A Podcast on Latest Deals and Offers on OzBargain - Would You Be Interested?

Last week someone from an entertainment company with a few radio stations contacted me asking about a potential opportunity to work on a podcast series. They are looking at producing a weekly podcast that give commentary and comments about the latest offers and bargains posted on OzBargain, and they are trying to find out commercial feasibility and whether the OzBargain community would enjoy this kind of content.

In my imagination the weekly podcast would just be two dudes (or sheila) sitting on the couch chitchatting about some of the most popular deals over the past week, new products, and maybe interesting forum discussions and controversies. If you have a weekly 1/2 hour show on bargains — what topics would you like to listen to?

I do not think I have the time nor the talent in producing or hosting the podcast, however that entertainment company is happy to look after the end to end production including getting the host in front of the mic. Or maybe getting some famous/infamous ozbargainers to participate as guests every now and then — who knows?

Would you be interested in this kind of podcast?

Please leave your answers and suggestions for such podcast in the comments below so I can get back to them.

Update: Please see my comment here for more explanation.


  • Great Scott, what a wonderful idea!

    I would listen to it everyday!

    I'm imagining how tightarse would give out his coupon codes :)

  • Yes, never listened to it but doesn't Cheap Ass Gamer have one? Don't know if they actually talk about deals or just games.

  • Honestly feel like it will depend on the vibe, I listen to to podcasts to chill I guess, and if I'm a big ozbargain fan then I've probably seen a lot of the deals already on the site. I guess I feel like I need to get something out of it more then just a run down of the different deals coming on. Could be upcoming stuff (black friday, click frenzy), can talk about the top phone/laptop etc for the year for the price point which I see ozbargain do sometimes.

    Maybe a weekly saving money tip thing? Guess most people know but could include stuff like multiple everday rewards cards to get more rewards, point hacks etc? Or site changes?

    I feel like I'm talking a lot about content, but its more the vibe I guess. 30 mins sounds alright, I feel the longer 45 to 55 min ones are a big commitment for a podcast for me on bargains. Maybe even 20 is a good mid range.

    I do wonder of your audience amount? is the users here your audience (which I guess would only have a certain amount of people), or do you take yourself as a deals podcast open to all, and maybe even aimed at most people not from here (which i guess may increase viewership).

    I guess tldr, yeah maybe, would at least listen to the first few and see how I go.

    • I feel like I'm talking a lot about content, but its more the vibe I guess

      That you Dennis?

    • Guess most people know but could include stuff like multiple everday rewards cards to get more rewards, point hacks etc? Or site changes?

      One thing to consider is, do you want companies to be made aware, or forced to finally act on these loopholes due to popularity.

  • Or maybe getting some famous/infamous ozbargainers to participate as guests every now and then

    We will finally get to hear jv.

  • While the podcast might be interesting from an "advertising perspective", how will it directly benefit those seeking a bargain? Most of the best deals are pretty short-lived and by the time the podcast is made, won't those best deals already be gone?

    • It could make people aware of things we have known for years, like buying discounted gift cards or Amex shop small promo and buying myki cards/top ups. I have found so many things through ozbargain that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.
      Could let people know about the competitions section and some of the amazing wins ozbargainers have had

      • I think we're in "violent agreement" … it would be useful for a lot of "one off" pieces of advice as you've outlined, and in turn that would likely bring people to the site. But for those already here who are hunting the bargains, prolly not so much.

    • Those were my thoughts. Sounds great but also what is the point…

  • If you ever need a host, I'd love to give it a shot!


  • If there are going to be some exclusive giveaways.

  • Put up a poll, Yes, no etc

  • JV first guest

  • +8 votes

    I'd imagine genuine Ozbargainers wouldn't be interested in this.

    Generally, the real deals and offers don't last very long, otherwise the offerer will go broke. Real Ozbargainers are only interested in getting those deals and offers, not wasting time hearing about it days/weeks later, when they are preparing to jump on their next deal/offer.

    • I think it would be more for entertainment than informing people

    • This isn't a "let's replace Live with a live podcast to catch those bargains" rather people talking about recent deals, products and the other fun stuff happening around the community.

    • I came here to say this. The real ozbargain gold is time sensitive, a podcast isn't getting you anywhere.

