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Huawei P30 Pro $799, P40 Pro $1159, Nova 7i $397 Delivered @ Allphones eBay

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    waiting for comments

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    Finally realistic price! :D

    • The sarcasm is strong in this one…

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    Heads up no GMS on the 7i/P40, but it's there on the P30 Pro.

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      Not hard to manually load on P40 - ie google maps etc

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        Is it as simple as just installing the apk?

        Will things like Gmail sync up normally like on other phones?

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        Err care to enlighten? I follow a few threads and it is problematic from what I see. Not worth the hassle imho. P30 pro I like but screen is small. Long live mi max 3 :-(

        • I did some reading the other day and a dev on XDA has released something called Googlefier. It simplifies the process a fair bit. But yes I believe there might be still some issues with syncing and notifications so it's not 100% especially on newer firmware version of p40

  • only for ebay plus members? if so, update the title?

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      Nope, I just tried it now and it worked, don't have eBay plus.

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    P30 Pro is a great phone still

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      Agreed. I'm on M20 Pro and nothing in the latest Android line that I think is good enough to convince me to replace it

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      Love the phone. My two year old P30 PRO is still fast and strong.

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    reasonable price if you don't need root.

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      I rooted every Android phone I've had except the P30 Pro which to be honest, doesn't even need it.

      • what can you get extra by rooting ?

        • be careful mate, if you dont use the right protection can get lots of extras you didnt want

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    I bought p30 pro just a few months ago for 750 but that was including SB cash back.
    Very good phone and much better than my old Oppo Reno Zoom X10 which i got for $900.

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    this or pixel 5/ FE?

    • I have both Mate 20 and Pixel 3 and Mate20 is much better

    • f

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    Waiting for Biden to reverse some things so I can get Google on a P40 then will buy, who knows might be P50 by then.

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      Fingers crossed, it will definitely be P50 series if so.

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      Not trying to make anyone feel guilty, but does what China is doing to Uighurs not bother people? Personally I am doing my best to avoid Chinese products as a result, even though Huawei makes great phones!

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        I don't know why does it bother you? We live in Australia don't we?!

        • I don't know, if you told me that a company was complicit with diddling kids or something in another country that would bother me

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          Genocide bothers me no matter where it happens on the planet. Enough to consider who I'm funding with my shopping habits at the very least.

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          It bothers me if the extreme communist killers were behind the funding and software making of the phones. I don't mind to have a Chinese iphone, samsung or Nokia with software not written by them. Bear in mind if any governments use Huawei as the communications infrastructure - they can set a time bomb to cripple the communications to their liking for military advantage.

          About uighur - I believe most of them are peaceful people. Communists just evilised them to justify their unfair treatment to the Uighur. A lot of reference to this - eg https://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2020/03/01/commentary/j...

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        Almost every single phone is made in China.

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          Yes it's difficult to avoid Chinese made entirely. But there is a (small) difference between something that is made there and a company that is owned by the CCP.

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        With governments around the world having their tongues stitched into China's taint I find your boycott admirable, but in the end for every dollar you don't spend on a Chinese product our government will find a way to spend 2 dollars in China.

        • I know what you mean. Feels like I'm fighting an uphill battle.

          • -2

            @ashleywd: The only guy in the world who had the capacity and was actually fighting Chinese expansion was viewed as more racist and a worse personality by western media, than a government that was actually committing genocide and infected the world with a flu.

            The world isn't a just place.

            • @studentl0an: Wait and see? Opposition to China is bipartisian. Opposition to Trump, not so much.

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                @ashleywd: May I suggest you search for the ties between the upcoming administration's personal business dealings, especially the son, in that families business deals with China.

                I find it a bit humorous to hear you think opposition to China is bipartisan. Are you aware of the conflict between Victoria Labor Party with the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and our federal government? Are you aware of the NBA in the states and what they have to say about China's treatment of Hong Hong? Are you aware how Hollywood censors black people in movies from Chinese releases or even removed the Taiwanese patch on Tom Cruise's jacket for Top Gun's release over there? Those who were the most vocal against Trump are the ones being most vocal about being pro China.

