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15% off Nintendo eShop, TCN The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub&Bar/Restaurant, Google Play Gift Cards @ Coles


Saw this today at Coles.

15% off gift cards including Nintendo eShop, The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub/Bar/Restaurant gift cards and Google Play gift cards ($50-100 only)
Starting 25/11 ending 1/12

UPDATE: cards not activate or not scanning/discount at checkout. Coles are pulling all cards out and refund. Some people reported some cards are fine. Wait until this is resolved. Such a shame.

UPDATE 2: some people reported that JB-Hifi has lifted the restriction on $500 max Gift card purchases, so you could try your luck. Please buy max 5 cards only and leave them for other people (including me, haha, got none so far) so everyone can have a smiling Black Friday purchases.

PARTY IS OVER. Well done to those who got the cards. Pity to the people who could not get the cards (me too, tried 5 times, gave up, friend gave me few cards). What a good deal with such a shameful operation that left many people frustrated.

Mod Update:

Participating Retailers
The Kids Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), H&M, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, Hype DC, Booktopia, The Athlete's Foot, Toyworld, adidas, ASOS, Bounce Inc, Culture Kings, Holey Moley Golf, IMAX, INTERSPORT, New Balance, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Skechers, Strike, SurfStitch
The Teen Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), adidas, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Hype DC, Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Glue Store, Universal Store, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Surf Dive n Ski
The Him Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Universal Store, Culture Kings, Tommy Hilfiger, Hype DC, Platypus, Foot Locker, Xbox, Aquila, adidas, Glue Store, Drummond Golf, Academy Brand, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Edge Clothing, Neverland, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Van Heusen, H&M
The Her Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Kookai, MAC, Princess Polly, adidas, Showpo, H&M, Universal Store, Sportsgirl, Platypus, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Glue Store, Adore Beauty, Aveda, Hype DC, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tiger Mist, Culture King
The Cinema Card All major cinema chains or local cinemas that accept eftpos
The Pamper Card Use this gift card at salons, day spas and beauty clinics that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Pub & Bar Card Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Restaurant Card Use this gift card at restaurants and cafes that accept eftpos around Australia.


Excludes $20 and $30 Google Play Gift Cards. Excludes The Home, The Online and The Baby Card Gift Cards. Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 25/11/20 to 01/12/20. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. Google Play and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

#Mod 24/11: "A maximum of $500 of Cards may be redeemed at JB HiFi (including online) in any one transaction". See pinned comment below.

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      • +17

        this guy's like 17.5 pages behind

        • And managed to snag more gift cards then anyone still, perhaps being ignorant worked for him :D

  • scanned at 9:10am and received the credit 11:10am today.

  • +7

    New policy at jbhifi no limit in cards. Congrats everyone. Source : jbhifi

    • u call store insnt it ?

    • Word of warning though everyone, if you go to the TCN website for HIM cards jb is not longer listed. I don't know what this means, the cards still worked for me this morning though

      • +1

        still showing for me

      • I expect the physical cards with JB logo printed on them continue to work.

      • +2

        mmm JB Hifi is still showing in the Him Card list of participating retailers to me?

        • +4

          Same here, helps to have eyes I suppose

          • @cloudy: I needed a laugh

          • @cloudy: dudes trying to snake others out of some jb deals haha, we aint gonna fall for it that easy lol

      • still showing for me as well

    • where is this posted?

  • 10mins ago when Campbelltown jbhifi. They didn’t allow any TCN gc to jbhifi gc. Also ask the manager if we allow to buy then refund for jbhifi gc. Manager said no! the refund will go back to TCN. Sound fishy to me.

    • they cant refund back to TCN. that's the problem so I doubt how he can refund it

    • Since there is no limit now, just use it straight away.

      • hey mate, would you mind to tell me what store is this ?

      • Honestly, no gift card for gift card is understandable, as apply to most retailers. So I do not expect that happens everywhere. My local JB won't do that, but their answers regarding to the limit is "YES, but not really" we all know. Sadly iPad I am looking for is no stock.

        • +1

          that's good JB HIFI, i have worst interaction with kedron, they clueless acussed me of doing something dodgy, probably will drive to gold coast for that store

    • Someone in the thread said return and change to JB HI cards and doesn't think their eyes are on this thread and other happenings .
      Well that will be worked on by them looking for a remedy but it won't be instant .
      Just dumb ( wrecking it for the silent majority ) and that comment has the most votes on the thread .