      That said, daily mail, 7/9/10 news/news.com.au seem to freaking love jumping on any pics posted on the markdown addicts facebook group about "how aussie mum feeds family for $2.74 using this one simple trick" so maybe the "hardcore" ozb user isn't the intended market?

      All the above said, i'd listen anyway for entertainment value.

  • Hey Scotty: I'd be potentially interested - I've been a (part-time) radio host on a small radio station for 10 years. So I know how this all works.

    Just started a Youtube channel last month that is growing well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06gupZQ1sJg&t=60s&ab_channel...) if you want to see some of my content.

    Issues: I need to buy a better mic and get some sound-proofing in my apartment, so the sound quality is not professional.

    Oh, and I'm currently living in Sweden haha… but I'm still on Ozbargain haha

    • so the sound quality is not professional.


      • Just saying - if I was to host the podcast, I'd use a better mic and buy some soundproofing pads… lol.

        Either that, or I could use the studios at the school I'm at here in Sweden.

    • Just curious how is ozbargain beneficial to you if you don’t live in Australia? It’s a legit question I’m be try curious since heaps are local and don’t offer international shipping.

  • If it is funny, and well edited, then yes.

    If it is just people rabbiting on with no structure or plan, then no. There's enough of those podcasts

  • you can't comment..that's the most exciting part

  • If this is paid, and produced in a melbourne studio, im interested

  • Or maybe getting some famous/infamous ozbargainers to participate as guests every now and then — who knows?

    The thing I hated about the meetups is that I never had enough time to talk to everyone and they were all so interesting. This would definitely make me listen.

  • Sounds like it could be the Australian Radio Network, which will help boost their iHeartRadio brand. They've got a couple of studios that could be used. I know that Hamish was keen to get iHeartRadio with more brand awareness.

    I say, why not? There's also the yearly podcast awards which Ozbargain might get a gong depending on how the podcast is done.

  • For sure Scotty. That would be great.

  • Good idea Scotty. Why not have a try?

  • Sounds like a huge waste of time.

    What's the point in creating a once a week podcast highlighting deals, where most of them would have already expired or sold out?

    Deals often have a time sensitive nature to them.

    If you're talking about strategies, sure. But deals themselves, unless you're going to be releasing exclusive deals in the podcast, I don't see it being useful.

    • I can see the merit - it'd be more about trends and ideas - products (such as the Dyson, new graphics cards etc).

      Or just the Ozbargain mindset etc.

      • Yeah, but what you're describing isn't about deals anymore.
        Deals are very time sensitive. So this show would have to be more like a recap. I think a weekly, 30min, video posted to YouTube sounds awesome. It would be something like Dashcams Australia, but focused on OzBargain.

        I think what would make it interesting is for the host to go through some of the deals, but most of the focus being on the comments. Trust me, there's a lot of gold there. Charismatic hosts bouncing off each other while laughing at some comments (either at its humour, or at its stupidity). I think doing it via Livestream could be interesting, as we could also get live comments on there. And honestly, I think lots of people would like to see (or at least hear) some of the regular commenters here such as jv, or MS Paint.

        So idea needs some tweaking, but thumbs up from me!!

    • Even talking about strategies is close to pointless - it will be "arbitraged" away.

  • Anyone with radio quality charisma wouldn’t be spending their time following every deal on OZB. Being funny in text posts is one thing, but being funny over radio translates differently.

    But OZB could use the podcast to exercise editorial control, direct traffic to certain kind of deals over others. If it was possible then that has to be worth trying. But the effort would be better spent having someone be a systematic deal hunter for an hour a day, or something.

  • Being brutally honest but it doesn't sound interesting at all, sorry!

    • Yep same. I listen to a bunch of podcasts regularly and I don't think I'd tune into this. Very hard to capture all the intricacies of us emphasising the importance of having car insurance for a new member who has just rear ended a luxury vehicle in a 30 minute podcast.

  • Yeah, nah probably not. I listen to podcasts daily and can't for the life of me see myself getting engaged in a weekly bargain podcast.
    I think content currency would immediately work against the value of the ozbargain brand.
    If you focused it on bargain hunting hints and tips I think it would be short lived and rather repetitive with other market content.

  • Imagine how many deals we'd miss listening to it 😅

    I think it works be good if it humorous. Needs to reflect the vibe in the forum chats. Otherwise it won't connect.

