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Samsung Galaxy Note20 $974.35, 5G $1071.85, Ultra $1201.85, Ultra 5G $1299.35 @ Samsung Education Store / EPP


Samsung Note 20 Ultra currently available in all colours.

Sign up using Australian .edu email for education store.

Edit: looks like it may also be available via EPP

First post (please be gentle!).

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    I have 3 quotas left for the year, if anyone wants one let me know :)

    • Quota?

      • im allowed to buy devices per year

        • every EPP account has a quota on how many of each category you can buy..

  • Galaxy Buds live for $207.35 as well.

    • comes with free case now

  • I knew this is coming …

  • Free buds would make it even better:)

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    35% off RRP on selected products (Galaxy Note20 range, Galaxy S20 5G Pink, Galaxy A31 Red)

    ^Receive 35% off the RRP on the A31 4G Red 2020 (SM-A315GZRVXSA), Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981BZIAXSA), and Galaxy Note 20 (SM-N986BZKEXSA, SM-N986BZWEXSA, SM-N986BZNEXSA, SM-N985FZKEXSA, SM-N981BZAEXSA, SM-N981BZNEXSA, SM-N981BZGEXSA, SM-N980FZAEXSA, SM-N980FZNEXSA, SM-N980FZGEXSA, SM-N985FZWEXSA, SM-N985FZNEXSA) purchased from eligible Samsung Enhanced Partnership Portals from 11:30am (AEDT) 13 November 2020 to 11:59pm (AEDT) 1 December 2020, unless withdrawn earlier. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise advised. Subject to stock availability at time of purchase. Discounts are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Offer subject to Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program Terms of Sale.

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      Receive 35% off the RRP across the Samsung Wearables (smartwatches and audio)

      ^Receive 35% off the RRP across the Samsung Wearables (smartwatches and audio) range starts 11:30am (AEDT) 13 November 2020 and ends 11:59pm (AEDT) 14 December 2020 unless withdrawn earlier and is while stocks last. Offers only available to eligible customers from eligible Samsung Partnership Portals, pricing is applied directly to products and will indicate participation in offer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise advised. Discounts are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Offers available while stocks last. These offers (including the offer period) may be modified in Samsung's sole discretion. Offer subject to Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program Terms of Sale. Email [email protected] or call 1300 362 603 for questions regarding this offer.

      1. Stick Vac + Clean Station offer

      *Receive a Samsung Stick Vac Clean StationTM for $100 available when you purchase a Jet VS90 Stick Vac (VS20R9046T3/SA, VS20R9045T3/SA, VS20R9042T2/SA) and Clean StationTM (Silver) (VCA-SAE90A/SA) in a single transaction. Promotion commences 24.04.2020 9.00am (AEST) and closes at 11.59pm (AEDT) 31 December 2020 unless sold out prior or promotion is withdrawn earlier or when you purchase a Jet VS70 Stick Vac Vac (VS15T7036R5/SA, VS15T7035R5/SA, VS15T7032R1/SA) with a Clean StationTM (White) (VCA-SAE90B/SA) in a single transaction. Promotion commences 13.10.2020 9.00am (AEDT) and closes at 11.59pm (AEDT) 31 December 2020 unless sold out prior or promotion is withdrawn earlier. Discount will be applied at the point of purchase. Offer subject to Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program Terms of Sale.

      1. Bonus Galaxy Buds Live Cover

      *Receive a complimentary Buds Live Case (GP-TOR180HOBTW, GP-FGR180AMAYW) valued at $49 RRP, or (GP-FPR180HIBOW, GP-FPR180HIBPW, GP-FPR180HIBQW, GP-FPR180HIBRW, GP-FPR180HIBWW) valued at $45 RRP, or (GP-FPR180KDATW) valued at $24 RRP when you purchase Buds Live (SM-R180NZKAASA, SM-R180NZNAASA, SM-R180NZWAASA, SM-R180NZBAASA, SM-R180NZRAASA) from 12:30pm (AEDT) 11 November 2020 to 11:59pm (AEDT) 22 November 2020 within the same transaction. Maximum of 1 complimentary Buds Live Case per eligible device purchased. Purchase must be made from an eligible Enhanced Partnership Portal only. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise advised. Subject to stock availability at time of purchase. Discounts are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Offer subject to Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program Terms of Sale

    • is this the employee portal?