    • I just got $500 JB GC using HIM cards, glad to have reduced my risk
      will go another hunt later this evening

  • Do I need to activate the card before using it? If so, how do we activate it?

    I've just bought 5 and am checking the balances online and it still says $0

    • just wait for a few hours 2-5hours

  • +5

    The $500 limit clause seems to have been removed:

    • hmm also the giftcard clause

    • But wouldn't the enforcement done by the JB store themselves and not the TCN?

  • Can you use the TCN cards directly on the JB website? Or do you have to convert them first?

    • No, TCN cards can only be used in JB stores, not online.

      When you go to JB stores, ask the staff to convert it for you, TCN has removed the limit from the T&C.
      The JB store i went to this morning (7am Victoria) refused to convert. But that was before the TCN T&C is updated.

  • +1

    Here is my story, I live in VIC:
    - I went to 2 coles stores yesterday to get $1440 worth of TCN cards. 1st store at 6:30am. There were only $50 GCs but I'm happy with it.
    - I went straight to the nearest JB and found out they were able to let me buy JB giftcards with Him/Her cards. So I converted 10x $50 him/her cards straight away because I knew they were all funded.
    - I went to another coles store at lunch break, around 12:15pm. Talked to the cashier, she was able to do multiple transactions for me so I was able to secure another $940 worth of TCN cards ( a mix of $30/$50 him/her/teen/kids). The store was quiet at that time.
    - At that time there is an activation issue so I knew I had to wait. Around 7pm before leaving the office, I checked again and luckily all my cards were funded (approx 6hrs after purchase). So I went straight to the same JB store and the staff happily converted all into JB giftcards. They are aware of the T&C but still doing it. I didn't buy anything though as the product I want was out of stock yesterday. They told me to go back the next morning.
    - This morning I went to the 2 nearest coles stores and they all ran out of TCN cards (7:00am). No stock.
    - I went to the same JB to double check if the product I want is in stock now and lucky again it is.
    - At the counter the manager were instructing the staff NOT TO LET ANYONE BUY JB cards with TCN cards. However I didn't hear them saying that you can't buy stuff using more than $500 worth of TCN cards so my guest is to go and check.

    To saving your time: the JB store i went to is JB Springvale, the 2 coles stores I went to this morning are Coles Springvale and Coles Noble Park.

    TLDR: JB stores are enforcing the TCN's T&C. Don't risk it.

    • Looks like TCN T&C has been updated to remove the limit. https://thecardnetwork.com.au/pages/terms-conditions

    • TLDR: JB stores are enforcing the TCN's T&C. Don't risk it.

      Which T&C you referring you? You said yourself you didn’t hear anything about the $500 limit. I don’t believe JB not converting them to their own cards was ever in TCN T&C’s.

  • +1

    anyone who converted their HIM/HER cards to JB GC can they post the receipt so that others can try do same please?

  • +1

    Preston Home JB not enforcing a $500 limit

  • Saw some girls grabbing all the remaining cards off the shelf, funnily as soon I came over to take a look. It was the $50 for Teen / Child ones but they had at least 10-15 each.

    Bit annoyed, I should have pointed out the 5 per customer limit but wondered if I'd be sinking to a new low getting into an argument over gift cards…

    Will just go back later I spose!

    Might be secretly wishing they get burnt with the $500 JB limit :P

  • Is anyone finding gift cards in the stores? Especially in Brisbane?

    • -2
      • …not!! The only TCN cards in your photo are the Home and Baby and Online models, which are excluded from this offer.

        The "heaps" of Ultimate …. cards in your photo, as per many posts already in this thread, are also NOT ELIGIBLE!

        If by "heaps" you meant Google Play, then yes, there seem to be a few still there.

        Or perhaps you're post is dripping with sarcasm? :-P

        • Sorry I should have taken another photo on the other side, I just bought some of the restaurant gift card.

  • Where do people find stock… If people want to not tell where they have stock left so they can stock up more then it's ok-ish. But if you are at stores with empty shelves, can you post here to save others time? Coles Chadstone and Oakleigh are empty.

