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10% off IKEA, Good Food Restaurant, Redballoon, The Iconic, The Beauty & Spa, Event Cinemas Gift Card @ Woolworths


10% off Selected Gift Cards

Offer available on all denominations of pictured gift cards from 2/12/20 to 8/12/20. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. While stock last.

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    10% off IKEA? Very nice indeed. Never get discounted IKEA.

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      If someone's doing renovation this could be massive

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        Meatballs! lol

      • Yeah 10% off a kitchen would be pretty substantial

    • Don't forget to combine with the $10 extra credit promos (from new sign ups and quarterly $100+ spends).

    • +3

      Aw man, just bought a bunch of furniture from IKEA :(

      • Return, repurchase? πŸ˜…

  • Obligatory question: Will we be able to purchase these with e-gift cards?

  • +2

    Anybody tried to pay for their kitchen with giftcards? lol

    • +3

      Why stop at kitchen?

      Might as well do the whole house.

    • How would you obtain enough gift cards if everyone from ozbargain had the same idea ?

    • theres only a certain amount of cards on those gift card racks… how many Woolies are you planning on visiting

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    Can confirm VIC catalogue shows Village Gold Class card.

  • Is there a fee for these gift cards?

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      No fees.

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    What is the highest denomination Ikea gift card? Also how many gift card can be used at Ikea per order ? Would love to buy few things…πŸ˜€

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      I believe IKEA Gift Cards comes in $50 and $100 Denominations.

      • Thanks

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      I just checked Woolworths and they sell $100 and $200 IKEA gift cards.

    • +1

      Not sure if Woolies will do the same, but in Ikea you can choose how much you put on a gift card up to $1000
      Link to conditions: https://ikeaau.frizbee-solutions.com/legalNotice

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    I have a feeling that the IKEA gift cards will sell like hot cakes everywhere except Tasmania.

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    mmmm is this the same mob that did the HIM/HER/TEEN cards that everyone Brodened for JBHifi discounts stacking?

    • +3

      These are actual store cards, which doesn't require additional redemption.

      • what do you mean additional redemption? Can't we directly use those HIM/HER/TEEN cards?

  • Can someone confirm that IKEA gift cards cannot be used for online purchases per point 2 here?


    • +4

      Here's the updated IKEA Gift Cards T&Cs (October 2020)

      4.IKEA Gift cards can be used as full or partial payment on purchases on IKEA.com.au.

      • Any maximum number of gift cards to use for any one order? Parents doing kitchen $5.5k

        • Unfortunately nothing mention regarding the maximum limits of Gift Card that can be used.

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            @RichardL: I called up and they said there's no limit if you want to use multiple cards but you can only do it instore. Online is one card per transaction

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    Great thanks, going to cancel my $3.3k order from yesterday and redo it with gift cards!

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    Does anyone know if the IKEA WA will be included. Thus region seems to go its own way, wherever possible.

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    Can you use multiple gift cards in one transaction with ikea?

    • Would like to know too, cant see clearly in T&Cs

      • +6

        I called now and you can

        • Any maximum? If maximum denomination is $100 then we’re talking lots of gift cards for a kitchen for example..

          • +1

            @steve84: I recently used 10 gift cards of $200 each for a transaction and there were no issues. That was before this offer though.

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  • How do the good food gift card compare to the restaurant gift card from Coles?

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    The Iconic gift card should stack with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586551 Spend $160, get $40 off and currently The Iconic are giving $20 back on $100 spend https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/587478. I assume it won;t work with CB tho.

  • Can you pay for IKEA gift card using a Woolworths gift card?

  • +1

    Time to stock up on some IKEA LADDAs

  • -1

    I don't see a limit in the catalogue. Does that mean we can buy any number of gift cards?

    • -1

      No. You should be respectful and not rob the entire store of all the gift cards. Leave some for others.

  • Are the Ikea gift cards only available in store? I can't find them on the website.

    • In-store only, like all other Supermarket Gift Card deals.

  • Can someone confirm that ikea gift card will never expiry? Then buy at least $1000.

  • of course Ikea, I already bought and paid for my 3 seater sofa plus delivery then I see this.

  • What denominations are the Ikea gift cards available in? I need $1000 worth.

    • +1

      $100 and $200

  • Is IKEA gift card bought from IKEA store refundable if unused ? Thinking of returning so that I can buy this.

    • +1

      Why would it be? They've already been activated

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    I miss discounted Uber gift cards.

  • Dumb question, but can you buy gift cards with gift cards at Woolworths? (i.e: I get 4% off WISH/Woolworths Supermarket cards via Macquarie)

    • This has been answered twice above.

