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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers) @JB Hi-Fi (in-Store/Over Phone Only)


Another round of this popular deal. Confirmed available in all stores nationwide.

Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • On these JB phone contract, do you get a bill from JB or directly from Telstra?

    Reason I asked is that I have another service with Telstra at the moment and I am thinking of porting in a second number via JB and wanted to know if both services will show up on the same bill.

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      Not sure if it will be on the same bill, but the bill is definitely directly from Telstra.

    • Yes, both services will show up in the same bill. Actually it will be easier and quicker for you to port in once you tell them your account number. And won't even require a credit check as you are already with Telstra.

  • This is probably a dumb question that I asked before but couldn't get a clear answer.

    Can I use the $500 towards buying a phone outright which I will then put on this plan?

  • Not worth it for people who makes frequent international calls:

    Calls and SMS to International numbers
    Your Plan does 'not include' an International Call and SMS
    allowance. The following charges apply:
    calls to international numbers – for call rates to overseas,
    see telstra.com.au/mobile-other-call-types
    SMS to international numbers – 50¢ per standard message
    sent per recipient; and
    MMS to international numbers – 75¢ per standard
    message sent per recipient

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      Sure but so few people do that now? 80GB? Facetime, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Can I go after 5PM today?

    • Depends on what time your local store closes? It's also available via phone as well if it's easier for you.

      • How do we get the SIM and GC if we subscribe via phone?

        • SIM will be posted to you. GC will be emailed once SIM is received and activated.

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    This is the 5th time they’ve run this now! Love that they pulled it down the first time because of ‘too much interest’ and they have run it again every few days since…

  • Has anyone who recently signed up got sms and email spam from Lewers wanting them to do a survey? Where the link goes to a domain with random letters and a .to extension? I spoke to telstra on chat and they said they don't partner with Lewers so there seems to have been some kind of security breach letting some scammers get my registered email and phone number?

  • Slighlty off topic, but how many gift cards can you redeem online in 1 transaction?

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      I guess 5 online and unlimited in store.

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    ok, im porting out to chill for a few weeks and then porting back to take up the offer… nice Xmas Prezzie for me :-)))


    $4.95 for Kogan Mobile Pre Paid 30 Day
    with 40gb

    • I am sure this deal will only last for few days only.

      • Today and tomorrow only.

    • Lets hope it pops back up, seeing as it has recently :)

  • Is there still the $10 discount for new customers? I remember back in the day with the Google Pixel 2XL deal it was a $59 per month contract but you could get another $10 if you went on Telstra online chat

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      This one is 69 actually and after $10 discount becomes $59.

      • Thanks for the clarification :)

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      Yeah that deal was great. A free phone is better than $500. Seems like this gift card is as good as it gets now.

  • So what's the most efficient way if you don't currently have a phone?

    Get an Optus Prepaid sim and port in at JB hi-fi?

    Can you choose your number with an optus prepaid sim? 10 years ago when I bought a phone last I could..

    • From memory they give you a few choices when you are registering,

  • signed up. good deal. but i was on a much cheaper plan bfr. $35 aldi with roll data and international calls. so technically the difference offsets the giftcard and true value is 212. To make matters worst, i just renewed the aldi plan today, so net value $177…

  • Can confirm I've just done this, $69 plan with $10 credit (so $59)
    Able to port in my Vodafone number and 80GB
    $500 in JB Cards (I guess digitally?)

    • I did mine in store and got physical gift card on the spot.

      Presumably if phone then digital

      • Damn , I want to do in store but prefer a digital gift card as it's harder to lose.

        • +2

          Take a photo of your card……

  • Can you add number sharing on these plans for an Apple Watch?

  • Can anyone please confirm if the new number trick still works for existing customers with Telstra? (Create new number then cancel old plan and move old number to new plan)

    • AFAIK it still works, however this promo is for ports only not new signup. Would need to grab a non-telstra sim elsewhere, set that up, then port that prepaid number over and convert it after.

      I'm in the same boat but i CBF doing all that (and I'm not in any rush) so I'm just porting for a month from tomorrow lol.

      • Thanks bud.. How does the porting out work? You contact Telstra and tell them you want to move elsewhere? Bit confused

        • Nope, you go to the new provider like optus and sign up the sim , should give you option to port your number across. So you keep your existing number when on optus. Then wait and sign up with tesltra as port in.

  • -3

    Why does it say $300 vouchee not $500? On the site

  • Bastards. I got this same deal monday but with the $400 gift card. But I know another guy got a 500 on the weekend.
    I asked but he said that deal had ended 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Something about a 30day best deal guarantee? Haha

  • If i have two sims one aldi and one telstrA (hardly use the telstra one mostly for work) -can i still port my aldi sim and be eligible?

  • Just signed up over the phone.
    Thanks for that.
    Was advised by JB sales rep that the promotion ends tomorrow.

    • How long did it take to sign up over the phone?

      • The whole phone call took 36 minutes.

        • how does that even work? do they send you the new SIM? and how do they verify your identity lol

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            @skido: Yes, SIM is posted to you. And an e-GC sent to your email address after the SIM is activated.

            They asked for your details over the phone (e.g. Drivers Licence, Medicare) for credit check purposes.

  • Worked at JB Southland. Once the paperwork was signed the actual port took less than a minute and the gift voucher was issued straight after.

  • +1

    Just had a great experience in-store at Chadstone.. process took less than 30 min including port and gift card issued at the same time.

    This is after being knocked back the last 2 times this offer came up for not being ported away from telstra for the 30 days which I am still not.. having ported out roughly 2 weeks ago.

