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Dell S2421H 24" Monitor 1080p 75 Hz IPS AMD FreeSync $155.58 Delivered @ Dell


Cheapest price ever, great monitor for the price, direct from Dell.


Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 23.8"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 75 Hz
Pixel Pitch: 0.2745 mm
Brightness: 250 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Colour Support: 16.7 million colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI
Display Position Adjustments: Tilt
Screen Coating: Anti-glare 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 53.78 cm x 15.28 cm x 41.28 cm
Environmental Standards: TCO Certified Displays 8, ENERGY STAR Qualified
Compliant Standards: RoHS, HDCP 1.4
Bundled Services: 3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

A gift to a lucky ozbargainer:

Coupon code: P00$JFD7N7NMN2
Discount: $60
For purchases above: $120
Valid until: 26 December 2020

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    Dude, at this rate I will have a monitor in every single room in my home….

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    This one OP linked has internal speakers. If you don't need speakers and want the same spec - 2x HDMI and non height adjustable stand there is the model below for $138.79 with the same code applied.

    • Dell 24 Monitor - S2421HN.
    • why someone below says this model S2421H does not have height adjustment,

      So both models are now same spec, just it does not have built in speakers?

      which model is below this model?

      • Height adjustment is from the physical stand that is provided which is only available on "HS" models as they uses the vesa mounting for the stand to adjust the height. The models listed in my reply and in OPs use screws to mount next to the IO.

        The bullet point is "below" I visually used the bullet point to emphasis on the model number.

        • -2

          yeah just was confused about your bullet point.. and the first statement.

          Do you have a link for the model you are referring to?

          so are you saying this model S2421HN is the one that is below this model
          and is the one has no speakers but same spec?

    • Edit removed

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      Interesting how the model "above" this, the HS, doesn't seem to feature speakers. Dell should be a lot clearer and just mention "integrated speakers included y/n" in the product specifications.

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    Ordered one. Thanks!

  • Can i use a monitor arm with this?

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    • Vesa capable.

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    Be mindful this model does not come with height adjustable stand.

    Height Adjustable Stand: S2421HS, S2721HS, S2721DS, S2721QS, S3221QS

  • Freesync on this model works with nvidia card right?

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        Incorrect, nVidia has introduced G-Sync compatible, which is basically FreeSync.

        nVidia caved in already. They do need the mainstream market.

        • NVIDIA is such a (profanity) with their proprietary bs

    • If your nVidia card and driver supports G-Sync compatible (which is a smart marketing trick from nVidia), then it should work. nVidia now supports FreeSync, but calls it G-Sync compatible (for the ones that they verified). Most FreeSync monitors should be fine, this is a 2020/2021 model so it should be okay.

      An 8-bit IPS panel without HDR (and only 75Hz), I wouldn't waste money going to G-Sync (standard) or G-Sync Ultimate.

      • +1

        This monitor only has HDMI inputs (no Displayport). It is my understanding that G-Sync compatible will not work over HDMI. Please correct me if that is wrong.

        • An excellent observation which I would like some closure to. All online sources suggest Freesyncs which are G-Sync Compatible only work over displayport - meaning you'd have to slide up to the S2421HS option which includes displayport 1.2.

          Also, nVidia naturally have not yet updated their official G-Sync Compatible (with a big 'C') list to include these monitors. Are we still safe to assume we'd be able to use it with an nVidia gpu without any dramas?

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    Nice one. thanks op

  • 250 cd/m2

  • How does this monitor compare to similar samsung one?

    does it use samsung panel or some other panel brand?

    • It's comparable to Samsung's PLS panel.

      This one would use LG IPS panel or AUO IPS panel. It's unlikely to be Samsung PLS. My guess is that it has an LG IPS. It could be 6-bit + FRC (to reach 8 bit / 16.7 mil colours).

  • Is it worth waiting til Black Friday to pick one of these up? I'm looking to grab the S2721DGF, too, and would prefer to grab them at the same time.

    • +2

      Depends. Dell seems to give out $60 voucher for a S2721DGF purchase. That $60 voucher can come in handy for the second monitor. Imagine taking $60 off this price - additional 38% off. I doubt you can get the same deal for Black Friday (I hope I am wrong).

      Do bear in mind, Dell will only issue the voucher only after you received the monitor (i.e. the transaction is fully completed).

      • Gotcha. Appreciate the insight!

    • They won't be on black Friday deals, so now is the time.

  • When does this sale price and discount code end ??

    • I've contacted a Dell rep. I'll update post when he replies.

      • Thanks

      • Expect it to end Friday 20th, but may be extended!

        • Thanks

  • +5

    I'm not going to use my $35 coupon from recent monitor purchases. Makes this screen $132.30.


    • +1

      Damn man. These codes are dangerous… was tempted to get something I didn't need again just because it was so cheap.

      • Impulse buys can be the best buys. I feel you, just spreading the love.

    • +5

      Thanks mate, super happy securing monitor for only 120.58 with your coupon and above code stacked together. Plus may be 6% cashback depends on cashrewards TC's. Signed up just to say thanks to you.
      Once I get my coupon I will pass on here if I'm not using it.

      • +3

        Spread the love. I added mine to main post!

