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Coles AA & AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (4 Pack) $4.90 @ Coles


It's Ozbargain - who doesn't love rechargeable batteries?

These seem to be on clearance at an all-time low price. Here are the previous deals:



Four packs of 800mAh AAA, or 2200 mAh AA. It may be sacrilege around here, but Choice rated them higher than Eneloops:


Some commented they leak, though others say they're fine (check previous comments for info).

Normally $7-$8 (I'm see conflicting listings). My guess is these are being officially cleared, as they aren't on the Coles national website anymore:




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    I think these electric batteries are on special, because under ScoMo's "Gas is Go!" energy plan, there will surely be new batteries powered by liquid natural gas. ;-)

    NOTE: the gas-powered batteries will NOT be rechargeable.

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      The nuclear batteries are more expensive, but they will last your whole lifetime.

    • -1

      Any rep, WHY discontinued? :/

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    I had a quick look because of your last post, I bought one of each. Plenty of stock at Gungahlin. The guy at the checkout even noted that they were cheap for rechargeables.

    • Maybe. But I've noticed (more with WW) that staff comment on your purchases. eg. You buy something and they say they've been meaning to try it and ask what it tastes like. Or you get something marked down and they ask how many were left on the shelf. It suddenly started happening a couple/few years ago so it made me think they're been told to do it.

  • Thanks these seem to get cheaper every week.

  • Got some

  • Have barely used the sets I bought at the last special. >_<

    I have enough rechargeables … so I keep telling myself :P

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      Kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it… Rechargeable batteries should mean not having to buy so many extra batteries

    • +3

      If you are planning to have kids or have more kids then get more batteries for their toys

      • +3

        Same goes for wives

        • +9

          Nobody wants to hear about your battery-powered wives.

  • has anyone seen any in WA stores, dint c any batteries in my local store.

    • Spotted in South Perth.

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      Have them in Perth Coles CBD store but $7. Said CBD stores have own pricing and cant match.

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        Did it scan at 7 dollars or was it the price tag?

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          Price tag was $7 and the customer service woman scanned it as well and was $7

    • None in Carousel.

      • Thanks. I am after some extra packs at this price so will go to some other stores south of the river within the next week and report back here.

    • I got the last pack of AAs from Gateway in Cockburn. Got a pack of AAAs aswell, there was 2 packets left

  • I bought a few sets a while back, after about two years or so they stopped accepting a charge. Still worth it at this price though.

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      Try a different charger…. Happened to mine and this did the trick

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        there's also a refresh function if you have a smart charger

        • -4


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            @capslock janitor: I have the La Crossse BC700, which was the darling of ozbargain once upon a time

            Part of the reason I got it was because it has some more advanced features, including the refresh function, though I don't generally use it. If a battery is suffering premature evacuation I run it through the capacity tester, which repeatedly charges and discharges it until it gets a stable power reading.

            Basically the same thing as the refresh function, but you get a mAh figure at the end.

            • @outlander: super interesting thanks for info

            • @outlander: Still using my BC700 from 2014. I've recharged my eneloops many times over with it, and the refresh function is excellent.

              If you depend on rechargeables lasting anywhere their 500-plus charge cycles, then you owe it to yourself to get a good smart charger.

  • +19

    I bought a few packs of AA and AAAs on the last deal and put a few of them through a break-in cycle on my Maha MH-C9000 analyzer.

    If anyone's interested, I posted my capacity test results in the previous thread, but based on my testing, I think these are great value at $4.90.

    • +1

      Awesome. Thanks for the insight.

    • Hmm, they had a 'best before' date?

      • Yeah they did, though to be honest I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean really. I've only ever seen expiry dates on primary cells, never on any other rechargeables.

        • They don't taste anywhere near as good if you lick them after the best before date. Oh wait, does that only apply to the 9V ones..

    • I did a AS comparison test today in my Lii-500 with a Coles, Aldi (old better chrome top ones), LADDA, and purple Japan eneloop.

