Boost Mobile $300 Sim Starter Kit (240GB, Unlimited Talk & Text) - $245 Delivered (Auspost Express Shipping) @ Auditech


At this point of time, I think we all know what this sim has to offer so there is no point in mentioning that.
$3 Expensive than Dealbot's Cellpoint Deal but this deal has no coupon code, hence can be purchased at Officework at record lowest price( I guess ) using the officework price beat guarantee. Also they ship the sim using Auspost's Express Shipping so next business day delivery. I got it delivered the next day to Newcastle.

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  • Hehe got it for $200 during ebay plus, prime day retaliation

  • Can you recharge using this?

  • Most times i make a call from my phone it takes two or three dials to connect a call, almost always the first time i call, it hangs up before connecting the call or you hear a ring on the other end. Happens to me and my wife, anyone else have a similar experience?
    im in Victoria

    • appears I am not alone…
      there must be enough of us OZBARGAINERS on Boost, that if we all complained something might be done about it?

    • Can't say i've had that experience, my Boost plan has been faultless for the last year

    • Was doing that with our Telstra service near home too, about 6 months back.
      All timed with them doing antenna tower changes in the area for 5g. Was escalated and Telstra specialist started calling me, logging what I was doing etc. Took about 3 months and then it came good.

      I don’t believe it’s Boost, more that it’s Telstra doing tower changes.

    • No. Works fine for me.

    • Yep same issue here.
      I have had the worst experience with boost. When I try to resolve it they no longer have phone support and direct you to their website where you start a chat and as soon as the conversation becomes too complex or something they can't fix they either "finish their shift and hand over to a colleague" at which point you waste another 30 minutes or they simply hang up, or both!
      Network doesn't connect
      Network is unstable when it does connect and prone to disconnections. It's like the bandwidth is maxed and video calls struggle.
      I have a dual Sim phone and I put a Telstra sin in it, compared the two, 4mb down on boost and 120 on Telstra. These are not the same networks I assure you.
      Boost also told me there was an outage in my area but the phone has had issues all over Sydney so I assume Sydney is my area…

      Until covid clears up and their support is able to function as normal and their engineers can fix networks freely I would not touch boost with a 10ft barge pole.

      Telstra are doing loads of deals at jbhifi which I'm sure you've all seen. I picked up a 5g Telstra deal which have me a $500 gift card. I used it to pay for the ps5 so no money most so the monthly average worked out less than $18 so technically cheaper than boost which was $20 to $25 from memory.

      the actual Telstra on a ozbarfain deal is a better network, 5g, no issues, benefits from Telstra like movie tickets etc.

      Just trust me, do not buy boost. Auditech is a good company though they help but boost is pants.

      • The support at Telstra is just as bad as Boost as they use the exact same centre.
        Telstra have axed any ability to talk to someone on the phone. The only way to get a human is through the complaints line. Telstra will even be cutting the call centre soon to be 100% through the chat app.

  • I would hop on these if they had number share with Apple Watch.

  • Do not switch to boost if you are currently on Telstra postpaid. It's a nightmare.

    • It’s actually not as bad as everyone makes out…

      Step 1: contact Telstra and ask to be changed from a postpaid to pre-paid plan.
      Await confirmation texts

      Step 2: contact Boost and request to port your Telstra pre-paid number over
      Await confirmation texts

      Step 4: Done.

      The was my experience at least

      • I requested to switch to Telstra prepaid and 3 days later I still was on postpaid(out of contract). Couldn't be arsed anymore so bought a $2 Sim at Optus and ported in 10mins. Activated Sim boost and done in another 10.

  • Boost doesn't tell you that you have to get Telstra to switch you over to prepaid first though… So you're left trying to figure it out using their customer service chat… Which is a nightmare. Absolutely incompetent, every single one of them..

  • Boost = Crooks
    Worst service, unexpected service disruption and disconnection amid service tenure, Non reachable customer service..

    Boost has been a horrible dream for me

    • They used to be good before covid, I think covid has hurt them but in turn their customers.

  • Can I purchase this if I am already with boost?

  • Boost has no telephone customer service support anymore, only live chat ……. NIGHTMARE!!

    • Telstra also only have live chat and this is reason I want to leave them. Disgraceful customer service, but who else is there?

      • I’ve gone back to Vodafone!!
        I was with them for 10 years before . You call them and speak to someone with in 5 mins . I just change my nbn over to them too .. connected in 2 hours easy as .

      • Telstra have stores numpty. I waked into Telstra and had my boost number merged into my Telstra postpaid. Simple.
        Telstra are great don't compare them to this crook crowd boost.
        Telstra needs to get rid of them

  • I just ported from Telstra postpaid to Boost prepaid-here's how to do it