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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte RTX 3070 GAMING OC Graphics Card $1020 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Original Coupon Deal

I think its a fair price for a quality 3070 card that is in stock…

Price will be around $920 after 10% cashback from Shopback. 10% Shopback Cashback runs 6pm-10pm, make sure you use the code "PLUSBF20"

The MSI Ventus 3070 3x is also around $920 after cashback : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MSI-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3070-VENT...

Gigabyte 3070 Eagle only a few left, $899 after cashback : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GIGABYTE-RTX-3070-EAGLE-OC-8GB-G...

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • any stock of RTX 3080?

    • Doubt it, you'd have to get super lucky somehow to find a 3080 in stock as a consumer, especially for decent brands. I now regret not buying on release day. 3070 seems to restock almost weekly, at least one brand at a time, but it's still overpriced compared to original MSRP.

      3080 is 100% overpriced now everywhere and there is no stock. Based on recent quotes from nVidia, it looks like the supply will only meet the demand by mid-February. So we might still see a few deals or random limited stock here and there, but actual stock and competition for prices won't start being regular until February/March.

      • Maybe I lucked out. About 5 days ago I decided that it was the card for me, picked up the Gigabyte Gaming OC yesterday. Hard? Sure. Impossible? Nah.
        Keep a keen eye on the mega thread over at r/bapcsalesaustralia and check in with your smaller local stores (not the PLEs, PCCG, Scorptec etc.)

        Have also seen cards periodically show up on Mwave, but you have to be quick.

        • How much did you pay for the Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC? Nice job finding one!

          • @Fyrelor: Unfortunately I paid a premium at $1649. But in my defence I'm saving a buttload on the other components (e.g. just got a 5600x for $409) + it's my first full build in 10 years 😅

            • @iMagoo: Haha, as long as you're happy with it, that's great. Enjoy your build. But yeah that's why I was disappointed in not ordering the 3080 when it was first released, because it was basically at the price of the current 3070 deals. Won't be going down to that price for a while too, at least until March next year.

            • @iMagoo: Omg where did you get 5600x for that price?

              • @fufufu: $599: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402542670008
                20% off: $479.2
                10% Shopback cashback: -$47.92
                Paid for using eBay gift cards @ 5% off: -$23.96
                = $407.32

                Bonus: contact eBay chat for price guarantee (CentreCom currently have it for $469 delivered, MAYBE we see Amazon go lower than this on Black Friday): (479.2-469) + 469*0.05 = $33.65 eBay credit for another time.

                Already had eBay Plus, but obviously that's an extra cost if you don't.

            • @iMagoo: So in other words you've saved up for 10 years for this build ;) be proud my friend

              • @LordNoon6: Yeah I paid the same for a 3080, but I hear of friends in Europe paying £950 etc which is pretty much the same here.
                So I don't feel quite as hard done by.

                There's an excellent discord channel with constant posts whenever stock is confirmed across Oz, which is where I found mine marked as. "Low Stock" on Computer Alliance.
                I think I found the channel somewhere on that bapcaustralia subreddit.

                (Not aimed at you in particular Lord, sorry!).

        • There are 3080's on the website

      • What prices are we going to get for 3080 in Feb/March?

      • will still be faster than everyone's favorite amd ones, they didnt even have a single card on launch day in most stores

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      Feelzgood my 3080 was $1139. Have had it for a month now.

  • Jumped on this! Thanks op

  • To sweeten this deal, you can use up to 7 of 100
    swap gard from wooly, to save up to 70. You can also try to talk to the eBay staff to try to get a 5% price beat (after 20% coupon price), currently centrecom shows some module available instore. Be careful to compare the after coupon price with price in cretrecom.
    I managed the got my pricebeat, a bit difficult double checked by eBay staff.

  • anything over $809 I consider not a deal

    • Well shit son, hope you can wait until 2022.

    • That was the RRP, so probably would have been for a crappy Galax single fan lol.

      This seems fair for a decent brand + card.

      • I dont understand the down votes, people are defending the fact your paying over rrp.
        Rrp should be the sales price and anything below that is a deal. This just continues to drive up prices for graphics cards and components in general

        70 series cards used to be in the 500 dollar range and people now will pay double that.

        • This man just spitting facts

        • That's how it is right now. There's a lot of demand, for something where there is little supply, so finding it in stock and then finding it at a price that is below what everyone else is selling, and you're forced to pretty much buy it if you're in need of it now and cannot wait a few months for the supply to meet the demand.

