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PS5 PlayStation 5 Console - Digital $599 and Disc $749 @ Harvey Norman, Target, BigW, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Sony & Gamesmen


PS5 will be available for order on Thursday the 12th of november ONLINE ONLY AT ALL STORES

Ordering update: The PS5 console will be available to order online only on launch day, Thursday 12th November, for expected delivery by December 15th. PS5 consoles will not be available for in-store purchase. Please check back for further updates.

Harvey Norman: 9am Live

Target links are yet to go fully live again, but have got confirmation that they will be live on the 12th for orders of remaining stock (10/11 Update: Target have pulled the links down, these may be reposted under different links now)


According to @aamer hamid intel both gamesmens and bigw will be joining the party.


Gamesmen: Confirmed for a 10am drop

JBHIFI : Confirmed for a 11am drop

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  • Central Coast here, Item updated yesterday said delivery for today or tomorrow (Friday) was originally stuck at Chullora then updated yesterday just after 5pm to “ Item processed at facility SYDNEY NSW” still not here today so hoping for tomorrow now.

    • in Canberra, mine's done the same thing today, here's to hoping it comes before the weekend!

  • Anyone else who selected delivery from HN get tracking? Or is TightAssDrake (above) the only one so far?

  • Just got mine delivered from Amazon in Vic from Qld. Had a date range of 17th Nov-3rd Dec originally so i guess they kept their promise. Now to unboxing.

  • seems like JB is last in delivery. HN is starting to ship.

  • wtf i just called my local Harvey Norman and they said they wont be expecting delivery until Feb'21. I ordered on the morning of 12th Nov for click and collect option. Should I have gone through online delivery instead?? Was looking forward to getting it before Christmas :(

    • Yep, seems like they priorities delivery over click and collect from what i have been hearing

    • Does not sound right. Perhaps thats their second shipment. Don't stress just yet keep on them.

  • When I missed out on the last drop in november (had it in my JBHIFI cart and couldn't check out), I complained and was put on a priority list for the next shipment. Got a text from them today with a link to purchase. Apparently their next shipment is arriving around the 14th of december. I grabbed it and paid no worries.

    edit: for spelling

  • I’m so happy with my PS5, it’s so quiet and it is a massive upgrade over my PS4 original.
    I am just deciding wether to get call of duty Cold War or gran turismo 7 when it comes out?

  • Contacted sony to check when my recent order will ship, got this reply..mine is placed and accepted when I check tracking.

    Hi Monkey,

    Thank you for your email to Sony Customer Support.

    I appreciate you explaining the situation for me regarding your Sony product. Rest assured that I am looking into this issue with utmost urgency and diligence.

    In line with the Order Status Request for xxxxxxxx. We would like to set proper expectations that as of today we don't have any rough estimate yet as to when the next allocation of stocks will be available. As much as we wanted to provided further details, there is no estimated arrival of stocks yet for PlayStation 5.

    Should you have any further concerns regarding this matter, please let me know. If you happen to call our customer services team, please quote this reference number C-xxxxxxxx as I have saved our email correspondence for future reference.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • +1

    just secured a ps5 on amazon!!! lets gooo!!!!!!

    • +1

      yep lets go finally

    • You sure you didn't score the vertical stand with cooling fan? :))

      • +2

        we find out before xmas :P

    • I saw this, good job

  • Amazon had PS5s for straight up 30 seconds just then lmao, no digital consoles though so I guess I'll keep waiting..

  • +2

    digital version is on amazon

    • Thats gone as well

    • WTF, couldn't add to cart at all.

  • this is actually a joke, bout to throw in the towel

  • Amazon digi version wouldn't add to cart…lol

    • Same, wonder if anyone got it.

      • My mate got one, I missed out

  • My brother got his jbhifi tracking…he ordered on November 12 with delivery.

    Still waiting for my HN email

    • damn really? I haven't got it yet and I ordered it at 10:58am. what state?

      • We are in QLD

  • Well I am a official owner of a ps5, jb emailed me today and told me they have one for me.

    The weight on these things is like wow, Part of the ps5 club now what games are you guys interested in would like to hit online with some or all of you.. And I preordered cyberpunk for Dec 10 release..

    • +1

      Did you preorder or was it a expression of interest?

      • expression of interest anyone still wanting to purchase on I suggest to email all your local and driving distant stores .

        There seems to be preorders that are not being picked up or been cancelled.

  • +1

    currently downloading coldwar ps5 edition..
    Girls and Guys house with the games you play so we can add each other for happy adventures on all types

  • Wooohooo Amazon tracking number provided, I'm in Perth so should be straight from the warehouse

    • My Perth order from Amazon shipped from Victoria…

      • So random, when I called they said mine was allocated to be shipped out of Perth

        • Hope you get it from here mine has estimated another week in transit

          • @cook99: Amazon eta is the 9th but they said should be here sooner…whats your ETA?

    • My Perth order from Amazon shipped from NSW…

      • My Perth order from Amazon shipped from nowhere yet…

  • Thank you all. I got mine today as well from JB.

  • Amazon eta is the 9th but they said should be here sooner…whats your ETA?

    • Amazon says 18th per original date. Australia Post says 11th.

      • +1

        Mine used to be 18th to 23rd, now says 9th. Auspost hasn't updated delivery yet, just posted today apparently. Hope it gets here this week

  • Also I do have other expressions of interest in more then happy to help you all out.

