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Ryzen 7 5800X RX 6800 Gaming PC [Tuf X570 WiFi/16GB 3200/480/850G]: $2539 + Delivery @ TechFast


Plenty of interest in the Ryzen 9 version posted a couple of days ago but there are just enough RX 6800 in our first allocation to offer it in a deal with the R7 5800X, for the regular retail price difference of $160 lower (not enough 5600Xs around to offer here). GPU will go out of stock on both when sold out to prevent overselling until we reactivate with new incoming stock. RX 6800 XT allocation is sold out so not offered here.

Be quick to nab this high spec 1440P beast.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X | AMD Radeon RX 6800 Gaming PC: $2539 after 5800X-6800-BFCM

  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8c/16t processor
  • AMD Radeon RX 6800 16GB
  • Asus Tuf X570 WiFi motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD (brand/model may vary)
  • 240mm RGB AIO liquid cooler (brand/model may vary)
  • Gigabyte Aorus AP850G 850W 80 Plus Gold power supply
  • DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh Add-RGB 4F ATX Case

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +6

    I think I will wait for the Black Friday sale from other sellers. I reckon there’s going to be a good deal coming real soon.

    • +13

      For 1 generation back, sure that's a good idea but what is posted here is latest tech which is either out of stock or in short supply, you got no chance of a deal on this stuff in a weeks time. The radeon cards cannot be had outside of complete builds right now and likely will be that way until 2021.

      Having said that, anyone wanting the latest tech will do well being patient and not just jumping at any system thrown at you and ensuring it is built for your needs. For example this system is not ideal for gaming, neither was the last offer, anyone who bought either for pure gaming wasted a bunch of money or rather paid a "I must have it nao!!!!!" tax but I wouldn't even call it that, money has been spent on particular components when it should have gone to improve others. The 5800X especially has been touted as the CPU that no one wants and lo and behold, here it appears in a pre built probably because no one in their right mind would buy it on its own…or rather no one that does 5 mins of research would buy it.

      I even the paid the "I must have it nao tax" having bought the 5600X when I could have waited for the 5600 which will be much better value for gaming so do as I say, not as I do.

    • +5

      A good deal on the way when stock is literally non-existent and demand is through the roof with people willing to pay twice or three times the MSRP. I don't know if you piss me off through sheer stupidity, or if I just envy your unfathomable optimism… but don't be giving out any betting tips.

  • +7


    This should still be a better deal for most people

    • Hey There,

      I was curious to hear your thoughts on why you think the deal you linked would be better as I am tossing up between the two as they both seem like great options


      • +2

        the extra cost on this one is unneccessary at this spec, B550 motherboard is enough, and this one has X570. 650W is enough, this one has 850W. boot Drive on other PC is faster at half the storage, but you will need a second drive anyways, as 480GB SSD storage probably won't be enough. It all comes down to what graphics card you want in the end though.

        • The motherboard sure but the 850W I would take over the 650W any day. If 650W is enough, its just enough and you'd have to upgrade it later.

      • +3

        It's really ignorant for people to say "that's better" without stating for what. For gaming, the systems linked are better because you are better off saving on the CPU and diverting those funds to the GPU. The 5600X is more than enough for gaming, if you wait for the 5600 you save even more. For productivity, the CPU starts becoming more important and then you may like this build but you would better throwing a bit more $ at the CPU for the next step up.

        Personally I haven't seen a good gaming pre built yet. Seems like builders are just combining stuff that isn't going to move fast with other things that will. Do some research and it will become clear how much this systems fall short.

        • +2

          Well, it's similar to how your teacher doesn't tell you exactly how to do things, but just a general idea, you have to try and find way to use it

      • +1

        So with the previous deal, I would upgrade the PSU to 750W and then buy either a usb or pcie wifi adapter which should bring the cost difference to between $420-$450, for that you get:

        Motherboard: Not really worth the difference I think unless you want more PCIE 4.0 storage or heavy overclocking which I assumes most people wouldn't do

        6800 vs 3070: 6800 is more powerful than 3070 in rasterization performance but that's it, 3070 has a lot more features that people may find interesting, for example CP2077 did not recommend 6800 XT (and 6800 XT is better than 6800) for Ray Tracing at 1440p but did for 3070.

        5600x vs 5800x: Personal preference, if you're on a budget, I wouldn't buy either, since 3700x and 3900x are still better value imo

        750W vs 850W: unless you're doing heavy overclocking (which I assumes most people don't), 750W is enough

        Storage: pretty cheap this day so there's that

    • Yes, the CPU is massive overkill for this graphics card. NVIDIA 3070 with ryzen 5 (3600, or 5600x if you must have the latest) is much better value given current price premium.

