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15% off Nintendo eShop, TCN The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub&Bar/Restaurant, Google Play Gift Cards @ Coles


Saw this today at Coles.

15% off gift cards including Nintendo eShop, The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub/Bar/Restaurant gift cards and Google Play gift cards ($50-100 only)
Starting 25/11 ending 1/12

UPDATE: cards not activate or not scanning/discount at checkout. Coles are pulling all cards out and refund. Some people reported some cards are fine. Wait until this is resolved. Such a shame.

UPDATE 2: some people reported that JB-Hifi has lifted the restriction on $500 max Gift card purchases, so you could try your luck. Please buy max 5 cards only and leave them for other people (including me, haha, got none so far) so everyone can have a smiling Black Friday purchases.

PARTY IS OVER. Well done to those who got the cards. Pity to the people who could not get the cards (me too, tried 5 times, gave up, friend gave me few cards). What a good deal with such a shameful operation that left many people frustrated.

Mod Update:

Participating Retailers
The Kids Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), H&M, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, Hype DC, Booktopia, The Athlete's Foot, Toyworld, adidas, ASOS, Bounce Inc, Culture Kings, Holey Moley Golf, IMAX, INTERSPORT, New Balance, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Skechers, Strike, SurfStitch
The Teen Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), adidas, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Hype DC, Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Glue Store, Universal Store, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Surf Dive n Ski
The Him Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Universal Store, Culture Kings, Tommy Hilfiger, Hype DC, Platypus, Foot Locker, Xbox, Aquila, adidas, Glue Store, Drummond Golf, Academy Brand, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Edge Clothing, Neverland, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Van Heusen, H&M
The Her Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Kookai, MAC, Princess Polly, adidas, Showpo, H&M, Universal Store, Sportsgirl, Platypus, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Glue Store, Adore Beauty, Aveda, Hype DC, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tiger Mist, Culture King
The Cinema Card All major cinema chains or local cinemas that accept eftpos
The Pamper Card Use this gift card at salons, day spas and beauty clinics that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Pub & Bar Card Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Restaurant Card Use this gift card at restaurants and cafes that accept eftpos around Australia.


Excludes $20 and $30 Google Play Gift Cards. Excludes The Home, The Online and The Baby Card Gift Cards. Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 25/11/20 to 01/12/20. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. Google Play and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

#Mod 24/11: "A maximum of $500 of Cards may be redeemed at JB HiFi (including online) in any one transaction". See pinned comment below.

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    • +1

      I've never seen Nintendo eshop cards at 15% off before, only 10% off after Xmas and Easter.

      • how about the 15% off for the JB HI FI eligible cards? 10% is still also good.

  • Just called Jbhifi. They said that the 5 cards per transaction limit is for gift card from others. There is no limit applied on the number of JBhifi gift card per transaction.

    • +1

      This deal is not for JB Hifi Gift cards though

      • But you can go to jbhifi, buy their $500 gift card with TCN

    • 5 cards or $500 per transaction, they are different.

      • Its $500 as per the TCN T+Cs, i've got the $50 ones so have 10 of them. I'm thinking i shouldn't have a problem.

  • Went to buy some $30 ones at Coles (all they had left) but they told me they didn't qualify for the 15% off. I don't see anything about this in the catalogue

    • the $30 ones can also get 15% off , I just bought a few

      • Yeah wasn't too happy but after a long day at work I just didn't have the energy to argue

        • Did you get the right ones? There's some other cards that are called Ultimate somethings, and they're not part of the discount despite having the same names, e.g. Her, Him, Kids, etc.

          • @hullohullo: Apparently the store was ineligible. Nothing in the catalogue but says so online

  • +4

    just eventually got all my $3000 worth Her and Him card changed into JB gc, did them in 2 two stores as Her and Him card took 3, 4 hours to fully load.

    JB doesn't care , and they been nice as i have to swip cards 1 by 1.took quite a while at their busiest time of the day, lol ,

    Coles should restock more cards in the next few days, as they told me this evening, so donot loose hope everyone.

    • What item did you purchase to refund?

      • +2

        not refund, just simply purchased JB gc with Her and Him card. i know T and C syas you cannot, but JB says Yes,lol,

    • Where is the store this ? I went to two and been rejected

    • How we can do this? I just called my local jB and asked about Coles Him card but they said max $500 onky in per transaction. Also i can't buy Jb gift cards with them.

      • +1

        Bear in mind this is the internet. Anyone can say anything. Pics or it didn’t happen :)

      • It's easier if you just buy $500 item (for each transaction) and refund it so you can get your JB credit

        • IU is the best what's the excuse for refund?