          Hey, at least those in need now can get a 3070 for this price. My GTX 1070 died on me during the worst period of the pandemic when there was even more shortages of supply locally. I had to just go out there and buy whatever was available, and the only thing that was available was at one MSY store in Perth, and it was a RTX 2070 Super, and I paid $1050 for it. When a couple of months before that (around Feb/March) there were regular deals here for the 2070 Super going around $600.

          People are just upgrading before the holidays, some have been using older videocards like the GTX 970 and just want to play all these new games coming out now at the end of the year, you can't blame people for buying whatever is out there.

          • @Fyrelor: I reckon if you really need a card, consider purchasing a 5500xt or 5600xt second hand as a place holder

            • @BigPeeper: 5600XT is what, $399? At best waiting a few months will see these cards drop by $300 to $400 on specials. So using a placeholder isn't really great. I say if you already have a decent card like me, an RTX 2070 Super, or 2060, or even 1080 or 1080 Ti, you can easily wait for deals below MSRP yeah, that's fair. But those on the 900 series and older cards that need to upgrade before the holidays, they can get these cards now, buying a placeholder is a waste.

              • @Fyrelor: Yeah, 5600xt new isn't a deal, but used? I've seem plenty of good used 5600xt out there, $250-$350.

                Really it's just what's available in your area.

                If you need a card just for gaming, nothing wrong buying a placeholder. Better than spending these outlandish price jumps and further supporting these garbage prices.

          • @Fyrelor: I agree with you, but imagine if people didnt buy them at the crazy prices though, they would have been forced to drop prices and then everyone could buy them at an acceptable price.
            But in this case people are buying them at the rediculous prices and setting a precedence that the pricing is right and driving up demand more.

            My comment is more for people that dont need cards asap but are still buyimg them at rediculous prices, they can wait but they wont.

            • @Silent-zai: You do understand how the free market works don't you? Supply and Demand?

              Why is $1500 for a GPU a "crazy" price and $1000 for a GPU not a "crazy" price?

              Perhaps if everyone in the world stopped buying video cards it would force all the GPU makers to sell 3090s for $100?

              If that works we can then move on to those "crazy" car prices and the "crazy" loaf of bread prices (seriously $10 for a loaf these days)

        • Times change, time to stop saying bullshit like 'back in my day xxx happened'

    • watch out, you will get downvoted so fast for telling the truth about this rip off that's going on and ppl are lapping it up - Im gonna wait for it to go under $800 before I will consider buying it…till then I've got a perfectly good 1080ti and xbone to keep me happy….

      • What truth? The RRP set by Nvidia? AIB's have already said Nvidia's RRP is fantasy and would put them out of business. Whether you believe that or not is a different story. Point is, you won't see any half decent cards at RRP. The Inno3D card at RRP looks crap (dual fan with cheap looking cooling/shroud) and only has a two year warranty. This card has triple fan design with 4 years warranty. With the cashback it's a good deal, especially considering the current supply and demand.

  • anyone know how long it takes for it to show up under Cashback Activity? i see it under Click Activity but thats it.

  • Geez these prices. Unless you must have it now, I'd be waiting/trying to get a $1050 6800 XT. 25% faster rasterisation at 1440p

    • Good luck getting one though.

    • Unfortunately I have a g-sync monitor, so I believe that keeps me restricted to the nvidia camp.

    • And they hit you with a $300 mark up like the 3080 lol

    • That’s if you can get a 6800xt non-reference card for $1050

    • Counter points:

      • 3070 beats the 6800xt at 4k/1440p with ray tracing turned on - probably kicking its ass in Cyberpunk too.

      • Access to Nvidia's useful features, where Nvidia has a proven history of innovating and improving drivers and features. Nvidia will also release it's own version of SAM, which will be on par or even better than AMD's version.

    • Lmao, 6800XT's (And 6800s) are unicorns

  • thousand buk meh rather a 6800XT because the internet has me concerned about ram amounts.

  • Ah mid range cards now cost 1k?

    • yeah the new normal is dumb af. Proper good raytracing in games still seems like vaporware (ie at decent fps and res) and yet they expect us to lap up the 30xx range for better RTX.

    • It's (profanity) bananas right? I got my 1070 just after launch for $500ish.

      I want an upgrade cos I'm looking at a new CX OLED but the current prices are ridiculous

  • That’s if there is stock for the 6800xt.

