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Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT GAMING OC $549 Delivered @ Centrecom


Tempted to take advantage but may wait a few days to see what happens with 6000-series launch & prices.

Similar to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572620

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    I will wait for 6000 series

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    Quite certain they ran out of SSDs. Might want to take that out from the title OP, so as not to mislead.

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      Oh really? OK ty for heads up

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        Many were denied the bonus from the deal you mention, see this thread

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        Yes, many victims, including me. Don't trust the promotion - they allocate a small amount of stock and then keep the promotion going even after the stock has been allocated. Pretty shady

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    I’m negging this deal because
    1. Cheaper here at $499
    2. Dodgy practice by Gigabyte, offering bonus SSD but denying when you go to claim

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    Negging because Gigabyte and dodgy promotion practices.

    • What a shitty practice. Has anyone reported to ACCC?

      • I think quite a few get shunted every round of promotion they run. But given the ACCC likely has its hands full with the travel industry, I don't think they will likely take action

  • My mate has a 2080 - this 5700xt genuinely out performs it Warzone. At least in terms of FPS anyway.

    • Looks like the drivers have been improving, typical for AMD

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    At this point given next weeks launch and approaching black Friday, makes no sense to buy anything right now unless a steal however Gigabyte have a lot to answer for past actions.

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    Dodgy Gigabyte. Avoid !

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    will be sub 500 as normal shortly

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    Will never buy Gigabyte again, too many people got ripped off with the SSD.

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      brave comment time.

      I buy gigabtye if its a good product and reviewed well, just dont buy something expecting any promotions from them ever again thou.

      Standalone forevermore so you know what you buy is what you get.

      • manufacturers change policies all the time - gigabyte used to be good now they are not.

        asus were good a long time ago now poor… difficult to think off anyone apart from asrock who got better.

        msi has failed recently even…

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