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Western Digital WD 240GB Green $36.28 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


Was looking for a small SSD drive for an expansion USB-C hub that fits an SSD I have for a Mac Mini.
Figured this would do the trick at $36.28

Previously price was $35 on 01/09 as per last post - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/562801
Seems reasonable I suppose!

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  • That's a good price. They ones on ebay sell for the same price at half the capacity.

  • Which mac mini is it? Can this help me avoid this 20 step upgrade? https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Mac+mini+Late+2012+Hard+Drive+R...

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      Yep I did exactly this - purchased the tools and screwdrivers mentioned and all.
      I put in a 480gb SSD into it… it’s actually pretty straight forward when you get going with the process, the only bit I mucked up on is that I broke the LED light indicator when I put it al back together. All in all it made a huge difference to speed and performance… would recommend it!

      I brought this 240gb drive for a product I’m sampling which looks like this:

    • Don't bother with that. Slap it it an enclosure and boot off the drive. It feels just as quick as an internal drive. The only downside with my 2014 Mac mini is it doesn't like to boot off an external drive. The trick is to hold down the power button until you can see the SSD has started to load and then let go of the power button.

      • I've heard of holding the Option button but not the power button, not sure this would work with the 2012 model.
        I'm also running it headless, and using Windows (bootcamp), so don't know that this would work for me.

    • haha. its not that hard though. I did this for my 2011 mac mini to add in 2nd drive and ssd raid them (back when it was supported).

  • Good for an enclosure drive too.

  • Man, I paid like double this during the start of COVID. Installed on in my sons 2012 MacBook Pro. Sweet upgrade for a very usable laptop despite it's age.

  • Or $39.55 with free delivery if you don't have Prime.

  • the ssd's from wd green started feeling cheap and slow lately i feel like im going to move to the crucial side on ssd choses probably the reason why it goes down on price a lot more than the others and for people who sees cheap options on ebay be aware of different brand which looks the same but different brand dont get scammed :)

    • WD Green is a budget SSD, of course performance is on the low end. Get the WD Blue for a better quality one.
      Also Crucial's budget SSD, the BX500, is pretty much on par with WD Green.

      • you say that but i feel a difference between the two because i build all the time and i usually use crucial bx kingston or wd green crucial feels faster than both

  • any recommendations on cheap enclosures for this?

    • Keen an eye out on the ORICO 2139U3 enclosures that are on sale quite frequently around here as they're really good. I've used generic ones for $5 from AliExpress before and they lost data the moment you pulled them without doing a safe eject. The ORICO has capacitors which prevents that.

      This deal only just expired sadly.

      • +1 Orico. Have 3 of them and they all work fine. Transparent case might get scratched up a little depending how you treat it but they seem solid.

  • Gone up in price now. $39