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ALDImobile $89 Super Pack (Unlimited Standard Calls, SMS & MMS, 15GB Data, 365 Day Expiry)


$89 Super Pack

Was $99, now $89. The once-a-year recharge.

Super-duper price for talkers and texters who don't need a lot of data. Offer valid from Wednesday 25th November. While stocks last.

  • Unlimited standard calls, SMS & MMS1
  • 15GB data included
  • 365 days expiry

We use parts of the Telstra 3G and 4G network to deliver ALDImobile coverage to over 23 million Australians.

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  • Is there any international minutes package is available with Aldi please?

    • I have the same concern. I need some international call option too. Doesn't need to be unlimited

      • +1

        Read on the recent catch connect post that coles included international minutes for $89 or something along those lines

      • +2

        COLES 365 days. $120. Includes Unlimited International calls to Some country including INDIA. Good deal

        • +1

          yeh thats right

          $120 plan
          unlimited call and text
          unlimited international calls to 15 countries
          120gb data
          365 day expiry

        • But it's Vodafone not Telstra

    • +1

      Yes, but only with monthly recharge of $25 or higher, and for a limited number of countries, and only landline for a number of these countries.

  • +13

    Catch has $99 with 60gb, if student 10% off, same price

  • What happens if you’re already with Aldi and wants to move to this plan? Do we still need to buy the starter pack? Does anyone know? Thanks.

    • You activate this super pack before its 'Activate by' date. Your existing account balance will be kept and have the same expiry date as this super pack.

      • Are you sure the existing balance will be kept. As I read it the PAYG balance is carried over but existing internet balance disappears when you activate a new plan

        • If you have a PAYG balance, it'll stay there until it expires.

    • best to move over to the catch optus..much better deal. though aldi is on telstra

  • This is gonna sell out pretty soon.

  • +4

    Good deal but I think I will switch to catch as it's better value.

    • exactly, was with Aldi, recently moved to Catch

  • +3

    15GB per month or for 365 days?

    • +2

      No, 15gb total

    • +6

      1 year. It sux would be more than happy if they bumped it to 30gb which I think is reasonable. Considering every other telco bumped up the GB by a decent amount aldi only up'd it by 3gb the tight asses.

      • +1

        this quote is mainly enough for people who use it for WhatsApp and occasional browsing only

        • +1

          That's all I use it for. Just browsing this website. It's just enough to get me through the year.

          The rest wifi only

  • +4

    Better deal through Coles Mobile, especially when on special.
    Heaps more data, unlimited international calls to several countries

    Expected more Aldi!!

    • +6

      This ALDI plan is (probably) the cheapest 365 day plan from a Telstra reseller. It's not for everyone but some people need the Telstra network.

      • +3

        But Aldi's Telstra is so bad it hardly works. I have full telstra n aldi on the dual Sim phone… Aldi are definately not on the same Telstra 4g network ..it bearly works actually

        • +2

          Agreed. Boost is way better reception

          • @edgar28: That's because Boost uses the full Telstra network which Aldi only uses the Telstra wholesale network.
            More info here, scroll down to the chart.

            • +2

              @pennypincher98: Yes,reception depends entirely on where you live. For the vast majority of people T-lite is as good a T. As always, you buy the plan and pick the carrier which best suits your needs. No carrier has perfect reception everywhere, even in well-populated areas.

              • @DisabledUser67242: The main takeaway from here is that from my understanding a lot of people pay the Telstra premium for greater regional coverage. Telstra wholesale doesn't provide that any more than Optus does.
                Much better to stay on Boost if you're needing that coverage.

            • @pennypincher98: That's why I don't understand the love for this 89 deal. It's such a back deal in today's market.

              • @fatz:

                @pennypincher98 …my understanding a lot of people pay the Telstra premium for greater regional coverage.

                Agree, Boost is the answer there, although in some remote parts of Au T has no coverage while Optus does, apparently. T also has "better" coastal/city coverage overall (anecdotally), although again that depends on precisely where you are at any time. Good news is that it appears Telstra is positioning itself to realise the true value to its assets by making them available (at a cost obviously) to other networks. A few hoops to jump through but it would seem late 2022 might see that commencing.

                @Fatz That's why I don't understand the love for this 89 deal.