    • I'm in no rush to get ripped off. My 1070ti is fine for all intents and purposes and it's a pretty luxurious upgrade to spend 700-800ish on a gfx card, which is roughly my budget over the next year.

  • Good 4 year warranty too. Not ebay plus member unfortunately.

  • jack is that you?

    • Paid my gtx1070 for $660 after 20% off back in 2016 from Futuonline, the price was not insanely inflated though

  • -2 votes

    Futu? No thanks

  • If I purchase with ebay gift card, will i still get 10% cash back?

  • Really want the deal, but its so early with the black friday promotions. Do we think this is the best deal to come (shopback included) ?

    • just buy and return if you find a better deal, these are eBay Plus listings

    • It's $920 after CB.

      You are still paying above standard retail pricing, even after getting your cashback and stacking the discount coupon. So it's a question of how desperate you are to fulfill your gaming urges, vs waiting for a better deal that may come in the future.

      If you already own a GPU and it's meeting your needs, there's really no reason to rush out and upgrade. Considering that Nvidia is rumoured to release better variants of the card (Ti edition) with more VRAM.

      • Isn't it $1275 - 33% after CB = $854.25 ?
        That's if you use the 3% ebay gift cards via Shopback which is stated was allowed by a rep in the other post "You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only. If you transact without this code during the flash sale, you'll receive 1% cashback. There is no cap, plus if you buy an eBay gift card on ShopBack at 3% cashback you can stack! - Rep"

  • why is GTX 3080 not around this price range considering it sells for $699 USD which translates to $952 AUD. Anybody tried ordering PC parts from US recently(not via Amazon)?

    • Wholesaler price gouging mostly which gets passed down to us consumers.

      They have very weird terms for PC stores — like if PCCG or Umart wants to order 100 RTX 3070's or 3080's, they'd also have to order in 500 units of a Gigabyte SSD that normally no-one wants to buy. The retailer makes up for this by increasing the prices above the RRP.

    • Are they actually for sale at that price though in shops?
      Or is that the MSRP in USD?

      There's pretty much a worldwide shortage so prices are higher than MSRP virtually everywhere.

    • Not to say there isn’t an “Australia tax” component but it’s not the whole difference. you also have to consider 1- much smaller market in aus so increased distribution costs, 2- even the larger PC parts shops in Aus are nothing compared to US so need to have higher margin over product cost to be viable, 3- US prices you listed is FE /base models and does not include US state / local taxes (our prices are GST inclusive).

      Saying that, I was super lucky to score a zotac 3080 at PLE launch price which was comparable and would be annoyed to if only option now was $1400+ (those Evgas don’t count as seem like the line is 2 years long)

  • It's about 1100-1300 off Newegg for 3080s

  • I hate the fact retails can charge above RRP and get away with it…that should be 100% illegal - but again, Nvidia should have just made the right amount of stock

    • I feel nvidia intentionally hold back stock to create demand and drive up prices.

      • You are getting downvoted but that is exactly how monopoly works. Yes there is also AMD, but until price competition kicks in they could both very well be holding ground in tacit collaboration.

        Hold back stock in this case just = manufacture less product. The optimal profit tends to sit a bit above the competitive price, but low enough such that you still shift lots of cards (e.g. you arent going to sell many at $5000 a pop even though your margin is high). This looks exactly like that to me but im not expert. It just reflects basic economics study of monopoly/cartel behaviour.

  • Nearly $1k for a xx70 tier GPU is atrocious.

    • xx70 tier that is faster than xx80 TI of previous gen.

      • The GTX 970 = 780ti on release. The GTX 1070 = 980ti on release. xx70 tier almost always matched the pevious flagship. And the 3070 isn't faster, it's pretty much equal.
        Except that tier used to be $330usd and Ampere is still a smaller leap in performance compared to previous gens, it's just Turing was so poorly priced that ampere looks better than it is. Nvidia and AMD's margins have been steadily climbing over the years because they continue to rip us off.

  • Most places selling this for $1069 so price isn’t the 20% off they claim but if they actually have stock this is a deal.

    • They will have a stock. 3070 stock levels are much better than non-existence 3080. It's just a bit more expensive than people are willing to pay.

  • Just bought a Gigabyte 3070 vision, waiting for shopback confirmation email now

  • +4 votes

    Hoping for some 6800 deals soon.

  • I just checked to find that this is double the performance of my rx580. That is insane!

    • I think its insane that the price is exponentially more at only that performance increase. If you could crossfire two RX570 cards and get relaible perfomance that would be ideal.