  • +10 votes

    Just some clarifications.

    First of all it won't be an official OzBargain podcast. I simply don't have headspace for it. As I have stated that it's a large entertainment company approaching us trying to figure out whether something like this is worthwhile. I told them that I'll ask the community, and hence this post. The entertainment company will handle all the planning and production. The content will be (partially?) sourced from OzBargain. But I don't think I'll be participating it much other than providing generated content and statistics for the podcast hosts to talk about.

    And I do not think people would want to listen to podcasts to find bargains. Most deals posted on OzBargain are quite time sensitive and don't last very long time. I also do not think the podcast should be informational all the time (money saving tips, etc). There are lots of "This Week in <topic>" podcasts out there that summarise and review what has been happening in that week, and with the amount of deals, comps, forum posts and comments on OzBargain, I thought someone would be interested in a 30 minute summary piece that they can listen to over commute. People don't listen to commute time breakfast FM radio shows to learn new stuff — they want chilled talk shows over the topics they are interested in (usually just random gossips). And those breakfast shows have huge audiences.

    And we haven't even got onto the forums yet. You are here reading this post because you know that OzBargain is more than just the bargains. Just for this week, maybe Click Frenzy 2020 aftermath? How an ozbargainer views stamp duty vs land tax? OzBargainers' tips on sustainability after watching A Life on Our Planet? Who is at fault in this week's traffic accidents?

    Anyway good to see people with different views here. OzBargain is far from a homogenous population and now the podcast producer should know that it would be impossible to create a show that would please everyone.

    • it would be impossible to create a show that would please everyone.

      Well not with that attitude. 😉

    • Who is at fault in this week's traffic accidents?

      But how will the listeners be able to judge without seeing the MS paint drawings

  • I probably wouldn't listen, ever. But that doesn't mean it's a bad idea.

    I'd be more interested in what's in it for Scotty, and what's in it for ozbargain.

    I wonder what kind of profit that media expect, and how they expect to be sharing that product with the content creators on the website.

  • +3 votes

    My idea: Whose fault is it podcast? or Belongs in Forums

    We take a few of the many car accident or traffic incident posts and examine them. e.g Who's At Fault: Car Accident Involves Three Cars. Could have an OzBargainer who has worked in insurance but probably not needed.

    Bonus: Bought a Unit at Auction - Wanna Get out of The Contract Is It Possible?.(This is the thread with the unit with tiny 1.8m ceilings) Good to have an OzBargainer real estate agent.

    I mean neither of these have anything to do with bargains but they make amusing stories. Everything else would as others said who be stale or is already covered in other podcasts.

  • Hey I think it's a great idea.

    We could talk current topics and current details.

    A few consumer related segments ala the checkout
    would be good too

  • Are you prepared to take the site offline for 30 mins each week? 30 minutes less OzBargaining per week is a big ask.

  • Scotty Mate don't worry about the podcasts lets just get back to live streaming OzBargain events Mate! Bring back the behind the scenes scandals!!!

    Source & Scotty himself in this video (18:50 and onwards or so)

    • Need to get the "live events" back first, which unfortunately aren't happening this year :(

      • Big Joe Bear and I are literally on the edge of our seats with immense anticipation for the next OzB SyDnEy WeSt mEeT uP.

        Can't wait to interview the generation of OzB members!!11! Uncover some dirt, match make some couples, smash a couple of cigars, practise my Cantonese, etc, etc - Just wanna give the people what they want!

  • Good thought, but not something I'd personally be interested in listening to. And I can see the potential for it to become a bit of an "infomercial" podcast.

  • It would be interesting idea, as I do listen to podcast while I do my 1 hr walk workout.

  • discussion on some of the crazy forum topics would be interesting listening

  • No. I have enough shows and movies and games to catch up. Don't add another podcast to this and make my life hell by giving me FOMO. Keep it a visual thing, I can browse and see the deals. Instead of podcast let's make a OzBargain app. I'm a Android Developer. Sign me up. I volunteer. Don't have to pay me. It would be a privilege to say that I was part of the team that built OzBargain app. PM me for my professional details.

  • tbh i'm voting no on this. apart from trends, yesterday's deal is old news.

