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EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GA 80 Plus Gold 750W Fully Modular Power Supply $139 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Excellent price on this PSU from EVGA with a 10 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty.

Mod Note: Price will reflect in cart.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Agreed, jump on this good price

  • Shows as $189.00 for me, not $139.00 - you sure you read it correctly?

    • Same for me.

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      It's $139 when you add it to the cart

    • Seems to drop in price once I add it to cart.

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    Price changes when you add to cart.

  • $189 for me , it was meant to be $139 at 1pm

    • Gotta add it to cart

  • Shows 139 in cart for me

  • Postage kill the deal …

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    In case anyone missed, 650w variant for $20 less https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584465 also available

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      negged for this lol, 650w would be more than enough for many, so just putting it out there

  • This isn't a very good PSU.

    • why?

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        the GA line is made by Andyson instead of Seasonic or Superflower, which was the source of the SuperNOVA line's reliability.

        Not that Im saying Andyson is bad by any means, im sure theyre still good considering evga is slapping a 10yr warranty on these, just doesnt have the same level of trust from other tried and trusted manufacturers.

        • +1

          It has been a while since I heard the name Andyson. I used to have an Andyson PSU that ran for 10 years without any problem(before I sold it to a primary school kid). Pity they don't sell direct now otherwise would be happy to buy again

      • +5

        It's an Andyson PAD01 unit. All good EVGA PSUs have been SuperFlower Leadex (G2, G3, P2) or Seasonic (GS) units. EVGA have failed miserably with the other OEMs, including G1/GNEX (FSP Aurum), G5 (FSP something), GA (Andyson) etc…

        I'd not buy it at all, but if I were buying it, I'd pay no more than $100 for this unit - i.e. treat it as along the same value as a TT BX1 Smart or Gigabyte Techfast supply (both of which I would not use).

        • +1

          Thanks for the explanation!

        • -1

          EVGA have failed miserably with other OEMs

          What basis do you have for saying that? EVGA's FSP PSUs have been reviewed favourably. E.g. G1+, GM, GQ. To quote the last review, "these don’t quite match the performance of the G2 and GS lines, but they really do come close enough for most people." I'd hardly call that a miserable failure.

          • @boisterous bill: Lol… yes quote JG. Define "close", and define "most people".
            For "most people", an Antec VP is "close" to the SuperFlower Leadex III.
            It's just as true as what JG have said, and one of the reasons why I've never really put any trust in JG.
            Oh and some of those units you linked have Teapo caps… Teapo + decent in the same sentence?

            I stand by my statement that the rest (i.e. all EVGA units bar Leadex - G2/P2/T2, Leadex II - G3/P3/T3 and Seasonic - GS units) have been miserable failures.

            • @jkim: Well, I think it's more reasonable to quote a reviewer than to pull something out of my rear end. Considering the reviewer has tested both the GQ, and the "good" PSUs like the G2 and GS, I think they do have some authority in saying the performance is similar. And the test results are in the reviews if you care about how closely they perform. Do you have any actual basis for thinking these units are miserable failures, compared to those others?

              • @boisterous bill: If you quote a reviewer with more credibility (i.e. not JG since ~2013), you might have a point. For instance, the GM contains bloody Teapo caps and he says "nothing bad", "nothing mediocre", only good… what kind of drugs is this guy on? No, you don't need 100% Jap caps, some of the Taiwanese ones are almost as good - but Teapos?????

                And the GQ… who cares about 3V and 5V ripples? It's the 12V that actually matters and that's where this unit fails, so why is he treating the 3 the same? The fact that 12V failed should have deducted massive amount of points. Ohhh I care about my USB devices charging better than the stability of my Fn system! 0 credibility.

                If you pay attention to the actual relevant parts of reviews (PCB design, component selection, 12v test results, NOT the conclusion), you'll see the differences between the good units and bad. I generally ignore "build quality" - aka soldering, and look at the OEM instead as a proxy for that, since soldering will vary even within a product line, and be more "average consistent" within a given factory. However, reviewers love to look at soldering on a single unit and make comments / give or take points / etc.

                • @jkim: After re-reading, I found that I pasted the wrong thing. In my post, where I said "Teapo", it should read "G-Luxon" (bargain bin Chinese/Taiwanese caps / worst of the worst). Furthermore, JG says "here we find G-Luxon parts. I’m not too concerned about the quality of these, but because these are effectively Teapo parts". Teapo are the best Taiwanese caps, and G-Luxon are the worst Chinese caps… his use of the word "effectively" is very telling of what he consideres "close enough"… hmm?

  • FYI, Corsair RM Series, 750W Fully Modular, 80+ Gold Certified @ $184.95 (FREE DELIVERY)


    • +3

      A bit expensive NGL. Should be around 160-170.

      • Yes, not the cheapest "yet". Should see more discount tomorrow… finger crossed.

        • Computer Alliance tomorrow maybe $167. Not sure about postage.

    • There will be an RMx this Black Friday around the same price, I'm betting. There was one cheaper than this one just a few days ago.

  • whats a good cheap ATX PSU for a NAS system?

  • I bought one a while ago because people said it's a really good PSU, but mine had really awful coil whine.
    EVGA wanted me to pay registered insured mail back to Taiwan or something which was $80 out of my pocket.
    Never buying EVGA again.

    • Why didn't you return it to your retailer? Also whoever said it's a really good PSU has no idea. There are specific units in the EVGA stable that are really good (G2, P2, T2, GS), and not as good but decent (G3, P3, T3), and the rest are just poo.

      • It was a G2. I got it from PCCG who told me to RMA it with EVGA.

        • +3

          You should have left it with them to sort out. If a retailer tells you to RMA to manufacturer, you tell them your consumer rights state the retailer needs to sort out all warranty issues. Even MSY these days are better than the way PCCG treated you.

          • @jkim: Yeah, they wouldn't have none of it because it works and it's just noise, fans make noise deal with it etc. I just sold it on and kept using my old PSU.
            Never going EVGA or PCCG again. No support or responsibility for their products.

            • +1

              @Creepy Woody: Every manufacturer tells you to send it to wherever their technical office is at your cost. Some just happen to be overseas. Your contract is with the retailer, who must sort it out for you and also must cover return shipping.

        • Sorry you had a bad experience mate , I swear by the G2s, have 4 of them.

        • Im surprised PCCG didn't take care of it for you.. i have had a Corsair PSU with coil wine that they happily RMA'd tested and swapped and dealt with Corsair on there end.

          • @Francis87: I sent my RX-570 Gigabyte back to PCCG, they couldn't recreate the screen going chaotic on their bench but when I showed them a video they did the RMA anyway.

            I will only buy expensive electronics from retailers like PCCG & Amazon who have covered return shipping.

        • Yeah, I'm a bit surprised too. I've got a G2 SuperNova 750W 80+ Gold, and it's been very quiet and reliable.

  • waiting for a SFX steal

  • +1

    waiting for 450-550w psu deals cuz im poor

  • Very strange that it's been out for a while but not a single review floating around. This suggests EVGA doesn't have much faith in this product to send it to reviewers, plus the manufacturer generally makes low-end units.

    Seems to be a "deal" to avoid, especially once shipping costs a factored in. Which is a shame as ball bearing fans have become rather rare on PSUs nowadays.

  • +1

    Heads up: some people have reported that the EVGA GA PSU doesn't play well with RTX 30 cards:



    Small sample size but it has been acknowledged by EVGA.

    (copied from an older comment)

  • This or the Corsair RM750x for $30 more?

    • No brainer, of the 2, go for the RMx, but RMx is usually a rip off (should never pay more than $180 for it).

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