      • no a general govt link which is sent to your govt email account

  • Does anyone know the price of the A31 red which should also be on sale? Still waiting for my verification email…

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      399.20 for black one

      324.35 for red one. bloody cheap eh.

      • Thank you! Thanks to your comment I kept persisting with getting through the verification process. Managed to get one in red :) I think it's a pretty good price for local stock.

        • glad i was of any help mate. happy for you

  • Will JB hifi price match?

    • nope. tried

  • White 5GUltra out of stock

  • To the owners of Note20 Ultra with Snapdragon, where did you order it from? TIA.

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      Mymobile. Located in Brisbane CBD

    • +1

      Oz Digital Online on eBay

      • It seems the Sanpdragon that is imported does not work with our 5G networks. But this is just what some users are saying. I am not sure of they maybe just don't have a tower nearby.

        • I can confirm it does work.

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    Damn white is out of stock. Is the 12 Pro Max 256 @ $2019 really worth $770 more than the N20 U 5G @ $1249! Was about to put my 12 Pro Max until I saw this..

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      Better to get n20 u and ps5

    • meant order a 12 Pro Max

    • wanted white too, too bad. Pretty much the same product if you are willing to compromise on the smaller screen.

      • What product you comparing it to

        • I was comparing the galaxy note 20 with the ultra's bigger screen.

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    Bought the Ultra 4G version as I don't care about 5G, then had a nagging thought that it might not be the same specs. Looked it up and yep, 4G has 8GB RAM vs 12GB on the 5G. Cancelled the 4G order and bought the 5G instead. Extra $100 but worth it.

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    The price of a Galaxy Z Fold2 5G on EPP is $2,339.20

    • Anyone can share feedback on Z Fold 2? Waiting for the price to drop below $2,000.

      • Given Fold1 is $1500 at JB Hifi now a year later (ie rapid depreciation) I think if you're willing to wait….

        ps. Are you sure it's $2339.20? If so, damn, my EPP is higher at $2399.20 before the $50 coupon.

  • Anyone here has the note 20 ultra 5G? Why is it the screen colour is dull compared to the Note 9. Its like a night and day difference. Now I am thinking that my screen is faulty.

    • It's not faulty, the screen is calibrated to be more natural and less inky.

      Also the LTPO OLED panel combined with the high refresh rate seems to produce a different look overall.

      I compared mine with a OnePlus 7T Pro and the OnePlus actually looked better at first glance. But really it's just a different look.

      • I might check a model phone in shops. Because its like an LCD screen instead of OLED. Its a bit annoying to get this kind of screen.

        • Sounds like you have your screen mode set to Natural, if so try changing it to Vivid.

          • @fireforce: Its on Vivid, I even tried to turn off the adaptive 120hz and FHD+ and put it on WQHD+ and 60hz then restarted the phone but the screen is still dull compared to Note 9.

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    Note 20 ultra FE with snapdragon in 2021 hopefully??

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      Never heard of anywhere mention a N20U FE…. and what if Exynos is better in 2021?

  • All sold out. Does anyone remember if they get stock back in again fairly quickly?

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    Ah when's xiomai bringing out that flag ship phone ahhhh.

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    I posted this to Samsung's FB, still no reply.

    Hi Samsung

    Do you agree that the (Samsung) Exynos chip is weaker than the (USA) Snapdragon chip found in all phones heading to the states?

    I wonder why Australia gets the weaker chip.

    Do you think it's unfair that as Australians we still pay top dollar for a substandard chip/phone?

    Do you thinks it's unfair that most consumers have no idea about this difference and are basically getting a weaker phone without even knowing it….