          • @wekimekigugudan: i tried it in kedron, they refused to refund me. Wt* is happening. Staff is rude and say it can be fraud. Does not say anything in T&C that I can not refund it. If you look in JB HIFI website, it cleary offer Change of Mind. I was being call doing something doggy in front of other staffs and customer. So embarrassed, how can I make complain?

  • +1

    4 1/2 hours and the cards STILL haven't been funded. Never again TCN.

    • +1

      lmao I'm at 8hrs, don't hold your breath

    • +1

      Same, bought at 15:05, says activated on the receipt but $0 on TCN check balance

  • +1

    Same as here no value bought at 5pm.wt…..

  • +1

    Some people must be stupid on here, or too lazy or both. Read the post and you'll see the important terms or just look at the catalogue

    Coles Cat - WA
    It actually states what cards and shows a pic which is accurate when I last saw it - and it's not the ultimate cards which can not be used online anyway - I tried this morning - only in store. Not sure for these cards.

    ..and when at checkout the display will show you the discount live before payment. Limits do apply for a reason. Lets not get too greedy and be grateful discounts apply when they do. I'm all for cheaper stuff in a sensible way. I also wouldn't wanna be at JBs processing a dozen+ cards for a transaction, imagine doing that for the whole day - (profanity) that!!

    Personally I got 4 cards @local Coles, and the till actually stated a limit of 3 but the dude let it through probably cause I got a nintendo e-card for the 4th option.

    • -1

      Lol thanks for your thoughts CEO of TCN. Just conveniently ignore the fact that the retailer was forced to pull their cards off the shelves due to technical difficulties and then when restocked further technical difficulties have taken peoples money for some 10 hours now, their money has disappeared into thin air after they have a bought a product. This has been a colossal clusterf*ck of a promotion.

      But great blog post, where can I subscribe?

      • +voted you :)

        If I was the CEO of TCN - and I do detect a hint of sarcasm :p - this would be a very different situation.

        1. I'm not an idiot - I do believe most CEOs are
        2. Most CEOs are overpaid and underworked! (I just wanted to add that in and it feels awesome!)
        3. I'd accommodate for the scaling of 'IT' resources required when a promotion such as this occurs
        4. I would specify further terms that may not have been clear enough or exist. For eg. please wait upto 24hrs for funds to be available on a giftcard

        I was not aware the retailer was forced to pull their cards off the shelves due to technical difficulties and then when restocked further technical difficulties have taken peoples money for some 10 hours now. The promotion is certainly encountering a fair share of issues. I'm still waiting for my cards to be loaded too. Just sort it out tomorrow but hopefully I don't have to. I've had my share of issues with stores, etc. I'm not one to shy away from a problem. I'm happy to use the ACCC and piss off a lot of people on the way to resolving something like this.

  • +2

    had bought 5 X $100 cards in the morning they all were declined but my card was charged
    Went in the arvo to get a refund, but then the offered to try to reactivate the cards, so cards were re-processed successfully at 2 and just now the balance is finally showing
    what a waste of a day and effort, but $150 off at JB should cut it…..

    • Did you check the balance on all the declined cards in the morning? I had the same issue, all cards declined but i only did a balance check on one.

      Went back at 4 and they re-processed the cards and they're all approved still no funds in the cards. :S

      • +1

        I didn’t check the Balance in the morning as it was clear from the receipt that the cards were not active, so didn’t want to scratch the pin area….
        My bal was updated after 7hours of reprocessing.

        • Cheers mate. mine update in the middle of the night so all is sweet. was a bit worried

    • +5

      15% of $500 is 75$ ;)

      • +1

        Yep..didn’t mention the other bunch as that went through without any issues…

  • +1

    Been waiting 5 hours now. Card active but no funds.
    Useless. Should use an API. Manual bs

  • -2

    Woke up. Went to 2 x Coles bought 6 x $100 cards at 702 am. Went to work. earned roughly what I spent on cards. Stopped at JB on the way home bought a Pixel 4A. No issues or questions along the way. Was surprised to read over 1500 comments posted on this deal. Sorry to see so many having troubles.

    • Wow what’s your job?

    • earned roughly what I spent on cards

      Humble brag ;)

      Before or after tax though as you bought the cards with after tax earnings ;)

    • Which JB did you go to?