      Coles: 2265mAh
      Aldi: 1859mAh
      LADDA: 2380mAh
      eneloop: 1848mAh

      Capacity wise they stack up but I haven't used them enough to know things like longevity or self-discharge. I do know the eneloops seem to either have more grunt or higher starting voltage, as there is a soap dispenser that takes 4x AAs, but will only seem to work with eneloops!

      Obviously nothing fancy or scientific but there's an indicator of things.

  • Nice, may grab some AA's, finding eneloop pros' and a good charger got too hard for now. Likewise Ikea is a fair drive :). Still got various older batteries and a charger to use a bit more often as well (and determine their quality after years). cheers,

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    Thx OP

    Anyone tried these using the Ikea KVARTS charger and did they charge ok? Thx

  • +1

    Where are the deals on the chargers :p
    Though there was one in Amazon during prime day that sold out too fast for me to get one..

  • Are these rubbish compared with Eneloops?

    • +5

      Are Eneloops overpriced compared to these?

    • +4

      I've got quite a few of these, standard (non-pro) eneloops and ikea LADDA.
      The LADDA seem to give a bit of extra life in higher drain devices (eg a GPi case), but TBH they're not that far apart and all are far from rubbish.
      If you use AA/AAA batteries then they're well worth $5 for a 4pack

  • +1

    Does anyone know if these would work with the Eneloop chargers? Or would they be a fire hazard or something?

    Such as this one: https://www.amazon.com.au/Panasonic-K-KJ55MCC4TA-Ni-MH-Batte...

    Or this one: https://www.amazon.com.au/Panasonic-Ni-MH-Batteries-16hr-Cha...

    Am thinking of picking up one of those chargers but reducing the average cost by getting some of these cheap batteries.

    • They'll charge fine in any of the panasonic eneloop chargers, I've been using one of the older Panasonic BQ-CC16 "Smart & Quick' chargers for years with various NiMH brands including these.

      • I wouldn't Mind a Smart and quick with The 4 standard batteries Next time goin cheap. Just got a Chinese charger but think it does the trick well, these batteries are cheap enough anyway wouldn't matter. I've seen that pack go for less than $45 in the past after a search.

        Btw how do you know if old rechargeable still hold charge or not for any amount of time? Don't have a tester etc but would be almost 10y old

        • Unless you have a 'fancier' charger that can cycle them (includes discharging function) you'd have to try to charge them and then drain them in a device a few times.
          If they're very old (and too low a voltage) then the charger may not want to charge them at all.

          At 10 years old are they even LSD (Low Self Discharge) NiHM? The older cells self discharge quite quickly just sitting around waiting to be used which for many including myself greatly reduces their usefulness, so replacing with newer ones may be worth it even if they do work.

          • @CountDuckula: Hi, thanks for the reply.
            Just checked my old rechargeable batteries - eNiTIME min. 2000mAh (AAs), 750mAh (AAAs) - made in china but tech from Japan apparently. 'Sunshine' charger Output 1.4V (AA: 1050mAx2, AAA 525mAx2) seems to be a pretty fast charger, slower if charge 4 not 2.

            Think i'll try some in the xbox one wireless controller before opening all of these new ones.
            I got 4x AAA Eneloop pros on the amazon sale, the AAs were gone but didn't need that many. Still wouldn't mind a better charger to look after those sometime don't know if the cheapie would ruin them but charged them up once (not used yet).
            Also got a few old Energizer 'Industrials'. charger flashes error after a while so one or the other is knackered. Anyway which model fast(ish) smart charger would you recommend (prime / ebay plus ok)?

            Edit: I think the charger was pretty decent noticed a discharge light when i put one in that must have been full.


          • +2

            @CountDuckula: LSD Eneloops were first made 2005. The first ones I purchased at least 14 years ago are still going strong.

            • @Faulty P xel: Lucky, I have a number of Eneloops from the 2010s that have died.

    • +2

      all nimh charge the same, those chargers are junk though. Invest in a liitokala or nitecore charger. Maha if you got the funds. Your batteries will last longer.

  • +1

    Woohoo .. 70 cents cheaper than the last deal. Very useful for toys / noise cancelling headphones.

  • Are eneloops going up on value now that they are harder to get hold of at a bargain price? :P

    I use these for kids toys so if they get the bin by the wife then the eneloops dont have to cop the abuse also. Work fine.

