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ASUS TUF TOP Gaming X3 Radeon RX 5600XT EVO $375.20 Delivered (Bonus $50 SteamCard+Godfall+Shadowlands) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original eBay 20% off Eligible Items Coupon Deal

Don't forget 15% Cashback Flashsale ($30 Cap Per User, 8-10pm AEDT) @ Shopback AU Expired. Hope those needed it got it in time.

BONUS Godfall & WoW Shadowlands via AMD Raise the Game Rewards Promotion (Computer Alliance is part of it). Do note the coupon code is to be redeemed no later than 9th January 2021.

CA's own listing also mentions of bonus Razer Kraken X Headset (while stocks last): https://www.computeralliance.com.au/asus-rx5600xt-6gb-tuf-to... . So please enquire Computer Alliance directly for details and see if purchasing via eBay is also eligible for redemption.
Headset not included for purchases on the eBay store (not advertised as part of the listing). (Thanks tmr3 and easylife for confirming.)

The GPU deal for those needing something to carry them through for the next 4-6 months until the new gen higher tier cards become more reasonably priced. This would be the card for those needing something that'll give them above 60fps at 1440p for a good majority of games at highest settings (can reach 1440p high refresh for some games, but the 5700XT would be the card for more consistent 1440p high/higher refresh).

For 1080p gaming the 1660 Super would be sufficient most of the time for now.

A review of 5600XT: https://www.techspot.com/review/1974-amd-radeon-rx-5600-xt/ (by Hardware Unboxed/Techspot)
A round-up review of most of the different RX 5600 XT models: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJAM0zeWEU0 (by Hardware Unboxed)

Official product webpage: https://www.asus.com/us/Graphics-Cards/TUF-3-RX5600XT-T6G-EV...

ASUS is actually doing a steam card promo for some of its product and this 5600XT is eligible for a $50 Steam Card: https://www.asus.com/au/events/infoM/2445/ (Thanks kkkkkkkat)


• Fill out your details using the online form.
• Take a photo of the serial number on the product as mandatory proof of ownership and upload online.
• Scan or take a photo of the original invoice as mandatory proof of purchase and upload online*.

*The invoice must contain legible and legitimate details of the store including: store name, ABN, address,
phone number and product code or name.

• All claims must be received on or prior to: 4th January 2021 to qualify. No extensions will be given under any circumstances.
• Incomplete, indecipherable, or illegible claims will be deemed invalid.
• It is the responsibility of the claimant to provide the correct email and delivery address in order to receive the bonus.
• Maximum 1 claim per person, provided that only one claim per product (serial number) per invoice is made. Any unclaimed bonus items will remain the property of ASUS Australia.
• Entries will be deemed void if forged, manipulated or tampered with in any way. The purchase date is determined by the date on the store tax invoice submitted by the customer with the claim.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +6

    if only 2060s went down to this price.

  • -3

    where is stock for 6800xt

    • Where have you been for the last week mate? You ain't getting a 6800 XT for MONTHS.

  • So with cashback, it will be 345?

  • how much better is this over the 1660s?

    • Depending on the game, but overall in average, ~25%

  • What do people recommend for 4K main display and 1080 secondary display… 95% just windows/photoshop use.. I was thinking the 1660 Super might be ok but people always seem to talk about 1080 or 1440 in respect to games, not normal use? I am pretty sure my current one overheats and causes Windows to lock quite often. Prefer sub $300 but not sure if this card might be better bet?

    • Same boat here, can't decide between 1660s or this

    • +2

      If you don't really game at all, or use GPU for productivity (eg redenering) either will be fine.

      Even intel's UHD level integrated graphics can drive 4K fine. What's your current card?

    • +2

      I use two 4k 30 hz monitors with intel graphics just fine. U don't need dedicated gpu for powering monitors.

  • They will probably pull this deal before the cashback starts. I've already seen some items conveniently go OOS.

    • +2

      Why? The seller doesn't pay a cent of the cashback.

  • +1

    I understand this performs better then the 1660 Super BUT…Nvenc. If I was to be Streaming where would the value be then?

    • +5

      You've noted the keyword: if.

      The value of nvenc never materialises unless/until you actually livestream or use the card for productivity. The buyer/user will need to decide and weigh up whether if he/she has a solid plan to livestream, or just a side thought of what if.