  • +10

    Rang Coles West End (Brisbane). Employee said all sold out not getting any more until 1st or 2nd Dec. Bris CBD both not part of sale - found a $50 card at one and no discount. Staff member confirmed this and online catalogue also. Hunt continues. No car so on foot / jogging. Hardcore ozber :)

    • +13

      Ran (and jogged) my fat ass over to the Coles near Lang Park. The zombie hoards had pillaged all the $50 and $100 cards. Some $30s left and got 5 of them. Not sure worth the $22 saving. Tried to befriend the endangered species on self-serve (male of the species homeo sapien genus ranger australialialis). The “nice chap” wouldn’t let me get more than 5 or come back and do more. Went and had a kebab and drowned my sorrows. He was still there before closing and I had no back up costume to disguise myself.

      Now the question is: do I do the 4km round trip tomorrow or hit up the more affluent Coles suburbs? Perhaps a river cruise on my Riverina boat and a Chardonnay and put up on the north side along the Brissie River?

      • +1

        LOL this was great! U need to invest in a few fake moustaches before these deals come around next time..

      • I bet he would not have noticed had you not ask him and just bought 5 and came back a bit later…

  • JB Kotara Westfield and homemaker center (NSW) both enforcing the $500 limit :-(

  • +1

    Anyone know if JB Hifi will enforce $500 limit with gift cards from other companies (e.g. The Ultimate cards….) as I have 20 x $50 Ultimate cards and want to buy iPhone 12.
    I am posting this deal and couldn’t even buy 1 card for me today. Got to Coles 2 min after opening, 20 people line up, all with cards (including me) then all got rejected. Back at 1pm, no cards left. Have given up.

    • I think it’s a TCN limit so if the Ultimate cards are part of TCN then I’d imagine they’d enforce it.

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing OP, sorry to hear you weren't able to get any for yourself…

    • +4

      Poor OP, posted the deal and couldn't get any.

    • +1

      The shit part is because of this dodgy TCN that will make some stupid and overjealous at JB make up their own rule to limit the Ultimate giftcard. I have encountered plenty of these idiots.

    • Every cashier station has a piece of paper with the T&C of TCN with pictures of the cards at my local JB.. it’s JB corporate’s agreement with TCN to include the 500 limit as that is the only limit these cards comes with (also good guys of course)

    • @living4music: have you been able to get some OP?

      • No I haven't been able to get any. May try another time to see if any luck. Thanks for asking

        • Haha no worries, same here. Feels a bit annoyed (probably not as much as you do) that I participated pretty early in this post but still haven't been able to secured any.

          Good luck to both of us then.

  • +1

    Bought 6x HER gift cards at around 7am, tried to purchase a mix of HIM and HER but the HIM's wouldn't activate.
    Card was active with full 6x 100 balances as soon as I got home.
    3x JB Hi-Fi stores hard enforced $500 limit, was lucky enough to get one that didn't.
    Can be done, but don't count on it. I'm thankful to have been lucky enough for it to all have worked out!

    • Honestly, after black friday, I think most JB won't stick with the limit. Or they will be quite flexible on this. Money is money.

      • Exactly - don't know why they care - Coles and/or TCN is taking the hit on the discount - I'm sure JB get close to 100% of the voucher value

  • +3

    Bought 10x$50 cards at coles yokine, WA at 10.30am, cards got loaded around 4pm, used it at jb hi fi innaloo at 5.30pm, all worked fine… staff at the counter said there were tons of customers using these cards today… 👍💪

    • Was there a limit to.use those cards?

      • Purchase price was under $500, so no troubles whatsoever…

  • +1

    Alright, so mine still say $0 after I got them at like 2:30pm

    • Same here

      • Mine around midnight finally worked

  • +1

    Finally got the balance, bought the cards at 1:41PM

  • +2

    should i worried i bought it 13:45 and 7 hours passed still no balance

    • +1

      Bought at 1pm and still zero balance.

    • TCN IT may not work overnight;)

  • Tried to grab some cards after work, no dice in any of the locations near me for the JB HiFi related cards. Does anyone know if they'll restock soon?

    • +1

      Some people on here have mentioned Friday or Monday.

      • Thank you! Will try and pop down to my local Coles during my lunch break. Hopefully they'll stagger the re-stock.

  • Took 6 or 7 hours for my cards to show a balance..wonder how many JB will let me use tomorrow. Guy that served me today said as many as you want lol

    • +2

      make sure he is not off tomorrow, lol

  • Online purchase of cards limited to $350?
    And a $5 processing fee.

    • Thought it was in store only for 15% discount on the cards.

