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600 (Worth $3) /1000 (Worth $5) /2000 (Worth $10) Woolworths Everyday Rewards Points on $30/ $50/ $100 Ultimate Gift Cards @BigW


Might be useful for some that missed out on the other gift card deals. Credit to zxnmcx for original iTunes GC but thought it will be good to have its own listing.

600 points worth $3, 1000 points worth $5 & 2000 points worth $10.

Note: Available from 26/11/2020 - 2/12/2020. Refer to individual gift cards for terms and conditions. Offer limited to 10 gift card per customer.
T&Cs: The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online and card expire in three years.

Gift Card Denomination (Bonus) Participating Retailers
Ultimate Kids $30 (600 points) / $50 (1000 points) Smiggle, JB H-FI, Rebel, Cotton On Kids, Kingpin, Dymocks, Zone Bowling, Timezone & Toyworld
Ultimate Teens $30 (600 points) / $50 (1000 points) Rebel Sport, JB H-FI, Boost Juice, City Beach, Kingpin, Zone Bowling, Timezone & Ripcurl
Ultimate Students $30 (600 points) / $50 (1000 points) EB Games, Typo, City Beach, Boost Juice, Foot Locker, Zing Pop Culture
Ultimate Eats $30 (600 points) / $50 (1000 points) Nando’s, San Churro, Mad Mex, Boost Juice, Sushi Hub, Ribs $ Burgers, Hogs Steakhouse & Schnitz
Ultimate Active $50 (1000 points) / $100 (2000 points) Adidas, Anaconda, Puma, New Balance, Rip Curl, Foot Locker, Lorna Jane, Drummond Golf
Ultimate Her $50 (1000 points) / $100 (2000 points) Sephora, T2, Adidas, Forever New, Bras N Things, Seed, Wittner, The Body Shop, Peter Alexander, Swarovski and Lorna Jane
Ultimate Him $50 (1000 points) / $100 (2000 points) Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto, Barbeques Galore, BCF, Drummond Golf & Oakley
Ultimate Home $50 (1000 points) / $100 (2000 points) JB HI-FI, Dusk, Freedom, Barbeques Galore, House & The Good Guys
Ultimate Style $50 (1000 points) / $100 (2000 points) Bras N Things, Sports Girl, Pandora, Strandbags, Forever New, Sunglass Hut & Nine West
Ultimate Christmas $50 (1000 points) / $100 (2000 points) Cotton On, City Beach, Zone Bowling, Puma, Anaconda, Typo, The Body Shop, T2, Timezone & Kingpin
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Do they give you 2000 per card? So buying 10 gives you 20k?

    • Yup that's right, calculated at POS..

    • I think it’s 2k per account?

      • That's a negative

      • As in maximum point you can get?

        • +1

          Can anybody confirm limits? Could I buy 30 x $100 cards and use them to buy a $3,000 TV from JB Hi-Fi? That would get me 60,000 points if there is no cap.

          • @Craigo W: Apologies I see it says max of 10 per customer in description. Still, if thats a total of 20,000 points, thats pretty nice.

            • @Craigo W: I reckon that's just the number of cards you can buy in one go/transaction - I can't imagine there being a hard limit on the number of pints that can claim onto your card.. But then again :)

            • @Craigo W: I reckon you get yourself a few more everyday rewards card created.

              A new member is still entitled to get 1700 pts if you text them or something. This can be seen from the docket, and I remembered a member posted this before.

              Thus, spree the gift cards to get 60k pts still worth $300 groceries.

          • @Craigo W: It better work. Just gone and hoarded 30 cards

            • @pmdg777: Hopefully not from my local store.. :) lol. Let us know how you go mate. I was only thinking of $1 - 1.5K of cards at the most

    • Can anyone confirm this?

  • -1

    can we buy these using wish gift cards?

    • Nope

    • gift cards can't buy gift cards no more…. few years back still can do this… missed good old days.

  • +6

    Imagine giving $100 ultimate teens to someone and find out they spent it all at Boost Juice

  • Do woolies employee cards work on gift cards at big w coz you get 10% off

    • +1

      No i bought it last time didnt work. Even if it did all giftcard discount for staff is only 5% max.

