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PS5 PlayStation 5 Console - Digital $599 and Disc $749 @ Harvey Norman, Target, BigW, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Sony & Gamesmen


PS5 will be available for order on Thursday the 12th of november ONLINE ONLY AT ALL STORES

Ordering update: The PS5 console will be available to order online only on launch day, Thursday 12th November, for expected delivery by December 15th. PS5 consoles will not be available for in-store purchase. Please check back for further updates.

Harvey Norman: 9am Live

Target links are yet to go fully live again, but have got confirmation that they will be live on the 12th for orders of remaining stock (10/11 Update: Target have pulled the links down, these may be reposted under different links now)


According to @aamer hamid intel both gamesmens and bigw will be joining the party.


Gamesmen: Confirmed for a 10am drop

JBHIFI : Confirmed for a 11am drop

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    • just picked up mine from Havey Norman osborne park, smooth process!

      • glad to hear it mate, I wont be able to grab mine until Thursday as I work 9-5 in the city :(

  • Does anyone know if JB Hifi will get another allocation this year? Any news on Target?

    • Or Amazon

    • JB seem to be getting some extra stock but pretty sure this is for existing orders. Some spares become available due to cancelled orders.

  • Aust Post must be getting smashed right now. Updates to tracking are taking ages. Mine is shipping from Brisbane to Brisbane (don't ask) and it was shipped on Friday and it's still processing with Aust Post, sigh.

    • Mines from NSW to WA and has been on the “We’ve got it” status since Friday too

  • JB at Carseldine also had some today. managed to walk in and get Disk only. Have since advised they're now out of stock. not sure how true that is or not.

    • sorry walk in and get a digital only i should say

  • Update from Sony for anyone else waiting on a Sony Store delivery from this week.

    Hi Metroid,

    Good Day!

    Thank you for contacting Sony Customer Support.

    Regarding your concern, upon further checking this is to inform you that your unit is already available in our warehouse and we are currently preparing it for dispatch with assigned delivery no. Xxxxxxx. Kindly expect an email coming from us for the tracking details once the unit has been dispatched.

    • +1

      thankyou kind sir <3

    • +1

      legend !

    • +1

      Confirmed, just rang Sony and order has been shipped, tracking number will be updated in 24 hrs, delivery 5 to 7 working days. SWEET!!!

      • Did they give you a number. My email has a code but I’m not sure if it’s an internal number or for a tracking site.

        • Nope just used my order number to see where it was at, said should receive a tracking no within 24 hours

      • what time did you place your order? if you dont mind me asking

        • Mine was 1:03pm (melb) confirmed 11 minutes after.

        • +1

          1st Dec 10.56am WA time

  • My order from JB for Pickup still says "Processing Order". I called up this arvo and they advised me it is ready for pickup. Worth to give your nominated pickup stall a call to check.

  • My PS5 finally got to my area, was meant to be here Mon-Tues this week and guess what? Delayed, AGAIN! Lol

    It was meant to be a here a week ago and got delayed, then last Friday and got delayed, then it hit my facility here on the coast was meant to arrive yesterday and didn’t and now I have been blessed with the little orange tag at the top of my tracking screen which says… Delayed lol

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    Sony Update - Order Shipped. Hopefully others got the same for online store orders last week.

    Coming via StarTrack, due Friday but probably next week.

    • +1

      Yep order shipped via star trak express

      • Also checked and received tracking, mine is coming from Sydney and has an ETA of 10/12. Called and asked what the go was and apparently it has not yet been scanned into their system but is scheduled to be scanned today.

        • +2

          why the urgency? Don't you already have one from Amazon?

  • Picked mine up yesterday. Word of warning. Mine stalled during the initial load up (got stuck on the 'plug in your controller and press the PS button graphic"). Had to restart… But if the initial set up gets interrupted in any way, the machine will then not install updates correctly (it will just sit with the message 'please wait')… So if anything like that happens, factory reset and you are good to go. If I save one other person a headache…
    It's a much faster machine….but it has zero tolerance for a mildly scratched disc… Just won't recognise it… Other than that. All good

    • Yeah SNL did nail that this week.

  • +1

    I ordered from HN on 12 November and my brother ordered from JB on 12 November (both for delivery).

    Both are coming today on the exact same truck haha. Happy hump day all.

  • my ps5 arrived today from amazon ordered it on the 3rd of December, lets goooo!!!!!

    • What does your tracking look like my mates one hasnt even been sent yet he ordered on the 3rd aswell

  • +4

    Has anyone had a clearer picture in regards to the EB pre orders that were in the third allocation ?

    At this stage, all I've been told is that I can expect it between Jan 1st and Dec 31st in 2021.

    I'm busy on some of those days.

  • Finally tracking updated my ps5 is coming today!

    I was also able to walk in to my local JB and pick up the new pulse 3d headset, they had two in stock.

    • +1

      Oh nice! Congrats man

      • Thanks mate, Got it couple of hours ago, just set it up and downloading Spider Man.