  • is it 5 tcn or 5 gc? cause I still got 5 ultimate cards from last week

    • five TCN cards, don't get the ultimate as they are not part of the promo 15%

  • +6

    Here is my story at Canberra.

    Got up at 5am and went to five coles with my friend (Curtin -> Jam -> Bel -> Manuka -> Woden) and purchased $3600 worth of TCN cards.

    Rushed to the Woden JB at 9.05am and tried to convert to JB GC, failed. Tried to purchase a Macbook pro, still failed. The staff told me I am not the first one today. The man came earlier than me also failed. I guess it's because there was no funds in our cards at that time.

    Then we drove up to JB Home at Canberra DFO at 10am. Asked the cashier if we can use GCs. Got positive answer. Tried to purchase two M1 macbook pro. The first one went thru easily but the second one did not went thru since some cards still got no funds inside. The manager was very nice, suggested us try again in the avro.

    On our way home, I saw someone commented that some stores were enforcing the $500 policy. Pretty frightened, called the store right away. He told me there was no limits for TCN cards at least in this store at that moment. Still feeling anxious, drove to that JB right after lunch. Luckily we purchased the second macbook pro at 2pm successfully. Eventually spent $3000 for the two macbook pros in one day.

    It seems like some stores (maybe JB Homes) are not enforcing the policy? I would recommend try to confirm the limit with your JB Homes nearby. Even if they have a limit, try to ask for a one-time exemption politely.

    Good luck to everybody!

    • Were the TCN gift cards on the gift card shelves or hidden away at the service desk? I noticed a pile of TCN gift cards at the Coles Belconnen service desk last night, but they could have been gift cards others left behind when there were a plethora of activation issues yesterday…

      • When I visit Bel Coles at 7.30am, I saw a bunch of people doing gc refund at the service desk. I guess that was the activation issue. So the staff might took TCN gc away from sale then.

  • +2

    Great JB have lifted the limit. Just no cards around anymore, tried 2 VIC stores on my lunch and nothing :(

    • +1

      Yes also rang and confirmed this with a QLD store. Limit is lifted. Cannot buy jb gift cards though.

      • I went into another store first and they had the memo from yesterday and were enforcing the limit so may have to update the store you go into.

    • +1

      Nice. My location (country Vic) had bucketloads of Him cards last night. However the item i wanted is now out of stock (only 1 JB here)….FML

      • Yeah I was thinking the outer suburbs would have more of a chance

      • +1

        Check if you can backorder for that price.

  • OK just and update, just in store now they said you can use as many as you want but not purchase a JB GC because TCN GC have expiry dates and JB doesn't

  • The $100 him cards that they pulled from the shelves yesterday are still declining when I went back to re-purchase at 8:30am aedt. Lady put a $50 one through and it was approved so I got 3 more in another transaction. Yet to check balance.

  • -1

    how many people had limits at Coles?
    Yesterday, my local Coles were AH's , 4 max and refused me reentry

    • As far as I know, at least yesterday. 10 is quite normal. Someone managed to grab 20 at one time. Today maybe a different story considering what has happened.

      • i was first in yesterday so there was no rush to make that judgement on Coles part

      • depends from store to store, first one I visited limited with 5 which I grabbed 5, then head to another Coles to grab 35 lol

        • Ya, I say 10 or 20 just mean they are not really limit to 5. Not limited to 10 or 20

        • -1

          What about the limit at the screen, it automatically came up after 4 cards the limit was reached. It requires a manual override which the **** didn't allow me.

      • Lady said there's a limit of 5 per transaction, but she believed that was due to the risk of gift card scams.
        She just split my 10 $50 ones into two transactions :)

  • So I want to buy a 3.5k M1 Build to Order mac, surely this would work:

    • Buy 3.5k worth of TCN cards
    • Buy 7x $500 Items at JB (thus adhering to their $500 rule)
    • Go back the next day or something, return all 7 items for 3.5k worth of JB gift cards
    • Purchase Mac using JB gift cards


    • +5

      No need to convert to JB card. Limit has been lifted. Plus many shop won't allow you to buy jb card with your him/her.

      • -4

        Yeah but I don't really want to swipe 70 $50 TCN cards at checkout lol. If i convert them to JB I'll most likely get 7x $500

        • go at a quiet time (early morning as they open) they should be OK with it.

