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OnePlus Nord N10 5G 6GB 128GB NFC + Free Gift US$269.50 (A$384.83) @ OnePlus Official Store AliExpress


Free Gift:
Buds Z for the first 100 orders
Wireless Z for the 101st to 200 orders
Bullet 2T for the 201st to 1,000 orders

Part of the 11.11 Sale starting 7pm AEDT.

To get above price, apply US $24 Select Coupon & US $30 Store Coupon.

Note: AliExpress now accepts payments via PayPal. Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

GSM Arena Full Specs

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This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2020.

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  • +1

    So tempting, but really want stereo speakers which these lack. Might get the Pixel 4a.

    • Has dual speakers.

      • Didn't realise it was the N10. Rethinking.

  • so does anyone know if listings like these on ebay are scam ?


    seller has long history and sold many devices so I wouldnt think its fake ?

    • I dont think its a scam, but I have no idea what an i12Pro is, it looks like some no name generic phone, with advertised features which seem great. But in reality I think most of these too good to be true phones are made by unknown chinese manufacturers and dont have the quality or testing that the bigger brands have, so would probably avoid in general.

      • +2

        Nah these kind of phones at this price are a scam. The RAM, storage and normally the CPU are faked in the ROM so you're getting a very basic phone.

        If it's a genuine Goophone i12 you're looking at 2GB RAM and 16GB or 32GB storage.

  • -1

    Wow. As mentioned above. The 8t for $499 is an amazing price

  • Newbie question (while acknowledging less storage capacity of the Poco): The Nord, or the Xiaomi Poco X3 for US$199.10? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576976

    • +1

      Would like to know this as well

  • Not gonna be sucked into getting these types of Chinese phones again without band 38. I'm really suffering now from lack of reception whilst indoors (inside a shopping center, bunnings, coles, woolies). I got a OnePlus 6T and some areas are okay and some areas are just so bad.

    • +1

      Do more research next time. Most of them have band 28 if you buy the global variants nowadays. But you should always double check regardless.

      • Yeah most (not all) have band 28 nowadays. Used to be a different story then, even if you did buy a global model.

  • I want to go back to "stock Android". Was going to get the Pixel 4a. Unsure about the N10 LCD. I haven't used a LCD in a long time and have been enjoying OLED screens. Original Nord is out of the question as I want stereo speakers. Anyone experienced OLED 60hz vs LCD 90hz recently?

  • The N10…. that has the new Snap 690…. thats decent right? I dont know whether to bite the bullet on this tbh

    But yeah the LCD is worrying me

  • Would this be a decent upgrade for my aging S8+?

  • -1

    Do not trust this company!!!

    • Why?

      • -1

        AliExpress dodgy

        • +1

          thats like calling ebay dodgy, need to research your sellers

  • I am a noob when it comes to mobile phones, sorry if it's an obvious question:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. Would OnePlus Nord N10 be an upgrade in terms of the quality of the photos taken by the camera?

    • Yes, probably huge improvements for certain situations like low light

  • Help me decide.

    This or the Nord 5G, which will be US$357.5 including GST, ~ AUD 490.

    The slightly smaller size appeals - most of my pant/short pockets are a perfect fit. 8GB RAM instead of 6GB. AMOLED display. Snapdragon 765G vs 690. OIS camera. Probably worth an extra $105?

  • So how do I actually apply these coupons?

    apply US $24 Select Coupon & US $30 Store Coupon.

    • +1

      See my comment here

      • Awesome, thanks so much!

  • +1

    Guessing the $414 USD price with coupons excludes GST so the Oneplus 8T would be closer to $650 with GST when you checkout?

    • Correct AliExpress adds GST at checkout. So approx. AU $650 for the Oneplus 8T.

      • Did they jack the prices up or something? The thumbnails still shows $499 > $443 but the actual listings itself are all now USD$534+.

  • I'm seriously considering this for my mother for Christmas. Looking for something around $400 with:

    Reasonable battery
    Decent screen
    Decent camera

    Seems to be between this and the Mi 10 Lite 5G.

    Any other suggestions?

    • Any reason why you aren't considering the Poco X3 NFC which is also on sale? Asking because I am considering both phones and they both seem quite similar.

      • The difference is this has 5G, otherwise the X3 is a little better in terms of benchmarking, but all things said and done, considerable difference in price, i'd struggle not to get the X3 over this hard choice.

      • I agree the Poco is a great phone, it's not quite right for my mother for the following reasons:

        • No 5G (she will like the "future proofing" of the phone, even though I understand it's not something she will actively need)
        • She already has an Oppo, so a OnePlus will be easy for her to understand as a subsidiary/spin out of Oppo
        • The X3 is slightly larger, I think I'm already at max size for her
        • The Nord is from the "official" OnePlus store, so I think if there is a problem they are more likely to fix it than Tobydeals (comparing the 128gb X3 here, not the 64gb from Aliexpress)

        So on balance, if it was for me, I'd get the X3, but for her - she will appreciate the Nord for intangible reasons I think.



      • thanks but its UK plug with Indian version
        and 2003 model is out of stock or they can ship from spain or france to Australia.

        • That link is on the official OnePlus store and it says "Global Version". Why would you think it is the Indian phone?
          One is in stock at the moment, shipping from China.

  • +3

    What the heck. Did anyone get one of the Select Coupons? I was there spot on time…

    • I have the same issue, no idea how to get Select Coupon.

      • It was mentioned on the page before the sale start time, but not clickable. Then it completely disappeared. Oh well, time wasted, but not buying without.

    • I'm able to get 269 USD but there's 26.90 tax.

      • The 'Fianl' price should be 233 USD according to the AD.

        • Ah you're right missed it, don't need it anyway lol

  • prepare to wait few months

  • got it for 409 AUD. No select coupon though. Banking on the 5% cashback though.

  • +1

    deal now live again for 11/11

    • How do you apply the Select Coupon?

      • store its a ali express coupon - maybe a pop up that gives you a coupon

        "AliExpress Coupon
        -AU $27.84"

        snippet to my check out:


        • have tried a few times, the best price I could get is $391.04 (with using 15BONUS promotion code). I have no idea what went wrong. But thanks for sharing your screenshot.

          • +1

            @Tomcat6550: The Coupons have a number limit and would have expired. with 15BONUS, you should still be eligible for $20 cashback if you clicked through shopback site.

  • Has anyone received dispatch notification yet?

  • +2

    Company announced that Anyone who bought Oneplus N10 that phone will get only one major update and did not get any other major updates.

  • Has anyone got the call recording working in Australia on Oxygen OS version of Android 10?