  • Purchasing it through ebay will be qualified for the kraken x also?

    • Best to enquire with Computer Alliance. It's listed on its non-ebay webstore, I'd expect buying the same thing from the same retailer should be entitled to the same promotion. Although one can argue that they haven't advertised it on the ebay store front. I'll edit the OP.

      • im on phone with them right now

        • +3

          I'm strongly considering jumping on this, especially if the headset is included. Please let us know when you find out!

          They just emailed me back - headset NOT included if you order through eBay, but is if you order through the website.

          The games are available either way, as they're included via redemption.

          • @tmr3: Thanks. I'll edit the OP.

        • He was pretty arrogant but said if its not listed on the ebay page he suggests not..

          • @easylife: =S

            Thanks for letting us know about the call. I'll edit the OP.

  • Will this card be able to support 5 monitors? Currently my 570 is able to, but not sure about this.

    • +1

      U really use 5 monitors??

      • Haha yeah. Using it for home office.

    • Specs on main CA webpage say 4

      • That's the thing I find it weird. Like an old 570 can support 5 x monitor but a newer graphics card doesn't.

        Anyway will there be any compatibility issue if I run my old 570 and this card together on the same pc? Assuming I have enough power.

        • +1

          Does your RX 570 have 4 display outputs? I guess as this 5600XT has only 4 display outputs, they conservatively suggest 4? Not sure if daisy chaining works to give more than 4 monitor support (which will require software implementation too).

          Not sure if this helps: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/dh2-014

          • @zrmx: The old 570 has 5 output. 3x DP, 1x HDMI, 1xVGA.

            Maybe I'll try the daisy chaining. Thanks.

        • True question who the (profanity) needs 5 monitors? You using 18inch or something?

    • Trader? You may try to connect 7 monitors, 4 through video card, 3 on mobo. I haven't tried that though.

      • Yes. I'll try the daisy chain method. If all else fails, I'll just run 2 cards on the pc. Thanks.

  • Jumping in….
    So good with two free game

    I preorde Shadow lands……..

    • def jumping in when shopback goes live

  • Does this GPU have overheating issues? I remember buying the 5700XT TUF and it had very bad thermals.

    • based on the reviews, had one of the best coolings compared to others

  • -1


    different brand similar price Gigabtye 5700xt

    • +1


      • yea typo my bad same card different brand 5600xt!!!

        • No bonus games though?

          • @sarakoth: Yeah that seller isn't on the approved seller list

    • Oh it's back in stock. The Gigabyte RX 5600 XT Gaming OC 6GB is also a very good 5600XT card.

      If you don't need the games, then the Gigabyte Gaming OC will be just as good. If you do value the games, then this ASUS card will be better value.

  • Anyone have any idea on the bios on these cards, I've heard you need to flash the bios to unlock better performance.

    • No need to upgrade/flash BIOS, it's already updated at factory level to reflect the latest spec of 5600XT.

  • Darn, what a bad decision it was to sell my RX 5700XT Gaming X four weeks ago. I am now relegated to looking at buying cards such as this (instead of the aftermarket cooled 3080s or 6800XTs that I thought I'd get for just over RRP around now) for interim use over the next 3-4 months :(.

    • +2


    • Why did you think you were gonna be able to get one of those cards after seeing the failure that was the 3080?

  • how would this compare to an ASUS RX580 8GB STRIX OC ? Any feedback please ? thanks

    • +1

      About 50% more performance (don't quote me, just top of my head).

  • +2

    Just bought one with shopback 30 dollars cashback and 3% eBay gift card brings it down to $333. Finally got a GPU for my new build, miss out of all the 3080, 6800xt stocks, even miss out on all the 2070 super, finally settle with this card. I only do light gaming and it’s a 3 fans ASUS card so it’s great value

  • Confirmed bought, $375 with bonus 2 games + 15% shopback (capped @ 30$) + 10$ shopback promo + 15$ first time referral shopback and sell my old 580rx for $180 = $140 dollar 5700xt with shadowlands and god of war. Thanks OP

    • +1

      Glad it's helpful, just hoping it's a typo and won't turn into a disappointment when you realise you bought a 5600XT. (unless you bought another 5700XT listing of CA)

      • lol sorry todays not my day i keep making typo's of the 5700/5600 and yes i realize it's a 5600xt thankyou!

