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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers) @JB Hi-Fi (in-Store/Over Phone Only)


Another round of this popular deal. Confirmed available in all stores nationwide.

Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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          I'm having this same problem and stuck in a void, Telstra won't help and jb can't do anything

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      Interesting - wonder if it's Telstra or whoever you are porting to. I grabbed a Kogan sim and started the port out process last night and it was done from start to finish within an hour and that was like 8pm Brisbane time.

      Stuck new sim in phone. Did activation stuff. Put old sim back in to receive the confirmation code, plugged that in and then old sim went offline and new sim went online within the hour, I was very impressed.

      Unfortunately I was doing that in anticipation of a deal like this so I might have to wait for the next one or try my luck at multiple JB stores…

      • I was porting from Optus to Telstra. I have successfully ported a few hours ago. The actual port was seamless in the end. My issue was with Telstra's customer care. When the original port failed, I struggled to get help to fix it for 3 days. I called Telstra, tweeted them and texted them (via app), it was a ghost town. Thank to mouski, i finally got in touch with a real human today who was able to fix the issue in 30min.

  • For everyone currently on Telstra, as I am right now, why are you porting out and porting back in when you can merge the numbers via Telstra chat? I personally have not done this but wanted to know if there were any drawbacks.

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      Definitely keen to find out for sure too. Have read of others doing this but definitely don't want to get stuck with 2 services.

    • can you elaborate on this please?

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        In previous JB mobile deal threads, people have been able to sign up as a new service added to existing telstra account (with new phone number). This qualifies for the deal as it's port-in and new services. Once service is set up, get on live chat to telstra and ask to have the contract shifted to your existing phone number, then cancel the new number (now contract free) that you just got set up for. IIRC there's some specific terminology to throw at them detailed somewhere, as some reps aren't very useful.

        I'm about 5 days past end of contract, knowing we're about due for a deal I was avoiding porting (as it would make the above even messier) unless there was no deal to be had, then I'd just port out and wait out my 30 days in aldi quarantine.

        Edit - last time I saw it - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568934?page=1#comment-9365...

    • Based on my discussions with them, there's a delay where what they need to do is cancel your old number (the one you want to keep), and then move this over to the new plan. So you'll be without your old number for 24-48 hours was the timeframe estimate they gave me.

      Also, dealing with Telstra chat at the moment is incredibly slow and there are a bunch of people handling your query which leads to mistakes (though these mistakes are sometimes in your favour as well).

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      Did this last week took less than an hour to transfer the number, just have to work a little to explain yourself clearly. I did so because i was out of contract if you are still under contract or something it will probably be more difficult/take longer.

      Heads up I've been finding Telstra chat less than useful recently lots of confusion from the operators and a couple of hours to respond to messages. Be prepped for a wait.

      • Have you seen any issues arise out of it? I had a friend once who was receiving two bills for a while and having to keep calling back.

      • can you explain this a little more? what did you do?

        i have been trying for hours to make them understand and its not working.. they keep saying 'JB Hi-Fi has different system we can't do it'.

        Very frustrating…

    • This deal clearly says Port In Only in the title?

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        You can activate a $2 sim from another provider (not belong or boost) and then port that number

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    Sorry, hang on a minute, isn't the total cost, only $720 ? Then you get $500 in JB Credit back? Seriously?

    What's the catch here? My phone plan is about to expire!

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      As someone who did it late last year, there's no catch.

      • No I mean I literally can't see the $500 Gift cards for an only $59 plan on the site.

        • Most of these JB phone deals are in-store only. Sometimes in catalogues but can't see it in the latest one. Just ask in store.

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            @mattman: I'm in Victoria, I don't even know if we still have stores- plus the OP linked to a URL, hence my confusion.

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              @hamwhisperer: Lack of online info for these is definitely annoying, check JB site for store hours. I'd be surprised if they aren't open now it's allowed again.