        Just trying to find cheapest place to buy online membership now

        • Grats!
          Let us know how you go with the membership :)

  • Received PS5 today, ordered 12 Nov Harvey Norman Letssgoo. online delivery to Sydney

    • Did your tracking update all the way through the process? Just curious because mine has been stuck at "picked up" for like 6 days now.

  • Sony ps5 order came today

    • Which state are you in?

      • +2


        Sydney is in NSW

        • Lol thanks mate, durp

  • Still waiting for my JB order, at least its now at the Derrimut Aus post centre now

    • +1

      Same, been like that since Tuesday night. I think thats the last event before its out for delivery though? hopefully comes tomorrow

      • Fingers crossed haha I just want play Spider Man on the weekend :(

        • Same here still stuck in transit which is like 15mins away from my place :(

          • +1

            @uyureka2: Just got an update that it is on board for delivery today!

            • +1

              @chaiwala21: Nice! Where are you located? Mine says "In transit to next facility in Botany" (I'm in Syd). Looks like it may be Monday for me.

            • +1

              @chaiwala21: Have a great web swinging weekend :)

              I think ill be receiving it on Monday

  • Hi All,

    I'm in WA ordered on the 12th November via Amazon. Amazon says shipped on the 2nd Dec for delivery on the 18th Dec.
    Auspost has been stuck on 'In transit to Welshpool WA' since the 2nd Dec coming from Victoria with a delivery date of between Tues 8th and Fri 11th Dec

    Today is the 11th and tracking has still not moved…

    • I'd advice you to call Aus post for once and conform whether your parcel is it out for delivery because I gave them a call and they conformed that my order has left the place this afternoon and i can expect it either at 7.30 pm today or by tomorrow.

      • Thanks, mate, just spoke to them and have been advised the tracking is correct in that it has not reached WA since shipping 9-10days ago which seems very odd.

        Now been advised it's not due until the16th at the earliest and they can't track it any further than left Victoria on its way to WA, which I knew already.. Sigh.

        • Same here. Ordered with JB hi-fi. Tracking on JB hifi website states shipped but it just states information received with the Aus Post. I am in WA. I rang Aus post and they said that is likely on its way. No news on the tracking since 4/12… Has anyone received his in WA?

          • @jimmaureau: In the same situation with my JB Hi Fi order - stuck in Vic.

          • @jimmaureau: Hi Mate, strangely enough, mine turned up yesterday. Auspost tracking hadn't moved and then suddenly around 14:30 got a text saying it was out for delivery and boom 16:00 it was at my door with the delivery man :)

            • @Unwell Cat: Lucky you :)
              I checked auspost website and they estimate delivery time between Victoria and WA to be 7-9 business days… So I should get mine between tomorrow and Thursday…

              • @jimmaureau: @jimmaureau, have you got yours? I am still awaiting and Auspost say that they do not know where it is but it should arrive by Friday.

                • @elease: Nope, still waiting…

                  • @jimmaureau: Any news on your side… Zilch here! It's frustrating!

                    • @jimmaureau: Nope, no updates. Starting to get worried it will not turn up for Xmas.

                      • @elease: They have reduced the estimates for Interstate delivery on the post website so hopefully they have processed most of their backlog…

                      • @elease: Just got the text message… It's out for delivery… Yay! Hope you will get yours today as well…

                        • @jimmaureau: Congrats! Enjoy! :) No change for me though…

                          • @elease: God! What a journey! Turns out that my PS5 is rotten… Crashes all the time! I have followed all the steps to repair and nothing had work so now I have to wait Monday to contact the support and organise to have it repaired… 2 to 6 weeks according to JB hi-fi… So I have useless piece of technology and I am back to my 10 year old PS4!
                            Hope you will be luckier when your turn comes!

  • -1

    I don't want to be "that person"… But look on the bright side… I got my PS5 earlier, and have basically been a beta tester for Sony. The thing is so damn buggy, you are lucky you are still getting to use your old PS4 at the moment. Even a day delay gives Sony an opportunity to roll out a better update. Yes it's shiny, yes it's new and fast…. But, it has a flawed system at the moment.

    • Its not even that buggy

      • It depends on what build you got. Its mostly related to downloads and updates. Once they are done it's generally fine. But Sony has tweeted a workaround. It's much more buggy than it should be. If that's not your experience I envy you (or your patience)
        If you have to reset or rebuild the database at least once a day, that's too buggy in my opinion.

    • +1

      Had mine a couple of weeks now and not a single problem. <touch wood>

    • Did you get yours in November. There have been issues reported with the November batch but I think December ones are fine.

    • How come you can’t use your old PS4? Have you already sold it or something?

  • anyone had any updates to their HN order from the 12th of NOV? Particularly those in SA?

    • Still haven't heard anything. Mine is for delivery, preordered 12th Nov 9:40 am.

      • +1

        alright cheers, guess we're in the same boat

      • picked up mine today from HN marion

        • I'm ready with my 19% of JB HI FI cards .
          All I need is the Loch Ness Monster to turn up to one of their stores .

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