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R5-3500X | 1660 Super 6GB Budget 1080P Gaming PC: $799 + Delivery @ TechFast


Spoke to rep Luke about lower priced deals so here is one for a budget gaming PC valid for November.
Enjoy :)

  • Ryzen 5 3500X processor
  • MSI Ventus XS OC 1660 Super 6GB graphics card (Luke has confirmed)
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM (upgrades available, requires B450 motherboard for
    faster RAM)
  • A320 motherboard (upgrades available)
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 550W PSU (650W Bronze and Gold upgrades available)
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB MATX Case

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  • +2

    if I have a spare SSD and install it on my own, will this void TechFast's RTB (Return to Base) warranty? I remember luketechfast mentioned that their PCs are customised for those that want to install additional storage on their own hence the default small storage capacity to reduce the base price.

    • +12

      You can uninstall it and there would be no way to know it was ever there.

    • +6

      The above is true, however while it won't auto void your warranty, always note that any addition may have an impact on your warranty if it's found the be the cause of or contributing to the issue at hand. It's case by case.

  • +24

    I'm pairing this with my new $16464 luxury office workstation. Literally broke.

    • +2

      I miss the comedy of @BoosterAu. @BoosterAu where are you?

  • +4

    Holy crap this would be amazing for 1080p gaming and with a GPU upgrade in the next 12 months still be awesome for 1440p gaming

    • +2

      How would it fare for 1080p gaming @ 144hz?

      • +2

        Just fine. No witcher 3 etc.

      • +3

        It will be pretty decent. Upgrade to B450 Motherboard and 3200Mhz RAM and you got a decent bang for buck 1080p gaming rig.

    • That's what I was thinking.

    • What GPU would you use for 1440p gaming and would you keep the 550W PSU or upgrade that too?

  • +1

    Can't wait until big navi comes in and we can see the difference between the two major players in action!

  • I'm tryna sell 2nd hand Zen 2 R5 1650S builds, this almost has me beat!

  • +1

    cant add to cart because the case is out of stock, any help?

    • Issue should be fixed now

  • +7

    Damn i've had this build for almost a year and been playing most games 1440p with 60-75fps.
    Just need to turn down the shadows a little and worst case, anti-aliasing.

    Was getting 75fps in 1440p on Modern Warfare, high settings

    • how much was yours a year ago?

      • +5

        Much cheaper

        But I purchased another 8gb Ram ($60) and my GPU is actually a 1660 (Non super) so you'd get more performance from this build.

        • Yea the difference between these two builds actually even out alongside the price… You got a good deal man, especially considering that that was a whole year ago :)

          • @Zackeroo: Yeah and its still running strong! BIOS is s#!house though.

            • @jsediv: Hehe, for that price I wouldn't expect the motherboard to be anything special :)

  • +4

    case is out of stock. By the way if you make some changes (B450M, M.2, 3200mHz RAM, Bronze PSU) it comes to $1388 anyways, so you're actually just better off building your own system….

    • Thanks mate, those are the exact changes I would have made too…

      • +4

        All good mate, better off not getting these cheapo TechFast builds since their parts are subpar. Those "non-GPU" builds for the 30XX series were amazing for the price however.

        EDIT: Not to mention there is shipping on top of the $1388 so you're getting close to $1400'ish (and at that point you can build your own, or get the Virco Computers deal)

        • +14

          Did you forget to add the coupon code?

          I just did it with 16GB 3200Mhz RAM, B450, Bronze PSU and M2 drive - $1364 came down to $1075…

          • +1

            @nafe: ah my bad, then i suppose it isn't too shabby for the price

          • @nafe: gday nafe
            I'm new to ozbargains where do you find the coupon code ive looked cant find it. cheers

        • I don't understand this comment. Even if you were to buy all the parts yourself at the best price you can, you will still most likely be spending more.

          The subpar parts last long enough and you replace them when/if they fail.

          I am always confused by comments like yours.

          • @simplexion: I would say quite a majority of people wouldn't want their parts to "last long enough". This isn't a small sum of money so it makes sense to spend more for that reassurance of quality.

    • Haven't looked at new pc until now.
      Why change the mboard to b450?

      • I would upgrade purely just for the M.2 support, faster speeds and better upgrade path in the future

      • b450 supports faster clocked ram and m2.

  • Only case option is out of stock, can't add to cart.

  • Can these be ordered not built?

    Have some parts id like to put in myself and may just sell the remaining parts in their original packaging?

    • +4

      Off memory I believe you enter something like "Disassembled" into the order notes and they send you all parts in their own packaging. That being said you don't get the system return to base warranty, only the individual warranty for each part. If in doubt await for Luke to confirm though!

      • Thanks :) I sent them an email to find out.

    • +2

      Sir Grinch esq is correct, enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED at checkout and we'll send everything as we receive it. 3500X is OEM/tray packaged not retail so we will send securely packaged.

      • Thanks for the prompt update Luke, any chances of upgrading to 3600?