            • @studentl0an: trump only was 'tough on china' when it suited him to take attention away from his fkup on covid-19. he was in bed with china and kissing xi's ass back when he thought he could get a good trade deal out of them. let's no pretend the man has any moral modicum he's at heart a transactional businessman

              • @lk0811: You might want to double check when the tariffs on Chinese goods started, hint: it was well before covid.

                Contrast his dealings with the upcoming administrations family's known business deals in China, the information is all out there. Hatred for Trump is no excuse to not be aware of how pro China that family is.

                • @studentl0an: tariffs are part of making deals, not sure about your point. it must be nice to be young and free again to see the world through such simple lenses

                  • @lk0811: Oh, so tariffs are now a gift you give as part of deals.. and not a protective measure to the USA economy that brought back manufacturing jobs.

                    If I'm young and seeing the world through a simple lens, you must be one old fella who's vision is so shot it doesn't matter what optics you put infront of them. It's already over.

                    I'm old enough to remember when the Left actually was pro workers, keeping domestic jobs and not offshoring to China. I remember when the Left would have been pro tariffs on China now they are just inner city elitists like Daniel Andrews begging China for money and Chinese workforce to take our jobs.

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              @studentl0an: This is more like pneumonia virus than flu virus. It was originated in Wuhan China about a year ago. CCP emphaised to WHO that it did not transmit from human to human until it busted.

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                @ultraviolet: China lied and a lot of people died.

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                  @studentl0an: Should say CCP lied. Generally people are good whether Chinese or Australians.

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                  @studentl0an: i find it amusing that you subscribe to such a black and white version if the world it's almost cute. fyi if you want to google tariffs, by definition they are paid by americans, at least in the short to medium term it hurts americans at least as much as the chinese, and i can tell you it's not trump and his billionaire friends in lar margo that's hurting

                  trump didnt give a rat's ass about human rights issues in china until it became politically convenient to do so. trump for all his merits has had some wins, and more losses, but let's not pretend he is motivated by anything other than self interest and narcism. to champion him as a beacon of hope leading the crusade against the red commies is nothing short of laughable and breitbartesque.

                  at this rate you're going to exceed your neg quota before sundown, better tune back in to fox news before you run out :)

                  • @lk0811: Trump ran his entire election campaign about being tough on China. Actually scratch that before his election campaign Trump attacked Obama for not acting on Chinese expansion. Not only did Trump constantly attack China in rhetoric, but unlike anyone else in power across the West, he actually acted and put tariffs in place. This is massive for low paid workers across the west, a demographic who the modern Left forgot. For you to say that Trump was pro China, especially compared to any other politician, isn't just BS, it's crazy speak.

                    Here's another big one Leftists used to care about but not anymore. Obama promised in 2008 to remove the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. That only happened under Trump in recent years, while the Left somehow fought that and wanted to keep the troops oveseas! It had always been a mantra of the left to end foreign wars, bring the troops home and be tough on Chinese expansion to protect our workers. Somehow now that I am saying that, you are calling me breitbartesque for it? It used to be the modus operandi of the Left to want these things I wrote, but because Trump actually did it, it's now right wing breitbartesque? Do you not see how insane that view which you hold is?!

                    How you have such a short and incorrect memory I'll never know. You make so many wild and incorrect assumptions about who I am as a person just because I said Trump was hard on China. I didn't do that to you when I could have made just as many derogatory statements about who you are, but truth is I don't actually know. I just know you make a lot of assumptions about people based on if they say Trump was hard on China or not.

                    • @studentl0an: well he was hardly going to campaign on his superior management of covid 19..or bash his BFF putin. of course he was going to play to his base and draw attention away from his domestic failings. as they say in politics, it's always same [email protected] different a$$hole. if you can't see it it's your loss

                      and here i'm not the one who started a political debate on american politics on a bargain post on cellphones so perhaps you need to vent elsewhere. good day to you

                      • @lk0811: Look, his election campaign and tough on China rhetoric happened many years before any of the events you talk about.

                        Also you kinda were the one to start the debate, you didn't have to respond to me and start debating with me. So I find it strange you would say otherwise now. Cognitive decline does happen to old fellas, it's OK you get decades and events mixed up, just get some help for it yeah?

          • @ashleywd: That doenst mean is not worth fighting it…

            OMG i've never seen this side of ozb. cuties

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        Hmm what does China do to Uighurs?