  • Just curious, can JB drop out of this at any time say in 6 months making the card useless even though we bought them at the time with JB as a retailer on the card? Or would it still have to be honored for the people who bought it at the time JB was still a retailer?

    • +1

      The retailers have right not to fulfil any orders regardless they are paid by gift cards or cash. It is simply an invitation to treat and when you offer them their asking price they have right to decline your offer. Like I said earlier it is consumer’s choice to risk buying gift cards and the retailers have no responsibility to fulfil any orders. These gift cards can end up be useless plastic cards.

    • +2

      … can JB drop out of this at any time say in 6 months making the card useless even though we bought them at the time with JB as a retailer on the card?

      In my opinion, the short answer is yes.

      Case in point is the Ultimate Her gift card: David Jones stopped accepting Ultimate Her gift cards a while ago, and as far as I am aware, it doesn't matter if you bought the cards before David Jones stopped accepting them. David Jones will no longer accept them as a valid payment method in their store and that's their choice. That's why you see the The Ultimate Her card can no longer be used at David Jones. message plastered at the top of the Ultimate Gift Cards homepage.

      As wtfnodeal already said, it's the risk you take if you decide to participate in this gift card deal.

      • Did David Jones give people certain time let them use the card if they still want to, or they just shutdown immediately?

        • I'm not sure if they gave warning to customers before they stopped accepting the cards, since I wasn't aware that David Jones previously accepted Ultimate Her gift card until after they stopped accepting them. If it is anything like David Jones' withdrawal of discount eGift cards from most gift card programs a couple of months ago, they probably didn't give any official warning before that happened.

          Keep in mind that TCN can change terms and conditions at their will at any time, so my view is that they could do whatever they want with the terms and conditions (including completely removing JB Hi-Fi without warning). They probably wouldn't do that anytime soon, since that would cause a storm on and outside of OzBargain and destroy a lot of the goodwill they currently have, but at the same time, it's within their rights to do that.

      • +1

        I agree, the answer is yes. That's why I never rely on one store in particular, but like to spread the risk, so to speak. I didn't buy much anyway, but the cards can be used at ASOS for example where I shop every few months for clothes. So never rely on one store alone IMO

      • +1

        Did you notice that TCN card doesn't print any shop logo on the card but only on the packaging?

        So they may have hidden agenda about some shop pulled out from the list. Since the packaging will be thown away and you will only keep the card only. This way they can add more shop or "remove" the shop easier …lol.

        With all their dodgy practices like changing the T&C just 1 day before the sale about the $500 limit, better spend their card as soon as you

  • Is it possible to change these to JB Hi-Fi cards ourselves online w/o going to JB?

    If that is not possible, the process to use them is to scratch the PINs and present them at the billing counter in JB. Correct?

    • No. Even instore convert is highly depend on the person you are dealing with. Not all JB, even same JB different person will do that.

      To use it, just like EFTPOS card, savings account, pin. Done

  • Used 6x $50 and 4x $100 cards today to buy the fenix 6x sapphire watch in store today. Bought the cards at around 10:30am and they worked when i went into the store at around 4. No issues at all using $700 worth of giftcards.

  • No stock in the 4 Coles I went to in the eastern suburbs of VIC :(

    • Which 4 coles was this? Does it include Camberwell?

      • Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, bulleen, Doncaster

  • Spent around $850 worth of HER card at one JB Perth Northern Suburb this afternoon, no issues with any limit.

  • Anyone else getting invalid credentials when trying to check balance?

    • I am receiving following

      An error occurred while processing your request.

      • I messaged them on FB, apparently they're doing a systems upgrade. Should be fine after 7AM.

  • -1

    Morning OZBers. If any Brissie people can point me in the direction of some 50/100 cards today that’d be awesome. I’m in the CBD so inner Brisbane would be awesome - Toowong / Indro / inner North thanks. I feel jipped with my 3x$50s.

    • Time travel to yesterday 7 am.

    • When I was at Coles riverlink Ipswich they had a bunch out there maybe 20 yesterday around 3pm. If it its worth the hike

  • Bought 8:30pm last night, still $0 balance as of 7:10am

    • Same mate. Only checking one card out of 5. Bought about 730pm QLD time yesterday.

      • +1

        Not really worried but coincidentally my fridge died yesterday so I'd kinda like to head into a store ASAP 😂

    • May I ask where did you get those from? I went to couple of stores around me they were oos.

      • +1

        Sydney's far northern beaches. I could see people had been through, but there was at least $2k of vouchers available.
        I think the tip is either constantly check your local stores, or head to the outer fringes of your city

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