  • ShopBack doesn’t say I have made a purchase. Does it usually take some time to show up on the app?

    • It normally take a day to see if it’s been tracked but you can see the click history on your app

      • +1

        I see. This is my first time using ShopBack. I have the $15 referral from signing up and on top with the 15% capped at $30 😁

  • How do you redeem the games?

    • +1

      You need to get the code first from Computer Alliance, then you need to setup an account with AMD Rewards. Eventually you need to have the hardware installed as AMD Rewards check the system hardware to be the ones eligible.

      • Cool, thanks.

        I was searching for a redemption portal similar to how Samsung does their game redemptions and couldn't find anything.

        AMD's method seems like it will be quicker.

      • Do you need to ask for the code or does it come with the package?

        • +1

          In the past sellers might email it to you seperately, if it isn't in the box send them a message

  • How does this compare to a 1080 Ti used for $500 AUD?

      • user benchmark is worse than using a coin flip to decide.

    • +1

      1080Ti is overall on average ~40% better performing than 5600XT (note the keyword is "average", so it depends on whether the game you play and how much it inclines on AMD or nVidia hardware). So purely on the price, $500 1080Ti offers quite better value than the 5600XT (while provides almost double the amount of RAM), and it'll enable you to good 4K gaming experience.

      The caveats are that it'll either be out of warranty or almost out of warranty. Generally GPU doesn't fail that easily (unless if abused, or it'll show early on, or if it's a an defect then it'll happen across the model which most users would know by now).

  • +1

    Resell value of the games?

  • how quickly do you get the ebay gift cards ? will it be in time to get this deal?

    • +1

      In ShopBack app is instant after payment

      • Thanks for the quick reply :) appreciate it!

  • +1
    • Watched the YouTube comparison and this gigabyte model is one of the worst 5600 xt, but the gigabyte gaming oc is good though. I think it’s better to pay a bit extra for the Asus

      • Yeah I only chose the Gigabyte since it's going in a compact case

      • I checked as well, 3 degree e in temp and 1-2 db noise difference which are acceptable for me , fps wise is similar,am I missing anything?

        • +1


          I watched this one, the gigabyte one is not impress

        • did the windforce get the 14gb bios? i know some cards didnt.. wasnt going to risk it so i got the Asus … which means i've finally given up on getting any of the new cards.. maybe next year lol

          • +1

            @scud70: It did.

            I figured all cards got it eventually

            • @Merlict: aah ok… didnt have the time to research… oh well $15 diff so no biggy :)

              • +1

                @scud70: The Asus is a good card, no regrets

                • @Merlict: no none… aside from wasting a year to build the pc with new gen and only managed to get a 5600X lolll could have had th 6800XT but at over 1k i gave it a miss…. i was next level wrong in saying at the very least last gen cards will go down in price when new get released … LOL

  • can someone possibly explain how to use all this shopback stuff? I've never used it before, so I have no idea how to do it.

    • +1

      Sign up to shopback, turn off your adblocker, find the deal in Shopback, click through it to Ebay and buy the item as normal.

      Very quick once you get used to it, just try and do it all in one go without messing with other tabs etc.

    • you sign up to shopback, use their app or via desktop (easier) to click through to ebay, after which you add the item you want to cart and use the press20 code for the discount (as long as seller accepts that code like computer alliance do), pay for it and complete transaction. Some time in the future you will get a tracking email from shopback and the amount it tracked (in this case max $30)… this wont be available to withdraw dependent on whatever the terms are.

      sorry best i could do .. only about 10 mins left in the deal… dont rush though if unsure just leave it.

  • Only 9 left

  • +3

    Out of stock, was thinking of cancelling and applying shopback but oh well.
    Also @zrmx looks like asus is doing their own promotion that will possibly get buyers of 5600xts a $50 steam card

    • Nice! Thanks for the info. I'll add onto the OP.

    • oh nice more added bonus to the table!!

    • Nice, this gives me $100 for my motherboard and this card 👌

  • Computer Alienware advised that you can check the invoice when the item arrives and redeem the free game here :


  • +1

    Just noticed this is called top edition, there is also an oc edition. Not sure what’s the difference

    • +1

      You're right, comparing the two, there is literally no difference, going through the spec sheet.