    • other than woolies grocer stores still gives out 5%, i don't think any other store under their umbrella did this.

  • Can I use these to pay for remaining balance ($549) of Xbox preorder?

    • My guess would be yes, as they are just considered cash in reality. I'm thinking of getting enough cards to cover a preorder for the new PS5 (not fussed when I get it next year) from EB's..

  • +1

    Makes me wonder if I can be bothered driving around for 15% off at Coles still if this is upcoming

  • +1

    Anyone know if you can combine this with the 10% off one shop per month you get with their insurance?

    Edit: just checked the insurance T&C and it excludes gift cards.

  • Could I use WWS GC to purchase this card? I assume we could do that in Coles and not could not in WWS.

  • is there a limit of how many giftcards you can redeem at jb hifi? I could not find anything on ultimate card website

    • +1

      No limit. TCN card limit was removed too.

      • good to know, thx

    • no limit on giftcard or TCN giftcards, I ended using 28 GCs buying a 85" Q80T TV :D

  • At the check out right now. Taking ages for it to activated. Hopefully it will work

  • +2

    Pacific Werribee at 8pm. 10x $50 cards took approx 10 minutes to 'activate' at checkout. Checked one card after the receipt popped out and it's ready to be used.

    RE limit of 10 cards per customer. I purchased 19x $50 cards (they didn't have the $100 in stock).
    I only received WW rewards point on the first 10 cards. Doesn't seem very fair that I would have made double the points if the $100 cards were available. Ah well, better than nothing.

    • Do you think it's one per customer or one per transaction?

      • +2

        It is 10 gift cards for each Everyday Rewards account.

    • Did you do 1 or 2 transactions?

  • BigW Westfield Liverpool had plenty of $100 ones left however it took 20mins to activate 10 cards!

  • -1

    Is this website legit?

  • Anyone know how long these take to activate?

    • +2

      I bought 2x $100 cards this afternoon, and I stood at the self-service checkout for about three minutes whilst I was waiting for the POS system to activate the cards. The funds were available on both cards when I checked the Ultimate Gift Cards website a minute after I left the store.

      The self-service attendant remarked that it either takes 10 seconds or two minutes for the POS system to activate gift cards…

      • Sorry I've never really bought gift cards at Big W - your post implies I can pay for them at the self checkout. Do you do that completely solo or does the attendant come over and do something to activate the cards?

        • +2

          For some reason, the self-service attendant at Big W didn’t need to do anything to approve my transaction, but that could have been because I only purchased $200 in gift cards.

          • @WookieMonster: Thanks so you just scan the cards yourself and that activates them?

            • +2

              @DawnShadow: Yep.

              As I mentioned above, be prepared to wait a few minutes for the POS system to actually activate them.

  • Can anyone comment on stock levels for the Ultimate Home $100 gift cards? After 20 of them.

    • Would help if you give a location.

      I dropped by Big W South Yarra yesterday and there were no $100 left. I bought the last 6 $50s. There were plenty of $30s left.

      • +1

        All good, called my local, they had changed their number so the saved one in my phone was going nowhere. Got 20 on hold for me to collect after work. 14 x $100, 6 x $50.

        • Already had the credit appear on our ER accounts, free booze & food for Xmas!

          • @EddieDaHead: 20 cards?, I thought it's 10 max (to get rewards points, like jojo3091 said), or do you have 2 Woolies accounts?
            Hoping to get some today. Or did you do 2 orders/transactions?

            So pissed that I missed the 15% deal with Coles :(
            I'm guessing there is no chance of this happening again anytime soon.
            When was the last time Coles or Woolies offered 15% off similar cards?

            • +1

              @OrbDaggerZ: Yeah 2 separate accounts. Be prepared to wait for activation, it takes awhile. There's 10% off from tomorrow for HIM/HER etc at Big W FWIW. I've saved thousands over the last week buying gift cards everywhere.

              • @EddieDaHead: Thanks for the reply & about Big W deal tomorrow also.

                So 2 accounts under your name or a partner/family for example?
                I've missed a lot of discounted gift cards deals (swap/convert), need to improve my game.

                • +1

                  @OrbDaggerZ: Different names. One for me and one for my partner. I went pretty berko on the cards, have been saving for months though so it all came up Milhouse.

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