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AOC Q27G2S 27" 1440p IPS 155hz 1ms Freesync Premium Monitor - $389 + Shipping (Approx $20) @ Shopping Express


Great price for a 27" IPS 155hz 1440p fully-adjustable monitor. Most sites seem to be selling for $439 at the moment, but Shopping Express has an extra $50 off at checkout. Shipping seems to be $20 or a bit under for the random selection of east coast postcodes I tried.

Some specs from the site:

Screen Size (Inches): 27"
Screen Resolution: 1440p QHD
Resolution Simplified: 1440p
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Panel Type: IPS
Screen Refresh Rate (Hz): 155Hz
Response Time (ms): 1ms
Adaptive Sync: FreeSync Premium
HDMI: 2x HDMI 2.0b
DisplayPort (DP): 1x DisplayPort 1.2
VGA: None
Height Adjustable: Yes
Swivel Adjustable: Yes
Tilt Adjustable: Yes
Pivot Adjustable: Yes
VESA Mounting: 100 x 100

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  • Don't know much about monitors but this is an absolute steal considering the specs and price. Anyone who is far more knowledgeably in the field of monitors care to explain the catch? The popular Dell S2721DGF is the closest monitor in price with similar specs (27", 144hz+, IPS, QHD) but that is still over $550.

    • I just bought 2 of the Dell's and am very tempted to cancel and purchase these.

      • I'd say do some research into this monitor first. As HW unboxed showed on their channel the Dell is an excellent performer pretty much on par with one of the best 27" QHD 144hz monitors out there, the LG GL850. There has to be a reason why this monitor has essentially the same specs at a far cheaper price lol. I'm sure they cut corners somewhere

      • Not 10bit panel and someone experienced occasional screen blackouts using G-sync

    • Here is the review on RTings

      The S2721DGF is just a better monitor that costs more.

      • That page is for VA panel, this is IPS

        • Yeah, I was just trying to edit it.

          That's the non-s version. My comment is 100% useless.

          That being said
          Is a worthwhile comparision.

          • @Zephyrus: That's a different monitor. As an owner of S2721DGF, that Dell monitor is okay, but it does has its flaws. Sure, most reviews rate the Dell highly, but it is not that good to be honest: 60Hz mode isn't that great (faint line at the second last row of pixels), occasional blackouts, IPS glow (some people find it on the high side).

            • @netsurfer: Genuinely asking, but what do you use the 60hz mode for?

              • @caffeine69: Older PCs / laptops (with old intel CPU and embedded graphics), PS4 (used to own one), Android boxes, Mobile phones (both iPhones and Android phones).

                Someone had issue with i7-8700 (with Intel UHD 630) with 1440p @120Hz using HDMI. I am not sure whether that user tried DisplayPort. At the moment, without a dedicated nVidia or AMD graphics cards, I only know my intel 8th gen NUC is capable of supporting 120Hz.

                • @netsurfer: 1440p 144hz only works over HDMI 2.0+. Your monitor probably doesn't have a port that supports HDMI 2.0+. Try using a DisplayPort.

                  Also, I don't actually own a 144hz monitor so not sure if this would cause worse performance but why not keep the monitor in 144hz mode, even if your phone, older pc etc. only supports a max of 60? The mode itself might be the issue there

                  • @caffeine69: Mate, you have no idea what you are talking about:

                    why not keep the monitor in 144hz mode

                    If your source device cannot send out 144hz, even if the display is capable of it, it won't be able to run in that mode. That's what this is about - having decent 60Hz support so those older devices will work fine without any glitch (when running in fallback 60Hz mode).

                    Your monitor probably doesn't have a port that supports HDMI 2.0+

                    I own a monitor that has a better specs than this. Just because I have a 1440p 165Hz monitor, it doesn't mean EVERY device, even say an ancient intel Ivy Bridge system with embedded graphics can do 1440p/165Hz automagically. The entire path from the graphics port output (HDMI or DisplayPort), the cable and the monitor must ALL be capable of 1440/165Hz for it to work in that mode.

                    Obviously, I use a PC with a fairly recent nVidia card on my high refresh rate monitor, but for older devices, my Dell high refresh rate monitor isn't without issue.

    • As long as its not total flop, which usually isnt the case with AOC, the price difference is big enough to get these ones imho.

    • There's the Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD.

  • Damn. This monitor came out of nowhere; it looks like it was released in Australia a few days ago and has yet to be released in the US.

    If the quality's on par with the 24G2, it's going to be great value.

  • Wish it is free shipping then I will buy at 389

  • Contrast ratio?
    Ntsc/srgb coverage?

  • Very tempting

  • Would this monitor be a good fit for an Xbox Series X?

  • Honestly, these specs are so good at this price that I wouldn't see myself needing to upgrade for a long time considering 1440p155 is harder to run than 4k and should still look fantastic with a half-decent IPS panel. There are no reviews online unfortunately but the monitor can't be that bad for a new 2020 release with promising paper specs.

    I'm just gonna jump on it..

  • Bought one, thanks op!