        • -3

          Google these terms uighur ccp notes together you will find out.

          None of the past leaders in China were as aggressive, inhumane and ambitious as the current one. His current objectives are to wipe out Mongolia and Hong Kong.

          Frankly a lot of Chinese made products are excellent - we buy them for this reason. If it is not for this Orwellian leader I would not avoid Huawei. Huawei has good phones but I have my reasons to avoid at least for the time being.

          • +1

            @ultraviolet: Wipe out? Are you serious… Also, now there is less terrorism happening right? As far as I know, most "silent" normal residents are happy with a peaceful environment.

            • @JavaTheDog: Silent normal residents are happy (you can say they are extremely happy as they are all silent). They have to be silent or face jail terms or worse. No sure where you came from. Not sure why you meant peaceful. Laws are imposed to anyone speaking on the government in the name of national security. They are silent as you said. You can say they are happy. Maybe you work for the CCP.

              • +1

                @ultraviolet: Lol mate you misunderstand what I said about "silent". If people are happy with their life, busy living a good life, they don't have time to blame. We always need to listen to two sides of views before judging right?

                Now I believe there is actually less freedom online. As long as anyone said anything neutral, not even positive for China, they will be tagged as "bot" or as you said "work for CCP" lol. I am in Melbourne working in IT, not for CCP. I still remember in Uni we were asked to get more "primary source", instead of media news or wiki crap.

                Tbh I was really shocked by your term "wiped out". I understand you got this term from the history of Australia, for example, what Oz did to Tasmanian Aboriginal. That was the best definition of "wiped out". Maybe have a read about world history when you have time. I mean real books.

                • @JavaTheDog: Apology if the use of wipesout created any offence. China is good. Not the CCP leader who is using Huawei as a tool. I knew an Huawei employee he is good too. So I am not against making a living in Huawei. At the same time there are a lot of good Chinese made phones like the one I am using. Anyway the good old HK way of living had been wiped out since this CCP leader on stage. He did wipe out those spoke against him to prison to death. This is modern Chinese history we need to know too. If wipeout does not describe I can call attempt to brutally get rid of.

                  About getting the facts. My primary source is talking to the people in private. Talked with one who was just able to come back to Australia from China before lock down a few months back. This China Wuhan corona virus had killed so many people and figures were hidden.

                  With these factual information on hand any wiki or media news crap you mentioned can be identified.

                  • @ultraviolet: Good old way? Spoke against him? China Wuhan coronavirus? Wow, too many assumptions. Same as you assumed me working for CCP lol.

                    Now I feel like last time I chatted with my neighbor, who told me confidently that COVID19 is fake etc…

                    Maybe, if you are really interested, check out more real primary sources. For example, who "spoke against him". What did he/she say? Why did he/she say? etc. Always remind yourself echo chamber situation.

                    Sorry, ignore it if you just want to bullshit. I understand because bullshitting is much easier. A few words + assumptions = bluh bluh. It saves time and effort to think.

                    Anyway, have a nice day. Enjoy your time.

                    • @JavaTheDog: Time to teach you some basic English. Learning your Java probably has probably made your English worse.

                      It is "Spoke with him". When you collaborate with someone through conversation you speak with him/her. So I did speak with him/her about the impact in Wuhan. Speaking "against" him/her would have a different context (and would not help finding out facts).

                      Back to the China Wuhan (started) virus I learned about this virus from a HK journalist posted on youtube on 31/12/2019. Through his research on official media in China an unkown virus had been starting to spread in Wuhan causing pneumonia. You can say I assumed - no matter what when people say Wuhan virus people knew that it is the one called COVID 19 by WHO.

                      The youtube link is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngVN2HgXN5w ( assuming you are Chinese but not assuming that you understand Cantonese language ). This video is in Cantonese. Based on this link you can assume I am Chinese too. Yes there are too many assumptions. What is wrong with assumptions provided they make sense.

                      I do enjoy my time responding to you. Have a nice day.

                      • @ultraviolet: Lol I am laughing loudly. I was quoting your words:

                        He did wipe out those spoke against him to prison to death.

                        Please tell me how many mistakes are there in that sentence, my dear English teacher.

                        Also, scientists are still trying to track the origin of the virus. There are more scientific studies coming out.