      The problem is, you can't sustainably play at 4k in all games at decent frame rates. So if you're gaming then you're better off waiting for a 3080 or 6800XT and if you're not gaming then the graphics card is wasted.

      • I could disagree with this in my use case. Personally I slightly overdo my CPU because I keep the entire system and upgrade the GPU in about 3 years time. The extra CPU punch now prevents it bottlenecking later on.

        If you're a person that replaces the entire system, then getting a more balanced CPU/GPU for gaming is a more sensible option.

  • do you have any deals on the rtx 3080 builds?

  • so 3600/3700x+rtx3080 won't be back anymore….

    • 3070 yes, 3080 no. We are working with AMD on 3600, might know more this coming week.

  • +2

    Definitely should pair a 5600x instead of the 5800x with this gpu.
    Wouldn't affect fps and would be cheaper.

    • -1

      No stock of 5600's around though yeah?

      • +2

        Idk what techfast themselves has in stock but pccg has had them in stock since launch.

      • Are you just saying that because everyone else is saying that? Go check out the retailer websites, I will narrow it down for you, go check Scorptec's website. If "no stock around" means waiting 2 days, then yes, no stock around, but compared to the radeon cards, the AMD CPU's are pretty easy to get. I bought my 5600X last weekend from them having ordered it 2 days earlier.

        • Okay thanks. My mistake. I looked it up the other day and that was the impression I had.

    • +1

      Agreed. Either 5600X if you don't need the cores or 5900X if you need the cores. If you're going to spend $250 extra to get the 5800X, then you might as well spend $150 extra to get the 5900X for 4 extra cores. That's like 7% when you're spending $2.5k on a system.

      The 5600X seems to have ample stock. The 5900X and 5950X might be tough. That said, I put in a pre-order on Centre Com for a 5950X not that early (like two days after launch) and it arrived yesterday, so I don't think stock is as bad as people are thinking.

      Ultimately Zen 3 stock will be good, 6800(XT) will have poor stock because Zen 3 has good stock - they're all on TSMC 7nm. Given CPUs are the overwhelming bulk of AMD's revenue now, you know what they'll be pumping out most.

      • Is the 6800xt better than the 3080?

        • +1

          They're pretty similar. Personally, I would pick the 3080.

          The main advantage of the 6800XT is the 16GB VRAM, which has no real benefit over the 3080's 10GB today, but in a few years could make a difference if you game at 4K. If you are gaming at 1440p and targeting higher FPS (as opposed to trying to get 4K60), then the VRAM is less important. Personally I upgrade one or two cycles so what happens in 4 years time is not really something that I'm that concerned with.

          The main advantage of the 3080 are just proprietary features. I would buy the 3080 over the 6800XT alone just for CUDA and its RT/Tensor cores. Broadly speaking, CUDA is much more well supported for compute (as Nvidia has been much more successful in pushing out their datacenter cards). Personally I use CUDA. If you care about things like using TensorFlow, then Nvidia also wins. Nvidia Broadcast is also very good software and the Nvidia NVENC encoder is far better than AMD's trash H264/H265 encoder. Of course, there's also ray tracing (which is horrible on AMD at the moment) and DLSS - I've not really factored this into my decision because I don't really see a use for those features at the moment for me.

          If none of that matters to you and you just want to play games, then get whatever is available at the time.

          • @p1 ama: bang for buck would you recommend the 5600/3080 pairing for 4k decent fps gaming and some video editing as well?

    • Could disagree with this, depending how you upgrade. Personally I keep a cpu for 6-8 years, but will upgrade the GPU after about 3. The punchier CPU now prevents it bottlenecking with the new gpu.

      If you replace your entire system, then yeah a cheaper CPU is better.

      • CPU's are advancing so fast these days i couldn't say if it's possible to get that long out of a CPU these days.
        Before march 2017 the best consumer CPU's where 4 core 8 threads this was little over 3 years ago, today we have 5950x is 16 core 32 thread

        Anyway my comment was more about best bang for buck which techfast builds are known for.
        Anyone planning for the future wouldn't be going prebuilt.

  • +1

    Another annoying question if anyone feels like answering -

    What would the benefits be of upgrading the ram to 32gb on a rig like this - In my head it just feels like at this level if you are really pushing for power and performance you would be best to look at additional ram as well

    • +3

      Just depends on what your use case is. If it's primarily gaming, then 16GB would be enough.
      If you do editing and stuff like that then 32GB would be helpful.

    • having a million browser tabs open

    • +1

      RAM is so cheap atm it's a no brainer, imo.

  • +2

    Just out of interest for people waiting for Black Friday deals, could someone tell me who the other players are selling gaming pc’s on ozbargain

    I know there is Techfast, virco and titan tech but haven’t seen anyone else. Are there others actively promoting gaming systems?

