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$15 Zip Credit ($50 Min Spend, New Customer)


Sign up as a New Customer for a Zip Account and complete your first transaction of $50 AUD or more within the Offer Period to get $15 AUD credit back to your Zip Account (“Offer”). This Offer is only available between 12:01AM (AEDT) on Monday 23 November 2020 and 11:59PM (AEDT) on Wednesday 20 January 2021 (""Offer Period"").

  1. Apply for a Zip Pay or Zip Money Account for the first time (“Zip Account”) via the link https://zip.co/promotion/activate-15 and be approved for the Zip Account in accordance with our approval criteria (“New Customer”); and

  2. Successfully complete a transaction of $50 AUD or more instore or online using your Zip Account.

If you have previously held a Zip Account, either active or previously closed, you will not be eligible for this Offer.

The $15 AUD credit back amount will be applied within 14 business days to the Zip Account from which the eligible transaction was made.

Referral Links

Referral: random (434)

$10 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Is this as easy as AfterPay, and does it require a credit check?

    • +2

      Yes there is credit check. More like how a traditional cc works rather than like afterpay.

    • +7

      I used to be with zip and I think it's better than Afterpay. Just $6 a month, 6-12 months interest free on some purchases. It's very easy but also very tempting… And yes there's a credit check.

      • +19

        I prefer $0 per month. Each and to their own I suppose. Credit check and monthly fees make zip something I will never use.

        • +9

          If you pay your balance there’s no fee. Same as any credit card.

          • @ATangk: With a credit card, you can get hundreds of dollars back in points etc to offset the credit check.

            With this, you get a measly $15 from what I can see.

            I'm not sure why someone would put themselves through a credit check for a paltry $15.

        • +3

          Afterpay you have to pay every 2week and if you miss a payment it $10, Zip you don't have to pay if no outstanding balance e/month and there only a fee $6 if you don't pay it.
          Do some research.

          • -2

            @neostarsx: He did, and his comments are in response to dealsforlife…and he said each to its own..

    • Credit check , blah blah and plus sign up fee of $25 !!! Before u Spend on anything !! I just cancelled / ignored my application finalisation and continue using after pay ..
      No wonder zip pay shares tanked at the bottom vs Afterpay

      • +1

        Pretty sure the fee depends on your account limit. I signed up yesterday, my limit is $500, and I wasn't charged an establishment fee.

        • You might be right , I got approved for $2000 , but why still the fees ?? After pay it's so friendlg with the free money like teer3x said .

          • +7

            @tanastra: Because you applied for a Zip Money account. Which incurs a $25 setup fee and a credit check. That one is like a credit card.

            The normal Zip Pay account has no setup fee. But there's a $6 per month account keeping fee if there's an outstanding balance. And a $1000 account limit.

        • +2

          I signed up an hour ago, instant approval, $1000 limit and no fees

          • +1

            @bghunter: You have the Zip Pay account which has a $1000 account limit. However it does have a fee a $6 monthly account keeping fee if there's an outstanding balance. But at $0 balance there's no fee charged.

            The other next level account option is Zip Money with a $2000 account limit. But there's a $25 setup fee. That one works more like a credit card in the fact it requires a credit check just to open it.

    • +7

      I had applied for a traditional credit card and evaluator told me Zip Pay is considered a negative sign. More like another liability. So advised not to use it especially if you are planning to apply for home loan. She said Afterpay is not considered a liability. Not debating pros or cons, just sharing an experience.

    • Oh, no! You weren't eligible for a Zip account!
      Although we'd love to, we can't offer a Zip account at this time.

      Still want to try Zip in the future?
      Don't worry! You can apply again in six months


  • +5

    These buy now pay later companies are. slippery slope.

    • +19

      Not if you pay on time, basically free money if you do.

    • +1

      No problems at all with after pay , they always sent me text reminding me of paymeny due next day. Used after pay with ebay more than 5 purchases already with $0 fees or penalty.

      • +4

        It's in their best interest to let you know the payment is due, they hold the debt so if you don't pay its their bottom line, they don't want to profit off late payment fees, they make plenty of $ on merchant fees.

        Afterpay is appealing as it has not monthly fees, where Zip hold you to a $6 fee if you have a balance after the billing period.

    • +2

      Exactly the same as credit cards. Just discipline and learn to not spend what you don't have

    • +1

      Much less slippery than traditional credit cards.

      • I don't really get that; this seems much the same as a credit card, except that the credit criteria appear to be even more loose.

  • +13

    Damn, created the account before seeing this post.

    • +7

      Me too. Just created one yesterday.

      • Me three… always the way!

      • Me too yesterday..

        • Same here!! Created account to shop on Amazon! The link does not show any token (tried to find through 'inspect' in Chrome). Hopefully, they will credit $ 15 in all the new accounts.