                Interested in knowing what cheaper deal is out there for light users. Asked the same q elsewhere but got no answer

                • @DisabledUser67242: I just got my mum on Coles for 99 bucks with 60gb n international calls thrown in for free. N coverage is way better than aldi.

                  • @fatz: Sounds like a great deal fatz. What network is your mum using on that plan? Presumably Optus, which overall is significantly worse than T, and T wholesale (Aldi etc) for many people.

                    You've made the same coverage comment twice now about Tel wholesale coverage being bad. Where are you located? As I said, coverage/reception for every network is location dependent, so what works well for some won't for the vast majority. Same goes for plans. Your data needs high? Need to call OS lots in places where WhatApp etc don't work? Local reception is good and don't travel much? Go for what suits best at a price which you're happy with. Plans and prices are available for most people's needs and are, imo, great value when compared to 5 or 10 years ago.

        • This… Aldi is not bad in suburban areas (albeit still not as good as Telstra) but head off to regional areas and it can be terrible; large pockets with no reception at all. Another time Aldi is bad is when a lot of people are on the network in one locality. Football games, festivals, sometimes airports etc… good luck at those busy times. Having said that, Aldi is fine for a lot of people.

  • +10

    for talkers and texters

    who are these people 🤔

    • +1

      Some European elderly, who have limited knowledge or nil interest in the Internet, like my dad & his friends, who only need to make calls to mobiles etc, which is cheaper than using their landline.

    • +1

      My kids are always complaining I ring them up instead of just texting like a normal person.

      • 😂 ( its because phone call screen completely blocks what you’re doing - pre ios14 )

        I actually hate when people come to my house and instead of ringing the door bell, gives you a call from their cars. wth they thinking :-/

  • +3

    Wifi Gang

    • Right? Who needs mobile data WFH all day

      • When NBN stops working you would appreciate it

  • Is there a way to regulate your download quota? Such as once I hit 1GB within 30days, turn mobile data off.

    • +2

      Can't you do that with your phone?

    • +1

      You can do that on Android. I don’t think there’s an option for iPhone

  • +5

    If you're a frequent woolworths Shopper, you can get a $150 365-day plan with 100GB of data that also provides you 10% monthly discount on grocery shopping. They also use Telstra network and you can redeem your 10% discount at any day of the month.

    • Saw this with $50 cashback on CR, and also remember someone saying you can register two rewards cards for two 10% off deals per month.

  • +1

    No Wifi calling or VoLTE here.

  • Can this be activated without using internet?

  • +1

    How long can I wait to activate the sim card? My Boost plan expires next April

    • +1

      Ask a checkout operator to check the pack. Pretty sure my last in-store pack had 6 months+ activate before date.

  • What happens if you are on the Aldi $99 a year and want to switch over to the $89 a year.
    Do I have to buy a new sim and switch over.

    • +1

      It’s the same plan but cheaper, so no drama. Data rollover applies if you are on the $99 super pack too (assuming you have any data left). Just redeem the code in the app and it will recharge your plan, but best to do it on the last day of your current plan.

      • +1

        We have used this plan for 3years for our son. It works really well, and left over data has rolled over for three years.

      • Does data roll-over applies for recharges like these?

    • Buy the discount pack, wait until your existing $99 plan expires (or nearly) then activate the new one. That way you won't lose value or any remaining data (it rolls over if you recharge within 24 hours. From memory of my last recharge: for some unexplained reason their system expired my plan early on the last day (ie not midnight) which caused online activation problems so I had to ring them to fix it. Quickly resolved. Their offshore help is excellent ime.

      You don't have to use the sim. The pack has (had) a SIM activation code AND a recharge voucher code if you're an existing customer.

    • +5

      My wife's super pack is expiring next week and she got email saying the discount will apply upon recharge.

      Our $99 1 Year Super Pack is better value than ever as we’ve discounted the price to $89 but only if you recharge between the 18th of November 2020 and 11:59PM on the 3rd of January 2021. All you have to do is select the $99 Super Pack in the Mobile Plans recharge menu and the $10 discount will be automatically applied when you confirm the plan purchase.

    • Don't need a new sim. Do a recharge using the Aldi Mobile App.

  • +2

    Call diversion is not included in standard call. I got caught out on this.

    If you use a lot of call diversion this is not for you.