        • +7

          Lol, you will still need to swipe 70 times when you convert to JB card. You can't just leave them to the staff. It's the same effort mate

          • @ce5himm: Yeah but i can purchase the 7 $500 items over several days at different stores, doesn't have to all be done at once

            • @gussybabe: I think you may end up waste more time finding the store let you buy jb card with you him card. All up to you. Lol

            • +1

              @gussybabe: Sure if you want to spend the extra time going to different stores, and not in a rush to get the BTO Mac (which would take a few weeks once you order).

            • @gussybabe: Yeah why do the conversation when your ultimate goal is to get something you want from JB? Like others have said there is no limit on how many gift cards or amount you can use per transaction now.

          • @ce5himm: Guess it depends on the store? The one I went to, i handed the staff behind the counter my stack of gc and she took off the packaging, rubbed the pin off and scanned it. I just chatted with the manager and her. Of course, I didn't have 70 gc…

            • +1

              @sirspiff: You must have met really good staff. It is surely it uncommon at jb in general

        • +1

          but to convert them to JB GC, don't you need to swipe them all to pay anyway?


    • Why can’t you just use the tcn cards now?

    • Jb doesnt do build to order with discount.

      • +2

        They'll match Unidays edu Apple discount which is a further 5.5% off. I did the exact thing yesterday on a Mac Mini

        • Oh nice I’ll see what I can get

          • @sunnyc: Pull it up through the unidays app on your phone first and show them

    • you cant convert TCN cards to JBHIFI unless you get reallly lucky and someone new on the counter.

  • +1

    max 500 JBHifi card(s) clause removed from TCN T&Cs, mod and OP can remove the 500 limit :)

  • Anyone in Melb CBD willing to swap $150 DJ GC for my 3 x $50 HIM cards?

  • Came to JB Liverpool at 905am and they hang a t&c paper at the counter. Not sure it is still going.

    • +1

      I called JB Liverpool around 11am this morning too and they said the $500 limit is enforced. Now that TCN removed the limits, I'm not sure whether to buy GCs now.

  • Checked balance with TCN there is money in it and active
    Went to local JB Hi-Fi Bundall tried using it but it was declined
    They said they have that since this morning
    Staff is nice and polite

    • is it fixed? thats really weird.

      • Gonna try again later tonight
        Definitely wouldn't want to try doing that during the busiest hour tomorrow

        • was gonna go good guys if it gets busy at JB HI FI for macbook products.

    • Not sure if it’s related. My restaurant card has the correct balance but declined in both Gong cha and Chatime where my friends have been using the card successfully before.

      • I used my restaurant card (digital) that I got two weeks ago at those boba shops and it was fine. It even worked at a vending machine yesterday.

        • thanks for your information. I have converted one to a digital Apple Pay card with correct balance and activation status. I will try again tmr.

  • +2

    For anyone who is interested, it turns out that JB Hi-Fi have quietly changed their gift card terms and conditions in the last day or two (but more likely today) to include a new clause, according to good old Google cache:

    Gift Cards are not redeemable for other Gift Cards.

    But you may be wondering why this may be relevant to the TCN deal…

    • You can no longer consolidate JB Hi-Fi gift cards you may purchase with TCN cards into smaller numbers of JB Hi-Fi gift cards to get around the five card limit for JB Hi-Fi online purchases (which probably only really matters for high value online purchases).
    • Some staff members may use this as an excuse to not permit purchase of JB Hi-Fi gift cards with TCN cards, Ultimate Gift Cards or any other third-party gift cards. JB Hi-Fi’s terms and conditions clearly define Gift Cards as gift cards issued by JB Hi-Fi, not any third-party gift cards, but that is something to be prepared for.
    • I thought it was for JBHIFi gift cards can’t redeem other gift cards.

    • Agree with your last point about how they define Gift Cards in their T&Cs, that's how I read the updated T&C as well. If it were to apply to TCN cards, it should read something like "non-JB Hi-Fi gift cards" or "Third Party gift cards" are not redeemable for [JB Hi-Fi] Gift Cards.

  • +6

    Just swiped through 28 x$100 cards for a TV lol

  • Can anyone confirm if JB Chermside (QLD) have lifted the restriction of 5 TCN cards?

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