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Xbox Series S $499 at Big W


Series S currently in stock at Big W Australia online only and delivery only. $499. Get it while its available.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • was this delayed? I thought preorder for these was back in September?

    sorry if it's a noob question, haven't been following too closely

    • They have been sold out everywhere since the preorders began in September. This deal will have a console delivered to you by early December. Will most likely sell out again and be available nowhere.

      • They have been sold out everywhere since the preorders began in September.

        Nah. The Series S has been periodically restocked since pre-orders opened. Amazon put it on sale again (at $50 off with Zip, no less) as recently as two days ago. Definitely the easiest of the 4 new console SKUs to buy at retail.

      • How is it technically a deal when it's retail price?

  • thete have been series s available at various stiores all week

  • Wake me up when the series x is avaiable to order

  • Can’t see why anyone looking for a next gen console would go for Series S.

    • no disc drive so goodbye any physical sales or cheap 2nd hand games
    • digital only with half the storage of the XSX so you’ll need to buy the proprietary expansion card for ~$360 (jeepers) which by then you might as well have got the XSX
    • if you’re on a 1080p TV why are you upgrading to next gen anyways?

    Spend the extra $250 and get the Series X (if you want Xbox) or go for the way less gimped digital PS5 for $100 more…

    But that’s providing you can find one lol

    • Sheep mentality

    • I suspect a majority of the Series S sales will be for the kids who are begging their parents for the new Xbox but are unwilling to pay for the Series X. Especially during the Christmas period it could make a great gift

      • +6 votes

        My nephews OG Xbox One’s HDMI port is failing - his dad is considering a new Xbox but even the series S is pushing it from cost perspective… I tried to steer in X direction but $749 sounds ALOT more to a dad who he doesn’t game and just wants to get a replacement to get kid going again.

        So some parents aren’t fussed at the drawbacks, they just don’t want to spend $749 on a console.

        I agree with your point!

        • Just buy a second hand XB1 for around $200-250. Or take it to an electronics repair shop for way less.
          Alternatives if you don't need to "upgrade"

          • @sharkfan12: Yeah I did a quick look at his place and it’s around $130 to replace the hdmi (from one site I found that had a price list), that’s assuming that’s all that is wrong with it…

    • It’ll be another console in the house and not the main one (assuming the kids will still prefer the Switch).
      It’ll be used for Game Pass.

    • . Game Pass makes up for that tbh, and if you don't buy a million new games day one, you can usually sniff out pretty decent deals on key selling sites, I got Tony Hawk for 48 digitally preordered and downloaded day one.
      . Storage does absolutely suck, however you can store games on a USB HDD and copy them back and forth (unlike PS5), and even then, storage management is something more people could do with being better at. I have around 7gb of storage available total on my Chromebook and I've been fine with it for 5 years now.
      . Because (eventually) there will be games you can only play on the Series line rather than the One line, not to mention the "quality of life" improvements offered by the Series line, the quick resume feature: mwah, the super fast bloody loading times with the SSD: fantastic, smoother overall UI experience and whatnot: beautiful. And etc.

      Series X day one owner here.

      All that being said, the X is undeniably the better console, buuuuuuuut, if you don't need 4K, if you don't need discs (I'm yet to put one in my console), and if you can actually control your impulses and only download games you're actually playing, the Series S is a fantastic value proposition, and the cheapest way to get into next gen.

      That being said, as I've said all along, I'm still (profanity) off it's not somewhere in the 450-475 AUD range, converting the American price and adding tax and shit, the X and PS5 line up about right, but the S should really be a good few bucks less and I think if you managed to come in at UNDER 500 AUD, that would be received a LOT better.

      • Only Xbox one games can be moved, played and copied etc. series s/x games cannot (providing it’s the series s/x version and not one game that is enchanced for the new console).

        Another fact they hide. So it’s not to dissimilar to the PS5.

        I have series x and couldn’t copy over a couple of titles but easily moved others.

        • Only Xbox one games can be moved, played and copied etc. series s/x games cannot

          Umm, that's only for the PS5, it cannot move next gen games onto external media.

          The series X can, you just can't launch it unless it's a BC game.