        • +2

          All 3600s are currently tied into higher tier systems at this stage.

  • Looks like an amazing deal, only GPU + CPU should be almost costing that much.

    Our recently built budget PC has the following;

    Athlon 220GE CPU (will upgrade with 5000 series later)
    B550M Motherboard - Asrock Pro 4
    1650 Super GPU - Gigabyte Windforce OC
    2 x 8 GB 3600 mhz - Crucial Ballistix (Thank you Ozbargain for helping me to grab these for $76)
    500 W Thermaltake Smart RGB PSU
    Micro ATX Case - Techware M3+
    Razer Blackwidow Lite Stormtrooper Keyboard (Thank you Ozbargain for helping me to grab this for $77)

    We used Userbenchmark PC Builder to select the components, shit CPU with good GPU gave a better result than good CPU with shit CPU so we decided to go ahead with Athlon to have something working and playable to start with. We already use it even if GPU hasn't arrived yet as Athlon has on board GPU.

    • +2

      Pretty sure the Athlon won't work with a B550 Board
      AFAIK The cheapest CPU you can get that works with B550 boards is the Ryzen 3100.

      • +2

        We found out that Athlon wasn't compatible with B550 after we ordered it. We switched from B450 to B550 in the last day.
        We were really worried that it wouldn't work but wanted to try as there were some youtube videos claiming that it might work. It worked straight away. We just don't update the bios just in case it stops working afterwards.

  • +1

    Amazing value. RRP of 1660 Super is already $ 350-ish.

    • -2

      Because OzBargainers pay RRP xD

      • +1

        Go find an RTX30xx in stock below RRP and let us know where we can find please

    • +1

      Keep in mind that the PSU included is basically a bomb. It is probably a cheap allied psu which has a very high chance of catching fire. You would need to change that asap.

      • Yeah, the minimum price is really above $900 delivered with a remotely reasonable power supply.

        I originally thought like some of the above I'd also want to upgrade the motherboard and ram but with this relatively small case (max GPU length 230mm) you're probably not going to be putting a substantially higher-end graphics card in anytime soon. I think this machine is better being taken as-is (other than the power supply upgrade) and if you want to do a bigger upgrade in the future you won't actually be out of pocket (since the motherboard and ram upgrades are close to the price of a completely separate motherboard and ram anyway, plus if upgrading the GPU you may well want a new case so it's not like you're doing any more work to upgrade)

  • +3

    Can this play Dota 2?

    • +5

      No, you need X570 motherboard with 64GB DDR4 RAM, 4TB NVMe SSD, 2x RTX 3090 in SLI, and a 4K 165Hz monitor to play the game.

      Only kidding, yes you can play Dota 2 with this.

      • +1

        haha got me.

        Don't judge but I have been playing on a MBP 2.0 and it is pissing me off.

        • Would this run Dota 2 at 1440p 144hhz at max settings?

          • @prayforjojo: No - I may as well be spectating with the 2 min lag.

          • @prayforjojo: Unfortunately not. I play 1080p with some settings turned off and I still get drops to 90-100fps.

            i7-7700k and RTX 2080.

      • Could save some money and get two 6900xt and give the left over money saved to buy this system.

        • Yeah, I had different priorities towards the end of the year but Covid happened and my friends are all back on with the rigs and then there's me.

  • -1

    price jumped to $1088

    • +2

      Did you enter the code?

      • Clearly didn't! :)

        • +1


          • @miasg: so are you buying or just doing UAT for their shopping cart?

  • would be nice if we can upgrade to 3600 processor for future proofing.

  • +1

    Not a very big computer nerd here, would this be ok to run games like Microsoft flight sim 2020?

    • +1

      isnt that sim crazy demanding?

    • +5

      It will play it absolutely, but be realistic about the settings you're hoping to achieve.

    • +1

      I bought a similar setup from TechFast about a year ago for bit higher price - 3600 CPU, 1660 GPU, 8GB RAM (at the time - upgraded to 32GB later) and it plays fine. Some videos of my game play and modding work here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/

      I added a nvme later just for Flight Sim though to improve the load times.

      And this case looks way better than the standard microATX case I got too which is way too small.

    • Yes it will, but not on the highest graphics settings. There are many forums on the best way to tweak the settings. However in perspective, there are very few home PC's that can run MSFS (more simulator, less game) with high frame rate at Ultra settings. You could spend 4x this on a PC and only get a fraction better performance on that particular sim.

      You probably want to opt for larger storage (SSD) though if you plan to install MSFS and high end games.

  • does anyone know big this case is? I'm after a small case, similar to SFF size. Thanks.

    • It's very compact. The case specs are in the image gallery for the listing or here.

  • This, or Xbox series X, I heard the series X gets 70 to 90 frames in raytracing mode in 1080p Upscaled, no idea what the hell that means from digital foundry.

    • +1

      If it is pure gaming (with limited budget), you could consider Series X. Features already available now (which beats this PC setup):

      • Quick Resume.
      • 1TB SSD.
      • A better CPU (8C/16T) and GPU.
      • USB 3.1 gen 2 ports.
      • Hardware ray-tracing.
      • Ultra HD Blu-ray support.
      • GamePass Ultimate - heaps more games for console vs GamePass PC.