    • Same. Made one yesterday for the Amazon 10% back :/

      think they'd honor it if we asked?

    • -1

      Not to mention the $10 referral link as well… Sure, got $50 through Amazon but $60-65 is better!

    • I just checked my account and realised they credited me the $15 even though I didn't go through that promo link ;)

      • And already spent at Amazon

  • +5

    One thing I am not sure about is that the sign up link on https://zip.co/promotion/activate-15 just takes you to https://zip.co/create-an-account to create the account (which is the general sign up link)

    So how do they track whether you signed up via https://zip.co/promotion/activate-15 or not, since no code is needed to be entered?

    Or potentially everyone who has signed up since the 23rd Nov as a new customer is eligible?

    • Here's hoping. I'm waiting for Amazon to debit the zip account.

      • Looks like my $15 has just come through on my account! Yay!

    • +4

      There should be a tracking token within the link. It may be hidden but they very much exist. Similar to cashback sites when they redirect you to an external website.

    • I signed up via referral link and will ask them about the activate deal, i was assuming that all new customers between the period that signs up with either zip money or zip pay accounts are eligible.

      • The terms and conditions are confusing.

        No promo code is required to claim the offer. Should any eligible transaction be refunded the applicable credit back will be adjusted in accordance with your refund.

        Apply for a Zip Pay or Zip Money Account for the first time (“Zip Account”) via the link https://zip.co/promotion/activate-15 and be approved for the Zip Account in accordance with our approval criteria (“New Customer”)

        So do we need to signup with the promotion link? Then that would make referral 10$ not eligible.

        I sent a ticket regarding this matter.

        • Did you by chance get a reply yet? I used a referral code as well not realising I wouldn't receive both.
          I have received the $10 from the referral code, but not the $15 on this promotion - so perhaps it was one or the other - would have been nice for Zip to clarify!

  • How is NAB straight up?

    • Terrible value.

  • Website down? Or is it just my side?

    • Working here

  • The $15 discount will allow you to use the service as an Afterpay and pay over two months @ $6 per month account fee and total discount of $3, you save $15 only if you pay the balance right away.

    • +18

      what ozb doesnt pay the balance right away

      • -14

        Why would you pay the balance right away. That defeats the purpose of buy now pay later.

        • +5

          @hollykryten I’m only in for the discount/offer but definitely not for the pay after aspect 😂😂😂

        • +2

          This is ozbargain…. we get excited over free udemy course and mcdonalds hacks, you think anyone here actually pays the monthly fee lol?

    • +7

      You need to pay the balance by the end of the following calendar month, so if you buy in November you need to pay by the end of December to avoid the fees.

      • -2

        Isn’t there a monthly fee for positive account balance end of every month? So, I bought Black Friday stuff and end of Nov i will pay $6 if on Monday if I don’t pay it off.

        • +1

          Read the FAQ’s.

          • -1

            @ATangk: $6/month waived if you have no balance. <— straight from zip home page.

            Reads to me what I assumed.

            • +2

              @cloudy: Couldn’t even read the first item in the FAQ? You have a months grace period.

              Your Zip Pay account has a monthly account keeping fee of $6. However, this is only charged when you have an outstanding balance at the end of the month.

              You'll receive a statement with the closing balance of the month on the 1st day of the following month. You have until the end of the month to pay off your balance for the account to remain fee-free.

              For Example: If you make two purchases in February, you'll receive a statement on the 1st of March showing how much you owe for these two purchases. You'll then have until March 31st to pay this amount without being charged the $6 account keeping fee. If you do not pay the statement balance in full by the 31st of March, a $6 monthly account service fee will be charged on the account on the 1st of April.

              • -1

                @ATangk: So what happens if you purchase in March? You can pay your feb purchases but still have a outstanding balance because of March purchases. Thus, first line will apply. “ charged when you have an outstanding balance at the end of the month.”

                • +1

                  @cloudy: I think it's best if you don't get a Zip account, or get someone to help you with the terms and conditions before signing up.

                  • -1

                    @Miss B: Or I just pay it off right away, which is what I do. I sign up for the offers, not coz I can delay payment of things for a few days/weeks. Time value of money is pretty much zero.

  • +3

    hey! would anyone happen to know if this will work with the 10% cashback on Amazon using ZIP?

  • I finally caved into applying for it after this… thanks Ozb and amazon

  • Does buying a $50 gift card in zip pay site be eligible for to get this $15 credit?

    • Successfully complete a transaction of $50 AUD or more instore or online using your Zip Account.

      I dont see why it wont?

    • Got my credit

      • How long did it take?

  • Would this apply with the 20%cashback appliance online.