        • +4

          Awesome, I just used yours. Thanks. I purchased S2421HN for just $89. Super happy deal.

          • @hiaaron: You're welcome, enjoy.

          • @hiaaron: That is a steal my man.

            • +1

              @Sheng: I know. It was too good to be true. I couldn't stack with OP's code LOVEKEANU, even though it was over $120 before the GST. Can't remember what the error code was but it did not allow stacking. SJ5283 managed to stack, so I thought I should have tried this monitor instead of S2421HN. Anyway, I don't need built-in speakers so can't be happier.

              • @hiaaron: Well done .. I’d have pulled the trigger with that code
                If anyone has another $60 code a pm would be appreciated .. even a $35 code thanks …

              • +1

                @hiaaron: You can just need to add lovekeanu afterwards

  • Any legend with a code, please PM me, much appreciated!

  • Wouldn't mind a code too if anyone has a spare. Much appreciated :) please PM me.

  • Any generous person would like to share spare discount code, PM me. Thanks in advance.

  • If anyone has a spare code could you pm me please, would really appreciate.


  • Just bought x5 - do I get sent a discount code???

    • Generally you get an email with a Dell advantage coupon up to 20 days after your purchase.

  • Would love a spare discount coupon as well.
    please pm me

  • Anyone still have a discount coupon? Please….

  • Could anyone please pm me a code, I'll be sure to pay it forward once I get mine, thanks!

  • +3

    Coupon code: BQCS3TWPN2BWQZ
    Discount: $10
    For purchases above: $100
    Valid until: 26 December 2020

  • Would love a code if anyone has one. Will be paying forward my code when I get one.

  • Please PM me the code if anyone has spare discount coupon. Thanks.

    • I would also love a code PM if anyone has a sparey hanging around annoying them not being used? Please and thanks, kind people.

  • Code for me too pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease if any are still available

  • Code please anyone :)
    Will share code once I've made purchase aswell.

  • Anyone got a code you would like to let go of for greater good, Please ?

  • What's the difference between the H and the HN?

    • -1

      Oh the speaker… no one needs that anyways

  • +3

    I have one more $60 coupon added below. Good luck!

    Coupon code: BHV7G97ZJM?T81
    Discount: $60
    For purchases above: $120
    Valid until: 26 December 2020

    • ordered one few days ago but the delivery date is Dec 15th

      • Three weeks seems normal in these current times. Be patient, sometimes it can come sooner.

        • Ordered 22/11, yesterday they sent an email saying the delivery date will be 02/01/21!

          Definitely need this before Xmas… does anyone have experience with cancelling orders?

        • They also lie about delivery dates. Take your money, then change the date. Bad business practice,

          • -1

            @Hands of scone: Dell doesn't lie about delivery dates. It's an automated system that updates based on latest stock quantity and purchases. You should always contact customer support to get an accurate idea of your shipping date.

            If you look at previous Dell deals, most customers receive their order much earlier than the specified date.

            • @KeRRR: Okay, maybe it’s not lying but systems which aren’t fit for purpose

    • +1

      You are awesome with the codes. Missed this one too though lol. Long shot, if you come across another could you PM me? :)

    • Damn you purchased a couple of monitors hehe

  • +1

    Anyone else have an unneeded coupon? Would be appreciated :-)

  • Yes I too would appreciate a code if anyone has a spare.

  • How do people get those 60$ off 120 spend coupons?

    • Patiently wait and hope someone who bought from dell previously shares their code.

    • By spending certain amounts through Dell, you can get a $30, $60, $120 coupon to use with your next purchase.

  • Hi anyone has a coupon to spare, please?
    Please PM me.
    Thank you so much.

  • Sorry, but Dell are shysters. I ordered this for my sons Christmas present before Black Friday and when they said the ship date would be in November.

    I happened to check the online delivery details today and they’ve updated the ship date to January. Called them and they didn’t seem to care less or offer any solution.

    I’ve now missed Black Friday sales from other retailers because Dell bullshitted about being able to fulfill orders when stated.

    • -1

      The shipping dates are updated automatically through dell, they are not always accurate. You should get it on or before the original specified date if you purchased from this deal.

      Contact customer support for an accurate delivery date.

      • I ordered before Black Friday to avoid the rush. Post Black Friday they have changed the delivery date. Customer service won’t/can’t do anything but cancel the order. I now have to buy a monitor outside of the sales period because Dell’s system are broken.

        It leaves a pretty bad taste in the mouth…at best Dell are shoddy at worst shady.

        • +1

          Yeah, pretty weird delivery estimation. They seem to give you a 'worst case scenario'. My anticipated date was end of Dec but all of a sudden in the span of one evening, got the tax invoice, shipping confirmation and by today it was delivered. Keep your scone-filled fingers crossed i'd say!

      • Mine has just been updated to March… from an original ETA of 15Dec …

        • Mine has moved to March as well. WTF is going on. Not happy.

  • Dell your tax invoices look like spam email 😂

    Here's an excerpt of mine: [IMPORTANT] Dell,Invoice#2222222222, for PO#: Date: 2020-12-02 ID: 222222222Payment Term: Credit/Deb.Card

    and it's from an

    [email protected].