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Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 $314.10 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


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Could also try Pricematching with their Commercial store or Harvey Norman before using coupon code.

Extra 7% off with gift cards from Union Shopper or AGL Rewards

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Best price.. Good find OP

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      Mi box is Android as well. The Xbox is not a comparable device because it has very few compatible apps.

      You buy the NVIDIA Shield because it is the fastest most refined Android TV experience out there.

  • Anyone know if this can be used as a PVR/FTA TV watching as well? Replacing an old HTPC from 2009 with Windows 7 MCE.

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      Yep, haven't done so myself you can record FTA TV through plex.
      Need a TV tuner though, hauppagge live TV tuner has a great reputation among shield users.

      • Thanks for the tips.

  • Great unit. I paid $360 only a few months back.

  • What advantage of this compare to chromecast google tv

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      very good upscaling to 4K. can game on it … can run kodi etc

      • GTV w/C'Cast also runs Kodi

      • I know. But i need info from ozbargainer experienced who own it :)

        • main point for alot of people like me is the upscaling. watch anything below 4k and the AI upscale it for you. its awesome. there are other uses but I got it mainly for the upscale. u can get it with the non pro version.

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          I own both devices. The Chromecast Google TV is great value for money and the primary reason for this is because it offsets it's cheap sale price by constantly trying to upsell you on pay-per-view content . these pay-per-view ads cannot be disabled.

          NVIDIA Shield is much faster, has a much more fluid gui. It's more customisable. It has a better remote. It has 4K upscaling. It also allows you to use it as a basic NAS or allows you to use media server software such as Plex. It also has built-in ethernet and USB 3 ports that the Chromecast does not.

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      As Dropbear67 said, it's got some serious ability to upscale content to 4k. It's not gross like any other system out there. It's pretty fast so it should last a while, and you can do some things on it you can't on other Android TV boxes, like running a Plex server or setting up network shares.

      For me, I was sick of ferrying content on USB sticks to the TV, so I wanted a media server but not on my power hungry computer.
      So now, I download something on my computer, send it to the network share on an external hard drive that's connected to the Shield, and Kodi intelligently organises everything. It's so easy and a pretty great solution. It supports HDR, Dolby Vision, all the sound standards, and has really great app support.

      For context, I tried a NAS and it was terrible compared to this setup because it cost a similar amount but isn't slow as a dog. It's great. I even have the remote set up so that it turns on my non-HDMI soundbar as well which few other things can do.

      Fully recommend if you need something that fills that role.

  • So this more future proof if i want to play stadia later

  • My last two, only orders, with TGG have all been cancelled by them. Due to pricing errors, even when it was in their printed catalog. Annoying I have to give them my business.

    I currently own multiple 4k Roku's and an old Nvidia Shield. Some apps I need the Android for, as Roku isn't locally supported. I use them as EMBY client front ends only.

  • What’s the best controller to use with the shield. I have an Acer and hate it. Seems like it doesn’t have all the buttons for the shield

  • Got it. Cheers OP. Now just need to flick my 2016 Shield