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HP OMEN Obelisk Desktop $1500 (was $3,079) (i7 9700k, RTX 2080ti, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM) @ HP Education Portal


This deal requires a student account, verified with a .edu e-mail adress. You will need to go to the footer and enter the HP student store and verify your account if you have not already. The desktop should then appear as $1,500.


NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080Ti

Intel® Core™ i7-9700K

HyperX® 32 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (2 x 16 GB)

2 x 1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC SSD

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        • That would be great, thank you!

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    I definitely won't be satisfied with a 25% off voucher. The machine has around 66% off from the original price. Now HP has hold my fund and i cannot anything else during BFCM.

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    Received mine this morning. Must have only had <10 in stock or something

    • You mentioned you ordered at 1.15AM, was that AEDT?

      • +2

        1:18AM AEST to be exact.

        Had the pc in my cart for about 20-30 minutes prior though, so that may have been a factor?

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    just received a cancellation call…. ordered around 1am QLD time

    • +1

      hang on .. if ordered around 1 am QLD time, does this mean that you're one of the first bunch that ordered this and still got cancelled? so they didn't honour any of the sales?

      • +2

        It seems like most of the ones who got it ordered it before this was posted on Ozbargain, there was maybe 2 in stocks left once this was up on here.

        • +2

          whoever those 2 are lucky i must say; $1,500 for 2080ti is way too good.

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    Almost the same spec item is currently in stock on their website but with inferior storage.

    Rang to see if I can swap the order but was told that this item is not part of the promotion so I cannot swap for that price

    Meanwhile they can just hold all our money until some indeterminate point in the future after allowing us to place orders on items that are sold out


    Sounds like it was a pricing error but they are honoring the first few orders

    • +2

      Yep when I got my call about 15 minutes ago, they mentioned that they tried to find an alternative to send out before deciding to cancel. This would have been perfectly fine with me.

      • +1

        sounds like BS considering the model I linked would be a perfectly fine alternative

      • +1

        I wish that they could do an alternative deal for us… I just cancelled the 5900X RTX 3080 from techfast yesterday and I was trying reordering while there was no stock anymore

  • +1

    I wonder if you just don't pick up their phone call? Will they cancel it on their end or will they send you an alternative instead?

    • +3

      would probably just take longer to cancel and refund your money

      • Ah RIP

        • +1

          You can contact them directly and request speaking to Maya

          • +1

            @johangules: What will Maya do for us?

            • +1

              @jkim: She is acctually in charge of this price error case and giving the call to all of us here. As what I have informed so far, they are trying to find an alternative deal

              • @johangules: Someone else called me - was a guy, not a lady.
                So Maya will give us an alternative?

                • @jkim: i'm not sure, maybe they just change the person in charge

                • @jkim: I wanted to buy this to work on Autodesk Maya but I missed. No Maya anymore

              • @johangules: I thought it was settled as a refund plus 25% off coupon on full retail price items, no alternative deals

                • @qvinto: I saw someone above mentioned that he was requiring for an alternative and they might consider it since then

                  • @johangules: Okay, so I just spoke with HP customer service and I was placed through to Suba, the escalation manager. She explained to me that there was a computer glitch on the HP website which resulted in a lot more orders going through than what stock was actually available. Therefore, there were not enough units available for everyone who ordered. Suba asked me if I wanted a refund with a 25% voucher, however, I asked if there was any alternative desktop which could be provided from HP, as there is a lower tired model with less SSD space still available on the website (OMEN by HP Obelisk Desktop 875-1140a). She said that since it's late on a Friday, she would get back to me on Monday to see if there was anything she could do. I didn't ask for a refund for now, but I'll update on Monday after the phone call.

                    • +1

                      @Ema000: That's the same model I asked about swapping to and was told no earlier today by someone called Karen on their sales support phone line. If you get the deal please let us know

                      • @qvinto: Will do, I'll update you guys

                        • @Ema000: I also asked for the same, and they told me they could not.