    • +5

      The rest are out of business

    • +1

      The others like Scorptec, PCCG, MWave and MSY don't want to compete with Techfast and prefer to sell at higher margins or just deal in components.

      They should be able to.

  • Will you be posting a deal including the Msi 3080 X Gaming?

    • Unlikely but I guess possible if the Gaming X is end of lifed in favour of the Suprim and they want to clear them.

  • +2

    If some YouTube channels are to be believed, then both the Ryzen 5800X and the Radeon 6800 are bad value. Also, the 6800 is seriously lacking in modern features like Raytracing or AI-based upscaling (DLSS).

    I’d go with the 5600X plus RTX 3070 instead. Performance should be virtually identical, but you save some coin. Also you get DLSS support and dramatically faster Raytracing.

    • Agreed. More memory and lower power consumption on the 6800 is nice but DLSS 2.0 on its own is such a good feature that it just can't be ignored. For this price you may as well jump on the other 5600X + 3080 deal.

  • +2

    Hi Luke,
    I ordered a 5800x the day of the announcement that you had those cards to be put into my 3080 system. I recieved an email saying my 5800x and my system had been built and stress tested, and ready to ship. I then recieved another email at the end of the week saying my 5800x hasn't arrived yet.

    Since this deal is now live, with a 5800x in it, I'm wondering where my system is at this point. I've sent an email through to sales as well.

    My order number is TF103862631.
    Thanks guys.

    • +1

      I would be surprised if you got an email that said 5800X was on hand because we've had confirmation that they're on the way but haven't arrived yet. So it is still fully prebuilt down there awaiting arrival and finalisation. We're following up with AMD because 5600 and 5900 have come in, shouldnt be long!

      • On Tue, 17 Nov 2020, 10:08 am Techfast Support, <[email protected]> wrote:

        Hello Shaun,

        Thanks for your email.

        The good news is that your system has already been built, tested and is currently being prepared to be shipped to you! So please keep a lookout for a tracking notification within a couple of days to let you know that your system is on the way to you , sooner rather than later.

        Also it does look like your RTX 3080 is eligible for Call of Duty: Cold War, however we do not directly offer you the games as this is handled on Nvidia's end as we only supply you the GPUs which are eligible for the promotions, so you'd have to claim the games through their website.

        Here is a link to the promotion so that you can check it out further https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/campaigns/cod-black-ops-cold-war-bundle/

        Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything on a Far Cry 6 promotion at the current time but I could be wrong.

        I hope this information helps you out!

        Kind Regards,

        Support Agent

        Hidden name for obvious reasons, must've been a miss understanding then! Not trying to be difficult, just giving feedback, I know you've all been so busy supplying excellent systems.

        • +1

          Woah, yep definitely a misfire on the email, sorry. I'll follow up because a) I know your system is sitting there with a few others waiting on 5800X and b) our online system shows the serials that have been scanned and the system's status. Human error.

          • +2

            @luketechfast: Not a problem! Thanks Luke - human era is more than possible during this period I could imagine. Thank you for the clarity!

  • ok my new 2021 hunt for a new editing PC was going well until I came across raving reviews about the Mac mini M1. Never used Mac but seems to be too good to be true.

  • +2

    I'm sure I'll cop crap for this, but in my opinion when you're charging over $2,500 for a machine you have to do better than "brand/model may vary".

    At this price point I'm expecting either a 1TB NVMe drive or 2TB SATA drive with DRAM cache for it's higher IOPs.
    Also should have 32GB of ram, a basic 32GB kit of Corsair Vengance LPX is under $180.

    • I partially agree with you, which is why I'm planning to do a build myself rather than go the pre-built route.

      But in this instance, the CPU and GPU are taking the bulk of the costs.

      I don't think you can put PCPP list with the parts you're suggesting and keep the cost comparible.

      • I didn't post it, but i did actually did do a PCPP list and matched everything that was specified and use name brand gear for the non specified stuff and came out witha massive lead.

        I'm often posting that it's unfair to compare a shop system with PCPP but it's not entirely unreasonable to do a comparison if you can fairly take labor and costs into account.

        • +2

          post the build

  • should I upgrade? to this or wait another few years for better bigger upgrades?
    got a 2080 the pre ordered ones
    AMD 2700x

  • Is there any deal that don't have a RGB case? I just want something non flashy and quite.

    • +1

      The RGB fans can be disabled on all cases by holding down the LED button for a few seconds. The fans will still spin.

    • turn it off

  • Not happy. I bought 2 pc with wifi usb.. i didn’t get any! Now i have to go and buy it.. waiting for techfast to respond to my issue.

    • Apologies, they're on back order and you should have received a letter stating you're able to wait for them to come in shortly or have them refunded so you can purchase elsewhere. The support guys will respond and there's no problem refunding them immediately.

  • Can you refund… i already bought 2 new ones myself

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