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Nvidia Shield TV Pro $318 @ Retravision ($302.10 for RAC Members)


Same price as Harvey Norman recently.

Extra 5% off for RAC members would bring it down to $302.10 (thanks whitelie), which is an excellent deal!

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    Extra 5% off for RAC members!

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    I can patiently wait for the cheapest price, perhaps around $250 very soon.

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      Be lucky to get that low but agree i'm waiting too. I have the 2019 tube/non-pro and it has too many problems with high bit-rate 4K local content still not resolved after almost a year (all over forums and reddit). Can't believe i didn't see that before buying, but thankfully still have a 2017 that is flawless.

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        Same as me, looking for a good deal on Pro and will offload my barely used non-pro which struggles with high bitrate 4K.

      • Hi Xizor
        Can you please elaborate on this. I was planning on buying the tube version based on the assumption that they're both same except for 32/64 bit, more ram and no usb. They have the same processors. Can you point me to a link with this discussion

        • Just google shield tube 2019 4k high bitrate stutter or similar. It works ok for 95% of my stuff but as soon as try higher bitrate 4Ks it has issues sometimes in plex especially. I thought the same as you when i bought it, as its meant to be, but…. fail.

          • @Xizor: Thanks, saved me from buying a 200 dollar dud

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    If you are watching Amazon prime video on it, there is a bug, it's only stream at 2 instead of 5 channel audio.

    • Do you know if it was fixed in latest update?

      I saw on reddit there is/was workaround of rebooting or force closing to get 5.1 back? Ill give it a try on my non-pro later.

      • OK i just tested this and 100% agree. I could not get 5 channel audio from prime either.

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      @boomramada OK my last ditch effort seems to have got 5 channel audio working for prime. Go into the shield audio settings and disable dolby digital processing. Then force close the amazon prime in app settings. Then go back into prime and when you start a show you should have 5.1 to your receiver. I tested this for Expanse and it worked.

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        Brilliant dude, I definitely nominate you for the Nobel peace prize 😉

      • That will fix it for a little bit, but it will stuff out again. Mine does. I have to reboot the Shield every time I want to watch Prime, but at least that works. No one's been in a hurry to fix the bug.

    • Reboot Shield (what I usually do) or force close the Prime app (I think that works) and then I get 5.1 sound every time. Annoying because it's been months now and no proper fix.

      • Any other media player that just works for similar $$?

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          Not that I'm aware of. Telstra TV is good for the apps it has, but the apps it has is limited.

          That being said, the Shield only has the issue with Amazon Prime. Nothing else. It's not a deal breaker to me.

    • This thread will get updated when there is a fix


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    Ah Retravision, the company that kept its head in the sand for way too long…

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      Compared to Hardly Normal who just blame everyone(thing) else?

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    Surely this goes cheaper on Black Friday/cyber Monday?

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      Nope….been really piss poor so far.

  • $299 at kogan after $20 PlusRewards ($4) and $30 Commbank Cashback

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      Nah, not quite $299 but close:

      • $349 + shipping
      • free shipping with kogan first trial
      • $20 discount after paying min $4 (remember to cancel) - existing murdoch fans might not need to pay?
      • $30 cash back from commbank for spend > $100

      makes it $303.

      So RAC members get it for $302.90 without cashback requirements etc, which is a really good price.

      The Kogan one is damn good as well, but a lot of effort …

  • What year model is this?

    • Latest Generation

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    2019 albeit Aussies call it 2020.. its latest model, just need to look at remote

  • I have the 2015 pro and it has recently popped up asking me to do an 8.2 update, I'm a bit worried because I have read in the past some of the updates break more things than they fix.

    Anyone with the same model updated ok?

    Also is there a way to turn the update message off every time the device boots?

    • I have updated and it's been fine.
      Also to note, you can choose between CEC and IR for the remote control of tv/amp, I find IR to be much better than CEC

      • Thanks for the tip, I think I already turned CEC off a long time ago because the shield would always turn on every time I turned on the TV/AMP.

  • best device on the market. period.

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    could someone explain me why would I go for this than Google TV with chromecast?

    what value does the extra $200 going to give me?

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      I've had a quick look around, here's some stuff I found (mostly from Reddit threads)

      • Gigabit Ethernet (low latency streaming of high resolution content)
      • Tegra (better performance on android apps and games I guess?)
      • Ability to use peripherals via Bluetooth
      • Upscaling to 4k
      • record live tv with an external drive, run a plex server, play games on the device, run a smarthings hub (with adapter)
      • Shield can do most anything the Chromecast can do, and tons and tons more. It's like a Chromecast and an Android TV and a mini PC all rolled into one.
      • Dolby Atmos sound in the new Chromecast.
      • If you only ever stream and don't have any local files, like ripped blurays, then Chromecast is probably all you need.
      • For me, the 2015 Shield TV replaced my HTPC entirely because it does everything I need (with all the apps including Kodi) and does it all better and simpler than my HTPC ever did (especially handling bitstream audio).
      • the shield is also a 4k cast target. the new chromecast is only a full HD cast target, and only outputs 4k through apps best i can tell.

      Apparently, the Shield doesn't do YouTube HDR?

  • Have to say I have both the Shield and the new Google TV and the Shield Wins hands down.. Not only will it support multiple apps open at once but also supports for the full store and 5.1 across my devices.. Only had the Google TV in the bedroom for a week now but would never replace my living room shield with it.

    The Pro is the one I prefer.. Is a full entertainment system.

  • Plus the Shield Supports Foxtel.. For the life of me I can't get it running on Google TV (Though it may work casting from your Phone I suppose)

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