                        If you know basic logic or science. You would know what's wrong with assumptions. So you think it makes sense that you assumed I worked for CCP just because I replied to your post on Ozb? Also, another wrong assumption, I didn't learn Java. Literally, I know a dog called "Java". Suprise!

                        I will stop this nonsense on a bargain site lol. Enjoy black Friday deals. Thanks for making my day. Have fun making more assumptions.

      • +1

        That's the Chinese government, not necessarily the Chinese companies though. And even if you support companies from other country, they would most likely use Chinese components anyway. So it doesn't stop what's happening in China to continue happening. It will take a lot of intervention to makea worthwhile changes in China or any other countries with similar human rights issues for that matter.

        Personally, I am bothered by what's happening in many parts of the world (heck, even in our own backyard). But it's hard to be bothered enough by it when you know your contribution can hardly make a difference while the rest of the world; especially the more powerful organisations are not doing their parts

      • +6

        Lol, in Australia talking about genocide. Poor Tasmanian and those farmers in Afghanistan.

        • Did people already forget about Indigenous Aborigines?

      • Personally I am doing my best to avoid Chinese products

        Good luck with that. Though I would like to see products being made elsewhere, given human nature, this planet will drop dead (if there is space underneath, don't know what flatearthers ideology is) before people stop buying china made products, or products made in china, sent to the US and then stamped made in USA.
        Oh well.

      • What Chinese has done to Uighurs? Western media is very biased against China in their report. A few kids send to study to increase their ability to get a proper job. If they do not have the ability to get a proper job then they are making troubles. If Australia is doing this to some group then we would not have the problem described by Peter Dutton.

        • </end chinese ranting>

      • Sure I'm also bothered by mass surveillance done by NSA or CIA (and associates), Guantanamo Bay, Vietnam war, Iraq invasion (didn't find WMD but probably found oil or other resources), etc.

  • +8

    Rocking the Mate 20 Pro two day battery life awesome screen resolution and triple camera for $600 and plenty of security updates great phone 👍

    • +3

      I agree its a great phone, keeping an eye on the sales to try and snag one cheap.

    • Anybody else having trouble with the battery life? My wife's phone, used around 40 mins a day, now lasts just 14 hours. Much less when used more. Great phone though!

  • +2

    is p30 pro the one with the 50x zoom?

    • yes

      • so this is an all time low? dont remember it being below 850

        • +1

          It was $799.20 about a month ago, and this time $799.68 so not all time low ;)

          But jokes aside it has been ~$799 once before.

    • +3

      5x optical zoom
      10x hybrid zoom
      50x bs marketing

  • +1

    All kinds of phone tapping action.

    • lol incoming negative votes from chinese communists roaming this page in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1…

      • The truth gets upvotes only though

  • +13

    P30 Pro imo is probably one of the best phones going around, even by today's standards

    • -6


    • -10

      even by today's privacy* standards

  • +9

    I don't care, CCP or Google or Apple spying on my phone as long as it's a great product with a reasonable price tag.

  • +8

    bought one, I hate people talking shit.

  • Is this (p40 pro) on Officeworks for the same price?

    • What do you mean? It's more

      • Listed $1159.00 on OW

        • Ahh sorry yes, the P40 Pro. I wasn't looking properly

  • +5

    Honestly does every Huawei post need to become a political commentary. The phones are the cheapest they have been you may choose to buy them or not personal choice this site is about bargains not your commentary on global political issues

  • Which would be better P40 pro or s20 FE 5g?

    • P40 Pro would be the superior phone, but has no Google

      • Which is a huge killer..

  • +4

    I just ordered P30 Pro for my wife and I got a P30 for myself. lol Go Huawei!

    • +3

      Well done! Hope you enjoy your new phone like I did :)

      • +2

        Yes, I definitely did (my P30 already arrived). Coming from 6s and 6sp, P30 is so much better! Today, it blocked a spam call, maybe Huawei got connected to caller number database. Thumb up!

  • Should i go for any 5G phone or P30 Pro?.
    Please suggest.

    • +1

      IMO do not buy a phone just for 5G. It has to be a good phone first, such as SD 8xx cpu, 8gb+ RAM and 3+ 8MP+ cameras.

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