      • +13

        I am an idiot.

  • Can someone confirm if gift cards can be used with an employee discount?

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    Can someone confirm if the deal applies woolies metro stores as well?

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    Didn't I see somewhere IKEA is doing solar installs? >:-)

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    A bit of a line at my local. Ikea all gone

  • +1

    all gone..i was 1st in line, but a couple ran in immediately after the gate was opened. the one before me took probably 3k worth? the main isle and every other manual isle at the checkout counter.. i had to ask them for some which the dude was reluctant but the partner did.. i am using it to fit-out my daughter's bedroom. i believe thy were planning on selling them.. sigh

    • reselling 3k gc = max $300 profit I guess if someone buys the full value off them (but why wouldn't they buy from IKEA directly, so the profit will defs be less than $300), oh well it isn't worth the hassle

    • Hi which store is this

      • +1

        the glen.

  • +1

    Don't bother going to Woolworths Morphett Vale SA today, the manager will restrict you to 2 cards max πŸ™„ just in case you're being scammed. Colonnades didn't seem to care how many I got and there are still some left at time of posting.

    • How is you buying gift cards a scam?

      • +1

        It's in case you're buying them and being scammed. IE scammers ask you to get them an iTunes gift card to pay your ATO debt. It was kind of rude of him to decide I might be being scammed on my behalf because it's clearly not a real store policy.

  • Just grabbed 6 from Docklands Woolworths.3 more are left there with $200 denomination. Thanks OP!

  • Out in Doncaster Westfield, got some in the pines. A lot of $100s

  • edit: found answer above.

  • Great! Saw the post only today. Ordered $2k worth stuff from Ikea the other day.

  • Kelmscott Perth had about 15 each of $100 and $200 Ikea cards as of 9am.

  • +1

    I got 1000$ worth of these. The store manager was worried that I am getting scammed but didn't limit me for anything. It was a good gesture IMO. Now time for some new furnitures.

    • Did you tell the store manager that you just needed the cards to pay the ATO?

  • Thanks, grabbed $1000 worth from Bentley in WA.
    Victoria Park and Belmont were empty.
    Bentley had about $1200 left at 11am WST.

  • 6 ikea cards left at Woolworths Central Park

  • Haven't spotted any around Ringwood yet

  • 5 X $100 left in Craigieburn

  • Bought $1600 worth to buy oven and other bits and pieces. Thanks OP!

    • which oven are you buying? Still trying to decide :/

      • +1

        Finsmakare cause it's got both pyrolitic and steam functions. I don't even know if I'd use the steam function but I'd hate to regret not buying an oven with it later on.

        • Im keen to hear your thoughts on the oven once you have it installed and start using it as there isn't much in the form of reviews or videos out there about this model which apparently is a clone Elextroux or AEG oven.

          I plan to use it primarily for bread baking (plan to open up a bakery in a couple of years). And no I didn't start baking during lockdown lol. I have been baking for years out of passion..

          • +1

            @johnny1983: I won't have it installed for at least a couple months. Getting all new appliances as part of a complete kitchen renovation.

            Agree about the lack of reviews which makes it hard to determine if it's actually a decent oven or not. It's my only ikea appliance because I don't do much oven cooking. So I don't see a point spending more money on an oven.

            It's definitely made by Electrolux. Have checked it out myself.

            • @Salty Pretzel: I went back and had another loo and its a solid oven. The front dial is actually made of steel not plastic like some others. Buying it this week just hope it fits into the boot of a VW Golf!

              • @johnny1983: Hey! Just wondering if you ended up getting the oven and your thoughts?

                • @Salty Pretzel: Yes I got it. It's now installed but would you believe I'm yet to use it!! Let me get back to you in a week or so

  • Is anyone getting this error when trying to use the Ikea GC online:
    There was an error adding your gift card. Please check your gift card details and that there is a sufficient balance

    • I got the same thing, I thought maybe the store didn't activate it. On the gift card itself it does mention it may take up to 36 hours to activate.

    • +1

      Yep, doesn't work both online and in store…

      Went to in store buying stuff for new home and card doesn't work at the checkout, after couple of tries was told by manager the card need "24-36 hours" to activate. Also just realised on your Woolies receipt it says it could take 48 hours to activate.

      It was awkward.

  • +2

    Gift cards are activated and can be used to purchase in store and online now!

    • Confirmed it is now working. Thanks

  • plenty left in wyndham vale

  • Plenty at Waverley Gardens (VIC)

  • none at westfield doncaster, the pines, or bayswater.

  • +1

    Can't find any in Brisbane, anyone had any luck?