    Lesson learnt for next year, in-store is the way to go.

    • Same thing on my end. Called twice before. Went in today and it was super quick!

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    Did mine in store today in Sydney CBD; I ported my number from Optus. Whole process took about 20 mins. Walked out with Pixel 5. Looks like they were churning through a lot of these plans today.

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    Can confirm it worked after only porting out 1 week ago. Deal is available til tomorrow. I went in store.

    • +1

      Which store did you go to?

    • I would also like to know which store you went into as I went into Pitt Street a few days ago for the deal with a $400 gift card and they told me I had to wait for at least 30 days.

  • Got mine from Craigieburn, took about 30 minutes. Gift card issued straight after port.

  • If i port 4 numbers over, can all the numbers share the data?

    • no can do

  • Noob Q: With this JB/Telstra deal, are we eligible to get the Xbox All Access Console bundle deal as we are now Telstra customers?


  • Just got the Deal but only 60G

    • thats what they did to mine, when i questioned it the sales person said they would fix it, a few hours later and not fixed, will go back there tomorrow and see, what will you do?

      • +1

        just let u know. speak to jb again and got it fix to 80G now.

    • how can people neg this when it is his experience and mine lol, tough audience

  • i just signed up for this and looking in the telstra app it says i can upgrade to bigger month to month plan at no charge? the 180gb plan is showing $115-55=$65 anyone try this?

    • really? where about in the App? i cannot see anything like that inmy app. ( first time using the telstra app)

      • where its says need more data? follow that though to upgrade an existing service, no mention of any penalty to change

        • do u have to click into the service you have got?

          • @mapletian: i contacted telstra chat and its approx $470 plus to move to the plan but 180gb for $65 not bad

    • Oo
      Very interested to know this too

      • see above my chat to telstra

        • Hi
          Yep, chatted with telstra rep this morning

          Said the same thing

    • Let me know if you do this wouldnt mind upgrading an extra $6 for more data

      • see above my chat to telstra

  • -1

    Heads up that I have been told by Maribyrnong & Bourke St that the offer is today only

    • +1

      spoke to chermside and was told it will end tomorrow

  • Just did this today

    Process is a bit cumbersome and took 45 minutes per number

    On a positive it runs until the 4th so plenty of time I am told

  • I still sit here on a $39pm expired 25gb plan, but can’t be bothered yet, doing a port out/port in due to one painful transition last time I did it. Still don’t understand why Telstra only offer no lock in contracts, yet re-sellers can. No doubt they’ve had their analysts do the maths and it makes sense for them to offer massive commissions to JB hi fi to sell something to “new” customers they could easily sell themselves

  • FYI

    Posting here as well since this deal hype.

    I got the s20fe for 0 upfront on 99 plan.

    Cancelled with 594 etc

    Returned for refund and have a 999 gift card

    (sold out of pixel 5 but even better…)

    Then signed up for 59 plan w 500 gift card…

    • What deal is with a 999 gift card?

      • S20 Fe 0up front on 99 plan.

        On the receipt shows paid for with gift card

  • So can you sign up a new phone plan to this also.

    Sign up to this 12 mth plan then add day a pixel and pay it off with device payments over 24mths?

    Has anyone tried this or they just buying their phone outright with this deal?

  • They took my name and number and said i'd be called back in the next few days

  • I just called JB Merrylands, she said no over the phone. In store only. zzzzzz

  • I signed up tonight and during the whole process we talked about it being for 80gb. When I went to the counter to collect the gift card I got a Telstra message saying I had 60gb of data. Checked contract and it has 60gb. Went back to salesperson who was very helpful and he suggested the extra gb isn't done by them and to try Telstra chat and come back if I have issues. Waiting for a while now for them to reply, wondering if anyone can offer info please?

    • +1

      My contract says 60gb with extra 20gb for contract term. Telstra app shows 80gb, so did the text message.

  • I'm already a Telstra customer on my personal mobile, but for my work number (I use dual SIM) I use Dodo. Does it matter that I'm already a Telstra customer who's porting in a second number?

    • As long as the other numer is a different provider, should be fine

  • I ported my number over from Optus, did the deal today at JB Cranbourne Park, wasn't advertised in-store but told the salesperson about the deal which he knew about thank god so was a very seamless process.

    $69/month plan which you get a $10/month credit which brings it down to $59/month. 60gb+20gb bonus data 80gb total per month.

    Got the $500 gift card straight after being approved and signing the paperwork.

    Used the gift card on a Nintendo Switch and a game straight away lol.

    • any international calls included in plan?

      • Valid on Text/calls for AU numbers only. No international calls.

      • and you cannot add international call pack on top of this plan

        • Yes I tried tonight. They didn't let me add the international calling pack

  • It's been so long since I've ported post-paid that I can't remember.

    Does a credit check or anything get recorded in your credit score page when signing up for post-paid phone plans?

    • +2

      Yes, it does.

      • Thanks @usmanhafeez2000!

      • Do you know where we can check this? I've noticed I've never seen credit enquiries for mobile providers in the past when requesting my credit report but I know it does happen

        • +1

          I can see that in my credit report.

  • Can anybody also confirm when does the bonus 20GB show up? I did it today however the app only shows the baseline 60gb

    • jb might have stuffed up the deal. got mine instantly. contact telstra and they can fix it up

    • if should show up right away,
      I signed up in store, while waiting for staff to setup the gift card, old service lost signal and swapped to the new Telstra SIM, got SMS in 2min stated "Your new monthly included data allowance is 80.00GB."

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