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Cottees Coola No Added Sugar Concentrate Cordial, 1L (Various Flavours) $1.30 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


looks like one flavour per order so get one of each

edit: looks like some flavours are back to $2.50 but most are still at $1.30

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Haven't had these in ages, hope the flavor hasn't changed. $6.50 delivered for 5, can't go wrong :P

    • The "no added sugar" range is great.
      Its what I feel nearly all flavored drinks should be.

      All the natural sugar, and sweetener for any 'extra'.

      To much sugar is bad.
      Too much sweetener MIGHT be bad.
      So, why not both, but less?

      Just makes sense to me…

  • Great price

  • Thanks OP

  • Great price - but its only letting me buy one?

  • Who’s dad picked dat fruit?

  • I bought some last night and Amazon just credited my account to make up the few dollars of difference.

  • I can only order 1.
    Is it the same for everyone?

  • looks like some flavours are back to $2.50 but most are still at $1.30

  • Had that bloody "My dad picks the fruit that goes in Cottees" song from the ad stuck in my head for the last 25 years.

  • Ozbargain posts the fruit deals that saves me money, which are the bargains that I like best

  • Brilliant…. Picked up 9 different flavours. That's my kids cordial for the year.

  • good alternative for bottled water

  • Nice… got 8 different flavours for $10.40… cheap. Now I wish I bought that sodastream from Myer… d'oh!

  • Got the NAS Orange, thanks OP
    Can anyone provide a review on other flavours?

    Edit: oh no, I've just realised description says lemon.

    • Lime no added sugar is good to drink alot. The rest get kinda gets old drinking same flavour. Get all and mix it up!

  • This stuff got me off cordial!

  • This stuff gives me headaches.

  • Be careful if your order this and they decide to package it with all your other orders which they most likely will. Could lead to a disaster if it explodes or leaks.
    Sure Amazon will fix it up but not worth the effort of dealing with the problem.

  • I used to buy this stuff in 40 bottle lots when it was half price at Colesworth. It was perfect for my Sodastream, as it mixed 9:1, which fit perfectly in the 1 litre bottle, which has a 900ml fill line.

    Then they changed the concentration to 7:1 … so I abandoned it.

    I now use the Diet Rite stuff, which is still 9:1.

    • It's also exactly how we use it. We've also tried the Diet Rite stuff but that choice didn't quite make the grade at our place.

    • How good is cordial compared to syrup for Sodastreams?

      I just got the SodaKing for $27 from Kmart https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583355

      The syrups are expensive and quite a few of the flavours are sold out because of increased demand from people staying home due to covid, apparently.

      • The only syrup I ever found to be outstanding was the raspberry. Then they changed the formula for it, and ruined it.

        There were good things said about the Bickfords products, but I never tried them.

        There's also plenty of other brands and flavours to try, but I don't bother, mainly because I'm too lazy to try and get the ratios right …

  • I find it awfully sneaky of amazon that - when you have credit with them - there's no transparency around the true cost of the item.

    I added 6 different flavours @ $1.50, and the msg assured me that the lightning deal would apply if I bought within blah, but all the checkout and invoice say are total (full price) and discount (all of it, because credit was applied).

    Does anybody have any advice to get more transparent details of credit being applied to a discounted item, or credit balance etc? I'd be super grateful.

    • When you go into "Your Account" when logged into Amazon there are a number of tabs.

      There is one labeled "Gift cards", when you click on that there is a listing of all the orders you have paid using gift cards and how much of the gift card balance has been applied to each order. At the top of the page is also your remaining gift card balance.

      • Unfortunately it's "courtesy/promotional credit" (what they give you when they've stuffed something up). Doesn't seem to show anywhere under the gift card details.

        But thanks for trying.

  • What's the recommended ratio everybody likes to use for this?

    I am a huge coles home brand soft drink purchaser and honestly love cordial also and this is pretty cheap especially if say I can do like 1:4 ratio to make it last even longer that makes it still full of flavour and really good $/L.

    Haven't had cordial in ages but I still remember the taste just forgotten the water to cordial ratio because it has been that long.

    • The trick to cordial is using filtered water not tap water. Tap water usually has chlorine and a metallic taste. You will use less concentrate getting the desired taste with filterd water than tap water.

      We have a 3m filter installed on our tap which Reduces unwanted taste/odors and chlorine corrosion of metallic components, Reduces sediment ,chlorine, taste, odour , lead, cysts, benzene, toxaphene and dichlorobenzene

      You can also just use a Brita jug etc for water.

      • So true luckily I do have one of those big filter water contraptions goes through a bunch of rocks or something and the taste is very different.

        I wish I could fill my bottles with it but it takes forever to refill a couple bottles compared to tap but time is money friend.

    • If you have aged since you last had it your taste may have changed

    • Back in the old days it used to be 1:4. that's when this used to come in 2l bottles. A fair few years ago they changed to 1l but the ratio changed, it's now 1:7 or so.

      • So you are saying they are weaker in taste now and require less water?

        • It pretty much tastes the same, they changed the formula so you don't need to use as much and it still tastes fine.

  • Their cola cordial taste great with soda water.

  • Couldn't resist at this price - got 5 bottles. Never seen it so cheap.

    Thanks for posting OP

  • Ordered four bottles and just now recieved a cancellation as no stock is available

  • Sigh…..

    We're unable to fulfill your order for the item(s) listed above because they are no longer available from the supplier. As a result, we've had to cancel them from your order and your original payment method won't be charged for them.

    We're sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused.

    Amazon Customer Service

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