireless charging, improved materials, 8GB RAM (vs. 6) to name a few.

          • @swimmingtoad: And 90hz screen (something I want in my next phone)

            • +2

              @hen dawg: For your competitive farmville? I doubt most of the assets in phone games are even animated at 30fps.

        • To add on, the 4a 5g has the same processor as the 5 but less ram and battery. But then it has a 60hz screen vs the 90hz, so battery life may even out

      • Lol many phones are good at taking photos

    • +1

      better value than the pixel 5, thats for sure.

  • +4

    Is it a particular level (or above) that is getting this?

    • +7

      Level 7 and didn't get anything :(

      • Me too :(

    • +5

      I'm L5 and got it.

      • I'm a level 5, and I didn't get one. Weird…

        • Level 5 here and didnt get one, havent submitted one in ages though as I dont leave the house!

          Edit: I did get the community email, its in there 0 off and everything

    • Level 6 and got it. Although have no use for it. :)

      • -1

        L7 and got it, not gonna buy it either :)

        • can i have your code please?!?

      • It has been given away now.

  • +7

    Before ordering Pixel 5, just take a look at the "gap" issue reported here: https://support.google.com/pixelphone/thread/77741994?hl=en

    • That's a problem for waterproofing, especially in hot humid and sometimes wet climate we are expecting this summer/autumn. Contact surfaces not flush and dust collecting in the gap that attracts moisture that then evaporates - some into the casing, no doubt.

      • Exactly. I returned mine and picked up a 4a instead. Might look into Pixel 5 in a couple of months, assuming Google can get its shit together re quality control.

        • Was looking at the 4a for my girlfriend who does one handed but also read on that thread somewhere peole saying all the Pixels have something wrong with them. Not something to rush into, this phone buying business.

    • +4

      Mine has zero gap.

      • Same here. I would've been pretty annoyed if it had though. Been a great phone so far.

    • +2

      I was adamant in buying one because of this. However, i did go to jbhifi and had a look at display unit which didn't have it. I did end up purchasing one and mine doesn't have it either.

      • +1

        Good to hear. The 'gap' issue could be isolated to a particular batch. Later arrivals might be fine; hence, my reason for waiting a bit before re-purchasing. At the moment, 4a is performing better than i expected. So, who knows, might keep this till pixel 6 ;)

        • +1

          My girlfriend gave me one, as soon as I opened I noticed the gap (haven't read anything about it before). Went back to JB and exchanged for a new one. Bingo! the second one also had a Gap! gave up on Pixel for now. I was waiting for a good pixel since pixel 1 and when they finally got the design right, quality issues hit them.

    • No gap here (using it since 16/10).

  • What level local guide are you?

    • +2

      LVL 7 here and no email for me :-(

      • Level 6 here and no email.

        • Level 8, no email

    • LVL 5 and got this email

      • Level 5 and nothing

  • +2

    I'm level 6 and received this email. I also got the P5 on release day, so will jump on chat to see if they can just credit me the diff.

    • Same but ordered it from JB Hifi, ah well

    • +1

      Was there a code to apply at checkout or something linked to your Google account that auto applied when purchasing?

      • +3

        Was auto applied at the check out screen

        • Okay thanks for confirming!

  • +1

    any faced this issue - about a gap between the phone's display and body

  • can you stack to get 10% credit from google one?

    • according to T&C, yes, but credit comes from final cart amount

  • +1

    Works out to $179.82 each

  • +2

    Level 5 and got no email, but did get the monthly email - Local Guides community spotlight: October edition
    So I am guessing the emails are still being sent out in batches

    • +2

      It's literally in that email, keep scrolling through it.

      • I got Local Guides community spotlight: October edition 3 days ago. Looking through it now. Definitely not there.

        • Same, not in mine either (Local Guides community spotlight: October edition), assuming it might be in a separate E-mail sent in batches.


      • oh yea mines in that email. Im L5

    • Same. Level 5 and it's not in the email 😥

      I would be very grateful for a code if anyone has a spare

  • Level 5 didn't get it

  • +1

    I'm level 5, and got the email.

  • Got the email, but the discount doesnt apply.

  • +1

    Level 5 did get it

  • lol i got it and it was 0 off … made me laugh .. i didnt bother going through to checkout though.

  • L3 nothing!