          You're still limited by the transfer speed of the external storage you use so I'm not sure if it's any better than just deleting & re-downloading which can even be done with the Xbox app while away from home even with the Xbox in standby (off but power point switched on), it's honestly impressive.

      • "you can usually sniff out pretty decent deals on key selling sites, I got Tony Hawk for 48 digitally preordered and downloaded day one."

        What key sites do you normally use?

    • Can’t see why anyone looking for a next gen console would go for Series S.

      1. who plays games on monitors (2k) rather than big screen 4k tvs.
      2. who plays subscription based games
      3. who doesnt want to keep physical copies of games…

      Just because some are waiting for the best deals on games for months doesnt mean everyone is… and if you’re buying games new, there is no difference in price between physical or digital.

      Me personally i mostly play on playstation platform and xbox is a good to have for the few exclusives, i’d rather spend less for series s than pay full price for series x

      • you’re buying games new, there is no difference in price between physical or digital

        That's disturbingly naive to post in on an Australian bargain hunters site.



        I'll 100% take the physical version for $21 less even if it means annoyingly having to switch discs around, keep in mind the physical version can also be sold/traded later.

        Cyberpunk isn't an exception either, the vast majority can be found cheaper, physically. Though I am disturbed to be seeing JB pricing RE village for $129, I hope that's just a placeholder though it wouldn't be uncommon for early next gen games to stick with the listed RRP(outside of EB which rarely moves from the RRP), just extra sucks with some publishers simultaneously raising prices so I'll guess we'll see.

      • PS5 as the main and the Series S as the Game Pass/secondary, that's how I'll be doing it.

    • I agree I don't think the series S is great value. However, I suspect the decision was made for the series S to be priced to undercut the PlayStation 5 digital.

  • OzStockCheck

  • got the series x via the xbox one store.

  • I heard this is slower than the 4 year old last gen Xbox X.

    • You heard wrong

      • It is slightly slower than the Xbox One X (Project Scorpio).
        That said, it is still a great console and I would've bought one at the $450 price point Amazon had the other day, but I wasn't quick enough.

      • Not quite, different architecture. Less raw power but generally efficient enough to match/beat the One X but some reports suggest that the One X is still better so it could vary on a game by game basis, especially if Devs are still getting to grips with their new tools.

        • Where are all the 60fps and ray tracing Xbox one X Games?

          • @JuryWheel: Ray tracing has different resource requirements. Frames & resolution scales more linearly(though it's obviously not an exact science) & the Series S doesn't have a clear advantage there in the few new games that have been released.

            Some games do perform better on the One X.

  • This is RRP, and not even actually in stock either. By no definition is this a bargain.

    • I stated the same thing and got down voted by the sheep

      • Why are you still commenting? Is ranting about this post really the only thing you could be doing right now?

        • Because recommended retail price posts shouldn't exist on this website.

          Limited stock doesn't mean it's a deal
          never has never will

          • @Sammy Boi: In your opinion. Others disagree with you. Just scroll on by, it it really that hard?

            • @Duff5000: Why don't you scroll on by champ :)

              This website is called OzBargain Not OzRRP

              • @Sammy Boi: Because i am not the one whining about a deal i don't like?

                Clearly the majority are happy with rrp for rare items when the only alternative is more expensive scalper prices. These deal are still here, the mods obviously agree. Get over it.

                Edit: The deal you have most commented on is a deal you dont like? lol.

                • @Duff5000: It's not a deal if its RRP LOL

                  "Obviously agree"

                  They let the community decide that doesn't mean they necessarily agree that means this place has turned into a field of sheep.

                  Sheep that neg every little thing that hurts there precious virtual feelings.

                  up voting an RRP post when it was out of stock very quickly Hahahahaha


    • +3 votes

      Number 1: this is a high demand item that lots of people are after
      Number 2: it's not ops fault that he probably went to bed right after posting this deal

      No reason to neg this really.

    • It was NOT out of stock for a good time after OP posted the deal. You could still select the delivery option (about $7-$8) for a good amount of time.

      I know, I was watching it but decided not to buy cause I couldn't go without the disc drive.

      Getting any console right now is being considered a deal by many because it is so frikken hard to get one nowadays. Not saying it is a deal, but don't care if it isn't. Just happy it shows up somewhere I am watching like a hawk right now. I would not have seen it elsewhere otherwise.