  • Damn what timing

  • So the question is if you already have data from another plan and you roll onto this one do you keep the data
    I.e buy a $35 - 37gb then buy this do you end up with 52gb

    • nope

    • Definitely Nope. Rollover data with this plan only works when you already have a super pack.
      “ Recharge with the same Pack or a Super Pack with higher value within 24 hours of your $99 Super Pack expiring and your unused data will rollover and over and over.” - Aldi super pack web page

  • +2

    It's very expensive for only 15GB. I don't understand the popularity.

    • +1

      Me too… It's 1 of the worse 365 day plan out there.

    • +2

      Conversely it seems cheap if you don't need any/a lot of data.

      Sure, if you need a lot of data there are better deals. But it's cheap if you don't.

    • Roll over data. Have 150gb from previous plans.

    • +2

      I got this pack for my kid. It’s just right for our family’s situation, ie. just to keep in touch while they travel to/from school each day. We don’t need much data. Plus, as we’ve been in lockdown most of the year, we still have 13GB data remaining.

    • -1

      Is there a cheaper plan with long expiry for a light user?

      • Aldi pay as you go might work out cheaper if you're a really light user.

        • +1

          For a very light user, yes. Had that previously. As soon as you use a bit of data for light browsing etc it becomes expensive.

  • +1

    Boost mobile is better deal, what does 15gd can do these day

    • You can fully utilize your Google drive storage ONCE

  • Is Nrl & Afl Free like Boost.

    • No

  • Why they do in store only for 365 plan? Every time I ask the staff and they have no idea about 365 plan.

  • So the last day to activate this pack would be 365 days or something else? I am on a deal which would last me few more months but I want to settle down on this one as I don't need much data.

  • ….. Before you pay over the counter….
    Check the expire date at the back of the pack

    This date is the last day you need to activate
    Eg: could be in 6 mths, 8 mths, etc

    You certainly can activate earlier than expiry date.

    Happy shopping :)

  • +2

    If you are using a Super Pack already you have several 1 year Super Pack recharge options. This deal $99 ($89 till 3 Jan) or $249 with 160GB or $290 with 260GB. Select the recharge option in the AldiMobile App. I'm not endorsing them just pointing out what is available if you already use a pack. And I have no issues with Aldi reception where I live and work.

    • Thank you

  • Does the $249 superpack exist anymore or will I need to get this base superpack and pay for the additonal data?

    • If you go to the Aldi Mobile App, then if you hit the recharge button you will see that the $99, $249, and, $299 super packs are available for you to purchase. So no, you will not need to get the $99/$89 dollar super pack and then upgrade the data with add-ons.

  • We don't have an Aldi store within hundreds of km, is there a known way around the "in-store only" restriction? Don't mind paying $99 instead of $89 to do that, but visiting a store is impossible.

  • Looking for a long expiry data plan under $100 is there such a plan?

  • Unobtainable. Tried many different stores.

    • +2

      If you know anyone interstate who are able to get for you
      I got my sister in Qld to get me one…. plenty there
      also check with customer service via aldi facebook they will advise which suburbs have them

      • Thanks for the Facebook tip.

        They stopped giving out stock availability info over the phone ages ago. Didn't realise they where still doing so on Facebook.

    • Wasn't unobtainable on Wednesday morning when the stores opened, though, was it? 😉

  • All sold out. Young Lady cashier said someone bought 4x I was amused. Must be Broden

  • +1

    Got the last one left at my local tonight, thanks OP.

  • +1

    I'd highly recommend Boost over ALDImobile:

    With Boost you get access to the full Telstra 4G + 3G networks, plus great international inclusions.

    • At double the cost.

  • We got Dad off Aldi and joined Coles mobile instead. Assuming Optus reception is good where you are, it's better value if you need more data ($99 for 60Gb when on sale and $120 when not on sale), plus unlimited international calls and text to 15 countries (Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States) which comes in handy as Dad has siblings in a few of those countries.

    A colleague also joined Coles Mobile and no issues either.

    Other colleagues on Boost as they needed the better reception that comes with the Telstra network or needed more data than what Coles bundles.

    I'm regretting signing up to Kogan mobile for 2yrs now… Coles 120Gb or Boost 110Gb would probably suit me and be cheaper. Lets see if Coles or Boost have sales when it comes time to recharge… or if Kogan gets competitive.

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