      The T6G or Top edition*:
      The O6G or OC edition:

      Looks like beside the naming these cards are completely identical**.

      Fortunately looks like everyone who bought this card including myself should be eligible for the $50 gift card, since, if you scroll down the promo on Asus' website, it specifically mentions the top edition/ T6G card as eligible.

      *It looks like any info on the T6G is only available at the Asus US site and not on the Asus Oz site, strange.
      **Quick Comparison from the US site if anyone's interested:

      • +2

        My guess is that the TOP (T6G) is being used here to designate a newer series of cards that come with the updated performance BIOS flashed out of the box. The O6G says "up to 14 Gbps" for the memory speed.

        Older RX 5600 XTs came with BIOS revisions with 12 Gbps memory speeds, but AMD revised that at the past minute when NVIDIA moved to position the GTX 1660 Ti below the RX 5600 XT and NVIDIA's partners pushed cheaper RTX 2060 6GB models to compete directly with it (EVGA's RTX 2060 KO being one of the major ones).

        • +1

          That's good to know, there's also this section specifically in the disclaimer for the O6G not present in the T6G disclaimer.

          ***Please find the guideline for VRAM OC Tool: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1042818

          From here:

          I don't have any in-depth knowledge of overclocking so I can't comment on this.

        • +1

          Looks like from this Reddit thread you're completely right, seems like the updated VBIOS on the O6G is buggy and unreliable so I guess everyone who bought this shouldn't be disappointed compared to the O6G.

          I know this post is old, but I just bought this card; the OC edition and learned something through the ordeal.
          FWIW, and anyone else that stumbles across this post, the cards are 100% identical. VRAM, PCB, everything. The TOP has the new VBIOS that supports 14Gbps pre-installed. The OC edition does not.
          When AMD release the new VBIOS, pretty much every manufacturer released an updated VBIOS but Asus released a whole new card and charged even more for that card.
          Then in April, 2020 they finally released the VBIOS upgrade for the OC edition bringing it up to the proper specs. So from January to April of 2020, they were basically charging consumers for a free VBIOS from AMD.
          It's a dick move that I don't think got the proper spotlight it should have.
          Lastly, the VBIOS upgrade for the OC edition is buggy as hell. You have to flash both the P and Q modes on the card. Each time you try to flash one of the modes, the flasher will crash on the first attempt and freeze the system. After a hard reboot it will work. Switching to the other mode, the same process will repeat. The whole process gave me a mini-heart attack thinking that at any moment this card is going to brick itself.

    • Yup you guys are right, the TOP one release with updated 5600XT spec at factory/manufacturer level. (The full name is ridiculously long…)

  • If anyone doesn't want their Shadowlands code, please hit me up :)

  • received today

    NO CODE…

    they said i have to wait to see next week

  • Just receive a code on my email from computer alliance

  • K guys, I just want to alert everyone that I've received my code this afternoon in an email from computeralliance.
    Haven't received the card yet though.

  • Australia post is sooooo slow, can’t believe I still haven’t received my card…in Melbourne :(

  • I received my card yesterday (07/12/20) - I'm in Melbourne.

    Turns out there was a lot of savings/inclusions if you purchased this at the right time. I've got a $55 cashback pending in ShopBack ($15 referral, $30 cashback promo, $10 app challenge), plus the two free games (which provide a code after you verify you have the card installed), plus I've applied for the $50 Steam card through the ASUS promotion.

    It's a very solid upgrade from my R9 290X, especially at 1440p - perhaps not quite as high up the stack as I was hoping to go (I was intending on a RX 5700 XT or RTX 2070 SUPER), but it's 70-90% faster in games than my 290X was so I can't really complain much on that front. It's also significantly quieter and uses way less power - about 130W all up while gaming, where the 290X was probably chugging down 250W or more.

    It kind of sucks how locked down these cards are in terms of overclocking though - the Navi 10 chip could clearly handle a lot more than ~1800 MHz boost clocks if it weren't for the BIOS limits. I've read a bit on how there are unlocked BIOSes floating around for these cards, but I'm hesitant to try one out this early without a dual BIOS. If you just want a set and forget overclock though, maxing out the sliders in WattMan is easy to do and nets a couple of percent extra performance.

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