  • I need to see reviews of this, specs seem too good. Can anyone find decent reviews online?

  • Great deal. I'd have jumped on it if Black Friday wasn't just a week ahead.

  • If it really is 3000:1 contrast ratio it can't be IPS.. must be VA

  • Ahh cant decide this or hold out for the supposed Dell S2721DGF deal on Black Friday 😔

  • It's $399 with free shipping at Centrecom. https://www.centrecom.com.au/aoc-q27g2s-27-adaptive-sync-155... It says it's overdue as a pre-order, but there's some stock in some of the stores and I bought one late last week and it shipped the day after so who knows! (It hasn't arrived yet, should hopefully be coming in a few days at most).

  • I would get a Ultrawide for a little extra. Anyway this is a good deal

  • Sadly, it seems it's completely out of stock unless they add more units shortly.

    "Sorry, we don't have enough 'AOC Q27G2S 27" 1440p IPS 155Hz 1ms Adaptive-Sync Monitor (Q27G2S)' in stock to fulfill your order. Please change the quantity on order in your shopping cart and click update. Then try to checkout again."

  • i think it's out of stock already

  • Yes it's out of stock now gone so quick.

  • Yeah this a good deal, but its a situation of you get what you pay for. Still good display, major difference being Dell response times are significantly better.

  • Wow that didnt take long to go out of stock

  • Double post * Admin pls remove

  • This was so tempting, must, hold, out.

  • The major difference between Dell S2721DG and this one,
    AOC Q27G2S has DP 1.2, Dell has DP 1.4.
    Dell S2721DGF can export 2k, 144hz and 10bit simultaneously.
    This one exports 2k, 144hz and 8 bit.

    • And also for the fact the Dell S2721DGF was going for around twice the price.

    • Specs wise, they both look like the same panel from LG. Dell probably has a newer firmware (which has its pros and cons).
      Both are 8-bit+FRC. Now, if you claimed the Dell one being 10-bit, then it's the same for AOC. Honestly, both are 8-bit+FRC.

      DisplayPort 1.4 - so what? It's not like the Dell can do 4K and the 165Hz technically is overclocked.

      I feel that Dell S2721DGF needs a firmware upgrade to patch some of its minor glitches. Those minor bugs may not be show stoppers, but they are annoying.

      If given the choice again, I would get this one over Dell S2721DGF. Even though I paid ~$508 for the Dell, I don't really feel it is worth it. Overspending on 1440p high refresh monitors now isn't wise.

  • Didn't even know 155hz was a thing :P

  • Wanna get this for my xbox but centrecom is accepting change of mind returns.

  • This reeks of a incorrect listing, the price along with the fact that they've rated the contrast at 3000:1 (common placeholder for VA panels). If buying be wary

  • It his an IPS or VA panel? Description says IPS.

    • IPS, It has just been released in the last week or so.

    • this one is IPS. The VA one you're thinking of is AOC CQ27G2, which is a curved 27", this one is a non-curved IPS 27", conveniently/confusingly named Q27G2.

  • Can we get a quick review of the ones who have it? I've been looking for a 27 1440p IPS monitor min 144hz.
    Really wanted the Dell S2721DGF but waiting for it to get below $500 as I've seen it on here but missed out.

  • massive fomo T_T

  • That Dell S2721D is making me wonder if it was good that I bought this for $200 more, even if it is 75hz vs 144hz.
    Such is the ozbargain way.

  • I got confirmation from AOC Australia that the Contrast Ratio should be 1000:1 (as expected)

    "Good afternoon. Sincere apologies for the confusion. After checking with product team, we’ve confirmed that contrast ratio for Q27G2S should be 1000:1 rather than 3000:1. We will update the incorrect parameters shortly online.
    Great thanks for your notification and understanding."

  • i wonder what panels these use and how bad is the ips glow.

    • I have the 24G2 since June, and although i am extremely happy with it, I am going to get this one once it is restocked.

    • Couldn't wait for it to restock so i went to pick it up today. Damn it was a much heavier box than the 24G2 and bigger for sure!
      First impression with an hour of FPS game. It is surprisingly similar in performance, i can tell 155Hz vs 144Hz, please don't tell me otherwise. Very quick respone time, although i can notice some dark trail at the end!? Even with multiple overide settings, they seem to be a very minor difference. Medium to strong is the setting to use. I'm just being picky moving my mouse cursor slow enough to neat pick the hell out of it.
      24" to 27" is huge, i have a monitor arm, but still, it's huge. Yeah i had a 32" as my main monitor before, loved it, but not for FPS of course.
      One of the best IPS with even blacklight lit i have had.
      Colour wise, a wide colour gamut monitor (Native 10-bit ?), a bit saturated to the red, just like 24G2.
      Waiting for a proper review from Hardware Unboxed! This will stay with me until the next gen "32G2" come in with a 4K/144p haha.

      • Ok so its wide gamut, could you check if it has a SRGB mode/setting build in to the OSD and just check if thats working in windows to clamp the colors down? The dell does not have this and its a major pain in the butt. Thanks.