This was posted 1 year 1 month 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free $20 Voucher (Minimum Spend $20) for Summit Club Members @ Kathmandu


Looks like this deal is back:
$20 will be deducted from your total purchase price when you spend $20 or more by 26 December, 2020.

Saw this when scrolling through my 'Final Hours | Black Friday Sale ends tonight' email from Kathmandu. Likely targeted.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Did you get a specific email stating $20? I got that email but can't see any mention of a $20 spend

    • Same here…

  • Subject line for this email OP?

    • It's in the post (fourth line), but here it is again "Final Hours | Black Friday Sale ends tonight"

      I got the email too, mine had a section which reminded me to use my $20 birthday voucher, but no mention of a new $20 voucher…

      • Same here also.

        • Yes. Looking more carefully, it says "Don't forget" to use my $20 voucher, but I've already used my birthday voucher so it's not for that.

  • Current points total: 45.89
    Points until next reward: 454.11

    They don't think I'm worthy of $20

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    Yes they send out $20 vouchers periodically but you can only use a maximum of 2 per transaction. If your voucher is about to expire just put something in your cart and activate the voucher you don't need to make the purchase however it will hold that vouchers details there until a later date when you are ready to use it. Handy tip so it's not wasted.
    But if you have a voucher you haven't activated it will always show up at the bottom of any Kathmandu marketing emails so that's probably why it showed in yours.
    The item I've been wanting to buy seems to sit in a perpetual state of 40% off I was looking forward to buying it 40% discount only to realise this just recently lol
    Great stuff but full price is just crazy

    • I have combined these with multiple $20 vouchers.

      When I was close to the $500 spend (which triggers the $20 voucher), I spent in store, and they printed out the voucher for me. But when I checked my email, they sent another voucher. I assumed it was just the same voucher, but I was able to spend both of them (just not in the same transaction, and the one that was printed I spent in store while the one emailed I spent online). I was able to get $40 in vouchers when I'm only due $20.

      I bought a $100 down jacket for free using 5x $20 vouchers.

      • Did you do it in-store? I've tried using more than 2x vouchers online afew times and always been blocked. If you can use more in store that's awesome. Lots of vouchers are available in classifieds here at good prices suddenly the goretex jackets become an option lol. Maybe I'm just cheap but even spending $200 on a jacket is a big deal but I'd love a good quality rain jacket.
        But if you can tell me how you managed to use multiple vouchers I'll be really appreciative. Thanks

        • in store yes. But I think I have done it online too, or maybe I'm misremembering.

  • nothing on my accounts

  • thanks OP

  • you get these only if you haven't been spending at KMD. Good thing is they are not account locked so if you have another account, you can use it on that one, and continue getting these on the inactive account.

  • Any chance someone here received a $20 voucher that you don't need and willing to sell it? Much appreciated

  • They are not giving $20 birthday vouchers anymore.
    Has anyone received it recently?

    • i got mine in November

      • interesting to see if anyone got in Dec

      • I got this info from their rep :

        Birthday vouchers aren't always issued every year, and typically you would need to have made a purchase on your Summit Club account within the last 16 months in order for a birthday voucher to be generated.

  • I received my voucher a while ago, November I think, and it was valid until 6-Jan-2021. I used it today when buying a bag at 60% off.

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