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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers) @JB Hi-Fi (in-Store/Over Phone Only)


Another round of this popular deal. Confirmed available in all stores nationwide.

Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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      • Damn straight, going to in a few days when the gift cards clear.

  • was gonna jump on this deal but I'm on Belong :(

    • switch to optus for a month then come back

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574151?page=1#comment-9468...

      a few others have been able to port over from boost as well without waiting for 30 days by chatting to a telstra rep. The idea is that since boost uses the telstra network, you'll also appear in telstra's system, which means it's possible to combine your new plan (in this deal) with your old plan from belong/boost or whatever.

      I haven't done it but seems like others have been successful.

  • Asked in store, why they very sure just can give 400 GC?

    • Are you trying to get a new number? $500 is just for porting in (go get a $2 sim and activate it then port that)

      • I told them I can port in. They check their internal website and say just can bonus 400. Will ask another store in the afternoon.

        • I called and same thing happened to me
          They referred me to the promotion website

    • Worked for my friend at their local store in VIC. Person she dealt with was aware of the deal.

  • Anyone know if they are still offering the $200 gift card for Telstra NBN connections?

  • I'm with Aldi mobile, can i get this deal keeping same number?

    • Yes

    • I'm in store now. Guy is checking about porting from Aldi mobile

      • Did it work, any issues?

    • All good, process going through. I didn't think Aldi was excluded.

    • Walked out with telstra service up and running, and a $500 gift card

  • +1

    I was going to bite this deal the other day but when I realised I wanted it, it was already too late.

    Currently I am using the iPhone 12 not that I think it matters but I’m on Boost Mobile with my prepaid plan coming to an end on the 30/12/2020.

    What are my options here if I wanted to 1. Get into the new plan with my existing number or 2. Be able to port my existing number to the new plan at a later date? because I’ve been reading the guides about cancelling and transferring and it only mentions specifically Telstra Plans which I’m not on.

    Currently I’m thinking about buying a cheap non Telstra sim and then porting the number over just for today but I would still like to keep my existing number.

    Please help :)

    • In the exact same boat on Boost, I'm worried if I port out and wait 30 days this deal wont show up again. Considering calling my local JB and seeing if they will make me wait the 30 days. If they let me the best option would probably be to go buy a cheap sim from Woolies, port my Boost number to it, then port into the JB deal. But not sure how long it would take to activate the cheap sim. Has anyone done this before?

  • Awesome been waiting for this. Free Nintendo Switch for me :D

  • I have just ported out from Boost to Optus for just over a week now…..should I give this a crack?

    • +2

      No harm right?

      • trying this now as we speak, wish me luck!

        • +1

          Let us know how you went

          • @michaelb94: Hello folks. I got my confirmation from Telstra. I can confirm I have successfully signed up to this new plan. All went through pretty smoothly. Sim card will arrive next Monday.

            I have ported my service from Boost to Optus for about 8 days btw.

            • @SuperBoi: Hi, did you sign up in store or over the phone? And did you tell Telstra that you only ported from boost to optus 8 days ago?? Thanks.

        • Should be possible. I did this in previous deal. Well from Belong to Vodafone in the morning and then Vodafone to Telstra in the evening. Ported happened in 10 mins, Telstra email confirmation in 20 mins.

  • I did the $400 gift card deal last week over the phone. Ported in from Optus on Sunday (after some seriously frustrating chat system back and forth). Still haven't received my digital gift card though..

    • same already 4 days

  • -1

    Random question: Do JB gift cards work at The Good Guys?

    • No

    • lol different stores

      • +1

        JB owns the Good Guys chain.

        • Still they operate differently.

        • This would be a nightmare from a financials and liability structure if JB issued a gift card and then it was spent at GG.

  • Deal looks great. Do you get the gift card straight away? I need to buy a new phone. Will be porting from Vodafone.

    • I did this about 12 months ago and walked out with the physical gift card in hand

    • Yes.

  • Can’t you get the GC then upgrade your plan to a higher plan non contract then cancel?

    • +1

      Think they fixed the loophole, you can get hit with ETC.

  • Can the gift card be used as credit on the phone account?

  • Would thought this is still a deal if you're getting an iPhone. So get $500 off an iPhone, stay with telstra for 12 months, then go back to another carrier on a cheaper plan if you don't need the data.

    • I was thinking about this.
      iPhone 11 is $999 outright. If you do this, then you pay $999-500 upfront, then 414 ETC, so $913. A saving, but maybe not worth the trouble.
      Depends on your usage also. You could think about it like this: $999-500=499 upfront, plus 69/month or 828/yr. So all in 499+828=1327. If the phone is valued at 999, then 1327-999=328. You are getting a 80GB/month plan for 328/year ($27.33/month). Not bad.
      To my mind 80GB is overkill, and I could get a smaller plan for less. I would prob buy phone outright, and get on a cheaper plan elsewhere.

  • Wonder while on this 12mth contract if you could then upgrade to another plan with phone? Any ideas guys?

