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EKO 65" Smart UHD TV $635 + Delivery / $0 C&C @ BIG W


I can see stock in WA. Seems good price for a 65in 4K.

Product Features:
Built-in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube
Resolution: 4K - 3840 x 2160
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Display Colours 1.07 Billion
Netflix, Prime Video and Youtube buttons on remote for easy access
USB port to record and playback of videos, music and photos
Wi-Fi, 802.11 b/g/n
Dimensions: With stand: 1466 (w) × 299 (d) × 916 (h) mm
Dimensions: Without stand: 1466 (w) × 93 (d) × 849 (h) mm

Mod: Removed 'Android' from title, based on reports from users.

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      Its $635. What you expecting? 144Hz OLED for this price?

      • Actually too slow especially for those who value their time !

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          Those who value their time pay more. Not expect a $635 tv to be as good or better than those sold for 2 to 3 to 4 and even 5 times this much.

          • @xoom: I get to watch my shows faster with a more expensive TV?

            • @krisspy: My guess is popsiee is pertaining to boot times slowing them down watching their TV show or media.

      • Yeah it's good value for money, I find it weird that 60hz is still standard though

        • Corners were cut to save production costs. Like the cheap arse remote.

        • +2

          Since when was 120 or 144hz the standard? It's Just becoming the standard for PC monitors. You won't even find a tv under a grand that does over 60hz natively

          • @krisspy: Valid point, guess I'm out of the loop.. Weird people care so much about resolution and not fluid picture, especially for sports

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    is this really running Android? ive feeling some flavour of Linux since theres no mention of Google or Android on the page

    • nothing a vtv, xiaomi mi box or chrome cast can't fix.

      • Mi Box etc will likely work much better than a cheap built-in Android TV.

        I have a TCL, and while most apps are fine, some like Kodi and Prime-Video are not.

        This plus the new Chromecast with remote would be good.

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    This is NOT the Android TV version. The Android version is this: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-65-4k-ultra-hd-android-t...

  • https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-65-4k-ultra-hd-android-t...

    This one is better I reckon. It has proper android TV OS.

  • I got the frameless 75 inch Android TV version for around $799 after using a friend's employee discount and 5% off wish gift cards.

    Originally the TV had some problems but its managed to work flawlessly the past month or so. Obviously CPU and RAM struggle at times with Android OS but can't complain.

    Honestly the only bad thing is the remote, it's flat out terrible. The range is super short and it must be pointed directly at the sensor (bottom left of the tv) for it to work out. I have been using my Samsung phone as a remote to fix this up, thought I would just mention it though.

    • If it's paired by BT you don't even need to point it at the TV

  • +5

    Edit: I am not referring to the TV in this deal, whoops! I mean the fully Android TV some other posters have linked. Got it for 650 a few weeks ago, not sure why it's 899 now. But it is a good TV at that price imo.

    The pros are the display is good- seems like good colour reproduction with not bad contrast, it's quite bright and it is light and thin. It's fully Android and it runs without lag, which was actually surprising. Typing, scrolling and changing pages is fast and not choppy. The WiFi connection is stable enough to stream 4k, so I was impressed with that too. The cons are the speakers are bad… You can get them to bearable by adjusting the in built equaliser, but external speakers/soundbar are a must here. Weirdly sometimes the remote takes a few button presses to get it to turn on, but once it does boot time is fast at 5 ish seconds.

    • Many thanks - this is the info that helps lots in trying to convince myself (and Mrs) that our old 1080p needs to go.
      Remote issues seem to be the common thing with cheap TV's (FFalcon and the like)…

    • +1

      I have the previous version of the 65" Android (not "frameless" and not QLED, K65USG). I got my mate the one you have, K65USGQ. Some differences I've noticed is that yeah the sound on mine is better mainly because it has Bass and Treble adjustment (in conjunction with the equaliser) where as your one does not. I've asked EKO FB support if they could add it in a firmware update since the K65USG has it. They said a firmware update isn't currently possible due to something about Google voice activation. This was in the beginning of September. Also, a major thing I noticed is that the K65USGQ had a lot more corner vignetting than the K65USG, likely noticeably more. The remotes have changed in looks dramatically. The new one is all black and smaller. It now has a channel recall button which is something I miss with mine and I don't know why they didn't include it in the first place. Also, I've never really had problems with my remote like others have. It always pairs up via BT no probs. Love using the remote without having to lift it up and point.

  • Do these TV's have HDMI-CEC?

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    I purchased the Android TV version of this last year during the Boxing Day sale for $550 from BigW. This isn't a bargain

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    I have this TV.. purchased few months ago for $599..

    I'm no expert..We use it regularly, and I can't fault it too much.. just a few points to note:
    1. Subtitles don't stay on .. they seem to turn off when the tv goes off (we turn off the mains as well)
    2. Remote doesn't have a "back" or "last channel" button
    3. Very surprised to see iview, channel ten, etc as apps right in the TV.. having never had a smart TV before, we were pleased with this..
    4. Sound is meh.. u need external soundbars etc
    5. When you connect a speaker to the 3.5mm aux , it produces static whenever the tv seems to be doing some heavy processing like YouTube high quality content etc.. barely noticeable but if you've got a good speaker system, can't miss it.. this seems to be because of the constant running of the optical port right near the 3.5 mm port.. once u use the optical for audio out, it's all good .
    6. Even though it doesn't have Chromecast, if all you need is streaming YouTube, the inbuilt app is good enough, and u can control the stream to it from phone
    7. It has a computer casting feature as well.. worked from windows 10 on one of my laptops, but struggled from phones..

    Clarity wise, hd channels look great, others not so much.. some dark patches on the four corners..but that seems to be expected …but the footy game didn't particularly look good even though it was hd..it wasn't bad at the fast parts.. there was some glitchyness maybe because of my antenna or maybe it's just that the live stream on that day wasn't good .

    It's a big tv.. the guys we picked up from said so many people bring small cars and can't take it home.. make sure u take a big wagon and flatten seats etc to fit this..

    • -1

      "if you've got a good speaker system"

      If you have even semi decent speakers, use a digital output, not the headphone jack.

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    Does anyone know whether there are any differences between the models apart from the OS? I guess I'm mostly interested in the panel quality, whether the Android one has a better panel.

    • +1

      I am pretty sure the android version and this look the same. There is a third now though with a qled, havent seen them side by side to compare though.

  • Why are people complaining about the os? No TV out there would offer a better android experience than the new chromecast.

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