                        • @Ema000: Clutching at straws

                          • +1

                            @2pro4sho: You never know until you try, what's the harm in waiting for clarification in the next few days?

                            • +2

                              @Ema000: Where did I say there's a harm? But since you want some reasons, sure ;)

                              Time. Effort. Disappointment.

                      • +1

                        @qvinto: I mean really, I am shocked that you would even think Karen would say yes to anything😂

                      • +1

                        @qvinto: Okay, so I called back HP (Spoke with Suba once again) and she confirmed that there was no stock available for this deal and also they could not substitute for the OMEN by HP Obelisk Desktop 875-1140a either as it is also out of stock, which is disappointing. It seems to me that they don't have much stock of any of these older model OMEN computers!

                        • +1

                          @Ema000: Final result is just the refund + 25% coupon then?

                          • +1

                            @ryzie: Yep pretty much, the coupon is pretty much useless

                    • @Ema000: I think 875-1140a just out of stock, so sad.

                      • @g631595356: Ah that's unfortunate, it was in stock yesterday when I was on the phone with HP support and checked the website

    • lol. yeh nah

  • +2

    In Sanskrit Māyā means "illusion or magic",

  • Does it still worth $1500 if we can switch to 1134a with 2080 super?

    • -1

      No and they won't offer that so irrelevant. Take the refund and move on.

  • +1

    Did anyone get any email regarding cancellation and refund? Lady on phone told me she was going to refund immediately. Still no email or refund seen…

    • +11

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Had the exact same thing happen previously (though was not out of stock, just a pricing error). Refund takes about 1-2 weeks, which is a complete farce.

      Super annoyed as again, it stated out of stock but delivery in 14-28 days (and not no longer available). You can buy/configure units similar (if not exactly the same) on the US HP site - with a global supply chain (and Angel speaking to me from the Philippines while Maya called me from Spain), I would imagine the HP could have found a way to filling the orders.

      Bah - will certainly not be ordering any 'bargains' from HP in the future.

    • +2

      haven't seen any refund

  • +4

    FYI I ordered before 1AM and got the phone call too.

    I was told I couldn't get a replacement model but I was being a little pushy so she said she'll get back to me Monday.

  • "voucher is applicable for discounted and not discounted price" Got confirm from HP sales team.
    Not sure still worth to buy 875-1140a or wait Dell restock

    • for the discounted price this model will be, its more worth it to get a deal with the 3070…

    • +2

      Not a sincere solution because you end up paying $600 more for 1.5T less storage.

  • +7

    So I called again, asked for a swap for the 875-1140a but they said that's definitely out of stock and they can't exchange units for that reason. (Even though in stock on the website).

    Also, just received the paypal refund notice.


  • +1

    just received the paypal refund notice

  • Do you guys think the 875-1140a is worth 2k? Or would the Dell be a better option?
    Just curious.

    • its sold out. but regardless for the price of the 875-1140a you might as well get the 3070GPU.

      • Yeh, the 3070 is nice but I might prefer the extra vram of the 2080ti. Also, I prefer the aesthetics of the HP and I like the PSU and how the components seem more flexible.

        • +2

          yeah thats true. They're both good machines for good value. It really depends on your taste. Unfortunately this whole experience has turned me away from HP.

    • +1

      The Dell uses a 500W proprietary PSU, and suffers from insufficient cooling, so any plans to rip the internals out and put it in a better cooled case + 750W PSU is out the window (I was hoping to reuse an old Silverstone FT02 or Corsair 400R with an EVGA G2 750W). The HP seems to use a standard ATX PSU (no information to the contrary), although they may also be using remapped pins. However, the HP is not known to suffer thermal issues like the Dell.

  • What’s everyone using their 25% coupon on?

    • Not yet. Is there any expiry date for 25% voucher? I can not find it in the Email.

    • Popcorn maker to get ready for the next HP deal.

  • I just received the HP email which states the following:

    "Hi XXXX

    Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us about the out of stock HP Omen Obelisk Desktop 875-1117a.