    • +1

      Think it will incur ETC if you move to different plan.

      • but your still staying with Telstra on say another 2 yr contract with phone

        • This is only a 12 month plan.

  • +1

    It's only a deal if you actually need something from JB 🤣

    I'm trying to think what I'd buy 🤔

    • +4

      Port first, think later?

      2 gift cards later and I’m still thinking lol

  • Does anyone know how long this deal is running for?

    • Until tomorrow.

  • I'm a full authority on the telstra account. I wonder if i can go into the store myself and port in my mums number for her?

    • You can if full authority

  • +1

    Can confirm, this also works over the phone if you don't want to go in store. (13 52 44)

  • +2

    Is it possible to further stack the 59$/ month plan with telstra student discount?

  • What do people do with their $500 gift cards? I know it's a lot of money, but if you weren't planning on spending that much it's hard to justify the saving?

    Do people just buy a PS5 or something along those lines and resell?

    • +1

      Some people may be wanting to use this for the new iPhone or another phone. This works out slightly cheaper (although less data) than the specific iPhone deal.

    • you can sell them for $450 on classifieds. many people are looking for it

      • +1

        I'm amazed people will take the risk of losing $450 for a $50 discount.

        • +5

          there are.. plenty of good people in the world yk..

    • i want to sign up (but for an existing boost service, 2 months into a 12 month prepaid sim) and apply that $500 gc to an xbox once halo 6 drops.. which increasingly looks like NEVER :/

    • Blender shit the bed just this week, perfect timing.

    • Or just keep it and use it whenever you want any electronics from jb. Anyway, the gift cards has no expiry date.

  • Ooo 'free' xbox series x here I come if I jump to this and manage to port my partner out and back while it's running…

    Or just put the 1k towards a new TV. Decisions…

    • Thinking the same thing, but paying with gift cards means no extended warranty by posting on the credit card.

  • Is this better than the iphone deal from yesterday. I can’t crunch the numbers 😭

    I just wanna cancel straight away

    • It depends what you would normally pay for a SIM service or what your download needs are. If you don't need 150gb and 80gb will be enough, then that will work out better by about $5 per month.

      iPhone 12 64gb = $1,349
      $59 plan x 12 = $708 - $500 = $1,557
      $89 plan x 12 = $1,069 - $800 = $1,618

      The $89 plan will cost $134.83 per month and the $59 plan will cost $129.75 per month

      iPhone 12 128gb = $1,429
      $59 plan x 12 = $708 - $500 = $1,637
      $89 plan x 12 = $1,069 - $800 = $1,698

      The $89 plan will cost $141.50 per month and the $59 plan will cost $136.41 per month

  • Works at my local, doing it now

  • Can the $500 card be used towards a new phone?

    • Why can't it? Only on old phones?

    • Yes

  • Anyone tried porting in from Woolies mobile? It's on the Telstra network

  • I did this last round, worked easy, picked up GC next day. I ported in a Vodafone 2$ Sim, and moved my existing telstra number across as per these legendary instructions https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574151?page=1#comment-9468...

    • Do you have to activate the $2 sim? Im in need of a new service anyway so dont need to port a number, but trying to figure out the cheapest way of achieving that end.

      • New services come with a $400 GC only I believe. Have to be a port in to get $500.

      • +1

        I think so yea, otherwise there wont be a number registered

        • Thanks, no JB near me so went and got a $10 coles sim which comes with 30days plan, activated it, and now just finishing the changeover with JB Hi-Fi Telstra over the phone.

  • So did someone confirm it's only port-in and not new numbers?

    • Called my local store who said offer for port in only. Best to get a $2 SIM and port in with that

  • Has anyone from Melbourne got this offer to work in store today?

    • Yep
      Melbourne central branch
      Got my gift card on the spot . Anyway looking for a gift card :) ?

    • Nunawading JB HiFi confirmed!

      • +1

        Hoppers Crossing JB confirmed

    • Nunawading JB-Hifi confirmed :) we ported in 2 numbers today.

    • Thanks OP. Got mine connected as well. Was given a physical $500 Gift card after the paperwork. Was told it was available for all JB hifi stores.

      Also offer ends tonight (initially meant to end tomorrow?).


  • Called Sunshine JB (VIC) and was advised 60gb plan not 80gb as per the title.

    • +1

      20gb bonus. would be an idiot rep.

  • Nunawading JB HiFi confirmed doing the deal today and tomorrow only.

  • Damn it! I just signed up yesterday and got $400 with 60gb on same plan. 😢😢😢

  • Just got done my Mums port. Thats 2 of these I've signed up to now. $1000 worth of GC's ready to go

    • +2

      You mean you and your mum have $500 each :-P

  • Chermside Qld aware of the deal and had no problems, but only for port in not new signup (which I need if I'm doing it today) so no deal for me.

    Could go buy a sim or something I guess but I'll just poet and wait a month for another deal.

    • Thats where i went!

      • are they allowing you to port back in before 30 days?

        • I ported a number that was on optus sorry

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