  • Nice post with the detailed information.
    Great stuff OP

  • Thanks got 3 and there were 6 more left at my local

  • What are these like compared to the aldi rechargeable batteries?

  • The pack has a best before date of may 2023. Will it work after?

    • +1

      Best before not use by. Just pick out the mouldy bits and she'll be right

      • yeah it's not milk
        turns out those shitty energizer industrials are alkalines, oops. The generic charger is great still has smart and fast printed on it funnily enough, which i just noticed.

  • Thanks OP snagged a couple at Australia Fair, plenty in stock.

    They were advertised at $5.60 but scanned at $4.90

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed two at my local Coles before they closed tonight! As per others, plenty of stock.

    • i could not find at my 2 locals, not even a tag. will hunt some other coleses dis weeke

  • Two issues with these Coles ones.
    1. They seem physically bigger than other brands, so it's a squeeze to get in some devices, and one time battery started to smoke like crazy as a result.
    2. They often discharge so much that my charger will not see them and charge them. What you need to do is give them a little bit of charge and then they come back to life.

    Here's the two ways I do it:

    1. Short together your bad battery with a good battery. +ve to +ve and -ve to -ve just for a few seconds (search "aa battery not charging fix" for a good video)

    2. Get a battery charging in your charger, and then quickly swap it for the dud one, it should start charing the dud as it still thinks the other is in there. I usually give it a minute, then take it out and put the dud battery back in to start the proper charing cycle.

    • charger, and then quickly swap it for the dud one, it s

      how did you deceive the charger :o arent they smarter than that

      • Don't know it just seems to work. But that's why I remove it and start cycle again, just in case.

        I use a Opus BT - C3100 that was recommended on here.

    • hmm they seem very slightly bigger/heavier that an alkaline i compared it to.
      Still fits in the xbox controller.
      Worth returning the unopened ones, does this only apply to AA or AAA too?

      • I've only noticed with the AA, could be same with AAA, I'm unsure.
        Yeh the AA work in most things, I think it was a Kmart RC car that it really struggled to fit and caused the issue. They can need a screwdriver to get out again.

        • so worth keeping the second unopened AAs or return and get Laddas?
          Seem ok for the price as long as they don't make the battery covers lose etc

          • @G-rig: Up to you mate, they still do work okay. Just Depends on device.

            • @samson: Yeah got them now, seem great for the price

  • +1

    Does anyone know good useful recharger?

    • +1

      Check out Liito Kaala. That's what I use - works well and wasn't too expensive. Comes up on Ozb deals occasionally.

      • Had bad experience with this charger. Stopped working after overheating like crazy.

  • +2

    About 12pks of AA and AAA each, on shelf at this price in Coles South Lake WA.
    Used these for at least 2yrs in my Nikon speed lights alongside Ikea's popular rechargeables, no discernible difference in performance ☺

  • Thanks, bought 3 packs each of AA & AAA. Plenty of stock at Coles Cannon Hill yesterday.

  • so the Liito Kaala is the OZb pick of chargers? i just bought a bunch of batteries. a few left at coles canberra centre

  • coles christies beach Adelaide has a few

  • There were two packs of AAA left in Mandurah after I bought one this evening.

  • They marked the remaining stock to $1.75

  • Bought 2 packs of these Coles AA.
    Just reporting my experience, one of the batteries leaked from the positive button while on charge… White crust/powder.
    Only noticed when the charger was flashing.
    1 bad battery out of 8 and also find the Coles batteries don't last as long as my 10yr black eneloops or aldi AA in an LED candle I use everyday.
    I have over 70 aldi AA rechargeables (kids toys) some 8yrs old and never has any of them leaked. I've also tortured an aldi AA in full hot summer sun for 2 years in a solar panel powering fairy LEDs, the battery skin is crinkled but it never leaked.
    Very hit and miss these Coles, back to aldi I go.

    • Ive used these for quite a while, and they also had a pretty good review with choice magazine. I hope these were not marked down due to being a bad batch. If they don't work, its not a deal and would still seek a refund.

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