    I would like to reconfirm with you that in addition to a full refund, we are providing you with a 25% discount on your next purchase in the HP Australia (Student) Store. We will continue to have a range of Black Friday offers available until Friday 4th of December. If you don’t find the right device before Friday, don’t rush, we have extended your discount voucher until May 31st 2021.

    Your one-time use voucher code is: XXXX (This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code)"

  • +2

    Has anyone actually gotten their refund back? I did not pay with paypal

    • +5

      mine is pending in paypal

  • +1

    Called last friday regarding a replacement model. Best they could do was this model (https://store.hp.com/au-en/default/omen-by-hp-obelisk-deskto...). Priced at $27XX. What a joke. $1200 more for basically the same specifications. Definitely wont be shopping with HP again.

    • As in you had to pay $1200 extra…? Yeah this would've been a perfect replacement lol

      • +1

        Yes i would have to pay another $1200 lmao. I questioned why a model with the same GPU, RAM, CPU is $1200 more than the other item and the person could not give me a response.

        • +1

          Lmaooo, won't even admit that it was a pricing error

  • Did anyone find anything good? Couldn't find anything good even with 25% off…

  • Just confirmed, voucher valids until 31 may 2021

    • Maybe could be useful for something next year.

  • +3

    I've got a way to get ONE unit of the 875-1140a for 2K.
    DM me if you're interested and I'll tell you details.

    • +1

      I got one for 2k too. Should only be 3 units left though.

      Call sales line. Complain and ask for 2k.

      • +1

        LOL. I was told they were especially putting aside ONE unit for me and that there was no stock/only one unit.

        • +1

          Guess I got played.

      • Damn read this too late… think there's any left?

        • No harm in giving them a call tomorrow.

  • +2

    There's already a few posts (well actually one guy on gumtree/fb marketplace) asking for 2.3/2.4k.
    He proceeded to give me a lecture on economics. LOL
    I caved and managed to get a 1117a for 1800 (1746 with the 3% ebay plus discount).
    Not the worst deal.

  • What do you guys think of this HP Omen PC? It's $1,626 with the 25% discount code on education portal.

    Worth the money? How much would it cost to build something with these specs? I'm clueless with PC stuff.

    OMEN 25L Desktop GT12-0713a PC
    10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor
    Windows 10 Home 64
    HyperX® 16 GB DDR4-2933 XMP RGB SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)
    1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC
    RTX 2070 Super


    • you can get the 875-1038a which comes with a 2080ti, 32gb DDR4 Ram for 2K. GPU is better than the 2070 super however, you will compromise by getting an 9th gen processor instead of a 10th gen

      • That doesn't appear to be available on the corporate employee store (the one I'm using). I thought education and corporate would be the same products.

        That closest PC with those specs on corporate store is GT13 -0810a (10th Gen i7 though) which would be $3k with discount.

        • +1

          Call the sales line. Complain about your cancelled order. Ask for this model for 2K. This is the model they gave me yesterday for 2K. Explain it has the same specifications as what you ordered.

          See if they budge. Hopefully they will.

          • @bigchunguss: Cheers for the info, will give it a go.

            • @Luke o: I can’t PM you, can you PM me?

              • @bigchunguss: Sorry mate, just saw this. I can't PM you either. Not to worry, I'm all sorted. Thanks very much anyway.

          • @bigchunguss: I've just called HP and they said they might match the $2k you paid if they can have the order number as proof they did match it. Are you able to private message me the order number if you don't mind.

          • @bigchunguss: @bigchunguss do you mind pm’ing the order number as well? Thanks!

          • @bigchunguss: With the release of 2060ti, would this still be worth it for 2k?

          • @bigchunguss: Can you send me a copy of your order as well please. Thanks

      • Can you PM me your order number as well?

        • +1

          Well… I got a call from Maya today (finally) and she fixed me up.
          Really happy how it turned out, despite costing $500 more.

          • @jkim: What model did you get jkim?

            • -1

              @videoman: I'm guessing I got what everyone else got? What did you get?

      • Could you PM me your order number too? thx

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