    If we did a side by side comparison (one Snapdragon and one Exynos) of any of your latest galaxy/note phones with a test to measure performace do you agree that we would see a difference in overall performance and battery life between the two chips?

    I would be interested in a 5G note, however I'm not will to pay for a weaker product.

    I feel that the wool is being pulled over unknowing customers here in Australia.


    • Your wasting your time. They will say that exynos is best suited for the Australian network blah blah blah for flagships. I'm sure they get this question everyday to the point they will just give you a scripted response.

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    If they still use Exynos, then this should be everyday price.

  • ive had nothing but samsung since 2011 till 2019 my first iphone 11, first 1 month i felt like smashing it to pieces and going back to samsung. but it kept growing on me, now i dont think i can go back to Samsung. with the recent security stance apple took with ios 14, nothing comes close to it in terms of security. the things i use to miss like call recorder and screen recorder which i still miss, i wish iphone would add them but its against their privacy policy. the camera is so good on the iphone 11 and its also improved further on the 12. the stabilization is just not comparable, the iphone is just better. did a full comparision with my friends samsung s20 and he agreed that the iphone is smoother too, also i feel like the battery lasts longer on the iphone 11 than my last android which was a LG v30

    • +1

      Iphone does have screen recording but not call recording however.

      • but it notifies the person who you screen recorded lol, the android version bypasses that. oh also instagram downloader, iphone does have it in form of a shortcut but its not as reliable and doesnt work 2/10 times

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          Watched a few videos now and note 20 ultra goes back and front with being on par with 12 pro max in nearly every department. I’ve had last 3 iterations of iPhone and if you think incremental is bad on Samsung it’s even worse on iPhone. The 12 Pro max seems like such a minor upgrade over my last 11 Pro Max and I’m returning it and jumping on this deal. I’m sorry but the 12 Pro Max is not worth $770 more than the equivalent N20U 256.

          • @LifeStories: Agreed. Apple started to include notches in the phones since iphone x , iphone 11 had same look from front , 12 also same. Looking at samsung phones and other andriod phones which have just a small camera cutout , this looks so outdated.

            • @Modesty: Agreed. Not just the notch but Apple claim the pro max is supposed to be epic in terms of low light but compared to 12 Pro or 11 Pro max in videos it’s hardly any difference.

  • wow great deal, I would've jumped on the ultra version for $1201, however I needed a new phone asap yet didn't wanna splurge so opted for a mint condition pre owned note 10+ for 680$.

  • Sorry if I have missed the post earlier but will I be able to purchase the Note 20 Ultra using my son's school email address? :)

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      If the email addy ends in .edu.au then should be fine afaik.

  • It's sold out, when will they restock? Ultra 5g

    • +1

      All back in stock

      • Thanks

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    All seemingly back in stock for those that were waiting.

  • Gold or white? Gold doesn’t attach fingerprint but I prefer the look of white … hard choice

    • Glad I held out as over weekend all sold out with 4G version only. Went with white in 5G for 12gb of Ram. Looks so damn crisp. Bronze is too rose gold for me and not feeling it. Black is meh

  • How long does it take to get the $50 subscription voucher?

    • +1

      Pretty quick, it not get on chat and tell them you haven’t got it and you should get it from them instantly. Did that and sorted it out

      • Yep, they generate it for you and it's available to use immediately…and it stacks with EPP!

    • I registered and then go on live chat then get the code immediately.

      • Thanks everyone

  • White is sold out again, I have added black one to the cart, but when I try going into the cart, it show error 500 internal server error, I tried the chat they are also not helpful in this situation, anyone else facing this problem? Epp gov account

    • +1

      Wow white is popular. I’d log out and log back in again. I had same error other day.

      • Yea, if they restock the white I will bite, otherwise will wait for s21…Gold is really not my taste. Black is boring

        • Just love that SPen and will be a while again before s21 is discounted

  • Black and White is sold out. Only bronze available at this moment.

    • Wonder when it will end chat seems to think it can be pulled at any moment. As a matter of interest my phone is already in its way for delivery. Ordered at 7:30am. Manufacture date of 3.11.20.