    Really the only topics i can think of would be more meta, like interviewing companies/gruen transfer kind of analysis.

  • Yes! I thought of something like this. I'm from the UK, would be happy to help out too! More along the best deals from the junk mail through the door to credit card deals, home loans etc. A short 15-25 mins podcast for parents on school runs etc.

  • Can we get Ozzy Man Reviews to do this podcast?

  • To be perfectly honest while it sounds great the reality is the true benefit of OzBargain is getting in fast on the deals when they pop up. A weekly podcast to me doesn't seem like it would add much value unless it is about revealing expected future deals.

  • +1 vote

    OzBargain True Crime, 'The Broden Files'.

  • I'd be interested in:

    • prominent OzBargain user guest appearances and sharing of their tips/fave bargains
    • talk of general savings strategies or stable bargains (eg. Ww discount egift + ww online discount VS. Aldi all the way, best sites/code to setup auto bargain notifications such as camels/price hipster, credit card churn tips, when to back away from a bargain, etc).
    • elaborating on OzBargain memes for newbies (bonut, 80k vehicle, broden). I know theres some I've missed.
    • common misunderstandings (eg. Removing gst for cb sites, au motoring laws, etc)
    • getting meta on bargain philosophy, being a consumer and how ozb sits within or is different from economic landscape, views on how to draw line for buy cheap/ buying too cheap, and enviro impacts of wasteful consumption etc
  • No, wouldn't listen to it. Can't see any value in it.

  • +1 vote

    "hey folks if you've just tuned in remember, i hit refresh so you dont have to! latest deal, hand soap at coles…."

  • No, just feels like it'd be 30mins or thereabouts of advertising, I'm already over exposed to more advertising than I'd like to be day to day before taking time out of my day to listen intentionally to more.
    Like others have said, bargains (the good ones) go quick and podcasts can't translate that.
    If it was to be more product based information then i'd quickly look up reviews on YT or other sites who specialize in the item I'm interested in buying rather than someone who might just generally gloss over it and not have the level of detail many require when making purchases (which can often be found in forums on ozb).
    Podcasts are for when you've got the time, sometimes I'm weeks or months behind on other podcasts then listen to them in bulk one after another, that's not something that would work in this situation I feel.
    Some of the topics that could be covered in a podcast could work equally as well as an AMA or similar thread (which I've seen several of here) in the forums, then its a resource you can view at your own pace or return back to if you wanted to.

    Maybe if it was about a series of murders of a guy trying to get bargains (hence the murders to beat the other people to it) it might have wider appeal? Thats 90% of podcasts these days isnt it? :p

  • Love ozbargain. Hate the sound of this podcast. Discussing all the best deals from yesterday/last week that now aren't available..? What's the point?

  • I like coming here to see the deals and i can easily flick through the site but a podcast centred around bargains would feel like one big advert. I'd never listen to it.

  • Love Ozb and the community but I wont listen to it.

  • "Hi guys, welcome back to the OzBo Podco. Today we have an amazing deal from Amazon, it's a fantastic price on… oop nevermind it's expired. Oh well, next up we've invited one of our most famous users to chat for an hour, please welcome to the show, JV!"

  • I would be interested. The only barrier to overcome is so many deals are very short time spans so it’s no good telling everyone about a deal that expire 3 days earlier. Would be challenging to find enough deals that run for an entire week etc.

    Also by the time you record that cashrewards or ShopBack cash back % is X, they will have changed again to Y. Haha.

    As long as the content is not just focussed on deals and brings more on consumer information, tips like The Checkout then it will be a good listen. Also focus on people and their stories is usually interesting.

  • The good about OzB is the community and the deals and the forums. I am a regular here but most likely will skip the podcast.

  • +4 votes

    Only if Uncle Roger hosts the podcast…haiyaa…bad deal.. just like Aunty Helen.

  • I don't really listen to podcasts. I would rather just read the front page when I have a spare minute, multiple times a day.

  • A good series might be talking to people how they scored a really good deal like how I talked a car sales man into selling me a brand new car 20% off the ticket price + all these extras (just example). That might be more interesting than a 30 minute run down of the website

  • Not that interested because I just check the deals for stuff I'm interested a couple times a day, faster than listening to a podcast. Still might give it a listen to see what it's like but I doubt it will be worth it.