    • Yes please

    • 🙏 me please :)

    • Me please 😃

    • If you could please! :)

  • So were the sony orders not legit?

    • Why would you say that?

      I along with a few others on Whirlpool and here have been able to contact sony and verify that our orders have been accepted and will be processed early next week to be shipped shortly after.

      • Didnt u see the earlier comment on the availability of stock

        • +1

          Not really sure if their chat has the same information as their call centre then. I have just called up again for my order and another family members order and been told both expected to arrive in warehouse on either the 7th or 8th and begin shipping within 3 to 5 business days, exactly as I've been told twice already this week.

  • Anyone from NSW still waiting for JB c&c message?

    • +1

  • My Amazon order got shipped on Wednesday. Popped the tracking number into Aus Post's site and app but haven't seen any updates since 1am yesterday. I have a few other items getting delivered via Aus Post, from various sources, and none of these have had updates since Wednesday evening. Anyone else noticing the tracking updates seem to have ceased, or is it just my three deliveries?

    • My ps5 is in transit from Brisbane to Melbourne for 3 days now, no updates.

      • So illogical… yours from Brisbane to Melbourne, mine from Melbourne to Sydney.

        • Ya, I dont understand what logic is Amazon using.

      • SAME PAGE

    • Exact same for me still… Wednesday 1am on the way to Vic.

  • My disc version is ready for pickup!! Harvey Norman regional Victoria.

  • Friend and I had click and collect emails from Harvey Norman Flagship Auburn NSW and JB Hifi Merrylands yesterday, ordered in the second wave PM on launch day.

  • Mine was shipped by Amazon on Monday, Arrived yesterday, came via Toll this time…

  • +1

    Ordered launch day from Amazon, got charged on Monday, still hasn’t shipped… anyone else in the same boat?

    • Took ages (4/5 days) from the pending charge to appear on my credit card to the notification that it's ready for shipment.

      • Oh ok good to know, thank you

        • No probs… I felt your pain of not knowing!

  • Well, Harvey Norman Sunshine (the store I had to use my credit at) seem to think that all the people receiving products this week is due to people not picking up their PS5s from the first drop. Unlikely, Sunshine!

    They claim no new stock has been delivered to Harvey Norman stores… That doesn't appear to be correct at all, but thanks HN.

    • Some people are getting theirs delivered from HN already…so I think they have stock. But they said December 15 so they are probably taking their time.

    • Bendigo apparently received 10. All presold.

  • +1

    Had my console ship on Tuesday, just got it this morning. It's been an experience ya'll, been following this thread since the very beginning and hoping everyone here gets there sweet sweet console soon. All the best !!

  • Seriously, what's the problem with JB Hifi in NSW? I called the Broadway store yesterday and they basically said they have it but are not sending out the texts. WTF? Are they really holding it for the 8th?

    • really? I ordered mine at JB Broadway as well, haven’t received anything. Many other JB stores in NSW are ready to pick up, except Broadway.

      • Yeah… so annoying. Should've picked up another store instead… I wonder if it helps if we all start ringing them. LOL.

        • received the pick up message literally just now

          • @czqlj: Hot Damn, just got the message too!!!

        • +2

          I just collected from Broadway!

  • +1

    The status of my PS5 Disc Version ordered from JB Hi-fi on Nov 12th has changed to shipped when I check their website. No tracking details though. I'm in SA.

  • still status Unfulfilled ordered from JB Hi-fi on Nov 12th eagerly waiting for tracking details. They are really testing my patience (NSW)

  • Finally just got my shipping notification from Amazon.

    Ordered on 12th Nov. at approx 10.30am.

    • +1

      I ordered around the same time. Praying mine ships today. I just noticed it went from “Preparing for shipment” to “Shipping now” on the Amazon app when I go to more details which looks promising

  • +1

    Now the wait for a reasonably priced Demon Souls begins…

  • Picked mine up JB Gepps Cross SA. There were a few spares which were snapped up. They weren't allowing holds so first in got them. All gone now.

    • Managed to get a launch day order with JB for click and collect Adelaide City. Haven't heard anything from them yet, and after hearing of a bunch of other SA stores that had fulfilled their click and collect orders (and some had even shipped out consoles ordered for delivery) I decided to call them to get an update on their stock. I was told that basically all other SA stores had received their stock except for Adelaide City who were expecting theirs on Monday afternoon. Was then told that if I was one of the "few" who were in this allocation of orders I would hear from them Monday. Fingers crossed I'm reading into that choice of the word "few" a bit too much but that worried me slightly.

      • Weirdly enough, I was also told by another employee (before getting the above advice from a manager) that… "anyone who ordered on launch day should already have their consoles"

  • +1

    Has anyone else noticed that if you go to the old PS5 (expected 8th December) jbhifi page, it now shows a 404 error and the webpage url now says expected dec 14th. Maybe expect a new drop?


  • +1

    Just had a chat with amazon, they are expecting another drop on 15th Dec.

    • +2

      Would be great if they could get the first one out.

  • +1

    Do Aus post deliver on weekends atm?

    Just recieved a new notification that my order is in Melbourne! 😁

    • Same here, After 4 days in transit from Brisbane, its in Melbourne now.

      Hope they deliver on weekends.

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