  • If anyone is not going to use their code, would be great if you are able to share via PM. Can share back Unidays and other GC deals or just for the sake of Ozbargainer kindness :D
    I am Level 5 but did not get it

    • There is no code. Gotta click redeem and checkout with the same account.

      • The code is embedded in the URL, same for previous Google One Nest Mini offers I am guessing.

  • I'm L6 and no email

  • Didn't get an email as well. Any good Samaritans want to share their code? lol

    • +6

      If you can't get one.. Spend another $100 and get it outright with Telstra and get a free Google Nest Hub Max

      • +2

        another option is also pay $12.50 for 2TB google one credit for a month and get 10% of the purchase back in google store credit

        personally i'm just waiting for black friday.

        • You have to get 2TB for the credit? Why not 100gb?

          • +3

            @uder: 100 GB = 0%
            200 GB = 3%
            2 TB and above = 10%

      • Plus another $55min for a month of network access to get the redeem code.

  • will jbhifi be doing the usual deal plan byo with telstra and this phone?

    • What's the usual deal?

      You can buy their BYO plan and get some credit depending ($100 credit for $49/month. $300 credit on $79/month etc) on what plan you sign up to if that's what you mean.

  • i got the pixel 4 xl from the vodafone deal for $7something and i see no reason to upgrade, good price though if are in the market for a new phone

    • Same, pixel 3 XL still going great I got for $750 from Google, then claimed shoppers protect when HN were clearing them out for $588.

      Still a good phone don't always need the best and spending extra, attend to skip a model or wait till it gets replaced on the warranty to the new model if it stuffs up like it did refer Nexus 6.

      Ps Had no idea about this Local Guide program but signed up and already a level 2

  • +6

    Not sure if $900 is worth it at the moment. Pixel phones have been terrible at holding their value post launch.

    • Wait for the $750 on fb marketplace in a couple months.

      "Still new, used once and decided to get new iphone 12 instead."

      No idea where these people get their money from but they're out there…

      • I'd imagine the price would be $650 new in a few months.

        • +3

          That too. Gonna be a bargain at that price tbh, will probably replace my OnePlus5 if it gets that cheap.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser220804: Agreed. I think it looks a pretty fantastic phone. Unfortunately though, it seems like most pixels, it hasn't quite hit the mark to be the price that it is (and they go on sale like crazy). At $650 it would be a great buy.

            • +2

              @exc3113nce: For mine for $600, nothing else close at that price.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser220804: im also on one plus 5 and waiting for that price drop for black friday

  • Got it as well, was confused at the email…

  • Level 6. Nothing.

  • Telstra deal gives you the Hub Max , of you sell it for anything over 100 you'll save more :)

    • Do you get the Hub Max if you buy outright?

      • +2

        Most of us ordered it on a Telstra plan and then cancel it as soon as the coupon code is received. When you cancel the plan you only have to pay the minimum first month cost and then pay off the device cost. There's no contract on the plans as Telstra has gone to a month to month model.

        I got the Hub Max and sold it for $250.

  • +7

    Tempting, pixel software is much better than Samsung's

    • damn right, camera specs are nothing compared to google camera (gcam) quality as well.

  • Im L4 and got the email!

  • +1

    highly recommend to check the phone in person when you get a chance. Screen size is quite small if you are used to larger phones. The small bezel is really nice especially when you are watching videos.

    cam wise- I have watched quite a few videos and deep diving into comparisons, I think other phones have caught up to Pixel, I would say the gap is extremely minimal.

  • With S20 FE 5G constantly getting $900 deals and some major brands' new phones reportedly to be released early, I hope Pixel 5 would be <850 and 4a 5G for <$700 in sales event before new year

  • That e-mail felt a bit rude, then I went and chucked it in the checkout just to see if there was actually a discount. I bet I get harassed by Google now, thinking I actaully want a Pixel 5. Perfectly happy with my Pixel 4..

  • +1

    Is there any rhyme or reason as to who get's this email?

    • +1

      I suspect they have a way to determine how likely each user is to purchase a Pixel and those who are less likely to do so get the discount.

      I'm level 7 and have previously purchased the Pixel 1 and Pixel 3 and received nothing, so they probably think I'll buy one without the discount anyway.

  • +3

    I've got a link I won't be using if someone wants it! Message me :)

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