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              I don't even know if we still have stores


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      Isn't the "catch" simply this:

      a) most people use nowhere near that amount of data. Customers who use much less than 80gb "think" they are getting a good deal.
      b) you need to remember that the $500 credit is actually cash that has come out of your bank and gone into JB hi-fi accounts.

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        Ok fair enough instead of comparing $59/mth for 80GB we should be using ($59x12mths=$708-$500card=$208)/12 = $17.33/mth for 80GB

        What deals are better than $17.33/mth exactly?

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          None, if you use say upwards of 20 or 30gb per month!!!

          but I use between 10 and 15 per month…the last ABS survey showed 9gb per month was the average in Australia.

          I wouldn't want to be paying $208 per annum when I only use 10 or 15gbs per month. $135 per annum seems a much better bargain….

          AND you are treating the $500 gift card as cash in your back pocket, when it is not… it is cash in JB Hifi's accounts!!

          • @clandestino:

            $135 per annum seems a much better bargain…

            Where do you get $135?

            • @kcbworth: the recent Boost deals were discounted to that, I'm pretty sure!!

              • @clandestino: Not really apples for apples, at a minimum this would be 5g and accumulate Telstra plus points, have better QoS, and I assume lots of other little gotchas on boost.

                But worth considering I agree

                A far cry from your earlier assertion that this deal doesn't make much sense though

                • @kcbworth: I don't think I said that it doesn't make much sense. There are instances where it does make good sense.

                  For example, lets say that you know with certainty that you're going to spend $500 on something at JB-Hifi in the next 12 months.

                  AND - you use upwards of 20 or 30gb data each month.

                  AND - you have a 5G phone, live in the right area and just really want to try out 5G… Then for you, this would be a great deal!!!

                  I'm just trying to point out that (in my opinion) this isn't actually a great deal for the majority of people. However…. this has been marketed very cleverly by the people at Telstra and JB!!!!

          • @clandestino: well $500 is really cash in your back pocket if there is something you are saving up for already or expecting to purchase in the coming years. theres always a kitchen appliance, TV, Console, or Tech around the corner.

            Previously i was using about 8-9gb/month on Optus but they included unmetered Music streaming of which i used most of my 9-5 daily in the office to drown out the lazy bastards complaining about their lives. I'd say i would've used 1-1.5gb worth of unmetered music each day assuming its like ~3mb/min, and then half hour for Netflix over lunch.

      • This is very true. I just ported out to Kogan. Looking at their plans I could probably get by on the $14 or $20 a month plan with the amount of data I use. So although a $59 contract isn't too expensive it's also potentially $39-$45 a month more than I need - which is $468-540 more over a 12 month period. It has made me re-think the whole thing BUT Kogan is also Vodaphone which is not as good of a network as Telstra. Need to see if other cheaper companies use Telstra's network…..

    • Telstra gets your $59 every month, you can't buy groceries with the $500 gift card, so end up buying something from jb hifi which you wouldn't have bought if you didn't have a gift card lying around. You end up spending $1220 in total. Cheers!

      • it's a waste only if you would never get a single electronic your entire life. I'd just keep the gift card and use it when I actually want to buy something.

    • Give them a call on 135244 and you'll see. I'm in VIC too and I just signed up over the phone. It's real!! LOL

    • 12*59= 708.
      No catch. But you can get 500 in JB credit as GC for $450 in classifieds.
      So, you are actually paying 258 for 80 GB per month on Telstra. Pretty sweet deal.

      Those who don't need so much data are good with Boost/ Belong.

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    I'm only seeing the $500 on the $99/month 150GB plan.

    • Same here, that's $1200 - 500 = $688 out of pocket?

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        Must be because it's available in all stores as mentioned in the op. Not online.

        • -3

          I don't understand? It's in store only? I don't see it when I click the link?