      However, you lose:

      • Ease of Web browsing and multi tasking.
      • Ability to change GPU once GPU prices come down.

      As for ray tracing, it depends on how the games does it. We've seen DMC 5 SE offering performance RT mode (1080p high frame rate). However, 4K/60fps with full on RT is still unlikely (even nVidia offerings need DLSS). We don't have info on AMD's equivalent of DLSS yet (MLSS? machine learning super sampling?).

      • +1

        lose ability to change GPU once GPU prices come down

        potentially may also need to change the Motherboard if Shibb wants to upgrade to Zen 3 CPU.

        • If you want shibb you can find him or her in jail, preferably with lots of shivs.

          Plus ps5 doesn't even have a browser who knew.

    • You can get this ASAP…. Series X … you can get next year possibly ;)

      • good thing comes to those who wait

        • I'm too impatient !!
          Must have it yesterday…

  • Hey Luke,

    I've just purchased the GTX 1650 Super card from your competitor the other day. Can I get this PC with a few upgrades (e.g. 32GB) but without the GTX 1660 card?


    • +2

      Unfortunately not as the CPU requires a GPU for display and we're not offering this as an untested, no GPU build.

  • +5


    How about a good deal on a slightly better higher spec system?

    Something with the following upgrades over this one would be ideal:

    • a better PSU
    • B450 motherboard
    • faster RAM
    • 2060 Super GPU
    • +3

      yes plz, will pay more

    • Although I'm not really in the market for a whole pc, I think it's worth Luke seeing if any well-priced 5700xt cards can be worked into the next level up system. For AAA games at 1440p you probably want at least that, and apparently rtx 2070 are end of line and not available (noted from some of Luke's other deals). But maybe for 1080p high frame rate gaming a 2060 super is still worthwhile, not my scene.

  • -1

    i might get crucified for saying this but imo for this price, I would rather spend it on next-gen consoles; i guess what I am trying to say is either go big or go home. I dare to say (in nowadays) at bare minimum, it should be at least a pairing of 3300X / 3600 with either 2070 Super or 5700 XT.

    • +1

      Right now, it does look that way.

      • PS5 and Series X are both using PCI gen 4 for SSDs. Both have hardware accelerated decompression tech.
      • You need something like AMD 3700X CPU or better to beat next gen console's raw CPU power.
      • Series X's quick Resume is a nifty trick (while it won't match PC with lots of RAM and placing games in background), it is quite impressive. Furthermore, next gen games load really fast. We do not know how fast Direct Storage API will be fully implemented on PC side.
      • nVidia underestimated AMD's GPU performance leap. nVidia not able to get TSMC 7nm this time around.
      • Price war from Sony and Microsoft on the next gen consoles benefit consumers.

      Thing will change next year and the year after (nVidia will fight back). However, you can feel the quality of life improvement from next gen consoles. For now, both next gen consoles are blowing this PC away in terms of gaming. That said, next gen consoles do feel a bit bulky this time around.

    • +1

      If the series X could run windows it'd be the hands down winner, I'd pay a $1000 for it without blinking, even if it ran PC programs that'd be a winner.

      • +2

        what would you use Windows in console for? Excel spreadsheet?

        • PC Games

          • @CJ31: hmmmmm a tad confused; should you not then get this PC deal or this? it is still within that price range and can run PC programs and PC games.

        • +1

          what would you use Windows in console for?

          As a very capable desktop PC? It will disrupt the pc market for sure.

  • Would suggest a 10400f in this configuration at the same price instead. Not massively faster in 1080p gaming 5-10fps with a 1660Super on average, but anything using more threads would benefit greatly.

  • +1

    What's expected shipping/delivery times for this?

  • Probably a dumb question, but do you need to add Windows 10 to this purchase - is that the only valid way to get a new license? Or can I make a .iso file on a device that already has windows 10 and go from there?

    If installing windows is just a matter of labour I can do that myself but I haven't bought a custom PC device in a long while so I'm not really sure what the go is these days.

    • Its in the link.

      • Yes but is it something that I need to actually pay the extra for? If I use 'no operating system activation', could I install windows myself for cheaper?

        • +1

          It's been a while since you last install a Windows OS I reckon.

          What Windows does now is it will try to find any existing digital license associated with the PC, if yes, it will use that. If not, it would prefer you to enter a legit to activate it. You do get a water mark on the desktop and cannot change Windows theme. However, Microsoft still lets you use Windows 10 unactivated.

          • @netsurfer: Interesting, thanks for explaining. Sounds like I don't need to buy the license from TechFast, I can see if there's maybe a way to wrangle the license from my old dead PC into the new one

        • Do you have an older windows 7 key sbot? If so you can use that and use the Windows media creation tool. If you want to migrate your current Win10 to a new system then you can do that with the likes of EaseUS.