    • Can’t see why it won’t

  • +1

    Should stack with the Zip/Amazon 10% off promo right?

    • +1

      That's what I wanna know.

      I bought a $50 Amazon Gift Card using the Amazon App and my new Zip Account, I got the $5 back virtually straight away, will I still get the $15 for signing up to Zip within 14 days and spending $50 (essentially making the cost of the gift card $30)?

      The weird thing is, I received a statement from Zip that my next payment of $20.00 is due in 4 days (Dec 3rd). After the $5.00 showed up from the Amazon 10% off promo, it now shows I spent $45.00.

      I can see why others are confused with the way Zip Pay works.

      I guess i'll wait out the 14 days then pay off whatever balance there is in full to avoid the $6 fee and any other fees there may be.


  • Damn, didn’t see this when I signed up for the 10 percent Amazon deal… I guess I can get my wife to sign up too lol

  • Hi guys, Appliances online have 20% of (up to $120) if you pay with Zip. I think deal ends today. Can possibly combine with this deal. Also they have $10 off first order if you sign up to their weekly hot offers

  • Hey guys I just signed up to zippay. Will this look bad on credit history of I am looking to get a home loan in the future?

  • Does this still work with the refer-a-friend link?

    • I would say no, you have to use one or the other

      • Refer perhaps is better as both get $10 each

  • Anyone receive their $15 credit for purchasing amazon gift cards?

    • I am also curious about this as I'm looking to purchase ebay gift cards.

      But it hasn't even been 14 days since the post went up so I'm guessing the cash backs haven't starting flowing yet?

  • +1

    How does one obtain their referral code?

    I have downloaded the app, gone to Settings, it says "Invite a friend and earn $10 credit", click on that and it asks for access to my contacts? Where do I find the referral code?

    Thanks :)

    • I am struggling to work this out also. I can only figure out how to send an email but the link does not look like a simple referral code to put on to Ozbargain…

  • Can use credit card to pay the ZIP balance?Anyfees?Gain reward point with credit card?

    • That is a question for your card provider, it can vary widely.

  • Got my $15 today from this promotion, woohoo!!

    • From Amazon gift card? Still waiting for mine.

  • I'm abit confused about the $6 account fee. It says its waived if there's no balance, does that mean its only waived if I didn't use the account in the last month? If I used it, but paid the balance in full, will I still be charged that $6 account fee?

    • you won't get charged if you paid off the balance in full. you have until the following month to pay it off and if you have $0 balance, the fee will be waived

      • I see, so as long as I pay the statement off in full, I wouldn't be charged the $6 fee.

        That's not very clear on the website. If I'm using the account every month, my balance will never be $0 even if I pay it off in full.

  • Does this offer stack with referral code? & Does this automatically apply or does it need to be activated or opened through this specific link? I'm always wary of the fine print on these deals lol
    Thanks OP this is a pretty good one :)

  • Signed up but forgot to do referral or codes…anyway to retrospectively add this? I haven’t used tap to pay yet.

  • I just joined zip pay and did through the link not knowing what to expect. I went back then closed it down and clicked on link again and it took me straight to the same part paypal or facebbok or bank not sure what to use i went with paypal.
    So im hoping i still was active in the link, do you get any notification that you took part in this or just have to wait once you use it and see if you get the $15 back.
    And did it take 14 days or instant.
    I might be planing to use zip tomorrow but was curious how quick it was received.

  • +1

    Does this stack with the 10% on saturdays?

    • Sure does

  • +1

    Haven't gotten my credit back despite making my first transaction on Amazon to take advantage of that 10% back. Issue was that the purchases were billed separately despite purchased together since they ship separately, making two separate transactions of ~$10 and ~$100, in that order.

    CSR said I did not qualify based on their interpretation of

    complete your first transaction of $50 AUD or more within the Offer Period

    to be "your first transaction has to be >=$50", instead of "make at least one transaction of >=$50 before offer period ends", but escalated it to accounts team to see what they think. Shitty since I made the purchase together and it wasn't my choice how Amazon bills it.

    • +1

      You’ll be fine, just keep pushing them nicely and they will credit you.

      • Yep, they are quite easy to talk, just mail them

      • Thanks. They credited $15 as a gesture of goodwill.

        • how did you get the $15? did you contact zip? since ive been waiting for 3days. thanks

    • +1

      Been over 3 weeks now so i'll have to e-mail in as well, bit dissapointed they didn't just apply it. But I did a cafe purchase first then coles shop at over $100, i'll be a bit upset if they hold firm that the frist transaction needed to be over $50, wasn't really clear.

  • where can i find my referral link

  • First time using zip to take advantage of the $15 cashback, bought myself a 1650 from Mwave


    Does anyone know paying off your zip balance using Credit Card will be cash advance?


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