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            @hamwhisperer: they usually dont share 500$ post on their page. Call your nearest store and then you will hear about it :)

          • @hamwhisperer: Yups so walk into jb hifi store and you'll see the deal. So you won't see it anywhere in the wild web

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    Great deal if you can make use of the gift card. Comes to $17.33/Month with 80Gb a month.

    To those people who are thinking of ETC($414) and gain $86. This is literally buying a $500 gift card with 17.2% discount and ruining your credit score.

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      It gets better than $17.33/month if you use your phone for work therefore tax deduction is on the full $59/month ;)

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        Or if work pays your whole phone bill 😁

      • 🤣

    • This thing hurts credit?

      • Buying to cancel does.

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          There's no difference between buying to use and buying to cancel. It's one credit check.

          • @dazweeja: How do you obtain a credit report for Telcos? It doesn't show on my normal credit report

  • Ugh - lazy tax hits me again. I did the $49/40Gb with a $200 voucher a couple of years ago, and every time one of these comes up I have to consider whether I can be stuffed porting out - especially if I have to do it 30 days beforehand.
    Maybe I'll just port out and sit on Amaysim until the next one comes up.

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      you can get a $2 sim and port that number across. go on Telstra chat and get your existing number to that plan. this way avoids the 30day rule

      • So if I'm with Boost, I need 2 new sims minimum? One non-TLS to sign up as its port in only and another one to transfer my Boost number to TLS to put it in the plan?

        • No you need only only one other sim non TLS

  • 5G signals included?

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    • I got the same plan around June, and I get 5G access now (despite it "supposed" to have expired), so it should do.

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    Ported out on 17th, SO MANY DEALS hitting while I'm sitting here in abject impatience and regret (of not doing it sooner)!!! The agony!!!

    • ALEX

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      99% sure if you go in store and just say "yep this number is not with Telstra" it will get ported across for this deal no worries at all

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    Not sure I really understand the benefits of this deal?

    If you keep the plan: it's only really a good deal if you will use the 80gb per month. (You could potentially sell your JB voucher to recoup $450 cash….. But if you only use a smaller amount of data each month, other plans are probably cheaper).

    If you cancel the plan: you get a jb voucher that you could potentially sell for $450. Again the amount that you would benefit, seems to be only $35.. hardly worth it.

    So this deal is good for people who (a) use up to 80gb per month data, or (b) have already made a decision to buy something from JB to the value of $500.

    Am I missing something?!

    • I was thinking of going on to new plans and also buying handsets outright. Also in progress of moving back to Australia and so don't have any fixed internet services yet, so still doing the sums but appears to be a worth it (i.e. $18.30 per month for the plan assuming we use the $500 vouchers towards phone).

    • +1

      It's a cheap plan.

      Even at ~$450 value for the voucher it's $21.50/mo for 80Gb on Telstra 5G network. You might get some low-gb 4G reseller plan for a dollar or two less a month, but nothing of remotely equal value. If you can use the JB voucher, even better (personally looking at throwing it at a Pixel 5, even better if they match the google 10% off on that too..)

      • +2

        is it real value though, or perceived value?! For some people yes it is real… but I'd guess that 95% of users won't get anywhere near full value from 5G/ 80gb..

        • +1

          Sure, but a lot of people are paying more than $21.50 even on month-to-month plans too…

          • +2

            @mattman: That's right… if you're currently paying, say, $25 per month, then you're saving $3.50 per month. Even better, if you genuinely were planning to spend $500 at JB, you'd be saving $8 per month, which is a decent amount!!!

            However my point is really that if you're currently spending $25 per month, but your data usage suggests that you could get by comfortably on e.g. a $180 12month plan… then this deal is really a false economy.

            • +1

              @clandestino: 12 month plans have catches too :) Does not allow for takeup of deals like this.

              Definitely, horses for courses, won't be good for everyone. But definitely good for many. Hence the insane amount of comments on this post already :)

    • Yes exactly. Not every deal is good for everyone.

    • What does your plan cost per month?