      White by far the most popular.

  • Just received notification that it will be delivered tomorrow (ordered Friday) in case anyone was wondering how quick they were getting out.

  • All note 20 ultra back in stock! Just ordered a white one for $1249

  • Just grabbed the black 5G ultra $1249. I wonder how close next weeks black Friday sales will get to that price?

    • The promotion page said it’s Samsung Black Friday deal so I guess it’s the Black Friday price already. But if you don’t open the package then you can wait till Black Friday to see if it’s cheaper, if it is you can return the expensive one and reorder…

      • I thought about doing this. I don't think I can help myself and not open it.

        Surely if they beat $1249 it wouldn't be by much.

        • Last year there was an excellent deal with UNiDAYS for the Note 10+. Wonder if they'll have something similar this year.

          • @fireforce: Yes, I got my note 10+ from that deal, the unidays code + (cheaper)RRP made note 10+ at $1000 mark, apart from that, the discount % from Samsung is the same as this time.

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    All back in stock. ordered white one, yippy !!

    Thanks OP.

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      They seem to be restocking with 35 units at a time.

      • +2

        I nearly…let me repeat NEARLY bought the gold color. My payment failed somehow and when i was retrying i accidentally checked stock. Voila. White one was back in stock and i just bought it. phew !!

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          Whoa! Hella crazy lol

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    Galaxy S20 FE 5G $919.20

    Galaxy S20 FE $799.20

    • +1

      EPP store is always different price to the EDU store.
      Been watching the S20FE, and apart from a deal, for pre order just prior to release, prices have stagnated.
      EPP store
      $976.65 for the 128 5G (256 oos)
      $849.15 for the 4G

  • The white one is out of stock again for the 5G Ultra version

  • White looks so popular.

    • If you want the white one just check again first thing tomorrow morning they should restock again. I think they purposely put a limited number of each color each day so that all color can be sold evenly

      • Thanks for that. Good price for ultra. Looking to buy one , but new series is also releasing soon so might wait.

        • Actually I am planning to return mine. Just ordered and it’s already on its way, have to reject delivery maybe…Cuz reading the news that the new S21 will come with a much improved Exyons chipset which may outperform the SD875, so I might get the s21 ultra instead…only two months away and the rumor suggest the new model will be released early in Jan 2021.


          • +1

            @ozvictor: Yeah, same here. Rumours say s21 exynos will ne better. So lets hope. Even if it doesn't, maybe we can get note 20 ultra more cheaper than this.

            • +1

              @Modesty: Timing and price.
              These were the two things that helped me making my mind to buy this one. S21 would definitely be better (heaps or not) but to get a discounted price might take some time.

              There is a chance they will be doing 50% on EPP sites, if you have access to that. in that case it makes sense to hold on.

              • @Ash SA: This is a good price, but I just want to avoid exynos. New exynos chips will be better and no doubt , it'll be expensive. But , then one can decide which one to pick as note 20 ultra may get more cheaper.

                • @Modesty: Samsung quite often have discount shortly after launch on the education store. Note 10 plus was so cheap last year for around $1000.

                  • @ozvictor: Yeah. Samsung always like that. Even at launch day you can get it cheaper than RRP. After some time, deals will be on throughout the year.

                    • @Modesty: Yea mate, I also decide to wait, will wait for the new exynos and see, also after the launch of the s21, we might get the note 20 ultra for 1k. Rumors that the next galaxy will also equip with an s pen as they will no longer have the note series by itself since screens are getting so big

                      • +1

                        @ozvictor: Yeah, I heard that too.
                        Before some time , note series had so much extra features than s series but now S series and note series are almost same , except the spen. Let's see what s21 brings and then we can decide , also my s10 5g still going strong.

                        • @Modesty: @Modesty : my s10+ broke just a day ago, that is why i had t order this one. On top of that the deal looked super cool to me.

                          status is "onboard for delivery" !! I can hardly contain my excitement now.