  • Why on earth anyone would buy this version I have no idea.

    I'm probably just gonna wait a few years for the ps5 slim.

  • Sony have said more PS5s will be available at retailers before Christmas!

    Which retailers I don't know. Having owned PS5 and Xbox Series X this gen winner is definitely the PS5, the HDD space blows though so you'll need extra storage!

    • this gen winner is definitely the PS5

      How so?

      • Console is just way better, graphics are better, controller is way, way better. It's just a far superior console, I can see why Sony wanted to charge more for it.

        Even has a luxury feel to it with the UI, it's pretty special!!! I believe the UI for Xbox is like 900p or something, it's pixelated on OLED, it looks terrible, outdated and old.

        You might want to read this too:


        You don't get game pass, I don't believe Sony will ever match game pass but game pass becomes irrelevant after using the ps5.

    • I understand that Sony announced additional stocks for US markets. It was confirmed that no further stocks before Christmas for Australia.

      • I'm not sure, but I'm putting my name down if we get more stock. Just scored $1000 JB voucher from Telstra porting so it's a free console!

        • Well it's really not. You paid for the voucher.

          • @scuderiarmani: I pay for the Sim card, in return I get calls, messages and data.

            As an incentive I got 2 X $500 JB Voucher for free.

            • @Combo64: No. You pay alot extra on a plan then you otherwise would to get a gift card. Nothing is for free.

              • @scuderiarmani: Thats not how this deal worked lol..

                It's a free $500 gift card for going on a $59 Sim, 12 month contract, 80gb data unlimited calls and text.

                • @Combo64: That's funny, so you pay around $1440 for 2 phone plans, and get 1k 'free'

                  I can easily get mobiles over 2 years for under $440.

                  Lile I said, your paying for it

                  • @scuderiarmani: No you can't.. most places want full RRP for phones (Voda, Optus, Telstra) So around $1700+ / 24 = $70 a month alone.

                    Then Sim plan on top..

                    I'm now thinking you're not even old enough to have a plan, as everyone knows with mobiles you're looking at $95-$110 a month for most Samsung/Apple devices.

                    Even Kogan is $334.40 a year for 40gb! Sub-par service, no 5G, and we get 80gb a month per service, on Telstra.

                    • @Combo64: Lol you have no idea, if you can't get 12 months on a mobile plan here under $220 you shouldn't be on OzB.

                      Stop living in denial. The gift cards are factored into the plan.

  • It isn't a deal when listed at MRRP.

  • Classic RRP at least the Amazon deal had $50 off with zippay would have to have rocks in your head to buy this thing..

  • With these consoles, being able get your hands on a console before Christmas itself is a big deal. There have been a PS5 console stock availability deal which was very successful. I don't know why this stock announcement deal is getting negative comments. There are OZB members who are genuinely wanting to buy, and to them full price is a deal today, because we are still far from when you can walk-in and buy these consoles off the shelf. Probably, could mark them as PSA posts.

  • just pay a little extra for xbx or ps5, this is no good - you'll lose money paying full price for digital downloads, no preowned games on this one + you can't sell your games if wanted to.

    • Cheap emulation, excellent second console, great for someone full digital already, more readily available…

      Yeah I can think of plenty of great reasons.

  • The price is RRP, but I appreciate these 'heads up' about stock levels at the moment so thanks OP.

    Re the Series S itself, the only mistake they made was the storage size. That being said, games are smaller for it, averaging more like 30-50gb for big games so that is still like 10-12 games on the main drive. Many more if you like indies or lots of the games on gamepass. Hopefully third party storage will drop in price.

    Re its power, I actually think very few people would be able to tell the difference on a 60 inch 4k tv when sitting 5m away unless it is a very high end tv, and a very beautiful looking game. The main benefits are it's small size, it has the same load times as the series X (main benefit over a One X) as well as ray tracing and 60fps in some games.

    Maybe not a great upgrade from a One X, but definitely worth it vs a One or a first time Xbox buyer.

  • going diskless is like giving microsoft access to your bank account for ever - well until the war begins shortly , then its all down to the wind…

  • The Xbox S is a fantastic emulation machine: https://youtu.be/UGAjhjp8dnI

    It'll probably be the best and easiest emulation machine for the price.