      • I'm about to go onto a $10 for 90 days deal, whilst I look for a 12month deal for (hopefully) $130 or thereabouts. Anything that provides 150gb or so, over 12months, should be fine.

        Currently I'm paying $40 per month from an optus contract (S8 purchase outright, 24gb per month and Optus Sport)… I thought that was a good value deal because I was planning to get an S8, and I was definitely going to be paying $15 per month for Optus Sport.

    • I called my local jb and they had no knowledge of the $500 promotion.

      They referred me to the $300 gift card with the $59 plan had been increased to $400 instead ( as mentioned on the promotion website )

      I'm going to try to ring other stores and confirm the details

    • or c): someone who doesn't give a crap about 80gb data but nevertheless able to claim it(company allowance etc) beneftis from the JB vouche.

    • I’m assuming you can’t use the gift card to put your phone plan in credit. You’d have to sell it for say $450 then then load into the account?

      • Correct. Can't use gift card to pay account.

  • Can anyone in brisbane confirm that they got the port in before 30 days, recently ??

  • So I'm waiting for the iPhone 12 Max to be released, and will look for one of these deals. I'm with Telstra, does anyone know if I can;

    • do one of these deals on a new contract;
    • wait till new contract is established then call and cancel my existing plan, porting the number to the new contract?

    Seems a whole lot easier than porting out, waiting 30 days, hoping a deal comes soon and then porting back.

  • Dose anyone know what happen after 12 months? What plan can we use?

    • +1

      if you dont change u will still be on the same plan. but most of us change to a OPTUS or similar operator after the contract ends to get another new $500 deal :D

  • Can you get a new iphone with this plan?

    • It's a month to month plan, after you given the gift card use it to purchase a new phone outright.

  • Can pay with gift cards?

    • nah

  • Any plans cheaper than $59? I hopped on the $45/m plan for 60gb last year but I'm keen to upgrade if there's room.

  • Hmmm ported out 28 days ago. Wonder if they will let me port back in?

    • Should be fine, when I was signing up in June, a couple walked to the nearby Woolies and bought a $2 Optus sim.
      Ported out to Optus, waited 1 hour and was able to port back to Telstra.

      • i was told by JB that, its strictly 30 days last time i went to their shop ( JB North Lakes QLD) so i am counting days again :(

  • For people who don't want to wait 30 days of waiting time. (Existing Telstra customers)

    1. Sign up with as a new service (New number) and get the $500 gift card
    2. Chat with one of a Telstra adviser and tell them that you want to cancel your current plan and keep the number to a new plan.
    3. 10mins or less. Done.

    This method works for those who has a Telstra plan which will be expired or exceed the minimum contract.
    You will need to pay the 'ETC' (Early Termination Cost) though.

    • Isnt it port-in only though?

      • Sorry my bad. I thought it would be possible for New Customers too.

        • Yeah, same here. The title says its for port-in only but the description says u can for new numbers?

    • How much is the ETC?

    • Just bare in mind that it might take a couple instances for someone at Telstra to actually do it. Went through like 5 or so chats last time to get to someone who would do it for me.

    • I did this last deal.

    • Did you figure out how billing worked for that first month? Did you end up essentially paying for both plans for the entire first month, or was the one that you cancelled pre-or-pro-rata'd so you didn't end up out of pocket?

  • Good deal.

  • +1

    For those new to this deal, I highly recommend reading my detailed post here on how to keep your existing number and get on this plan: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574151?page=1#comment-9468...

    • I have an existing, 2 year number with Vodafone, would JB / Telstra give me a hard time porting in?

      • as long as you are not with telstra, belong and boost u will get it. go run ;)

        • I'm on aldi mobile, can i get this deal?

        • Thank you - some of his comments worried me, they won't let a port in occur.

  • Also bonus question, I've already fully paid my PS5 on JB Hifi website……… pre-order, what are the odds of refunding, $500 to pay with gift certificates from this??

    • +2

      I'd definitely try

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